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Intoducing the Walmington-On-Sea home guard, a bunch of hapless old and young men who have kept people all over the world very amused for the past thirty seven years. Creator/Writers David Croft and Jimmy Perry made each episode of Dad's Army as funny as the previous one, with an element of humour which has survived decades. It has the most memorable catch phrases of any sitcom and due to our fondness of it, it's probably the most re-run show ever. The BBC keep an episode of it queued up incase of a fault at TV centre and it even successfully invaded the big screen with a memorable, well loved Dad's Army feature film made by Columbia pictures.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Dad's Army

S01E01 The Man and the Hour 00/00/0000 After listening to a radio broadcast asking for men to form what was to become known as the home guard, George Mainwaring, a local bank manager, decides to act and form the platoon on his own. He appoints himself as Captain and recuruits his chief bank clerk Arthur Wilson as the platoon sergeant as well as enlisting the banks office boy Frank Pike. Several of the local tradesmen, including James Frazer; a philatelist shopkeeper, retired shop worker Charles Godfrey, Jack Jones the butcher and black market business man; Joe Walker also volunteer their service for 'King and Country'.. And so, The Walmington-On-Sea Home Guard was born.
S01E02 Museum Piece 00/00/0000 With the shortage of weapons, Capt Mainwaring goes to the local museum, to see if any of the guns that are on display can be used, by the platoon.
S01E03 Command Decision 00/00/0000 Capt Mainwaring worried about the lack of weapons gets a visit from a Capt Square an old soldier who offers to donate some guns from his collection providing that he can take command of the platoon. Mainwaring agrees until he sees the state of the guns.
S01E04 The Enemy Within the Gates 00/00/0000 Capt Mainwaring is giving a lecture on recognizing enemy agents when he learns that for every Nazi that they capture there is a reward Later on the section on patrol capture two German flyers but back at HQ Godfrey accidently let them escape
S01E05 The Showing Up of Corporal Jones 00/00/0000 Just when the platoon finally get their uniforms LCpl Jones is told that unless he can complete the assault course in 15 minutes he will have to leave So Mainwaring and the rest of the platoon think of a plan to help him
S01E06 Shooting Pains 00/00/0000 When news that the Prime Minister is to pay a visit to the area a shooting contest is held to see which of the local platoons will form the honor guard Walker gets a crack shot from the theatre touring show ( Barbara Windsor ) to take part as a member of the platoon but a surprise is in store for everybody
S01E09 00/00/0000
S02E00 00/00/0000
S02E01 Operation Kilt 00/00/0000 When six members of the Highland Regiment attack the Warmington On Sea's H.Q. The platoon have to come up with a scheme to capture the attackers
S02E02 The Battle of Godfrey's Cottage 00/00/0000 When the church bells start to ring the platoon leap into action Jones takes half the platoon to Godfrey's cottage to set up a machine gun post While Wilson not knowing where Jones has gone also heads for the cottage where they both mistake each other for German's and prepare to attack
S02E03 The Loneliness of the Long Distance Walker (missing episode) 15/03/1969 Walker is finally called up but Mainwaring tries to get his call up differed because of his value to the platoon but he is still ordered to go only to find out that he is allergic to the army's corned beef.
S02E04 Sergeant Wilson's Little Secret 00/00/0000 Sergeant Wilson overhears Mrs Pike telling Frank that she is expecting a child. Wilson assumes that she is pregnant and that he is the father, but it turns out that she is looking after an evacuee. Mainwaring advises that Wilson marry her, until she clears up the misunderstanding.
S02E05 A Stripe For Frazer (missing episode) 29/03/1969 Capt Mainwaring promotes Frazer to Lance Corporal thus causing friction between him and Jones When Frazer starts getting above himself Mainwaring cancels the promotion
S02E06 Under Fire (missing episode) 05/04/1969 The platoon are fire watching when they see a man using a torch Convinced that they have discovered a spy they arrest him only to find that they have made a terrible mistake
S03E01 The Armoured Might of Lance Corporal Jones 00/00/0000 Mainwaring is under orders to be more cooperative with the A.R.P. wardens. A task that's made very difficult by their newly appointed Chief. Walker strikes a deal with Jones to make it easier for him to carry rationed goods without being stopped by the police - he is to let the platoon use his butchers van as a troop carrier and ambulance by day and let Walker use it by night. He bribes Jones with the promise that Jones will receive petrol coupons for it. Unfortunately things don't entirely go to plan...
