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Get great ideas for how to make the most of your home's appearance! Curb Appeal will help you look at your home with a fresh eye and offers up tips for turning great ideas into reality. Each episode features a real house and homeowner with guest experts who discuss the owner's needs and propose projects to improve the home's appearance. Then the crew goes to work, transforming outdated and boring homes with stunning makeovers.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Curb Appeal

S12E01 Old Home, New Tricks 00/00/0000 A 1950s tract home gets a refreshing makeover that blends modern design with Asian cues.
S12E02 Cooking up a Craftsman 00/00/0000 A rancher that was remodeled with a new second story now gets a new Craftsman look.
S12E03 Beautiful Bungalow 00/00/0000 A 1920s bungalow is remodeled to improve upon its original architectural details and charm through a combination style that is part Italian Renaissance and part Arts and Crafts.
S12E04 Newlyweds' Nest 00/00/0000 A newly married couple gives their home a makeover with some attractive finishing touches to make it stand out from the curb. Among the issues to tackle are invasive ground cover and a closed-off entry. The end result is a new and improved version of the original.
S12E05 Marketable Makeover 00/00/0000 Jill Suder and Mike Folk are about to get married and have just purchased a new home. Now they need to get Folk's former bachelor pad ready for market. He wants to give it some major improvements so it will be ready for a demanding buyer's market. Designer Pat Wagner is going to give him a hand turning a plain corner lot into a beautiful destination that a potential buyer will jump at the chance to buy.
S12E06 Bold Look on a Budget 00/00/0000 Ruth Mims and her daughter Alexis think their three-story home looks like an apartment complex. The beige paint, balconies and minimal landscaping all conspire to give the home an industrial look. Mims would like to get a stylish new look without busting the budget. Fortunately, designer Mark Pelligrino has a plan to update the banal facade on a shoestring budget.
S12E07 Artful Rancher 00/00/0000 A couple of city dwellers move to the suburbs and set about turning a typical rancher into a work of art. Their styles range from modern to traditional, so designers Kimberly Rider and Brad Frazier team up to give them exactly what they want while keeping the neighborhood charm of the house.
S12E08 Colorful Tract Home 00/00/0000 A nondescript 1950s suburban tract home gets an update with a design emphasizing clean lines, warm colors and simple yet elegant landscaping.
S12E09 Getting Ready for a Move 00/00/0000 A couple updates their two-story home after 30 years in preparation for a move. The boxy home needs landscaping and repair work on the front stairs.
S12E10 Inviting Mediterranean 00/00/0000 A couple wants to update the landscaping in front of their Mediterranean-style home to make the entry cozier and more inviting. Designer Doyle McCullar and landscape designer Cody Schrey help them realize their dream.
S12E11 Basic to Beautiful Rancher 00/00/0000 A basic 1950s ranch with many dated features needs some pizzazz and style. The designer wants to replace everything including the front porch, garage door, lighting and color to make this home more welcoming.
S12E12 Personality for a Cottage 00/00/0000 This 1950s cottage-style home was all driveway and no personality. The whole front yard was broken concrete with no landscaping. The home gets a more inviting porch suitable for entertaining and a proper driveway.
S12E13 Renewed Charm 00/00/0000 Carolyn Bopp and Bob Suess live in a mid-century house that has lost much of its charm. Designer Michael Loftis comes up with a plan for dealing with the neglected landscape, chipping paint and worn front doors.
S13E01 Russian Winter 00/00/0000 Russian homeowners get help with a major overhaul of their chilly home. But will budget be an issue? Designers go with modern designs and sleek lines to make this once-cold facade a place that feels like home that doesn't break the bank.
S13E02 Fresh and Funky Facade 00/00/0000 Creative homeowners are in need of a creative home. The Curb Appeal designers take on the challenge and come up with some unique and funky ideas to make this once mundane facade really sparkle.
S13E03 Colorful Rancher 00/00/0000 A 1950s raised ranch gets a colorful makeover that includes a front yard incorporating large landscape boxes, a terra-cotta stained driveway and new paint accents that help define the home’s boxy shape.
S13E04 Restoring a Victorian 00/00/0000 A Victorian from the 1800s was transformed into a boring 1960s home. A designer experienced in restoring Victorians is enlisted to strip away the siding and bring back the home's original charm.
S13E05 Escape From 1950 00/00/0000 A 1950s style ranch is saddled with lavender paint, a dated door and a landscape full of rocks and dead trees. The designers want to change everything from the ground up.
S13E06 Help for a Boring Home 00/00/0000 A boring mid-century home just doesn't suit these fun-loving homeowners. A designer decides to bring out the homeowners' personalities by giving this home a funhouse makeover.
S13E07 European Delight 00/00/0000 A 1930s Mediterranean gets more style when the homeowners and designers transform it into a European delight. With a little touch of color and some garden accents this place becomes a real dolce vita.
S13E08 Wine Country Makeover 00/00/0000 A typical two-story home goes from boring to stunning with the help of Curb Appeal. The homeowners love wine country and the designer is ready to bring a little of the winery feel to this home.
S13E09 Drab to Fab 00/00/0000 A modern house with no pizzazz goes from drab to fab. Homeowners and designer find common ground and work together to create something everyone can love.
S13E10 A Home With Heritage 00/00/0000 A house that has been in the family for decades needs a little help with reconnecting with its heritage. With help from designers the homeowners update it with aspects that recall family history as well as their own personal style.
S13E11 East Meets West 00/00/0000 A drab house gets a much-needed makeover that reflects the Japanese heritage of the homeowners.
S13E12 A Colonial Update 00/00/0000 Design and landscape experts come to the aid of homeowners who want to update their 1950s colonial. With a lot of paint and other touches they create a modern look that reflects the owners' personalities and helps the house stand out among the neighbors.
S13E13 Getting Creative With a Cottage 00/00/0000 This cottage-style house doesn't suit the personalities of the homeowners. A designer comes in to help the owners liven up the landscaping and punch up the drab paint colors to really make this place sparkle.
S14E01 Renew and Revitalize 00/00/0000 A family is on a mission to spruce up the front of their home by replacing rusting fixtures and rotting wood.
S14E02 French Flavor 00/00/0000 A couple wants to enhance the Gallic themes of their 1930s home.
S14E03 Return to Craftsman Style 00/00/0000 A couple wants to strip away non-traditional elements from their 1920s Craftsman-style home.
S14E04 English Enhancements 00/00/0000 A bland home gets a British-inspired makeover with a cupola, shutters and window boxes.
S14E05 All Shook Up 00/00/0000 Newlyweds debate incorporating Elvis influences into a makeover of their home's facade and landscaping.
S14E06 Contemporary Ranch 00/00/0000 Designer Michael Loftis helps a couple jazz up their tract-style ranch and turn it into a contemporary showplace.
S14E07 Fresh Face for a Rancher 00/00/0000 Designer Tom Leach helps homeowners Heidi and Brian Brecht bring their drab 1950s up to date with a fresh new face.
S14E08 Cheap Motel Makeover 00/00/0000 Homeowners Nicky and Tom Murphy have hated their house since the day they bought it, but they loved the location and the views. Right now it looks like a cheap motel, right down to the metal and concrete steps and long, skinny balcony. Landscaping is non-existent and the whole thing just looks dated and drab. Designer Kimberly Rider turns this mess around with a new front porch, landscaping and other touches.
