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V8 Supercar legend Greg Murphy is behind the wheel again, hosting Crash Course, along with guest appearances from IndyCar champion Scott Dixon. Each week Murphy puts his driving skills on the line, with real-time tests that reveal what really happens when you and your car get out of control. From how to escape a sinking car to how much damage does speeding really cause – Murphy shares his skill and knowledge to help drivers stay safe on our roads. Plus expert driving tips from IndyCar champ Scott Dixon, teaching viewers how to get out of driving trouble – how to get out of a skid, how to handle a tyre blow-out and how to stay on the road in a tight turn. Crash Course offers viewers a front-seat view from police patrol cars and helicopters, witnessing some of the most spectacular, criminal, dramatic and shocking patrol footage from New Zealand and around the world.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Crash Course (2009)

S01E03 Car Over Cliff 28/10/2010 Confessions of our local cops could do without driving to the conditions, Scott Dixon on how to get out of a skid and we push Greg Murphy over the edge.
S01E04 Tailgating 00/00/0000 What would Scott Dixon do if his breaks fail? and Murphy, his mobile and a few mates get intimate on the road.
S01E05 Car Roll 00/00/0000 Motorcycle mayhem on New Zealand roads, Scott Dixon on driving to survive and Murph and his mobile take a tumble.
S01E06 Unrestrained Loads 00/00/0000 A look at New Zealand's new generation of drivers: Scott Dixon on how to avoid a crash if you can see stuff coming and Murph and his mates show you what happens when you do crash with a full backseat.
S01E07 Distraction 00/00/0000
S01E08 Car Fire 00/00/0000
S01E09 50K Smash 00/00/0000 Scott Dixon on the best place to plant your backside when caught in motoring mayhem. Murph, his mobile and his mate slam into a wall at the average speed of most kiwi crashes.
S01E10 Car Vs Train 00/00/0000 Slamming the brakes on driving like you've never seen before, out on the beat with the cops. Scott Dixon tells us what car is the safest drive, and it's Murph versus the train, safety at level crossings.
S01E11 Tyres Vs Hercules 00/00/0000 The cops come across more lowered cars while motorists make some great excuses. Scott Dixon demonstrates what you should do when faced with a sudden brake, and Murph takes on a Hercules.
S01E12 Hi Tech Cars 00/00/0000 Car thieves like you have never seen them before; and the lowered springs debates continue. Second hand cars - Indy car champion Scott Dixon tells us what make is the safest and Greg Murphy drives into a BMW.