S03E02 Battle School 00/00/0000 The platoon travel to a secret location to be trained at a battle school. After a long train journey and a march in which they get hopelessly lost, they arrive late and end up missing two meals and the third is virtually inedible. Starving and tired the platoon take on the assault course in which they try their best to get back at Mainwaring for getting them lost. The platoon then have to capture the 'enemy's camp' held by Captain Rodrigues and his men. This task looks impossible but can Mainwaring save the day and win back the respect of his troops? Meanwhile Walker tries to raid the nearby farm to get food for his starving comrades.
S03E03 The Lion Has Phones 00/00/0000 Capt Mainwaring teaches the platoon the tactical use of the phone system when a German plane crashes into the towns reservoir. Because Mainwaring and Wilson cannot decide what to do it is left to Walker to come up with a plan to make the Germans surrender
S03E04 The Bullet is Not for Firing 02/10/1969 When a low flying German aircraft. attacks Warmington On Sea. the platoon under the command of Lance Cpl Jones, fire at the aircraft, and use up all their ammunition. Mainwaring is furious, and orders an investigation.
S03E05 Something Nasty in the Vault 00/00/0000 During an air raid an unexploded bomb lands on the bank Mainwaring and Wilson find where the bomb has landed and secure it until the bomb disposal people arrive.
S03E06 Room at the Bottom 00/00/0000 Capt Mainwaring is found not to have held the Kings Commission so he is reduced to the ranks and Sgt Wilson takes over command of the platoon After a disastrous war game against the Eastgate Platoon his men ask the Colonel for him to be reinstated
S03E07 Big Guns 00/00/0000 The platoon have taken charge of a large field gun and have to learn how to use it
S03E08 The Day the Balloon Went Up 00/00/0000 The platoon captures a runaway barrage balloon and while trying to secure it Capt Mainwaring is carried aloft
S03E09 War Dance 00/00/0000 The platoon hold a dance where Pike is going to announce his engagement to a local girl Sgt Wilson tries to get him to change his mind but Pike will not be put off.
S03E10 Menace from the Deep 13/11/1969 The platoon are assigned guard duty on an isolated, disused pier for a week. However thanks to Pike's poor judgment over what to tie the boat too, they end up stranded with no contact with the mainland and no food. Attempts at Morse code only prompt Hodges to pursue the platoon to get them to 'Put that light out!' and he ends up stranded himself. If that wasn't enough Jones spots a mine has floated under the pier, but does Hodges have a solution that'll 'bowl them over'?
S03E11 Branded 00/00/0000 Godfrey asks to leave the platoon because he doesn't want to fight Mainwaring is furious and the rest of the platoon shun him until they find out that he was a hero from the first war So he rejoins the platoon as medical orderly
S03E12 Man Hunt 00/00/0000 The platoon are told to be on the lookout for any parachutes found lying about so Walker tells Mainwaring that he has found one. They also take on a dog which they use to track an escaped German pilot but accidently arrest a bird watcher
S03E13 No Spring for Frazer 04/12/1969 The search begins for a spring clip for a Lewis gun that Frazer has lost while he was cleaning it. The trail leads them through Frazer's workshop to a Funeral Director, to Mr. Bluett's dining room table, to a graveyard. The platoon stop at nothing, committing various crimes including house breaking and grave robbing to get the clip back. But will they find it in time to save Frazer from a court-martial?
S03E14 Sons of the Sea 11/12/1969 Captain Mainwaring comes up with the idea of small armed patrols to wreak havoc with the enemy, using a small repossessed boat the bank has acquired. After a practice on the river they get lost in the fog and they think they have drifted across the Channel and are about to be captured by the Germans, but they are in for a shock when they find out where they really are.
