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Cybill Shepherd stars as Cybill Sheridan, a woman who has it all: two spiteful daughters, two clingy ex-husbands, an outrageous best friend, an unstable future ,and a house on an eroding LA hillside. But with humor and determination, Cybill braves each new challenge that comes her way, while having the time of her life discovering that life after forty is anything but downhill.


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S01E01 Virgin, Mother, Crone 02/01/1995 Cybill dates a stranger she meet in a traffic jam, but is thrown off balance by being told she is too old to get good parts, that her older daughter is expecting a baby, and that her younger daughter is dating a college man by lying about her age.
S01E02 How Can I Call You My Ex-Husbands If You Won't Go Away? 09/01/1995 Are Cybill's ex-husbands really out of her life? She's not sure any more, as Jeff temporarily moves in, and she and Ira share a romantic moment. Meanwhile, she must decide whether to do a movie with a nude shower scene.
S01E03 As The World Turns to Crap 16/01/1995 Cybill competes with a wily colleague for the role of the producer's pet when she learns that one of their soap opera characters will die; meanwhile, she plans for the arrival of Rachel's prudish Boston in-laws.
S01E04 Look Who's Stalking 23/01/1995 Cybill is attracted to a guy she meets while they walk their respective dogs, who turns out to be Ira's ex-psychiatrist; Maryann befriends her ex-husband's new girlfriend Sharon in her continuing scheme for revenge.
S01E05 Starting on the Wrong Foot 06/02/1995 Maryann has her first date in 25 years, but frightens him off with obsessive gifts of shoes; the costar of a futuristic space series presses Cybill to go out with him.
S01E06 Call Me Irresponsible 13/02/1995 Dateless on Valentine's Day, Cybill and Maryann feel unappreciated and bored unitl Maryann comes up with a plan - a trip to Vegas to max out her ex's credit card. Meanwhile, Ira has to look after Jeff in ways he'd rather not when Jeff gets his hands covered with poison oak.
S01E07 See Jeff Jump, Jump, Jeff, Jump! 20/02/1995 Cybill's efforts to end Jeff's overextended stay above her garage stall out when her ex gets fired from his job as her stunt double when he confesses he is afraid to do the required scene. A desperate Cybill tracks down Jeff 's mentor, Stitch Sullivan, in hopes that he will be able to help Jeff overcome his fears. Stitch reminds Jeff of the one and only reason any guy becomes a stunt man: ""world class Hollywood nookie."" Almost instantly Jeff is back on the job. However, Jeff has another case of the jitters on his next job, a film directed by Peter Bogdanovich. Cybill tries to lend Jeff some moral support. When that doesn't work, she starts telling him everything she hated about him when they were married. Within seconds, Jeff jumps off the balcony, completing the stunt in perfect form. The director is thrilled; that is, until he learns that none of the cameramen got it on film because Maryann had the whole crew engrossed in the proceedings of ""the trial of the century"" on the monitor.
S01E08 The Curse of Zoey 27/02/1995 Maryann insists that it's no coincidence that Cybill's luck improved when Zoey moves out - especially after a psychic senses a ""negative energy"" in the house.
S01E09 The Replacements 13/03/1995 Cybill feels neglected when Maryann becomes preoccupied with her new boyfriend Bob, a bassoonist with the Philharmonic. Lost without her best friend, Cybill tries spending more quality time with her family (who are not interested), then hooks up with old friend Patty, who unfortunately brings her two small children along to lunch. When Maryann spots Cybill with Patty, the jealousy is on the other foot....
S01E10 Death and Execs 20/03/1995 Old feelings come back to life when Cybill lands in Ira's comforting arms after a brush with death on a movie set. So the two decide to bury their past and start dating.
S01E11 The Last Temptation of Cybill 10/04/1995 Cybill and Ira's second chance at romance faces a Herculean challenge when handsome young actor Rick takes his love-scene rehearsals with Cybill very seriously. Meanwhile, Maryann buys a telescope to gaze at the stars - movie stars.
S01E12 The Big Sleep-Over 08/05/1995 The arrival of Zoe's rocket-scientist boyfriend Greg launches a series of squabbles; Cybill takes off for Nevada to rescue a flighty Maryann from marriage.
