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Family is enough to drive anyone a little crazy. Children keep secrets from their parents so they won't upset them, dads leave for other women and moms try to run over dads with the car. Actually, that was the point when the Crumb family knew Mom was crazy. Estranged brothers Mitch and Jack Crumb reunite in their small hometown to deal with their mother Suzanne, who is being released from a psychiatric country club and has yet to discover that her ex-husband is about to have a baby with his new girlfriend. They have issues¦ major issues. Central to everything is the dynamic between these two brothers; Mitch is the prodigal son who is returning home after a failed Hollywood career, and Jack is the older brother who has stayed in the confines of their small New England town to run the family business. Together for the first time as adults, this family will have to stick by one another despite their combustible relationships. The creator of Caroline in the City mines his own W


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S01E01 Pilot 12/01/2006 1) Mitch Crumb comes home to his hometown to deal with his mother (Suzanne Crumb), who has just been released from a psychiatric facility (Cedar Hill). 2) She has not yet learned that her ex-husband (Billy Crumb) is about to have a baby with another woman (Carolyn Pierce). 3) Mitch's brother (Jody Crumb), who's stayed there to carry on the family business, feels Mitch is only there to write about their family to make money.
S01E02 Whatever Happened to Baby Bodashka? 19/01/2006 1) Suzanne decides to adopt a baby girl from the Ukraine after learning that Billy and new woman are having a girl. 2) Billy inadvertently gets Elvis, Suzanne's psychiatric orderly, fired from the institution (Silver Hill). 3) Jody forces a hesitant Mitch to take his job as restaurant manager seriously when he has to fire a waitress who is stealing.
S01E03 Friends in High Places 26/01/2006 1) Mitch worries about Suzanne's avoiding friends that she shared with her former husband. Mitch advises her to join a divorce group to sort out some issues. She does, but finds that too boring, so she joins a group of recovering drug addicts instead. 2) Jody deceives Mitch into loaning him money. 3) Billy seeks reconciliation with Jody.
S01E04 Jody Crumb, Superstar 02/02/2006 1) Billy is mistakenly busted and loses his massage license. He decides to run the family restaurant. 2) Mitch and Jody compete for his approval. 3) Suzanne, worried that she’s losing Mitch and Jody to Billy, turns to shoplifting.
S01E05 Six Feet Blunder 07/02/2006
S01E06 Tennis, Any Crumb? 00/00/0000 Mitch hides his new friendship with his father's pregnant girlfriend from his mother. Meanwhile, Jody worries that Mitch is a better tennis player.
S01E07 Maybe I'm Tony Randall 00/00/0000 A bad experience in a gay bar leads Mitch to proclaim he's straight. Meanwhile, Billy attempts to bond with Jody.
S01E08 Sleeping with the Enemies 00/00/0000 When Billy throws his back out, Suzanne drugs him and holds him captive. Meanwhile, Mitch discovers Andrea and Jody have been secretly hooking up for months.
S01E09 The Gift of a Magpie 00/00/0000 At Suzanne's belated Christmas dinner, Andrea tries to make Jody think their relationship is turning serious, Mitch becomes insecure when his boyfriend laughs at Jody's jokes, and Billy gives Suzanne a gift that was intended for Shelley.
S01E10 Suzanne Gets Certified 00/00/0000 After learning Billy fixed her up with her boyfriend, Suzanne pretends to be crazy to nullify her divorce papers. Meanwhile, Jody reunites with his old band for a gig.
S01E11 A Loon Again, Naturally 00/00/0000 Suzanne tries to one-up a former mental patient who wrote an autobiography. Meanwhile, when Mitch learns his dad spoke to the people who publish his alumni journal, he gets irate, so Billy fires him.
S01E12 He Ain't Hetero, He's My Brother 00/00/0000 Jody blackmails Mitch when he discovers he's gay. Meanwhile, Suzanne butts heads with her boyfriend's handicapped ex-wife; and Shelley ruins Billy's bachelor party.
S01E13 And It All Came Crumbling Down 00/00/0000 Billy doesn't take the news very well when Mitch comes out. Meanwhile, Shelley has second thoughts about her impending nuptials; and Suzanne decides to marry herself.