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La compagnie d'assurances Protected se targue d'offrir le meilleur service à ses clients ! L'entreprise indemnise rapidement en trouvant le moyen de payer... le moins cher possible. Sur le terrain, l'expert en sinistre Jimmy Burn est l'homme de la situation : il sait déjouer les arnaques et négocier avec la mafia russe, malgré de nombreux dilemmes moraux.Fiancé avec une gentille fille, Jimmy souhaite se construire une vie honnête. Toutefois, la révélation d'un sombre secret lié à son passé, alors qu'il était un mauvais garçon, risque de nuire à ses projets. Sans oublier que son attirance pour une avocate de Protected lui cause bien des ennuis !


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Crash and Burn

S01E01 God Protect Us 18/11/2009 Car sex leads to a car wreck in the pilot episode of "Cra$h & Burn", which means big trouble for streetwise adjuster Jimmy Burn. Heads are rolling at Protected. He has to dodge shifty clients, crooked lawyers, backstabbing co-workers and the Russian mob as he fights to keep his job.
S01E02 Trust 25/11/2009 Bad luck follows good when a hole-in-one celebration ends in a multi-cart explosion. Worse still, the guy held two million in life insurance that Jimmy Burn's on the line to pay. But a quick dig into the rich guy's previous insurance claims unearths one secret after another. The past haunts us all, especially Jimmy Burn.
S01E03 Freedom 02/12/2009 Car arson in the projects leads Jimmy back to old haunts and shady friends. He's always bending the rules, but this time the rules bend back. With his boss on the trail of his darkest secrets, Jimmy fights back first with his fists, then with their bank account. He's dug himself in deep, but will he be able to dig himself back out?
S01E04 The Boss Is Coming 09/12/2009 A teenage drug party ends in a disaster: house fire, dead dealer and a wild animal on the loose. But with the boss in town and an unauthorized 50 grand payment out there, Jimmy Burn has bigger fish to fry. Everyone has a boss. Even the Russian mob king. While Jimmy tries to dodge a bullet, Pavel Korkov lets one fly.
S01E05 Sunday, Bloody Sunday 16/12/2009 You have to have faith, even when your church falls in ruins around you. Jimmy Burn's boss, Dick DiMaio, calls him in on a Sunday to deal with the multiple claims. But after careful inspection, Dick and the rest of the church board end up on the hook. How far will Dick go to save his congregation? And how far will Jimmy go to help him?
S01E06 Forget to Remember 23/12/2009 A nursing home patient's attempted escape results in a car crash, sending Jimmy down a road to explore his own past.
S01E07 Gone 07/01/2010 As Korvok plans the ultimate car heist, his path continues to cross with Jimmy's.
S01E08 Lawyers, Guns & Money 14/01/2010 Jimmy's fiance looks into his past; and an unhappy client goes postal.
S01E09 Jump 21/01/2010 Dick hires a rival investigator; Jimmy connects with Catherine.
S01E10 Busman's Holiday 28/01/2010 Being pressured for cash by the Russian mob, Jimmy decides team up with Papo and Gorky's crew to pull off a major insurance scam.
S01E11 Bond, Blame, Baptize 04/02/2010 During a corporate retreat, role playing from conference rooms finds its way into bedrooms.
S01E12 Closure 11/02/2010 Things in Jimmy's personal and professional life are falling apart and out of his control - will he do something desperate?
S01E13 Til Death 18/02/2010 With the wedding back on, Jimmy is determined to make sure his past doesn't compromise his future.

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