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Arguably one of the most memorable legal dramas in the history of British television, Crown Court was originally broadcast on ITV and was water cooler TV. The show used fictional cases but the jurors were actually members of the public. Different endings were filmed to account for the verdict of the jury and this added an intensity and twist to the normal courtroom dramas of that era.


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S01E01 Doctor's Neglect? (1) 11/10/1972 Mr Simpson was admitted to hospital following a car crash in Fulchester. He was examined by doctors and treated for minor injuries before being discharged. Moments later, Mr Simpson collapsed on the forecourt of the hospital and was rushed back inside for emergency brain surgery, from which he died. His widow Mrs Simpson is suing the hospital for neglect, claiming that the doctors who initially treated her husband missed the injury.
S01E02 Doctor's Neglect? (2) 12/10/1972
S01E03 Doctor's Neglect? (3) 13/10/1972
S01E04 Liberman v Savage (1) 18/10/1972 Wealthy Property developer Emmanuel Lieberman is trying to evict his former fiancé Delia Savage from an exclusive penthouse apartment overlooking London's Green Park. He claims that he merely allowed her to live in the apartment until they were married, but Ms Savage insists that Mr Lieberman gave her the property as an engagement gift. Mr Lieberman says the engagement was called off when he discovered his own son naked with Ms Savage when he returned home unexpectedly from a trip to San Francisco. Did he really give the apartment as a gift? Or is he simply trying to recover the prestigious property in order to sell it on at huge profit?
S01E05 Liberman v Savage (2) 19/10/1972
S01E06 Liberman v Savage (3) 20/10/1972
S01E07 Regina v Lord (1) 25/10/1972 Helen Lord, a maths teacher at Fulchester's John Fordhurst secondary school, is accused of wounding a police officer with a chisel. The court will hear that Miss Lord went to Calderley police station to speak to Detective Bretherton about the contents of a letter which he had sent to the headmistress of the school, advising her that Miss Lord was not suitable to work with children. When she was denied access to Detective Bretherton, she 'went berserk' and attacked the desk sergeant. The decision of the headmistress to employ Miss Lord without checking references is also being brought into question.
S01E08 Regina v Lord (2) 26/10/1972
S01E09 Regina v Lord (3) 27/10/1972
S01E10 Regina v Bryant (1) 01/11/1972 Following an armed raid by four masked men on a Fulchester bank in which £30,000 was stolen, local villain Harry Bryant was identified as one of the robbers. In court, he decides to sack his defence team at the start of the trial and defend himself. He bases his defence on unreliable identification and on the fact that due to his criminal background, the police are determined to 'fit him up' for a crime that he did not commit.
S01E11 Regina v Bryant (2) 02/11/1972
S01E12 Regina v Bryant (3) 03/11/1972
S01E13 Euthanasia: Regina v Webb (1) 08/11/1972 Did Lawrence Webb murder his cancer - stricken wife Moira by giving her an overdose of morphine? Was the overdose taken accidentally? Was Moira Webb's death the result of a 'mercy killing' or an 'assisted suicide'? The jury will have to consider some emotive issues before reaching their verdict.
S01E14 Euthanasia: Regina v Webb (2) 09/11/1972
S01E15 Euthanasia: Regina v Webb (3) 10/11/1972
S01E16 Regina v Vennings & Vennings (1) 15/11/1972 A father and son are charged with attempting to smuggle a huge amount of heroin into the country. The drugs were discovered during a search of the vessel on the River Thames after it arrived from France. The couple claim they knew nothing about the heroin on their boat.
S01E17 Regina v Vennings & Vennings (2) 16/11/1972
S01E18 Regina v Vennings & Vennings (3) 17/11/1972
S01E19 The Eleventh Commandment (1) 22/11/1972 Two friends, Linda Mitchell and Rosemary Clayton, are accused of conspiring to shoplift a dress from Hombards Boutique in Fulchester. A store detective claims that Mitchell tried on four dresses in the changing rooms but emerged with only three. Ms Clayton, it is claimed, tried to cause a distraction when Mitchell was challenged about the missing dress by claiming that her purse had been stolen. The store detective claims to have seen the two women put the stolen dress into their car, hidden beneath a raincoat, before Clayton drove away.
