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As one of the most economically-crippling, high-casualty, and devastating wars in history, World War II still stands as the conflict that revolutionized the planet. Using authentic wartime footage, this exclusive collection of classic war films and documentaries is a rare glimpse into history as it happened-these are the crucial stages of the Pacific front as you've never before seen them. Crusade in the Pacific... you'll feel like you're on the front lines!


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S01E01 The Pacific in Eruption 01/01/1951 Pearl Harbor and the offensive immediately after
S01E02 Awakening in the Pacific 01/01/1951 The years preceding the Pearl Harbor attack.
S01E03 The Rise Of The Japanese Empire 01/01/1951 Japan's armies surge into Manchuria. There, the Chinese must labor to exploit their own nation's resources and infrastructure to the invaders benefit. Meanwhile, the Japanese militarists eagerly plan their next conquests. America goes to war after a surprise Japanese bombing raid spectacularly pulverizes the US fleet at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.
S01E04 America Goes To War In The Pacific 01/01/1951 Allied and Japanese films bring home the ferocity of Japan's lightning-fast attacks all across the vast Pacific. Meanwhile, American troops are put through their paces, training for the innumerable landings soon to come. Rarely seen footage shows combat exercises simulating movement under fire, complete with live ammunition.
S01E05 The U.S. and the Philippines 01/01/1951
S01E06 The Navy Holds: 1942 01/01/1951
S01E07 Guadalcanal: America's First Offensive 01/01/1951
S01E08 War in the North: The Aleutians 01/01/1951
S01E09 The Road Back: New Guinea 01/01/1951
S01E10 Up the Solomons Ladder: Bougainville 01/01/1951
S01E11 Attack in the Central Pacific: Makin and Tarawa 01/01/1951
S01E12 The War at Sea 01/01/1951 The capture of Japan's most vital warbase
S01E13 Speeding Up the Attack: The Marshalls 01/01/1951
S01E14 Stepping Stones to the Philippines 01/01/1951
S01E15 Battle for the Marianas 01/01/1951 War on a second front strains Japan's resources
S01E16 The War in the China-Burma-India Theatre 01/01/1951
S01E17 Palau: The Fight for Bloody Nose Ridge 01/01/1951 Covers fighting that left Manila in ruins
S01E18 MacArthur Returns to the Philippines 01/01/1951
S01E19 Bloody Iwo 01/01/1951 Crusade in the Pacific looks at the Battle of Iwo Jima. Allied forces need the island to launch support aircraft for long range bombers over Japan. The Allies land on the beach and face strong resistance from the Japanese. The U.S. eventually take Mount Suribachi and the southern half of the island, but suffer a large number of casualties. The Allies move north and after after a difficult battle, they take control of the island.
S01E20 At Japan's Doorstep: Okinawa 01/01/1951 Crusade in the Pacific looks at the battle of Okinawa. American Army and Marine forces land unopposed and meet little resistance as they split the island in half. Later, as armies move north and south, fighting grows more fierce. Allied forces eventually capture the north half of the island. In the southern half, stiff Japanese resistance and rain bog down offensive operations. After weeks of fighting the advancing American troops eventually overwhelm defenders. In the end, the Battle of Okinawa proves costly for both sides.
S01E21 The Air War on Japan 01/01/1951 Crusade in the Pacific examines the air war over the Japanese home island. It looks at the early Doolittle Raid over Tokyo and discusses later B-29 "super fortress" attacks based out of China and the Mariana Islands. It then examines the air delivered Nuclear Attacks at Hiroshima and Nagasaki which to the surrender of Japan.
S01E22 The Surrender and Occupation of Japan 01/01/1951 Crusade in the Pacific examines the surrender and occupation of Japan. Japan surrenders unconditionally to the Allies after the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The formal instruments of surrender are signed on the deck of the U.S.S. Missouri though surrender ceremonies take place all across the Pacific theater. General Douglas MacArthur is declared Supreme Commander of Allied Forces in Japan and begins reconstruction efforts. Japanese leaders are held responsible for the war and are punished though the Emperor is absolved of responsibility. Japan experiences a number of cultural changes in the wake of the occupation including democracy and women's rights.
S01E23 Shifting Tides in the Orient 01/01/1951 Crusade in the Pacific examines the growth of independence movements in Asia in the wake of World War II. In the Dutch East Indies, Sukarno declares Indonesian independence and defeat Dutch efforts to retake their colony. In India, the British hands over control to Jawaharlal Nehru. They also oversees the creation of the nation of Pakistan. The two new nations soon come to conflict in the region of Kashmir. The Philippines are granted independence from the United States and struggles to adjust to self-government. In Indochina, French colonial armies attempt to suppress the independence seeking people of Viet Nam. Meanwhile, the China, the Nationalist forces of Chiang Kai-shek fight a civil war with the Communists under Mao Zedong. The Communist quickly seize the mainland forcing the Nationalists to flee to Formosa.
S01E24 War in Korea 01/01/1951 Crusade in the Pacific examines the Korean War. After World War II, Korea is divided along the 38th Parallel. In the North, the Soviet Union influences a Communist government under Kim Il-sung. In the South, the United States shepherds a young Republic. The Korean peninsula is plunged into war when North Korea invades the South. The North quickly overwhelms the armed forces of the South until the United Nations intervenes. The conflict sours relations between the United States and Soviet Union. The United States enters the war and halts the North Koreans at Pusan. Later, an amphibious landing in Inchon turns the tide against the North Koreans. As the U.N. forces move north across the 38th parallel and head toward the Norther Border of North Korea.
S01E25 The Chinese Reds Attack in Korea 01/01/1951
S01E26 The Future: Asia and the United States 01/01/1951