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Told through real life witnesses, dramatic reenactments and first-person voice, CUFF ME IF YOU CAN recounts true stories of determined and resourceful criminals who are on the lam and cannot appear on camera.


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S01E01 No Life of the Party 01/03/2011 Andre Wood is gunned down by Thomas Lollis who skips town shortly after. When police close in, Lollis only escape is to jump from the second story window where he breaks his foot. Running through the pain, is he fast enough to evade capture again?
S01E02 Hooker on the Run 08/03/2011 Desiree Lingo-Perkins's help in a kidnapping ended in a murder and has forced her to hideout in Mexico where she lives as a prostitute. When her tattoo blows her cover she decides whether to stop running or to dive deeper into Mexico's illicit world.
S01E03 Drug Deal Gone Bad 15/03/2011 After a drug deal with a Harvard student ends in murder, James Martin goes on the run. He takes on multiple aliases, but when police in New York are hot on his trail, Martin must scramble for a new identify before his freedom comes to an end.
S01E04 Cross-Country Con Man 22/03/2011 William Hawley is a locksmith and con artist who specializes in home invasions. Upon robbing a policeman he flees to Nevada until undercover sting lands him in jail. Once released he returns to a life of crime while police are hot on this trail.
S01E05 Shady Ladies' Man 29/03/2011 Trevor Woods has skipped out on a bail bond and needs cash. After kidnapping a store manager and robbing the company safe, he flees to Ohio. Amidst a car crash after an intense chase, Woods decides whether to shoot it out or be captured.
S01E06 The Duke of Marion County 05/04/2011 Jamey Dewayne Harris breaks the law for the pure thrill of it, and is always one step ahead of the law. When face to face with police in Marion County, TN, Harris must decide whether to shoot his way out or surrender.

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