S01E20 The Eleventh Commandment (2) 23/11/1972
S01E21 The Eleventh Commandment (3) 24/11/1972
S01E22 A Genial Man: Regina v Bolton (1) 29/11/1972 Mr Bolton, an eminent Fulchester Councillor, is accused of indecent assault. It is alleged that he fondled the breasts of his 18 year old secretary Gillian Heyes in his offices when she was called in to take down dictation from the Coucillor. The court will hear that the incident was witnessed by another employee who had entered the office while the assault was taking place. Barry Deeley QC leads the defence. His team will suggest that Miss Heyes' family have held a grudge against the Councillor since an application to sub-let their property was rejected.
S01E23 A Genial Man: Regina v Bolton (2) 30/11/1972
S01E24 A Genial Man: Regina v Bolton (3) 01/12/1972
S01E25 Espionage (1) 06/12/1972 Foreign Office employee Margaret Terson took top secret documents back to her home while she was dating East German businessman Hans Muller. The prosecution claim that Muller, a communist, was a spy. Miss Terson, who had been under police surveillance during her dalliance with Muller, is now accused of breaching the official secrets Act.
S01E26 Espionage (2) 07/12/1972
S01E27 Espionage (3) 08/12/1972
S01E28 Conspiracy: Regina v Luckhurst and Sawyer (1) 13/12/1972 A radical young journalist and his student girlfriend are accused of conspiring to cause an explosion which rocked the offices of a local company. The prosecution is based on two pieces of evidence found at the couple's flat during a raid - a pair of plimsolls containing fragments of glass matching the glass at the company's offices, and letters written by the couple suggesting that the premises should be attacked.
S01E29 Conspiracy: Regina v Luckhurst and Sawyer (2) 14/12/1972
S01E30 Conspiracy: Regina v Luckhurst and Sawyer (3) 15/12/1972
S01E31 Who is Benedetto Trovato? Regina v Starkie (1) 20/12/1972 Art collector Walter Lander purchased an extremely valuable painting from British collector Alice Starkie. When he announced his purchase to the art world, another collector came forward to claim that he has had the original painting for several years, and that Lander's purchase must be a fake. Alice Starkie is charged with obtaining money by deception, but claims she sold the painting in good faith, believing it to be the original. Is she telling the truth?
S01E32 Who is Benedetto Trovato? Regina v Starkie (2) 21/12/1972
S01E33 Who is Benedetto Trovato? Regina v Starkie (3) 22/12/1972
S01E34 Criminal Libel: Regina v Maitland (1) 27/12/1972
S01E35 Criminal Libel: Regina v Maitland (2) 28/12/1972
S01E36 Criminal Libel: Regina v Maitland (3) 29/12/1972
S01E37 The Medium: Regina v Purbeck (1) 00/00/0000
S01E38 The Medium: Regina v Purbeck (2) 00/00/0000
S01E39 The Medium: Regina v Purbeck (3) 00/00/0000
S02E01 Regina v Barnes: Whatever Happened to George Robins? (1) 03/01/1973 George Robins is a second hand car dealer and well-known ladies man. He has disappeared. Blood stains were found at his country cottage. A local car thief, Harold Barnes, is charged with his murder, but Barnes claims that Robins has not been murdered but has faked his own death so that his wife can claim a large insurance pay-out. The prosecution will try to prove that Barnes has indeed murdered Robins even though no body has ever been found.