S04E01 The Big Parade 00/00/0000 Mainwaring watches a film reel at the cinema which shows Winston Churchill inspecting Army troops and their mascot - a ram, of course where Mainwaring's concerned - if another platoon has a mascot, so must his. Sponge volunteers one from his farm but they have to catch it first, something that of course ends in complete disaster with Pike up to his neck in it - literally. Meanwhile the town parade is being organised and of course Mainwaring wants the platoon to lead, but Hodges has other ideas...
S04E02 Don't Forget the Diver 00/00/0000 During home guard maneuvers LCpl Jones disguised as a log and helped by Frazer in a diving suit floats down the river in order to attack the Eastgate platoons headquarters
S04E03 Boots, Boots, Boots 00/00/0000 Capt Mainwaring decides to harden the platoons feet by long route marches When the platoon have had enough they find a clever way of stopping him
S04E04 Sergeant - Save My Boy! 16/10/1970 The platoon have moved to a new H.Q's position on the beach When Pike fails to turn up they find him caught up in the barbed wire at the waters edge With the tide coming in Mainwaring and Wilson mount a rescue mission but someone else gets there first
S04E05 Don't Fence Me In 00/00/0000 The platoon guard some Italian P.O.W's then suspicion falls on Walker that he may be helping them to escape. Mainwaring then sets a trap with a surprising outcome
S04E06 Absent Friends 00/00/0000 In Capt Mainwaring's absence Wilson organizes a darts match against the ARP in the local pub When Mainwaring returns unexpectedly they have trouble getting the men back on parade
S04E07 Put That Light Out! 06/11/1970 The platoon are manning the local lighthouse and they accidently switch on the light and can't find a way to switch it off During an upcoming air raid they must a way to cover up the glare
S04E08 The Two and a Half Feathers 00/00/0000 LCpl Jones goes to a reunion of his old regiment While he is away an old comrade that fought in the same battle joins the platoon and accuses Jones of cowardice On his return Jones has to tell the real story
S04E09 Mum's Army 00/00/0000 Captain Mainwaring decides to enlist women to the platoon to assist with the war effort. After initial interviews go rather less than satisfactory, a Mrs. Fiona Grey walks into his office and into his life. Mainwaring is flattered that Fiona not only has similar views to him about the war, but also is complementary about his persona. He finds himself falling in love, unfortunately the men very quickly realise and start to gossip behind his back and Fiona decides to leave, but can Mainwaring get to the station in time to stop her?
S04E10 The Test 00/00/0000 In a cricket Match between the platoon and the air raid wardens, Chief Warden Hodges has a secret weapon up his sleeve. He plans to use England's fast bowler Fred Trueman, but all does not go as planed.
S04E11 A. Wilson (Manager?) 04/12/1970 Sgt Wilson becomes a manager of his own branch and gets a commission on the same day but hours later his new branch has been destroyed during an air raid Mainwaring offers him his old job back and his old rank.
S04E12 Uninvited Guests 00/00/0000 When the A.R.P. Headquarters has been destroyed Hodges and the wardens move into Mainwarings Office and the two of them start arguing over space Later the chimney catches fire and they have to work together to put the fire out
S04E13 Fallen Idol 00/00/0000 While the platoon are at a training camp Mainwaring gets drunk with the other officers during the night and misses the live grenade training the following morning. Later during the training one of the grenades lands in Jones van and Mainwaring rides to the rescue
S05E01 Asleep in the Deep 00/00/0000 The pumping station of the reservoir has been damaged by a bomb with Walker and Godfrey trapped inside. Hodges is determined to overrule Mainwaring's rescue attempt until it's discovered the structure of the building is very unsafe and they draw lots to decide who is going to be the ones to dig the stranded men out. After successfully reaching Walker and Godfrey, the roof caves in and everyone but Jones ends up trapped in the underground bunker that is now filling rapidly with water. But does Godfrey have a solution that is more useful than asking to be relieved?