S14E09 Rustic Inn Makeover 00/00/0000 Alisa and Mike Ikeda are tired of having a front yard full of weeds and dirt. Their house is completely covered thanks to two large fruit trees, and there is just no real style. Designer Will Wick turns this ruin around with a rustic country hotel makeover.
S14E10 Entertaining Makeover 00/00/0000 The Wilkofs just moved into a two-story traditional brick house. It looks nice but needs to be dressed up with personal touches for their family. Designer Zondra Barricks specializes in high-end classic touches with a twist.
S14E11 New England Flavor for a Cottage 00/00/0000 Homeowner Frank Pelzer works with designers Daniel Owens and Kem Thelig to bring some East Coast style to his 1950s beach cottage.
S14E12 New Life for Neglected Rancher 00/00/0000 Randi Patten is a single mom with a huge desire to update the front of her 1960s home. Cool cottage updates with a modern twist give new life to this neglected ranch. Designer Nancy Freed and landscape designer Jane Mercer have two decades worth of ideas for this house.
S14E13 Row House Revitalized 00/00/0000 Michelle Hsu and Brendon DeSimone share one house but have two different addresses. They are tenants-in-common living in a four-story row house. The house looks old and outdated on this very modern street and they want to update it. Doyle McCullar has some ideas that will make their house look modern yet unique.
S15E01 French-inspired Feel 00/00/0000 Valerie and Francois Bergez are French and live in a small Cottage-style two-story home. The house has a dull pink color and they have concrete for a front yard. Mark Pellegrino will help with the overall transformation.
S15E02 All-American Update 00/00/0000 Karin and Patrick Smyth are the "All-American family," with an all-American home. Unfortunately, the house is lacking personal style and charm. Brian & Brian are a design duo who will take it up a notch.
S15E03 Coloring a Craftsman 00/00/0000 After completely remodeling the interior of his Craftsman-style home, a homeowner is ready to add some colorful landscaping and elegant details to the exterior. Designers Yvonne Lane and Cody Shrey are called in to help.
S15E04 A '70s House Re-Do 00/00/0000 Christy Webster loved growing up in her parents' house. So much so that she's now decided to raise her own family in the same home! She along with husband Warren and baby Wyatt are having a blast in the home she has so many memories in. What they're not enjoying is the old '70s details that were ok back in the day but definitely not their taste today. Megan Clark and Brad Frazier take on this solid but dated project.
S15E05 Plain-to-Pizzazz Tudor 00/00/0000 Jay Elliot lives in a Tudor-style house that she purchased recently. It has a fresh new coat of paint that she likes, but it lacks detail and landscaping. Our duo design team, Yvonne Lane and Brad Frazier are going to change all that.
S15E06 Standing Out 00/00/0000 Jennifer has done lots of detailing on the inside of her house, but the outside is very plain and the yard is literally a field of weeds. Designer Shannon Mitchell and landscaper Cody Shrey lend a hand.
S15E07 Feng Shui Approach 00/00/0000 Lillian Ng is a homeowner that feels her home doesn't reflect the true charm of the inside of her home. She studies Feng Shui and and wants to add those elements to the front of her house. Daniel Owens is also an expert and will create and design a Zen house with a welcoming approach.
S15E08 Victorian Return to Glory 00/00/0000 Fun, energetic homeowners Jim Gross and Bridgette Carroll live in a major fixer-upper: a little Victorian cottage that has lost all its Victorian charm. Tom Leach, our Curb Appeal designer, is here to bring back all its charm and glory.
S15E09 Reflecting a Colonial Look 00/00/0000 Jeannette and Joe Malatesta live in a Colonial-style home with a front yard that has been neglected and needs some sprucing up. Designer Mark Pellegrino arrives to implement some bold decorative touches.
S15E10 Japanese Influences 00/00/0000 Ian Schmidt and his girlfriend Lisa Chadwick hate the front of the house. Old shingles are cracking, the paint color is dark and the front yard needs work. Kem Thelig introduces a Japanese-inspired theme.
S15E11 South Beach in San Fran 00/00/0000 The Ryans live in an Art Deco-style San Francisco home that has lots of substance but very little style. The design team of Brian Dittmar and Brian Upp want to enhance the unique architectural design.
S15E12 Better Brick Rancher 00/00/0000 A tired rancher is afflicted with crumbling bricks, 1970s styling and lackluster landscaping. Todd and Cara Bunch call for some help from design pros.
S15E13 South of the Border Flavor 00/00/0000 The Becerra family enjoys embracing their Mexican heritage. Designer Joshua McCoullugh has a vision of turning their boxy 1950s house into a warm, Mission style home complete with hand-painted tiles, custom arbor awnings and chili-inspired paint colors.
S16E01 Bold Geometric Colors 00/00/0000 A colorful couple wants to bring some flavor to their plain vanilla house. Highlights include geometric shapes, bold colors and glass trim.
S16E02 Island Flavor 00/00/0000 A couple wants to add some Bali-inspired design cues to their nondescript 1940s house.
S16E03 Raised in a Barn 00/00/0000 Mark and Marina Anderson's home reminds them of a big red barn. They want to take this large corner home and create something inviting and personal. They turn to designer Mark Pellegrino to make it happen.
S16E04 Classic Cottage Makeover 00/00/0000 Ben and Abigayle Ferdon want to update their 1940s tract home with a classic cottage look.
S16E05 Blending Styles 00/00/0000 New parents Kristin and Paul Penney love their art-deco Colonial home, they’re just a little confused about how to create a cohesive style.
S16E06 Too Many Boxes 00/00/0000 Rob and Lillian Rieders have a design problem with their home. It's a boxy house, featuring two boxy garage doors, all sitting in a boxy yard.
S16E07 Serene French Provencial 00/00/0000 Rob and Lillian Rieders have a design problem with their home. It's a boxy house, featuring two boxy garage doors, all sitting in a boxy yard.
S16E08 Character for a Newer Home 00/00/0000 Nora and Bob Clifford want to add some character to their plain, recently built home.
S16E09 Upgrading a Castle 00/00/0000 Megan and Sanford Marshall want to add some regal touches to their Tudor-style home.
S16E10 Serious Craftsman Update 00/00/0000 Brothers want to kick up the style on their ordinary Craftsman home.
S16E11 Opening Up the View 00/00/0000 Homeowner Laurie Fried wants to remove a huge, ugly deck so she can enjoy the view of the woods.
S16E12 Japanese Influences 00/00/0000 An arts-and-crafts style home gets updated with some Far East flavor.
S16E13 Suburban Bungalow 00/00/0000 A 1900s bungalow gets a polished new look.
S17E01 Victorian Row House 00/00/0000 Homeowners want to give their 1880s Victorian row house a fresh look, while also preserving the old home's class and historic appeal.
S17E02 Modern Row House 00/00/0000 Randy King and Joe Pheeny want to beautify their Washington row house and add some modern design cues.
S17E03 Tired Victorian 00/00/0000 Nilmini and Joel Rubin live in a grand 1800s Victorian home, but it has become tired and bland over the years. Designer Anthony Wilder helps them bring out the home's potential.
