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Doris Ruridou is young princess who had just entered Teito Academy. She is also a Panzer, a person with special abilities and fights with a weapon called a "tool". Shortly after entering, her older sister shows up to teach her how to fight as a Panzer against other Panzers who challenge her.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de D4 Princess

S01E01 Here I Am, Doris Ruridou! 06/04/1999
S01E02 I'll Change Myself Gorgeously! Am I Cool? 13/04/1999
S01E03 Broken Confidence. I Feel Like Crying 20/04/1999
S01E04 I'm Exhausted from the Morning. It's Your Fault, My Sister! 27/04/1999
S01E05 Tasting Experience! Somebody Save Me! 04/05/1999
S01E06 A Life Saver Comes! His Name is Dumb Dog Chiro! 11/05/1999
S01E07 24 Hours at Teito Academy with Doris Ruridou 18/05/1999
S01E08 My Heart is Beating Fast at Central Stadium. Who Are You? 25/05/1999
S01E09 My First Battle. I'm Getting Nervous 01/06/1999
S01E10 Distorted Reality. Everyone Looks Scary to Me 08/06/1999
S01E11 I'm Exhausted Even Before the Battle, But I Won't Lose! 15/06/1999
S01E12 The Revenge Match! I'll Show You What I Learned from My Training! 22/06/1999
S01E13 A Strange, New Kind of Training. What Now? 29/06/1999
S01E14 Turning Up Skirts? The Second One Is A Wind Master! 06/07/1999
S01E15 Tornado Hell! The Amazing Tornado Motor! 13/07/1999
S01E16 D Calls D. Unstoppable Decision! 27/07/1999
S01E17 Another Me That Sister Knows 03/08/1999
S01E18 A Rash Battle? The Possibility That the Blood Tells Of! 17/08/1999
S01E19 Creaking Drills, And Something Happens in the Battle 24/08/1999
S01E20 Fragile! The Princess' Heart is Made of Glass 31/08/1999
S01E21 Because of a Runaway Princess 07/09/1999
S01E22 Red Being Faded, Red Being Healed. 14/09/1999
S01E23 Heart Under Darkness, A Sunshine Shortage to the Heart 21/09/1999
S01E24 Because I Am A Princess! 28/09/1999

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