S01E13 The Cheese Stands Alone 15/05/1995 Maryann plans a sabotage surprise (Limberger cheese in the air conditioning) for Dr. Dick's party, which is the sam e night as her own party. Ira's book is going to be made into a film with Sir Anthony Hopkins, and he wants Cybill to go to London with him.
S02E01 Cybill Discovers the Meaning of Life 17/09/1995 Disturbed by feeling that her family all have lives separate from her own, Cybill drags Maryann into the desert in search of spiritual insights and, receiving an urgent psychic message from the universe, rushes back just in time for the birth of her grandson.
S02E02 Zing! 24/09/1995 Cybill tells Maryann that ""there's no zing anymore"" when she meets someone new. And it's still missing when Maryann sets her up on a blind date - until she meets the guy's sixty-something father.
S02E03 Since I Lost My Baby 01/10/1995 Jeff's second ex-wife Terry is pregnant, and tells Cybil that Jeff is the unwitting father; Cybill and Maryann take William shopping, but return home with the wrong stroller and baby.
S02E04 Cybill With an 'S' 08/10/1995 Ira brings his new girlfriend to Zoey's sweet sixteen birthday party, and Cybill and Maryann both like her until they discover she has uncontrollable multiple personalities; Zoey and Sean, a busboy from the restaurant, are mutually smitten.
S02E05 Cybill's Fifteen Minutes 15/10/1995 Cybill is hounded by the press after her Oscar night date, famous actor Dennis Oliver leaves her and then solicits a prostitute in LA, taking it for granted he won't get caught.
S02E06 Nice Work If You Can Get It 22/10/1995 Controlling Maryann comes to Cybill's financial rescue when the star of her new sitcom, Dick Van Patten, drops dead during a curtain call.
S02E07 To Sir, With Lust 05/11/1995 To be physically intimate or not to be? That's the question when Cybill dates and desires her acting teacher, until she sees him in his one-man play; and Zoey reconsiders her vow of chastity now that she has met Sean.
S02E08 They Shoot Turkeys, Don't They? 19/11/1995 Cybill's an unhappy Pilgrim who's not making much progress realizing her dream of a family Thanksgiving: everyone goes elsewhere, and she has to work on the holiday.
S02E09 Local Hero 26/11/1995 After she is replaced in a movie starring Kenny Rogers, Cybill thinks her career's a flop - until she takes a gamble on accepting an invitation to visit an immigrant family who collectively idolize her. Meanwhile, Rachel tries to counsel Ira out of his neurotic fear of the telephone.
S02E10 The Odd Couples 03/12/1995 Not since Felix and Oscar have there been such odd pairings: Ira shadows Maryann hoping her lunacy will dispel his trouble with writers' block; and Cybill hangs out with Sean.
S02E11 Mourning Has Broken 17/12/1995 Cybill renews a romance with David Whittier Sr., which ended the first time because he was still mourning his wife's death. But Maryann's convinced he did more than mourn - she thinks he caused it. So she and Cybill break into hi s house in search of evidence.
S02E12 The Big Apple Can Bite Me 08/01/1996 A rotten experience in the Big Apple in 1969 took a chunk out of Cybill's self-esteem, so, for her birthday, Maryann, Rachel and Zoey take her to New York and teach her how to bite back.
S02E13 Educating Zoey 14/01/1996 Cybill and Ira learn a lesson in parenting when one of Zoey's counselors informs them that college is not part of Zoey's plans for the future.
S02E14 Where's Zoey? 04/02/1996 Cybill refuses to let Zoey stay home alone while she travels to Vancouver to film an sf series, so Maryann offers to let the ""demon seed"" stay with her. But Maryann gets into a pickle when she goes out for olives and Zoey disappears.
S02E15 Lowenstein's Lament 11/02/1996 Cybill auditions to play herself in the film based on Ira's book, but she regards the written character as a ""needy doormat"" - which may be why her performance is flat; and she loses the role to Paula Abdul.
S02E16 Wedding Bell Blues 18/02/1996 Cybill's longtime rival Andrea beats her out for another job, then announces she is marrying Maryann's ex Dr. Dick, so the two plot revenge schemes to ruin the wedding reception. Nothing goes as planned, but a food fight puts an end to the reception anyway.
