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Detective Jeff Slade teams up with scientist Holly Turner, whose late father has created a time machine that can travel back several hours. Together they solve mysteries using the device. In the beginning of episodes (before they travel back in time), things happen because they DID travel back in time, and they are constantly working to avoid paradoxes. This approach to time-travel is unusual in sci-fi movies, and keeps the plot twisted.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Crime Traveller

S01E01 Jeff Slade and the Loop of Infinity 01/03/1997 Jeff Slade is a detective who is in trouble with his boss when a stakeout goes wrong. His partner, Holly Turner, is on-hand to help him out. Her methods, however, are unusual (to say the least!) and involve a time machine.
S01E02 A Death in the Family 08/03/1997 When Turner's Aunt Mary is poisoned in a five star restaurant, Slade and Turner travel back in time to find the murderer, They discover that Turner's Aunt and Uncle weren't the people who she originally thought they were.
S01E03 Fashion Shoot 15/03/1997 When a top fashion designer receivs death threats, the entire division is assigned to guard her at the forthcoming fashion show. Their efforts fail however and she is shot on the catwalk - or was she?
S01E04 The Revenge of the Chronology Protection Hypothesis 22/03/1997 When Turner sees a news report telling her that Slade has been shot, she travels back in time to try and prevent the shooting. However, if it wasn't for her Slade wouldn't have been shot in the first place it seemed.
S01E05 Sins of the Father 29/03/1997 Slade is framed for stealing diamonds, and it's suspiciously like a similar incident which had happened to Slade's father, Jack, nearly five years ago. With the help of Turner and her time machine is he able to prove that both Jack and himself are innocent.
S01E06 Death Minister 05/04/1997 When Grisham becomes suspicious of Slade's success rate in solving crimes, Turner decided to warn Slade that they had been using the machine too much - when an MP is killed however, they simply can't resist taking a look.
S01E07 The Lottery Experiment 12/04/1997 Turner, in desperate need of money to repair the time machine, devises a plan to win the lottery! (I wondered why he hadn't tried this before!) However, will time let them cheat?
S01E08 The Broken Crystal 19/04/1997 Turner's old flame comes back into her life, and Slade finds that his jealousy gets the better of him. A new problem arises when the possibility of another time machine is brought into question. Will they take it?

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