S17E04 Spanish Stucco 00/00/0000 Amy and Lee Plaza need some help for their Spanish-style stucco home.
S17E05 Romantic Colonial 00/00/0000 Blair and Janet Dobbins want to transform their conservative and bland Colonial into a romantic English cottage.
S17E06 Southern Hospitality 00/00/0000 A family wants to add Southern charm to their boring house with a new porch, walkway and colorful landscaping.
S17E07 Seeking Sixties Style 00/00/0000 Bill Leffler’s house was a mix of arts and crafts and Mediterranean influences. He decided to give it a single personality with a groovy style update straight of the 1960s.
S17E08 Spiffy Split-Level Update 00/00/0000 Betsy and John Wason update their boring Colonial with a lush garden and a mosaic step.
S17E09 Urban Farmhouse 00/00/0000 Michael and Denise Wardlaw live in a century old farmhouse in the middle of an urban landscape. They want to transform their home into something more elegant and stately, while keeping the house's historical flavor.
S17E10 Classic Cape Cod Beauty 00/00/0000 Adrienne and Kelly Sponberg want to spruce up the facade of their classic 1930s Cape Cod-style house. Designer Don Hirsch helps put the beauty and charm back in this classic home.
S17E11 Back to the Twenties 00/00/0000 Homeowners update their vintage row house with contemporary influences and an Asian-inspired rock garden.
S17E12 Newlyweds' Cape Cod 00/00/0000 Instead of a honeymoon, Krista and Pete Coleton want to turn their Cape Cod cottage into the house of their dreams.
S17E13 Car Crash 00/00/0000 Homeowners make repairs after a car crashes into their house.
S18E01 Modern Tasteful Colonial 00/00/0000 Designer Joe Ireland takes on the challenge of bringing modern style to Mathieu and Tracy Mazza’s small Colonial home on a limited budget.
S18E02 East Coast Colonial Palace 00/00/0000 Jackie and Brett Jenks are looking to update their boxy and tired Colonial home. They want to give the house more space and a more welcoming look.
S18E03 New: Grand Colonial Update 00/00/0000 Homeowners add some pizzazz to their colonial home, while making it more reflective of their personalities. Interior designer Rebecca Hubler and landscape designer Irma Hummel help transform the bland house to beautiful with a new grand portico and a colorful landscape.
S18E04 Bungalow Bachelor Pad 00/00/0000 Joe and Rachel Ersek are newlyweds, and their first project as husband and wife will be to fix up Joe’s worn-out bachelor pad. The 1920s bungalow-style home is in desperate need of a makeover.
S18E05 Delightful Duplex 00/00/0000 Lynn and Brett Shugrue make their brick duplex stand out from other homes in the neighborhood by adding a flagstone walkway and attractive accessories.
S18E06 Row House Revival 00/00/0000
S18E07 Importing British Style 00/00/0000 Carol and George Hamilton spent four years living in London and they loved every minute of it. Now the couple wants to bring some British style to their simple Colonial home.
S18E08 French Colonial 00/00/0000 Kim and Tom Scurlock need to update their worn Colonial, and add a little French flavor while they're at it.
S18E09 Harding's Home 00/00/0000 Homeowners update a brick home that once belonged to Warren G. Harding, the 29th president of the United States of America.
S18E10 Southern Coastal Charm 00/00/0000 Stephanie and Barry Boright bring some coastal charm to their tired Dutch Colonial with new landscaping, repairs to the stone walkway and a new outdoor living and dining area.
S18E11 Fifties Chic 00/00/0000 A homeowner adds some style from the 1950s to the front of her home with colorful landscaping and art deco touches.
S18E12 Flagstone Facelift 00/00/0000 A tired home gets new siding, a curved flagstone walkway, stone retaining wall and landscaping.
S18E13 Reviving a Greek Revival 00/00/0000 Homeowners get help turning around their Greek revival home that's afflicted with overgrown landscaping and a bland front entry. Designer Jennifer DiStefano helps update the home with a new portico, picket fence and more.
S19E01 Elegant Row House 00/00/0000 Kenny Williams and Patrick McKee’s historic row house has a broken-down look, with a fading facade, lackluster landscape and crumbling accessories. Designer Daniela Franciscus crafts a plan for a soothing look with rich, subtle colors on the house and elegant details.
S19E02 Cape Cod Cottage 00/00/0000 A couple gets help updating their fading Cape Cod home. Problems include weathered paint, overgrown landscaping and outdated windows.
S19E03 City Bungalow 00/00/0000 Kathy Venaglia is a social butterfly, but her city bungalow is no place to entertain. The river-rock foundation is crumbling, the hedges are overgrown and an unsightly red carpet covers the porch. Designer Don Hirsch wants to make the front of this home welcoming by introducing arts-and-crafts elements.
S19E04 Beach Theme for Country House 00/00/0000 Jessica and Bryant Wilson recently moved to a country-style house in the suburbs. They redid the interior, but they lack energy to tackle the exterior. Designer Christopher Ralston brings fresh ideas with a beach-house themed renovation.
S19E05 Restoring Victorian Charm 00/00/0000 Mike Paul and Katherine Baer bought their house knowing it was a fixing-upper, but these busy parents have been otherwise occupied with their jobs and raising their 2-year-old daughter. Designer Jennifer DiStefano has a plan to restore this home’s old charm, by adding lots of color and emphasizing the intricate Victorian detail while landscape designer Lauren Wheeler fills the garden with native plants.
S19E06 Contemporary Suburban 00/00/0000 Tami and Clint Larkan love modern design, but their traditional all-brick Colonial home lacked any sort of style. They turned to designer Christopher Ralston to bring form and function to the home with unconventional ideas, including modern accessories and a geometric pattern on the driveway.
S19E07 Colonial Portico 00/00/0000 Brent Ache and Kate Schofield are an active couple with a 1-year-old daughter. They have little time to update their red Colonial house, but they want to bring in some style. Designer Julie Weber wants to get rid of the red, add in new colors and make the portico the focal point of the house. Landscape Designer Josh Dean adds a touch of whimsy with a woodland landscape.
S19E08 Woodland Bungalow 00/00/0000 Environmentalist Andrew Fahlund and wife Jill love the great outdoors, but the plain brick facade and overgrown yard keeps them trapped inside their bungalow. Designer Daniela Franciscus and landscape designer Blake Dunlevy liven up the look of the house and yard. Materials like wood, stone and greenery are used to give the home an organic and inviting feel.
S19E09 Modern Rambler 00/00/0000 Anna and Chad Van Lier are no strangers to home renovation. They recently added an entire second story to their rambler, but the exterior of their home is as dull as ever with beige siding, rubble under the porch and no interest in the yard. Designer Jennifer DiStefano and landscape designer Tom Harley have quite the challenge on their hands: combine Chad’s desire for a masculine modern look and Anna’s wishes for whimsical feminine touches.
S19E10 Asian Arts-and-Crafts Update 00/00/0000 Alison and Loren Denton need help updating the lodge-style look of their hilltop home. Designer Yvette Piaggio comes up with a design that incorporates the couple's love of Asian elements and arts-and-crafts style. Landscape designer Robert Woodman contributes a Japanese garden to the cause.