S02E17 A Who's Who for What's His Name 18/02/1996 Cybill decides to fire her agent Arthur—who drops dead behind Cybill and Maryann while they are toasting ""new beginnings."" Cybill offers her sympathies to Evelyn, Arthur's widow, ends up arranging the entire funeral, and learns that Arthur was not the big time Hollywood agent he claimed to be: most of the people in Arthur's Rolodex have never heard of him. A desperate Cybill arranges for celebrity look-alikes to attend Arthur's funeral. Meanwhile, Maryann confesses to Cybil that she has fantasized about Ira.
S02E18 Romancing the Crone 10/03/1996 Cybill accidentally causes a famous actress to break her arm, so she invites her to recuperate at her ho me, where the woman breaks Cybill's endurance with boundless demands. Meanwhile, Zoey discovers that her brother-in-law Kevin is having an on-line dalliance with another woman.
S02E19 An Officer and a Thespian 17/03/1996 To land a movie role as a cop, Cybill prepares by riding with a cop on duty; but when his wife goes into labour, Cybill is left with the car, the siren and a call from Maryann in trouble. Meanwhile, Rachel's husband throws a party to suck up to his academic superior in hopes of landing tenure; and Zoey and Sean notice the academic's wife stealing the silver.
S02E20 Virgin, Mother, Cheater 31/03/1996 Kevin's preoccupation with getting tenure looks like an affair to Rachel, who decides that two can play that game; Zoey and Sean lie about their celibacy to stop their friends' questions.
S02E21 When You're Hot, You're Hot 29/04/1996 Cybill's hot flashes and herbal treatments don't make her feel any younger, nor does Ira's visiting mother Ruth, who has traded in pantsuits for trendy clothes and an herbal pleasure of her own (or, as she calls it, ""a little sweet wheat""). But Ruth is a hit with Zoey, since she arrives in a pink Cadillac that's a present for her granddaughter, much to Cybill and Ira's dismay.
S02E22 Pal Zoey 06/05/1996 Cybill is disconcerted but delighted when a heartbroken Zoey decides she wants to be best friends; but Rachel storms off when Cybill and Kevin agree to sit in on a marriage counselling session, only to discover that Kevin slept with Rachel's therapist. Meanwhile, Marianne tries to make Ira jealous by flirting with Cybill's Arkansas cousin Lyle, who is obsessed with getting onto The Price is Right.
S02E23 Three Women and a Dummy 13/05/1996 Zoey's new-found popularity confounds an apologetic Sean; Ira and Maryann go on a first date; Cybill accompanies the waiter to a party at his ex-boyfriend's.
S02E24 Going Out With a Bang 20/05/1996 Children's show host Major Milo proposes to Cybill on the air; but she's much more interested in a hunky cable technician. Meanwhile, Ira and Maryann have a steamy dinner date that ends in disaster.
S03E01 Bringing Home the Bacon 16/09/1996 On the barnyard set of her new show (a parody of Babe), Cybill rescues a pig that was fired and doomed to the frying pan; then tries to keep an independent Zoey from flying the coop after she visits the greener pastures of Paris. Meanwhile, Maryann dresses as Little Bo Peep to entice a sheepish Ira.
S03E02 Venice or Bust 23/09/1996 Zoey moves out; Cybill and Maryann take a sculpting class.
S03E03 Cybill and Maryann Go to Japan 30/09/1996 As the spokeswoman for a Japanese car company, Cybill (along with Maryann) visits Japan, where both are embraced - until they take a stuffy exec's wife out to greet the rising sun. Meanwhile, Ira mediates a dispute between Zoey and Sean
S03E04 It's For You, Mrs. Lincoln 07/10/1996 When Cybill gets a chance to play Abe Lincoln's wife on stage, an unexpected caller interrupts her big moment. Cast as the understudy for Joan Hayden, the lead in What Now, Mrs. Lincoln?, Cybill awaits the day that the star breaks her amazing record of never having missed a performance in her life. Just when Cybill thinks it's hopeless, the star is stricken with an allergic reaction, putting Cybill in the spotlight. Unfortunately, her chance of a lifetime runs amok when the cell phone that she accidentally left in her skirt pocket starts ringing in the middle of the climactic scene. Meantime, Maryann and Ira gang up on a woman in the audience for her rude behavior - oblivious to the fact that she's the powerful agent Cybill has been courting for months.
