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Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Crossroads (1992)

S01E01 Pilot 14/09/1992 John Hawkins is a successful assistant district attorney from New York being considered as the next candidate for district attorney. But things change when the Seattle D.A., a friend of his, calls to tell him that his 16-year-old son, Dylan is in trouble, and he is tired of letting his wealthy grandparents bail him out. The D.A. tells John that he plans to legally come hard on his son unless he takes responsibility for him. It seems that John has been estranged from Dylan for seven years due to his alcoholism and he felt that Dylan would be better off with his grandparents, while he tries to fix his own problems first. John agrees to take Dylan and decides to take Dylan a ride on his old motorcycle and go around so that they can reestablish a relationship. Along the way they run into all sorts of people whose lives they get involved with before moving on.
S01E02 Amanda 26/09/1992
S01E03 Song of the Open Road 03/10/1992 John helps a waitress break into the music business. Dylan looks @ a used motorcycle he'd like to have for his 16th birthday.
S01E04 Miles Away from Home 10/10/1992
S01E05 Freedom of the Road 31/10/1992 Dylan falls for a Huderite girl (""like the Amish, but with phones"") and runs off from his dad, to spend time with the girl at her family's colony.
S01E06 Survival 10/06/1993
S01E07 The Harvest 17/06/1993
S01E08 The Nickel Curve 01/07/1993
S01E09 Paradise Found 08/07/1993
S01E10 The Last Roundup 15/07/1993
S01E11 First Blood 00/00/0000
S01E12 All I Want for Christmas 00/00/0000