S19E11 Row House Resort 00/00/0000 Catherine Spencer bought the row house where she grew up, and now wants to add some appeal to go along with the fond memories. Designer Dan Banks uses the home's 1940s architecture to draw inspiration from a classic Hollywood film.
S19E12 Greek Mediterranean Makeover 00/00/0000 World travelers Rebecca and Fred Armand are ready to set down their roots, but their house just does not work with their global sensibilities. Designer Yvette Piaggio and landscape designer Diane Kelly come up with a Mediterranean-influenced makeover.
S19E13 Color for a Contemporary 00/00/0000 A landscape designer adds bold colors, art, and architectural elements to a dull contemporary.
S20E01 French Bistro Front Porch 00/00/0000 Marty Dominguez loves to explore the world, but her little yellow row house reflects none of her adventurous nature. The broken walkway, sloped stairs, rotted porch and outdated trim work don’t remind her of any of her favorite travel destinations. Designer Don Hirsch is bringing in inspiration from the New Orleans French Quarter with color, custom iron and bistro accents, while landscape architect Mark White adds a hint of the gardens in Versailles.
S20E02 Red Brick Colonial Portico 00/00/0000 Mary Beth and Craig Albright recently bought their first home, but the 1950s red brick Colonial is in need of an update. Rotting windows, a colorless facade and an unruly landscape are just a few of the problems. Designer Dan Banks modernizes the historical home by adding a new portico, taming the shrubbery and incorporating copper details.
S20E03 Craftsman Touches With a Side of Zen 00/00/0000 Kim and Stan Sinkford update Stan’s childhood home with Craftsman touches paired with an Asian-inspired garden.
S20E04 European Villa With Pergola 00/00/0000 Craig and Michelle Chapman would like to fine-tune their home to balance out the asymmetrical appearance and add personality and charm. Designer Yvette Piaggio builds on the house's strengths by adding a pergola over the patio area and incorporating European-inspired stucco, stone and metalwork.
S20E05 A Victorian Masterpiece 00/00/0000 Lush landscaping, contemporary touches, and period details make a Victorian house shine.
S20E06 A Colonial Goes Arts and Crafts 00/00/0000 A boring brick colonial gets an Arts and Crafts make-over, including a copper-topped portico.
S20E07 A Mid-Century Masterpiece 00/00/0000 Inspired by the artist Mondrian, a mid-century modern home gets a much needed exterior face-lift.
S20E08 Mari-time Makeover 00/00/0000 Her boring bungalow gets an ocean-inspired makeover with custom artwork and eco-friendly products.
S20E09 A Slippery Slope 00/00/0000 A landscape designer helps soften a steep and dangerous slope with curved walkways and wider steps.
S20E10 A Peaceful Retreat 00/00/0000 In D.C., they want to create an outdoor Feng Shui retreat to escape to once the baby arrives.
S20E11 Earth Appeal 00/00/0000 She wants to add eco-friendly elements to her home's exterior and landscape using native plants.
S20E12 East Meets East Coast 00/00/0000 In Arlington, Virginia, they want to add Asian elements to their Arts and Crafts-style home.
S20E13 A Victorian Charmer 00/00/0000 In Washington, a Victorian row-house gets a facelift with fresh paint and charming accents.
S21E01 Cape Cod Colorful 00/00/0000 Color and new structures give a bland white house focus and visual interest from the curb.
S21E02 Bring On the Barn 00/00/0000 A mix of funk and function turn a shabby shack into a sophisticated barn for a growing family.
S21E03 The House on the Hill 00/00/0000 The shabby exterior and landscaping of a hillside bungalow is given an incredible makeover.
S21E04 Updating the Outside 00/00/0000 New homeowners get help updating their home's exterior with bold color and a picture window.
S21E05 Charleston or Bust 00/00/0000 The bland and boring exterior of a Virginia house is transformed into a Charleston-style retreat.
S21E06 Dutch Colonial Update 00/00/0000 A boring brick Dutch Colonial home gets a much-needed update, including a stylish front porch.
S21E07 Modern Makeover 00/00/0000 A dull contemporary home gets a much-needed update with sleek and stylish exterior details.
S21E08 A Federal Facelift 00/00/0000 A Federal-style home's exterior is freshened up with a warm paint palette and a lush new landscape.
S21E09 Total Rehaul 00/00/0000 A 1920s bungalow needs sizable renovations. Find out if it can be restored to its Craftsman roots.
S21E10 Dreary Disaster 00/00/0000 New life is brought to a dark and dreary disaster with bold colors and a rejuvenated front porch.
S21E11 A Colonial Declares Independence 00/00/0000 A red brick Colonial is updated with a new walkway, a wrought-iron fence and a light paint color.
S21E12 An Identity Crisis Solved 00/00/0000 Identity is brought to a home that is stuck between antebellum and bungalow styles.
S21E13 From Tired Ranch to Modern Manor 00/00/0000 The exterior of a 1950s ranch is transformed from an outdated eyesore to a modern manor.
S22E01 New Craftsman Style on a Boring Brick Home 00/00/0000 Host Dan Schachner and designer Dan Banks have their work cut out for them when they embark on the McCoys' home makeover. With one homeowner overseas serving in Iraq and the other expecting their second child, it?s a race against the clock to turn this boring, flat brick house into a stylish craftsman style home.
S22E02 From Cinderblock to Mediterranean Style Villa 00/00/0000 Can a 1940s era bomb shelter be transformed as a Mediterranean villa? That?s just the dilemma that designer Don Hirsch is up against when he tackles the renovation of Greg and Caitlin Chapius? cinderblock house. Even host Dan Schachner is skeptical, but with updated materials, bright colors and a functional landscape, the house becomes the beauty of the block.
S22E03 Revitalizing a Rowhouse's Exterior 00/00/0000 Dave and Casey Wright are tired of their rowhouse?s drab appearance and are ready to tackle the issue with a do-it-yourself approach. Designer Jim Pollack is on hand to offer advice along the way as they attempt to revive the dreary color scheme, dilapidated landscape and roofless porch. With a lot of hard work and a few custom touches, this rowhome will really say 'welcome.'
S22E04 Contemporary Style to Overcome an Awkward Design 00/00/0000 Bobby Elliott and Nicole Stoduto are soon to be married and preparing to move into their first home together. They've asked designer Anthony Wilder for help in creating something special and contemporary out of their awkwardly designed home.
S22E05 Unifying a Contemporary Home's Many Additions 00/00/0000 Patrick and Jennifer Devlin have made three additions to their house over the years to accommodate their growing family. However, in so doing, they feel like they?ve lost some of the original contemporary charm that drew them to the house in the first place. Designer Yvette Piaggio?s comes on board to revamp the confused exterior of the home and make it clearly contemporary once again.
S22E06 New Front Porch, Dormers and Landscape 00/00/0000 When Eric and Dominique Butters moved into their home, they knew they wanted a dramatic art-inspired makeover. To make up for the home?s lack of character, designer Don Hirsch is ready to help as the Butters add a front porch, new dormers and an inviting new landscape that will make this home the beauty of the block.