S03E05 Cybill, Get Your Gun 14/10/1996 After Cybill is robbed, she decides to fight back by taking a course in self defense. Cybill decides to take action with tactics that include an obnoxious house alarm, self-defense courses taught by Vicki Lawrence (guest starring as herself), and her very own ""Safety Man,"" a role she bestows on an unenthusiastic Zoey. Meanwhile, the newly available Ira finds that he has misrepresented himself when he meets a woman at one of Jeff's favorite hangouts - an Alcoholic's Anonymous meeting. And, Maryann becomes a suspect in the abrupt disappearance of Dr. Dick
S03E06 Cybill Does Diary 21/10/1996 After discovering Cybill's picture on an X-rated video, Cybill and Maryann decide to produce an erotic video intended for women. But when Cybill borrows Zoey's laptop to write the script and tries to e-mail it to a producer, she accidentally sends Zoey's European diary instead - and the producer loves the story of how Zoey lost her virginity.
S03E07 Sex, Drugs and Catholicism 04/11/1996 Ira is full of sexual energy thanks to the new hormones he's taking - but when he learns they are really placebos, he proposes to Holly. Cybill agrees to be Ira's best man, but when Zoey resists being a bridesmaid, Holly shows her true colours. Meanwhile, Maryann goes to confession.
S03E08 Going to Hell in a Limo (1) 11/11/1996 Cybill becomes a prime-time hit in the new sf series Lifeforms, but when her co-star starts sleeping with the female producer, Cybill's role gets reduced to a few lines per episode. Meanwhile, Ira tries to convince Zoey to throw a bridal shower for Holly.
S03E09 Going to Hell in a Limo (2) 18/11/1996 Cybill retaliates when her obnoxious co-star Jack mysteriously fires his friend, the executive producer, Buddy, and apologizes to Cybill for his rude - and crude - behavior. Smelling a rat, Cybill, Maryann and Cybill's producer friend Amy devise a sting operation to trick Buddy into revealing the truth behind Jack's sudden change of heart. Meanwhile, Zoey is having second thoughts about being maid of honor at the wedding of her father, Ira, and Holly after overhearing Holly remark to a friend that Zoey threw her a tacky wedding shower.
S03E10 Buffalo Gals 25/11/1996 Maryann goes home to Buffalo for an uneasy reunion with her parents , and to attend a 25-year reunion of her high-school classmates - who treated her like dirt. When Maryann can't make her high school reunion, Cybill decides to pose as Maryann and go in her place. Cybill had convinced Maryann to attend her high school reunion and planned to accompany her, but when the pair returns to Maryann's home town of Buffalo, N.Y. to take on the former classmates who made Maryann's life intolerable, Maryann learns that her son - who she believed was traveling with Greenpeace - is actually living with her parents. When Maryann consequently opts to forgo the reunion to spend time with him, Cybill, not one to miss an opportunity, goes to the reunion as Maryann in order to claim sweet revenge on the classmates who made Maryann's high school experience a nightmare. Meantime, Cybill is also spearheading efforts to make Thanksgiving dinner plans.
S03E11 A Hell of a Christmas 09/12/1996 Cybill's overbearing mom comes for a Christmas visit. Cybill welcomes her mom, Virginia, who's in town for the holidays, but tensions arise when ""Me-Maw"" showers Rachel with affection while virtually ignoring Zoey. When Cybill confronts her about the favoritism, she learns that Virginia feels a responsibility to compensate for Cybill's own partiality towards Zoey. Meanwhile, Maryann volunteers to be Cybill's personal holiday shopper while Cybill deals with the fact that her show's time slot has been moved - opposite 60 Minutes, and Ira finds out that Zoey lost her virginity while in Europe.