S05E02 Keep Young and Beautiful 00/00/0000 Vanity swoops through the platoon after Parliament decide that Home Guard members who are not fit for battle must be reassigned to the A.R.P. and A.R.P wardens that are fit should be reassigned to the Home Guard. The platoon obviously don't want this to happen so resort to some rather shocking measures to fool the Area Commander into believing they are suitable to stay where they are.
S05E03 A Soldier's Farewell 00/00/0000 During the journey home after a night at the cinema Mainwaring comes to the assistance of the clippie after Hodges makes fun of her Later Mainwaring dreams of being Napoleon with the clippie as Josephine
S05E04 Getting the Bird 27/10/1972 Rumour sweeps through Walmington, that Wilson is seeing a young girl, He goes AWOL, and is found drunk. It turns out that the girl is his daughter. Meanwhile Walker has taken a delivery of pigeons that have been stolen from Trafalgar Square, and has to find somewhere to hide them. Then the platoon assemble for church parade.
S05E05 The Desperate Drive of Corporal Jones 03/11/1972 The platoon practice house clearing by using the office and the Vicar and Hodges get caught up in the action. Later during a live firing exercise the platoon are sent to the wrong map reference. When Jones discovers the mistake he drives to rescue.
S05E06 If the Cap Fits... 10/11/1972 The platoon are given a lecture on the German Army but because Frazer keeps on complaining Mainwaring makes him acting C.O. of the platoon Later when the Colonel asks the platoon to attend a dinner Mainwaring has to play the bagpipes.
S05E07 The King Was in His Counting House 17/11/1972 While Captain Mainwaring holds a party at his house for the platoon the bank is hit by a German bomb. After guarding the money all night he has to find a way to transport the money to the Eastgate Branch for safety
S05E08 All is Safely Gathered In 24/11/1972 Godfrey asks for a holiday from the platoon in order to help an old girlfriend who runs a farm to bring in the harvest. As it's important work Mainwaring brings all the platoon to help.
S05E09 When Did You Last See Your Money? 00/00/0000 Lance Corporal Jones has mislaid £500 that has been collected by the merchants to build a center for the local people Frazer hypnotizes Jones and after a long search the money finally turns up.
S05E10 Brain Versus Brawn 00/00/0000 During an exercise Mainwaring And the platoon have to find a way to gain access into an ammo dump After dressing up as firemen they are called to a real fire
S05E11 A Brush With the Law 00/00/0000 When the light is left on in the church hall, Chief Warden Hodges, suspects that Mainwaring is the culprit, and takes him to court. The verger knows what happened, but Hodges will not let him tell the truth.
S05E12 Round and Round Went the Great Big Wheel 00/00/0000 The platoon are asked to provide guard duty at a testing ground for secret weapons but when one of the devices gets loose the platoon have to give chase
S05E13 Time on My Hands 29/12/1972 A German pilot has baled out and is caught hanging by his parachute on the clock tower The platoon climb up to rescue him but get trapped themselves
S05E14 Los toreros (3) 00/00/0000
S05E15 Los barquitos de papel 00/00/0000
S05E16 Mantener limpia la vecindad 00/00/0000
S05E17 Examen extraordinario (1) 00/00/0000
S05E18 Examen extraordinario (2) 00/00/0000
S05E19 El señor Calvillo (1) 00/00/0000
S05E20 El señor Calvillo (2) 00/00/0000
S05E21 Pelea por el tendedero 00/00/0000
S05E22 Fútbol americano 00/00/0000
S05E23 Don Ramón vende globos 00/00/0000
S05E24 Sombrero del patrón 00/00/0000
S05E25 El billete de lotería 00/00/0000
S05E26 Primer día de clases 00/00/0000
S05E27 Los Perez Abolengo 00/00/0000
S05E28 Pantalones de Don Ramón 00/00/0000
S05E29 Satanás 00/00/0000
S05E30 Jugando Ping Pong (1) 00/00/0000
S05E31 Jugando Ping Pong (2) 00/00/0000
S05E32 Fiesta de la Buena Vecindad (1) 00/00/0000
S05E33 La resortera 00/00/0000
S05E34 Fiesta de la Buena Vecindad (2) 00/00/0000
S05E35 Fiesta de la Buena Vecindad (3) 00/00/0000
S05E36 Fiesta de la Buena Vecindad (4) 00/00/0000
S05E37 El hombre invisible 00/00/0000
S05E38 El Chavo ratero 00/00/0000
S05E39 Ayuda a la cruz roja 00/00/0000
S05E40 El Chavo tiene rabia 00/00/0000
S05E41 La Posada de la vecindad (1) 00/00/0000
S05E42 La Posada de la vecindad (2) 00/00/0000
S05E43 La Navidad y Año Nuevo 00/00/0000
S06E01 The Deadly Attachment 00/00/0000 The platoon finally get to grips with the enemy when they have to guard some Nazi Submariners but the Germans turn the tables on Mainwaring and try to escape but somehow Jones ends up with a grenade down his trousers
S06E02 My British Buddy 00/00/0000 The Platoon decide to give a party to the visiting American troops.When the Yanks start to get fresh with the platoon's girl friends, all hell lets loose.