S22E07 A Fresh Front Entry in Cape Cod Style 00/00/0000 Homeowner Jeri Buchholz loves traveling to new places, she's always happy to stay away from the bland front of her house. Designer Don Hirsch is on board to help Jeri freshen up her front entry with a new paint color and a new view at the end of the driveway in a Cape Cod inspired style that Jeri can really enjoy.
S22E08 Farmhouse Facelift 00/00/0000 Andrew Salgadoe and Robbie Micheli love their farmhouse and their neighborhood, but after living in the home for seven years, they?re ready to give the home's aging exterior a facelift. The house is suffering from a dilapidated porch, deteriorated siding and a landscaping nightmare. With the help of designer Melanie Cavileer, they learn how to bring out their home?s natural beauty and historical charm.
S22E09 From Bland and Boxy to Tropical Spice and Style 00/00/0000 Chan and Paula Warren recently bought a new home, and while its interior has been completely renovated, the exterior is nothing special. The Warrens find the outside to be bland and boxy, and with the assistance of designer Yvette Piaggio, they'll add spice and style in a transformation inspired by a tropical resort.
S22E10 A Cheerful New Appearance for a City Rowhouse 00/00/0000 Homeowners Kelby and Gretchen Johnson have finished designing the inside of their city rowhouse to fit their style and are eager to freshen up the home's rundown fa?ade. Designer Dan Banks and landscape designer Lauren Wheeler help cure the blahs of this boring brick home with a cheerful new appearance that both the Johnsons and their neighbors will enjoy.
S22E11 An Exterior Featuring Eco-Friendly Design and Style 00/00/0000 Christopher Peak and Michele Merkel want to revitalize their home?s boring exterior with the environment in mind. Designer Anthony Wilder and landscape designer Derek Thomas pitch in to help Christopher and Michele alter their exterior with plenty of sustainable options that also give the home some personality. The complete transformation makes their home a showcase of eco-friendly design and style.
S22E12 A New Porch and New Colors Bring Zing to a Home's Exterior 00/00/0000 Steve and Lien-Anh Van Wagener bought their house because of the neighborhood and despite its ugly exterior. They can't wait any longer to transform it into something beautiful. Designer Don Hirsch gives their home a new porch, new colors and a few custom touches along the way in an eclectic and stylish makeover.
S22E13 Relaxing Beach Style in a Home's Exterior 00/00/0000 Jennifer and Sonu Singh?s home has a staid traditional exterior that doesn?t reflect the energetic and fun-loving family that lives inside. With a Key West style in mind, designer Yvette Piaggio helps the Singhs transform their unadventurous exterior into a relaxing beach style that the whole family loves.
S23E01 Captive Cottage 00/00/0000 A small, urban cottage is updated with fresh paint, new landscaping and natural stonework.
S23E02 Golfer's Getaway 00/00/0000 A suburban home is given a new look with clean lines, modern finishes and even a putting green.
S23E03 Mini-Mansion Makeover 00/00/0000 A home goes from bland to grand with a new entryway, paver driveway and white-washed brick facade.
S23E04 Family Cornerstone 00/00/0000 A neglected 1921 duplex is updated with unique trimwork, a copper roof and abundant use of stone.
S23E05 Tired Tudor 00/00/0000 Host Sasha Andreev and designer Jennifer Edwards-Hughes mix tradition with today to rescue an 80-year-old Tudor home.
S23E06 Barren Bungalow 00/00/0000 Designer Frank Fitzgerald pairs with host Sasha Andreev to transform a barren bungalow into a cozy cottage.
S23E07 21st-Century Farmhouse 00/00/0000 Designer Sheila Hanson pairs with homeowner/landscape designer Ed Reichow and his wife Holli to give an 1890s farmhouse a big dose of 21st-century style.
S23E08 Victorian Facelift 00/00/0000 Host Sasha Andreev joins forces with designer Mark McDonald to revive a crumbling 100-year-old Victorian a much-needed facelift.
S23E09 Lakeside Living 00/00/0000 A weathered lakefront home gets new siding, new windows and a stunning portico with slate steps.
S23E10 Polynesian Paradise 00/00/0000 A plain-looking suburban home is transformed into a tropical paradise for Polynesian family of 15.
S23E11 Colonial Craftsman 00/00/0000 Colonial and Craftsman styles are brought together to create a beautiful hybrid dream house.
S23E12 Humble Meets Hip 00/00/0000 A 1940s house is transformed with new siding, shutters, a bold front door and a beautiful landscape.
S23E13 Rambler Redone with Sculptured Gardens and Aspen Grove 00/00/0000 The Boyat's mid-century rambler gets a warm and modern facelift with fresh paint on the existing stonework and a contemporary new garage door. Plus, their landscaping is redefined with sculptured gardens, a dramatic aspen grove and an angular walkway for added visual interest.
S24E01 Transforming a Troubled Tudor 00/00/0000 Host Sasha Andreev teams up with designer Don Felix to revive a 1920s Tudor that has fallen from grace. A new color palette, extensive stonework and iron accents update the home while preserving its character. Additionally, fresh landscaping allows homeowners Mark and Pam Greiner to enjoy the outside of their home as much as they do the inside.
S24E02 Making a Split-Level Swell 00/00/0000 Host Sasha Andreev recruits designer Diana Grundeen to update a split-level home for a couple split on what to do. A gabled roof, new portico and shake siding are just the beginning for this '70s era home. The addition of a stone veneer, a carriage-style garage door and fresh landscaping give Paul and Patti Weber the craftsman-style bungalow they've always dreamed of.
S24E03 Random Rambler Re-Do 00/00/0000 When Karen Sandberg decided to renovate her bland, boxy house she knew just who to call ? her boyfriend and landscape architect, Stephen Mastey. Together with host Sasha Andreev, they work to blend Karen's random rambler into a neighborhood of well-established older homes. Bold color, copper accents, a stone patio and extensive landscaping including an eco-friendly rain garden and lily pond help make the rambler remarkable.
S24E04 SOS for a Pilot's Pad 00/00/0000 Kevin Glenney is a pilot who spends more time in the air than on the ground - which explains the condition of his deteriorating 1950s home. Host Sasha Andreev heeds his distress signal and enlists the help of designer Lindsey Bittner. With new windows and siding, fresh landscaping and the addition of two pergolas, this rundown rambler is given a whole new personality.
S24E05 Modern Country Cottage 00/00/0000 With a baby on the way, homeowners Jothsna and Rasheed Harris are on a deadline to complete a lot of work on their '70s chalet style home. Host Sasha Andreev teams up with designer Brian Sobaski to turn this house with a rambling roofline and an untamed yard into a modern day country cottage with international flair. An extended roofline, wider front porch, East Indian accents and a new front walkway give their home a warmer and more welcoming feel.
S24E06 Change for a Classic Colonial 00/00/0000 Homeowners John and Tricia Marden are campaigning for change on their formal looking 1960s colonial home. Host Sasha Andreev pairs with designer Dave Sonka to warm up their house with a family friendly look, beginning with the addition of an enclosed front entrance. Additionally, an updated color palette, iron accents and fresh landscaping give the home a unique sense of style while maintaining its classic look.
S24E07 Colonial Color Crisis 00/00/0000 With their neighbors talking about the bright gold color of their home, homeowners Paul and Pat Triplett are ready to transform their '60s era home from bold to beautiful. Choosing a more muted color and adding a new portico and accented front door, host Sasha Andreev and designer Sarah Buerkley team up to make this home easy on the eye.