S03E12 The Little Drummer Girls 16/12/1996 Cybill tries to help Maryann, Rachel and Zoey overcome their romantic troubles by forcing them to take part in a new age drum beating session. Maryann, furious when Dr. Dick doesn't send any hateful gifts to her in honor of what would have been their 23rd anniversary, agrees to let Cybill take her to a new age female bonding session so she can get Dr. Dick out of her system once and for all. Meanwhile, Kevin uses Baby William to diffuse his anger towards Rachel and his job-hunting problems, and Ira finds out that Sean cheated on Zoey.
S03E13 Bachelor Party 06/01/1997 As designated ""best man"" at Ira's wedding, Cybill is in charge of planning the bachelor party. Since Holly objects to hiring a stripper, Cybill decides to have everyone go to the track instead. But when Ira and the director of Cybill's television series show up expecting to see some skin, Cybill reluctantly agrees to have the party at a strip club. She and Maryann go disguised as men, primarily because Cybill doesn't want to jeopardize her newfound celebrity status. Meanwhile, Zoey tries to get used to her new job as production assistant on Cybill's television show, Lifeforms.
S03E14 Little Bo Peep 20/01/1997 Provoked by Cybill's offensive reaction to a lamb attack on live television, animal activists - led by Shari Lewis and Lamb Chop (as themselves) - launch a campaign against Cybill. When Cybill makes an appearance at a local zoo to promote ""Lifeforms,"" she's bitten by a lamb while being interviewed on live television and reacts in politically incorrect fashion. Trying to save her career, Andy convinces her to be a guest speaker at an animal rights banquet. Meanwhile, while Cybill dates a younger man who seems too good to be true, Maryann desperately tries to cope with the fact that her new romantic interest shares something in common with her ex-husband - the same name.
S03E15 In Her Dreams 03/02/1997 Kevin gets a job teaching third grade, while Cybill loses her job and flashes back to how she first met Maryann at an audition for Rocky. Maryann and Cybill argue about Maryann going for a mammogram, while Ira and Cybill are both audited by the IRS.
S03E16 Valentine's Day 10/02/1997 Maryann is acting more bizarre than usual during a Valentine's Day outing with Richard and her visiting son. Meanwhile, Zoey moves in with Ira to spite her mother. Sparks fly between Zoey and Maryann's son, Justin. Maryann arranges a Valentine's Day dinner with her son and her new flame but panics and shows up on Cybill's doorstep with Justin and her beau, looking for moral support - just as Zoey is leaving to meet Ira. When Zoey and Justin see each other again - after years apart - they begin spending time together, and, although Maryann loves Zoey like a daughter, she fears that Zoey may break her son's heart. Meanwhile, Cybill spends Valentine's Day with the special guy in her life - her grandson, William.
S03E17 Kiss Me, You Fool 17/02/1997 Cybill and Jeff co-star in a new action film. Just as Cybill is complaining to her photographer friend, Davolio that her career is going nowhere, Jeff pulls some strings to get her the co-starring role in his new action film. Cybill must then return the favor when she learns that Jeff's future as the next action hero is on the line because he's unable to keep a straight face during intimate scenes. Now that Jeff's making more money than he knows what to do with, he gives Rachel and Kevin a down payment for a new house.
S03E18 True Confessions 24/02/1997 Cybill stalks Maryann in order to research a new role and discovers a jaw-dropping secret. When Cybill decides to base her character in Ira's new play on Maryann, she immediately begins to shadow Maryann's every move. But, when Maryann tells Cybill that she's not welcome to accompany her one afternoon, Cybill secretly follows her anyway. When she spies Maryann suspiciously meeting a man at his apartment, Cybill assumes that her friend is having an affair, only to discover that Maryann has been posing as a nude model.
S03E19 Name That Tune 03/03/1997 Cybill joins Ira at an open-mike night for his debut as a stand-up comic, which gets off to a rocky start when he faints from stage fright. Cybill's performance, however, results in an offer to sing in a new Name That Tune. Meanwhile, Maryann displays unusual behavior, but if she seems preoccupied (to the point of wearing the same outfit two days running), it's because she thinks she may be pregnant.
S03E20 From Boca, With Love 10/03/1997 No synopsis available.