S02E02 Regina v Barnes: Whatever Happened to George Robins? (2) 04/01/1973
S02E03 Regina v Barnes: Whatever Happened to George Robins? (3) 05/01/1973
S02E04 Blackmail: Regina v Brewer and Brewer (1) 10/01/1973
S02E05 Blackmail: Regina v Brewer and Brewer (2) 11/01/1973
S02E06 Blackmail: Regina v Brewer and Brewer (3) 12/01/1973
S02E07 Sunset of Arms: Fitton v Pusey (1) 17/01/1973 A military historian has been accused of libel by a British Army Major following the publication of a book on the British Army's involvement in the Korean War. The author claims that the Major abandoned his post and left his company of soldiers to be massacred by the North Koreans. The Major insists that he was the last man standing in the conflict and escaped to safety only after the rest of his company was wiped out. Was the Major a hero, or a coward?
S02E08 Sunset of Arms: Fitton v Pusey (2) 18/01/1973
S02E09 Sunset of Arms: Fitton v Pusey (3) 19/01/1973
S02E10 Persimmons and Dishwashers: Regina v Curl (1) 24/01/1973 Fulchester's notorious Curl brothers are accused of demanding money with menaces and GBH. The court will hear that the brothers had been conducting a reign of terror over Fulchester's club and bar owners through a Chicago-style protection racket. After refusing to pay the brothers for protection, a number of club owners suffered injuries ranging from falls down stairs, feet burned with electric fires and attacks with hammers. Indeed, one of the brother's own enforcers has disappeared and is believed to have been buried under the new M16 motorway foundations.
S02E11 Persimmons and Dishwashers: Regina v Curl (2) 25/01/1973
S02E12 Persimmons and Dishwashers: Regina v Curl (3) 26/01/1973
S02E34 Intent To Kill (1) 00/00/0000 A gang of four criminals have raided a warehouse and a night-watchman has been shot and seriously wounded. Two of the gang have been acquitted of attempted murder at an earlier trial. The third member of the gang is now on trial after finally being apprehended in Essex. The fourth gang member, the getaway driver, has turned Queens evidence in return for police protection and is now being used as a prosecution witness. Is his evidence reliable enough?
S02E67 To Catch A Thief (Part 1) 06/06/1973
S02E68 To Catch A Thief (Part 2) 07/06/1973
S02E69 To Catch A Thief (Part 3) 08/06/1973
S02E70 Patch's Patch (1) 13/06/1973 Fulchester builder Benjamin Patch is accused of fraud. He became a national celebrity when he devised a revolutionary scheme which enabled young couples to purchase cheap new houses for just a one thousand pounds deposit. After the scheme collapsed, hundreds of investors have lost their money and are still without a house.
S02E71 Patch's Patch (2) 14/06/1973
S02E72 Patch's Patch (3) 15/06/1973
S02E136 The Most Expensive Steak in the World (1) 21/11/1973 An Argentinian cattle rancher is suing a Scottish beef farmer after buying a bull for a record price at a Fulchester cattle auction. After the purchase, the bull was discovered to be infertile.
S02E137 The Most Expensive Steak in the World (2) 22/11/1973
S02E138 The Most Expensive Steak in the World (3) 23/11/1973
S02E142 No Smoke Without Fire (1) 05/12/1973 The prosecution claim that the accused, Mr Bennington, was responsible for an arson attack on the home of a man who he suspected of having an affair with his wife. Mr Bennington denies the charge and claims that he was at home asleep following a heavy drinking session at the time.
S02E143 No Smoke Without Fire (2) 06/12/1973
S02E144 No Smoke Without Fire (3) 07/12/1973
S02E145 Conduct Prejudicial (1) 12/12/1973 A Royal Air Force squadron leader is accused of spying, a serious charge which carries life imprisonment. After crashing his car, diagrams and scribbled notes relating to a new design of bomb have been discovered in his pocket. Why did he have them? And why was a young Russian lady also in his car?
S02E146 Conduct Prejudicial (2) 13/12/1973
S02E147 Conduct Prejudicial (3) 14/12/1973

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