S24E08 Back to Nature for a '70s Split-Level 00/00/0000 Homeowners Julie and Brad Stensrud love being one with nature, however, their house feels far from it. Host Sasha Andreev calls in designer Jill Felkner to help bring their dark and dated home back to life. Stonewalls, walkways, fresh neutral colors and natural elements create a warm and welcoming retreat for these homeowners.
S24E09 From Fixer-Upper to Fashionable 00/00/0000 Kim and Todd Craft bought their country ranch-style home two years ago not so much for the home, but for the lot on which it sits. Now, not even the beautiful, park-like setting can offset the home's tired exterior. Enter host Sasha Andreev and designer Jennifer Edwards-Hughes who refresh this fixer-upper with new siding, windows and roof. Copper-toned garage doors, window boxes and shutters add character, while extensive landscaping shines a spotlight on their home.
S24E10 Replacing Dated '80s with Suburban Style 00/00/0000 Jim and Sharon Lee love the setting of their home on a cul-de-sac, but the '80s style of the house is gnarly. Host Sasha Andreev teams with designer Kelli Kaufer and landscape designer Michael Keenan to bring style to the front of the Lees' home with a new color palette, stone veneer and landscaping. A circular patio and charming pergola also help to create an inviting look that's totally cool.
S24E11 Cottage in the City 00/00/0000 Host Sasha Andreev teams with designer Sarah Buerkley to turn a bland, bare bones house into a quaint cottage in the city. Homeowner John Coughlin also lends a hand on the renovation that includes new siding, slate style roofing, a porch and low maintenance landscaping.
S24E12 From Haphazard to High Style 00/00/0000 Homeowners Bob and Marge Keene have put a lot of love and labor into their home since purchasing it 22 years ago. Unfortunately, a succession of updates over the years has resulted in a haphazard look. Host Sasha Andreev and guest designer James Galbrecht plan to change that with a "less is more" approach. A new portico and stone patio create a dramatic entrance, while fresh paint, updated lighting and clean landscaping highlight the existing stone veneer.
S24E13 Victorian Vogue 00/00/0000 Mike Poindexter and Betsy Dobbins became aware of their home's shortcomings shortly after purchasing it two years ago. Rotting wood, cracked stucco and a tangle of vines have contributed to its reputation as the scariest house on the block. Host Sasha Andreev and guest designers Sheila Hanson and Mark Foreman turn back the clock to reclaim this home's turn-of-the-century beauty. A fresh color palette, a new porch and moldings and stained glass windows add beauty while maintaining the home's Victorian character. And a new fence and paver walkway highlight the landscaping inspired by the same era.
S25E01 An Eroding Estate Gets A Much-Needed $20,000 Curb Appeal Makeover 00/00/0000 This home has been in Kris' family for generations, it's where Kris spent his childhood and over the years this has become a highly sought-after neighborhood to raise a family. After Kris and Melanie had twin girls, Kris's 90 year-old grandmother decided to leave the house to him and his family. They never could have afforded to move back into this neighborhood without this gift and they are thrilled to now call this their home, but after years of neglect, it's going to take a lot to bring this home back to it's original beauty. The place is definitely the eye-sore of the block. The paint is bland beige, window trim is peeling, the yard is half juniper, half litter box - it's no place for kids to run and play. They are here to stay and for their family and their neighbors, they are hoping the Curb Appeal team can help them turn this into a proud place to call home.
S25E02 Hardworking Police Detective Gets Much Needed Curb Appeal 00/00/0000 Angelica Mendoza is an Oakland native who takes pride in protecting her community as a member of the Oakland police department. She is a homicide detective, a job that is both emotionally and physically draining, leaving her no time or energy to tackle all that needs to be done to the front of her house. For all the time and energy she spends on her community, Angelica feels it's a shame she can't do one favor for the rest of her block by making her home look as nice as the rest. She was drawn to this neighborhood because it is quiet and beautiful. Neighbors maintain their landscaping and keep up with their curb appeal; she would like to do the same, if not for her, but for her neighbors' sake. She did some work on the inside when she first moved in, but when she really looked at the front of her house - ideas escaped her. The one thing she has managed to keep alive is a tree her mother planted years ago. She would like to hang on to it, but even that is looking worse for wear these days. She needs the help of the Curb Appeal team to do their magic and help her to keep up with her block.
S25E03 A Facade Resembling a Fast Food Chain Gets Fancified! 00/00/0000 The Villoria family knew they wanted to move into this Oakland neighborhood for the schools and the family-friendly community. They purchased the only house they could afford, bought it as-is, and it needed a lot of work. The inside is now livable, but they haven't had the funds to fix up the front. They are tied closely to their community, and wish they could better represent their block. Their house is the only one with a chain-link fence, a non-existent lawn, and absolutely no color or character. Kimo works as an on-call IT technician, (working all hours of the day with no consistent schedule) while Michelle is an art teacher, and they have 2 kids in school. Their lives are very busy which adds to the reason their front of their house basically looks abandoned. They would love to change that and turn their home into a destination on the block, but they need the Curb Appeal team to give them the jump-start!
S25E04 Bright Green Home Transformed Into a Timeless Tudor-Style Home With a $20,000 Curb Appeal Makeover 00/00/0000 When Rachel and Kristy Kinnon decided to start growing their family, they made the choice to move from the hustle and bustle of the city to the suburb of Oakland. They found the perfect charming neighborhood, but the house they could afford wasn't exactly picket fences and all-american charm that they had dreamed. The green-on-green-on-green paint scheme is the reason they've named it their leprechaun home. The previous owners covered the lawn in mulch to prevent weeds from popping up - yet they still have to weed the mulch every few months. The concrete steps look like an after-thought, the house has no particular style, the list of problems goes on and on. They've become fast friends with their entire block and they spend most of their life outside mingling with neighbors and watching their son play with neighborhood kids, but rarely do people hang out in the Kinnons front yard. They need Curb Appeal's help to turn this into a place people want to come and transform it from the eye-sore to the eye-catcher of the block!
S25E05 A Boring, Blue Bungalow is Beautified! 00/00/0000 Buren and Colleen are young, newly engaged and Buren has just moved in to Colleen's new house. She's a teacher for Oakland School District and through a financial assistance program for teachers, she was able to purchase her first home. They've been trying to make it their own, little by little on the inside, but with saving up for a wedding, it's moving really slowly. When they walk around the neighborhood they realize how nice everyone else's place looks and just how barren their yard is, and they think, one day... They really want to meet the neighbors and feel a part of the block, but the front is just embarrassing. They need Curb Appeal to make "one day" come now!
S25E06 The Home of a Fire Captain and his Young Family is Transformed With A $20,000 Curb Appeal Makeover 00/00/0000 Doug is a fire captain while April spends all of her spare time volunteering as an art teacher and room mother for her kids school. They have 3 active kids and 2 dogs. Time for yard work is limited. They know very little about gardening so every effort they have made to beautify the front has been based on things they think look pretty. They had no idea everything they have chosen required a lot of maintenance. Now they are left with out-of-control palms, dead roses, and dead grasses. If they could get a fresh start on a low-maintenance yard, they promise not to let it go the way it has been going for the last few years. They have also made some efforts on their own outside of the yard. You may notice the peachy-pink color on the facade. They wanted to spruce up the front with some color, but didn't have the funds for a professional painter to paint the whole house. They discovered they had left over paint from the bathroom, so they did it themselves. After it was up they realized not only is it an awful color for the front, it's also interior paint so very soon they will add "chipping ,weathered paint job" to the list of issues with their facade. They're in dire straights at this point and the entire block would be thrilled to see the Curb Appeal team come out to help this family fit in with the block!