S03E21 All of Me 07/04/1997 Cybill puts her foot down when she's chosen as a model for a shoe campaign only to see a billboard with her face - on a younger, thinner woman's ""waif"" body. Cybill decides to defend women of all shapes and sizes by defacing a billboard that depicts her face with someone else's waif-like figure. Meanwhile, Maryann freaks when she discovers that her son, Justin, is two-timing Zoey, and Ira decides to give up caffeine, which creates some abnormal side effects.
S03E22 The Wedding 21/04/1997 Learning that her film's a flop, Cybill has nothing to throw in the faces of her friends when she attends a neighbor's wedding. But that's not the case for Zoey, who accidentally decks the bride while dancing.
S03E23 The Piano 28/04/1997 Cybill needs a favor from Dr. Dick's wife, Andrea (guest star Morgan Fairchild, reprising the role), so in return, she grudgingly agrees to give a speech at an awards banquet honoring Andrea. When Cybill discovers that Andrea can get Zoey a piano audition that's otherwise unobtainable, she agrees to give the testimonial speech for the charity award, which deservedly belongs to Maryann. But when Cybill finds out that Zoey got the audition on her own, she decides to tell the awards committee what she really thinks of Andrea.
S03E24 There Was an Old Woman... 05/05/1997 When a TV director takes his cat to see Maryann's Richard, Cybill drops by - dressed as an old woman - and becomes privy to Richard's intentions regarding Maryann.
S03E25 Mother's Day 12/05/1997 Cybill doesn't realize that her mom, who's visiting for Mother's Day, is within earshot when she says she's worked her entire life trying not to become her mother.
S03E26 Let's Stalk 19/05/1997 With Cybill as the organizer, Maryann's bachelorette party turns out to be one last evening stalking Dr. Dick. Realizing their stalking days are almost behind them, Cybill and Maryann agree that one last act of torment is in order. Zoey and Rachel join the duo in a rented van, equipped with the latest in surveillance technology, staking out Dr. Dick's house. Their mission: to inject Dr. Dick's water supply with a barrel of liposuctioned fat stolen from his office. But mid-execution, Cybill and Maryann overhear ""Mrs. Dr. Dick"" Andrea tell Dr. Dick that she's leaving him, causing Maryann to rethink her own marriage plans.
S04E01 Regarding Henry 15/09/1997 The series begins its fourth season with a trip back in time to the 16th century, as Cybill undergoes past-life regression treatment on the advice of her therapist when she begins having erotic dreams about Maryann's jilted beau Richard. She discovers that Maryann's poor choice in men goes back to the days of Henry VIII, when Maryann was Anne Bolyne, and returns to the present just in time to head off a close encounter between Maryann and the despised Dr. Dick. Joining Cybill in the Court of King Henry VIII are Zoey as Ariel's father, Ira as her brother the poet, and Justin as a serving wench.
S04E02 The Love of Her Life 22/09/1997 Maryann is shocked when Cybill tells her she had an affair with a married man - and now wants to rekindle the romance. Maryann reels from Cybill's hypocrisy, since Cybill is always advising her not to even consider going back to the cheating Dr. Dick. But Cybill, head-over-heels in lust with Roger, refuses to admit to her own double standard. Meanwhile, Ira is hurt when he overhears Cybill wonder about what might have been if she had never become Mrs. Woodbine
S04E03 The Big, Flouncy Thing 29/09/1997 Zoey rejects Cybill's advice about what to wear for her first piano competition, and Cybill mourns the loss of a mother-daughter moment. After having been brushed off by Zoey, Cybill meets a young girl who welcomes her mothering - and her father isn't bad either. But when he turns out to be a cad, Cybill and Maryann scheme to get revenge. In the meantime, Ira and Justin battle over whose good luck charm Zoey should wear for her competition.
S04E04 Some Like it Hot 06/10/1997 The family take cover when Cybill's hormones rage after she opts to cope with menopause the ""natural way"" rather than with prescription durgs, while her visiting mother creates her own waves in the house and Ira tries to light a fire with Zoey's teacher Julia.
