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S01E01 Harold Shipman 20/09/2008 General Practitioner Harold Shipman was convicted of killing 15 patients in 2000. An official report after his sentencing took that figure to 215. He was sentenced to life in prison and committed suicide in his cell 2004. This exclusive documentary lifts the lid on the shocking discoveries made by his colleagues in early 1998; how police were alerted but the killer was left to murder three more women before finally being arrested in September 1998.
S01E02 Stephanie Slater 27/09/2008 Estate agent Stephanie Slater was abducted in 1992 whilst showing a man around a house. For eight days she was locked in a makeshift coffin, raped and tortured before remarkably being released after a £175,000 ransom was paid by her boss. In this episode Stephanie relives her experience, giving detailed accounts of the time as well as how her life changed after the incident. We also reveal an exclusive interview with her father and police who were involved in the case.
S01E03 The Russell Murders 03/10/2008 The horrific murder of Lin and Megan Russell in 1996 made headline news worldwide. Lin and her two daughters, Megan and Josie, were bludgeoned whilst walking down a country lane after a swimming lesson. Remarkably Rosie survived. Michael Stone was convicted of their murders in 1998. In this episode Shaun Russell, Lin’s husband, reveals his tragic story. How he heard the dreadful news, what happened on the day of the tragedy and the aftermath. We also speak with police and family friends about the case and reconstruct the family's tragic journey on that day.
S01E04 Beverly Allitt 10/10/2008 Beverley Allitt was thought to be a 'model' nurse. Very astute, caring and always willing to help, why did she murder four children and attempt to kill 11 others?
S01E05 Hungerford Massacre 17/10/2008 The Hungerford massacre shocked the nation in 1987 when the heavily armed Michael Ryan, 27, took to the streets and began firing at anyone in his path. By the end of the afternoon, the horrific massacre was finally over. Ryan had killed 16 people, including his mother, wounded 15 others and seriously transformed the lives of everyone who was unlucky enough to be there that day. The tragedy is told through the eyes of the people at the core of the killings; a survivor, heroes who tried to save lives, police and a nurse at the hospital.
S01E06 Sarah Payne 24/10/2008 Eight year-old Sarah Payne's disappearance and murder shocked the nation. Here, Sarah's mum reveals her tireless campaign to protect other children from paedophilia

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