S25E07 Au Revoir Ugly House, Bonjour Curb Appeal! 00/00/0000 After an 11-year long distance friendship, Jen and Frederic just got engaged to be married! Frederic is from France, he picked up and left his family, friends, job, everything, to move to the US and marry his best friend. When they first saw this house they both told their realtor absolutely no! They drove right by because the curb appeal was horrendous. After the realtor convinced them to go inside, they were sold. When they moved in 1 year ago, the first thing they wanted to tackle was the paint color, but since then, they say they have been "bleeding money". They had to immediately get to work on repairing an unforseen sewage problem, as well as electrical issues, so the color has remained - to all of their neighbors' chagrin. In fact, they all all ask when they're going to change it. Jen and Frederic both have choice words for the color, bird poop being the nicest. The front door is broken and hits visitors in the back when they enter, the brick porch has overspray of the hated house color, the walk and driveway are a bright red that they despise almost as much as the house color, and the lawn is only kept alive because their neighbor sneaks over to mow and water while they are gone. They don't know where to start and with such a tightly-knit charming block, they feel they are the "newbies" bringing down the block. They need Curb Appeal's help!
S25E08 An Overgrown Bachelor Pad Transforms Into a Tranquil and Modern Showpiece 00/00/0000 Jake and Meredith recently married and she moved into what was his bachelor pad. Inside and out, the house had bachelor pad written all over it. They saved up to remodel the inside and turn it into a home that fit them both. They got as far as the kitchen and ran out of money. Without the money to fix up the front, the weeds, trees, and vegetation have overtaken the yard and somewhere in there is a house. They both love to entertain and having a front yard that welcomes guests and gives them a place to hang out is a dream that, without the curb appeal team, may never be realized.
S25E09 Rundown San Francisco Victorian Is Transformed Into The Belle Of The Block 00/00/0000 Jason Riggs and his best friend John Ryan decided they would get more house for their money if they bought together. They found the perfect 2 unit Victorian in a quaint San Francisco neighborhood. They've since fallen in love with the neighborhood and as much as they love their humble home. They call the house their "dowdy dame" and they are at a loss as to how to turn this place around and make it match their outgoing personalities.
S25E10 A Plain, Neglected Victorian Is Brought Back To Life! 00/00/0000 The Cornejo family bought this home knowing it as a fixer-upper, but they had no idea what they were getting themselves into. After practically gutting the inside to make it livable, they've run out of money, but are still slowlymaking what improvements they can to the front. They have absolutely no backyard, two little girls, and they'r very social, so they are out front all the time. For both safety and appeal, they did build their own picket fence, and installed a patch of grass, but they don't know what else to do. They love to bring the grill out and BBQ in the front with neighbors and friends, but currently there isnowhere to sit or entertain. The neighborhood is excited to finally have a family that cares about this home, and have been encouraging and grateful for the improvements they've made so far. The Cornejo's feel the neighborhood deserves more than what they can give, and they need Curb Appeal to help the complete the look for their family and their new neighbors.
S25E11 Bland Cottage Transformed Into A Charmer! 00/00/0000 Inga and Jonathan recently bought this home after renting in a nearby Oakland neighborhood they loved, but when Inga's mom offered to help them buy, they couldn't pass up the offer. The most important thing to them was finding a block that mimicked the close-knit feel they had in their old neighborhood. They found it here, but now they need to put work into this place to really feel like they fit in. They have 3 boys, ages 11, 9, and 2. The two youngest have a genetic disease and have special needs that require a lot of support and attention. Providing this support consumes most of their free time and energy, as well as any financial reserves from their salaries. Little is left for luxuries like beautifying the front porch and yard. When they first moved in, they had high hopes of fixing up both the front in time for summertime outdoor fun. Now one summer has passed and another is fast approaching with no improvements in sight. Although the interior of our lovely 1926 home was renovated prior to their purchase, the yard was a clean slate, or, as realtors like to say, it had potential!
S25E12 Pretty Meets Practical For A Special Family! 00/00/0000 Shane and Nicki Pace moved into their house 7 years ago when they were expecting our first child. Theywere SO excited and had SO MANY ideas for landscaping, gardening, making extra room, and planting. Then we had Tyler...and then Trinity...and then Tori...and then Trent. Now they are a family of 6 not a lot of time or money to finish those lofty plans they once had for their yard. Their son Trent also has a brain disorder and is legally blind, legally deaf, unable to hold his head up, sit, or stand. As it is now, their home does not have an accessible entryway. They have a large step and abig threshold to get over and that will be a problem when they are no longer able to carry Trent. Fortunately, John Gidding and his team are stepping in to help this deserving family create a home they can be proud of and one Trent can be comfortable in for many years to come.
S25E13 Curb Appeal Goes Big In Texas! 00/00/0000 Curb Appeal heads to Euless, Texas to transform an entire block! Three neighbors will each receive curb appeal makeovers! Drought has destroyed their yards, and their cookie-cutter brick facades are lacking personality. Fortunately, John Gidding and his team are up to the challenge! In just a few weeks they will transform these THREE homes with Texas-size changes, and even take on a neighborhood project that benefits everyone on the block! It's Curb Appeal 'Texas Style' and the results will blow you away!
S26E01 An Industrial Looking Home Is Transformed Into A Neighborhood Icon! 00/00/0000 Designer John Gidding was driving by and fell in love with the style of the O'Neill's home, but clearly they are a perfect example of a house that just needs Curb Appeal. He approached them to see if they would be interested in receiving a Curb Appeal makeover and they were ecstatic! It turns out it was the uniqueness and modern aesthetic that drew them to this house, and they had big ideas for the outside when they bought it, but the reality of living in San Francisco with twin girls has left them with little funds to fix the place up. They love the neighborhood, love their neighbors, and want to make the neighborhood proud of this could-be architectural gem of the block... they just need John's vision to make it happen!
S26E02 A Fixer Upper Gets a Major Fix Up! 00/00/0000 Jeff and Simone are first-time home buyers who purchased a run-down craftsman bungalow - at first, were excited to get to work on the fixer-upper. Simone is a self-described DIY addict but to Jeff's dismay, she has yet to finish one of these projects. Their house is littered with displays of good intentions gone bad. Their front stoop stairs are partly sanded, a refurbished front door sits on their porch waiting to be installed, the yard is torn up and ready for landscaping, the kitchen cabinets are half painted with mismatched and missing knobs...the list goes on. Jeff knows the front yard is one project where they are in over their head. John and his team are here to help and who knows, maybe they can assist with those DIY disasters!