S04E05 Like Family 13/10/1997 Cybill throws herself into her role when she is cast to play the mother of a sweet teenage girl on a network sitcom. In reality, the girl turns out to be a tough-talking, ultra-hip teen, but Cybill is determined to mentor the difficult youth. The pending birth of Rachel's baby has everyone wondering who will be the godmother, and Maryann is hurt when no one even considers her as a possible choice.
S04E06 Earthquake 20/10/1997 Cybill endures her new role as a sitcom mom, even though she thinks it could mean the end of her career, until her life is shaken up when a 4.0 earthquake rattles the city and inspires her to quit and ""follow her bliss."" Next thing she knows, Maryann convinces her that they should go to a ""schmoozing"" where Cybill meets a prominent female playwright. Meanwhile, Rachel shares some shocking news of her own with the family.
S04E07 Halloween 27/10/1997 Cybill hosts a Halloween eve telethon, and recruits Maryann, Zoey, and Ira to help out. Things go fine at first, until Cybill and Maryann begin to air their differences on the air!
S04E08 Where's a Harpoon When You Need One? 03/11/1997 Cybill gets a job as a spokeswoman on a cruise ship, but when she and Maryann take a cruise, it turns out to be one of displeasure: Dr. Dick, relentless in his efforts to win back Maryann, puts Cybill in a difficult situation by giving her a letter for his ex that Cybill knows will make Maryann ""melt down.""
S04E09 How to Get a Head in Show Business 10/11/1997 When obsessed fan Minnie steals Cybill's wax head from Madame Tussaud's, the museum simply replaces it with the head of another blonde actress. Cybill and Maryann are outraged, so they concoct a scheme to travel to London and return the real ""Cybill-head."" Meanwhile, Zoey decides to give up her career as a pianist for an office job, while Cybill and Ira try to save her from a life of corporate drudgery.
S04E10 Grandbaby 17/11/1997 When Rachel goes into labor and Maryann has an appendicitis attack on the same day, Cybill finds herself stretched thin trying to care for each of them. After convincing a panicked Rachel that having a second child is a piece of cake, Cybill must reassure Maryann, who is delusional from pain-killing drugs, that her hallucinated dinner party is a smashing success.
S04E11 The Golden Years 01/12/1997 It's the year 2027, and Cybill and Maryann, now senior citizens, are still sipping martinis and insulting men. When they come across Cybill's diary from 97, Cybill begins to read aloud from the book, and one of the passages hurts Maryann's feelings - creating a rift between the two friends. Cybill and Maryann must travel 30 years into the past to resolve the issue and discover that their friendship has withstood the test of time for good reason.
S04E12 Show Me the Minnie 08/12/1997 When Cybill's garage roof collapses and requires expensive repairs, she tries to get a loan from the bank, only to discover that the loan officer turns out to be her disgruntled former fan, Minnie Arbogast. Adding to Cybill's troubles, Ira accuses Maryann of causing the breakup of his marriage to Cybill. After trying unsuccessfully to reconcile her two friends and resolve her own financial crisis, Cybill gets help from an unlikely source - her former enemy and new-found friend, Minnie.
S04E13 Bakersfield 04/03/1998 Following her mother's untimely passing, Cybill finds what appears to be a love letter to an unknown man in Bakersfield. She is shocked that her supposedly conservative mother may have had a longstanding, passionate secret love affair. Curious about this hidden part of her mother's past, Cybill travels to Bakersfield with Maryann and Zoey to deliver the letter to the mystery man herself.
S04E14 Once, Twice, Three Times a Lady 18/03/1998 In a fit of romantic nostalgia, Cybill writes a letter to her first love, Bobby Ray, and is pleasantly surprised when he flies in from Memphis to take her out on a date. After spending a wonderfully romantic evening with Bobby Ray, Cybill's faith in love is restored - until she realizes that his criminal history extends beyond being just a thief of hearts. Meanwhile, when Zoey's first love, Gianni, visits from Italy, she worries that seeing him will destroy the magic of their short-lived but passionate romance.