S26E03 A Sportscaster Hosts Curb Appeal and the Entire Neighborhood Gets a Boost! 00/00/0000 Being a local sports talk radio host doesn't leave Dan Dibley much free time to address the sad state of his family's front yard. The large tree in the front is dying while the lawn takes too much water to maintain in the summer and even at it's best, is little more than a lingering ground for neighborhood dogs. It's too small to use as an athletic venue but too big to ignore. They love this block, they love their neighbors, and wish they loved the outside of their home. The kids are getting old enough to where they are bringing friends over, and they really care about what friends think of the appearance of their home. Right now it's an embarrassment. Dan and Chanda want it to be a point of pride. It's never going to happen without the jumpstart of the Curb Appeal team!
S26E04 A Not So Hot Hacienda Becomes A Hip Abode With A $20,000 Curb Appeal Makeover 00/00/0000 Charmin and Ibrahim Baaqee have called the Curb Appeal team to help with their 1929 Spanish Colonial. When they purchased the home they immediately went to work updating the inside and tearing out old landscaping to start anew, but once their twins were born, work was halted. Now the front looks more like a deserted wasteland. They haven't quite figured out how to push a rototiller and two tricycles at the same time so they know without the curb appeal team, it will stay this way until the kiddoes are well off to college! They would love for their babes to have a safe place to play and would love to give their historical home the front entry is deserves. John and his team step in to give them a Spanish courtyard that would be suitable for sipping wine with neighbors or sippy cups with their kids.
S26E05 Dumping Grounds to Groundbreaking Style 00/00/0000 Jamaal Brown and Shawnte Robinson are engaged and recently moved into Jamaal's bachelor pad. Shawnte has been decorating the inside, but the outside has both of them stumped. Located on the corner, at the entrance to the neighborhood, this property carries a big responsibility and this couple needs Curb Appeal's help to make the neighborhood proud. John and his team have a challenge ahead of them to turn this place into the showcase of the block and pressure's on to get it done before the nuptials.
S26E06 A 1970's Pad Is Transformed Into A Modern Masterpiece Fit For A Large Family 00/00/0000 Sumit and Lilliana live in the Oakland hills where, abut 10 years ago, fires destroyed most of the homes. This house survived, but is now surrounded by beautiful large newly constructed homes. The outside hasn't been touched since the 60's and the Jain family really wants to make improvements that will live up to the now pristine neighborhood. They are also concerned with safety. With kids and elderly parents all living under one roof, the rusted and rickety railings are an issue, as is the uninhabitable yard. With a young daughter and a newborn baby, they have very little time, energy, or resources to fix up their home, fortunately, the Curb Appeal team is stepping in to give them the home of their dreams and help them fit in better with the rest of the home on their block!
S26E07 Juniper Juggernaut to Jewel of the Block 00/00/0000 Amy and Ken Miles live with their two young daughters in a tucked away Bay Area neighborhood called the Richmond Annex, a neighborhood that they describe as a hidden and underrated gem. There exists is a true sense of community circa 1950's...which was around the time when their house was built, and it shows. The facade is two toned, though not on purpose, the last owner just didn't properly match the paint color on the bottom portion of the siding. The porch is dated and dangerous, and the yard has been taken over by juniper. The far-reaching juniper is the first (and maybe the only) thing anyone sees when approaching the busy corner. Their house is the entrance to their street at a four-way stop and they would like to represent their block better than they do now. They would love for visitors and neighbors to see the actual house, for one, and some garden interest--something that captures their love for the neighborhood.
S26E08 The Seafoam Green Eyesore On The Block Gets Toned Down with a $20,000 Curb Appeal Makeover! 00/00/0000 Hodaka and Emily are newlyweds. After paying for their own wedding last year, they spent what little savings they had left to purchase their first home. The house was built in the 1950's and has since seen very little updates, inside and out. As dated and sad as it may look, these two both come from humble backgrounds and are so proud to have even been able to buy a home of their own. When they step outside though, they feel like their home is not fitting in with the rest of the neighborhood. Moreover, since moving in, Hodaka was laid off from his job in operations at a small private investment firm and is currently in between jobs leaving them with no disposable income to fix up the front. They live on a block of 8 homes, in which all of them except ours theirs is well-groomed and maintained. They literally live on the block where the city line between Richmond and El Cerrito is so their block is the welcome to all visitors entering El Cerrito, a diverse and tight-knit community. Their house sets the tone for the entire community and it's not setting a good one! They want their house to be the center of attention rather than the house every feels embarrassed for, but between their wedding debt, mortgage, Emily's full-time job, and Hodaka's job search, they simply do not have the time or resources to work on their home's exterior. They are desperate for Curb Appeal's help!
S26E09 A Tattered Tudor Gets a Much-Needed $20,000 Facelift! 00/00/0000 Dana and Jen are high school sweethearts and have recently inherited Dana's childhood home from his parents. They both have fond memories of this house. Jen used to climb up to the little balcony in front of the house to sneak into Dana's room when they were teenagers. Now that balcony is a decrepit drop off. The house needed new foundation, stucco repair, plumbing work, a new roof, and the indoor was a plethora of bad 70s design; the green on the outside matched the inside from the shag carpet to the wallpaper! What they inherited was a money pit. They are desperately in need of Curb Appeal's help in fixing up the front now that are tapped out and left with the eyesore of the block.
S26E10 A Turn of the Century Tear-Down is Transformed Into a Victorian Masterpiece 00/00/0000 Jason and David purchased this dilapidated Victorian home a few years ago and have been remodeling the inside on their own ever since. There has been real blood, real sweat, arguing, sleepless nights, and lots of tears in fixing the home up and now they are emotionally, creatively, and financially tapped. The outside has them stumped. It's a shame because their quaint town of Alameda, California is known for their historic and preserved Victorian homes and this one is definitely bringing this tree-lined street down. They've made it through the interior, now they need HGTVs help to finish it off!
S26E11 A Blindingly Blue Bungalow Gets a Major Overhaul 00/00/0000 Everyone in the neighborhood knows George Hurtado's home. It sits front and center on the main corner and it's blindingly blue! Ask anyone which house needs a makeover and they'll point to George's house. He's saved up all his life to buy a home and this is what he could afford. It's been a labor of love fixing this place up, but the facade and yard are beyond his scope. Designer John Gidding arrives to find that giving this place some curb appeal is going to take a lot more than a coat of paint. The team is building from the ground up to give George the home of his dreams and give the neighborhood a view that's a lot more easy on the eyes!
S26E12 It's Triple Trouble When Curb Appeal Takes On Three Houses In a Row! 00/00/0000 It's triple trouble when John Gidding and his team take on three houses in a row. These three homeowners are not only neighbors but friends and they own the only tract houses on the block, They've come together to ask for the team's help to give their homes some individual style. Designer John Gidding has his work cut out for him to create three different designs for three nearly identical homes.
S26E13 A Spanish Abode Is Revitalized With A $20,000 Curb Appeal Overhaul 00/00/0000 First-time homebuyers Tom and Vida Mia Garcia were hoping to spend what money they had leftover to revitalize their new Spanish style home. Unforeseen needed repairs drained their bank account and has left their home looking just as run down as it did when they bought it. They are embarrassed and are calling on the curb appeal team to help them show their new neighbors they care and they're here to stay! Designer John Gidding is utilizing traditional Spanish elements in new ways to update this young couples home.

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