S04E15 Cybill Sheridan's Day Off 18/03/1998 Cybill and Maryann masquerade as ladies of the night to foil an evil prank by the dastardly Dr. Dick. The scheme conceived by Dr. Dick goes wrong when his hired thugs mistakenly drug Cybill instead of Maryann and deposit her in a seedy bus station in the middle of nowhere. To make matters worse, when Maryann comes to rescue Cybill, her car gets stolen and both women end up stranded. The two friends finally get a ride home when two unsuspecting high school boys looking for a good time mistake them for ladies of the night. Meanwhile, Ira tries to instill in Zoey a love for basketball when he gets her a job playing the organ at a Lakers' game.
S04E16 Fine is Not a Feeling 25/03/1998 Maryann's son Justin decides to move to San Francisco for a new job, and Cybill convinces a reluctant Maryann to see a therapist and confront her irrational fear of losing her son. Cybill's suggestion backfires when Justin brings Maryann's ex-boyfriend, Richard, to the group therapy and the session descends into chaos. Meanwhile, Cybill quits an acting job out of disgust with Hollywood's lack of respect for older women.
S04E17 Oh Brother! 01/04/1998 Cybill forgot Ira's birthday and, to ease her guilty conscience, then concocts a crazy scheme to kidnap him and surprise him with the perfect gift - courtside tickets for a Lakers game. Maryann and Zoey act as Cybill's accomplices in the kidnapping scheme and successfully complete their mission - only to discover that they've abducted the wrong man. Meanwhile, Cybill's long-lost niece, Claire, visits from Bakersfield and is starstruck with her aunt's glamorous Hollywood. While Cybill entertains Claire, she finds a photo showing her with her brother, a man she never knew - and can't remember.
S04E18 Whose Wife Am I, Anyway? 07/04/1998 Jeff convinces Cybill to pretend they're still married to please his sweet but old-fashioned grandmother. While Jeff and Cybill are celebrating their pretend 25th anniversary with grandma, the waiter, who is nervous about telling his parents that he's gay, introduces Cybill as his fiancee. Meanwhile, Maryann and Richard enjoy a romantic vacation in the country until the trip gets sidetracked by a veterinary emergency and Maryann finds herself delivering a calf.
S04E19 Dream Date 08/06/1998 Maryann convinces a reluctant Cybill to go on the blind date with Bruce, who turns out to be an offensive jerk. Although Cybill is repulsed by Bruce's piggish behavior, after a storm straps him at Cybill's for the night along with Maryann, Zoey, Ira and his mother, she is determined to be nice to him after he saves the life of Ira's mother. Meanwhile, Maryann and Dick work on their co-dependency issues, and Ira tries to improve his relationship with his mother.
S04E20 Farewell, My Sweet 15/06/1998 Cybill and Maryann each get a shock when Cybill discovers that she's allergic to chocolate and Maryann gets a surprise visit from her parents, who are in town for a bowling tournament.
S04E21 Daddy 22/06/1998 Cybill's Daddy, who failed to show up for Christmas, breezes into town with news that he has gotten Cybill a plum spot on a TV show about Southern women who have made it big. But it's just another disappointment for Cybill when she realizes he has done it to promote his failing car dealership.
S04E22 Don Gianni 29/06/1998 When Zoey's first love, Gianni, visits from Italy and steals her heart with his good looks, charm and romantic gestures, Cybill suspects he will soon propose marriage. Unfortunately, the seemingly perfect Italian turns out be a cad who makes a secret pass at Cybill behind Zoey's back. After rejecting the overly-amorous suitor, Cybill must decide whether or not to break her daughter's heart and tell her the truth. Meanwhile, Maryann is bent on wreaking cruel revenge on the lecherous Gianni.
S04E23 Cybill in the Morning 06/07/1998 Cybill is thrilled when she gets a job hosting a popular morning talk show - until she discovers that her co-host is a prissy, jealous domestic goddess-type who enjoys playing live, on-air practical jokes on Cybill. Adding to her troubles, Cybill finds herself both sexually attracted to and morally repulsed by her deceitful new producer. Meanwhile, Ira stands in as Cybill's best friend and advisor while Maryann goes on a shopping spree in Paris.
S04E24 Ka-Boom! 13/07/1998 Cybill's show with Julie is being plugged; Dr. Dick steals Maryanne's money; Cybill and Maryanne are arrested for murder when Dr. Dick's boat explodes. This ""to be continued"" cliffhanger episode ends up being the series finale.
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