S06E03 The Royal Train 00/00/0000 When news that the King is to travel through Warmington-On-Sea, by train, Capt Mainwaring and the platoon, are detailed to provide an honor guard,then the local stopping train breaks down on the main line,and the King's train is due any time.
S06E04 We Know Our Onions 21/11/1973 The platoon have gone away to a camp to undergo an efficiency test Meanwhile Walker has a van load of onions to sell to Hodges Later with no blank shells to use on the test Mainwaring has a brain wave and he uses the onions as ammunition to pass the test
S06E05 The Honourable Man 00/00/0000 When a relative of Sergeant Wilson dies, he inherits the title, Then when a Russian factory worker visits the town, to boost Anglo-Russian relations,Mainwaring has been asked to present the key of the town, until the mayor hears about Wilson's title, and asks Mainwaring to step down.
S06E06 Things That Go Bump in the Night 05/12/1973 The platoon get lost on a wild and stormy night and have to take shelter in a old and deserted house that is used for training tracking dogs When Pike gets his uniform wet he changes it for an old German uniform but when the dogs get loose, they chase Pike and the platoon across the fields
S06E07 The Recruit 00/00/0000 Capt Mainwaring has gone into hospital for an operation on an ingrowing toenail Meanwhile Wilson as acting C O has Asked the Vicar and the Verger to join the platoon to make up the numbers
S06E08 00/00/0000
S08E01 Ring Dem Bells 05/09/1975 The Colonel orders Mainwaring and the platoon to make a training film with a couple of well known actors but unknown to Mainwaring they are to play the Germans Mainwaring refuses to take part but the rest of the platoon are ordered to When the filming is cancelled Mainwaring and the men still dressed as German soldiers are spotted in the local pub and the alarm is given
S08E02 When You've Got to Go 12/09/1975 Pike finally gets his call up papers and is to join the Airforce but when his blood that has been donated for the red cross is checked it is found to be from a rare group and he is excused military service Then he has to find a way to break the news to the platoon
S08E03 Is There Honey Still for Tea? 19/09/1975 Godfrey's cottage is due to be demolished to make way for a new airfield but no-one can bring themselves to break the news to him until Jones finds out that he already knows. In the end Frazer, knowing the family history of the General in charge, bribes him to get the airfield moved 200 yards. This results in some rather amusing consequences. The door to Mainwaring's bank office is replaced with a paper door, apart from the insult of not having a proper door Mainwaring is even more annoyed at the fact that Pike the Colonel and Jones manage to destroy it within minutes of it being installed.
S08E04 Come In, Your Time Is Up 00/00/0000 Captain Mainwaring gives a lecture on field craft in the vicar's garden, covering what to eat and how to erect a tent. Later, apart from having to put with the vicar, verger, Hodges and a gang of boy scouts, their field maneuvers are also interupted by three German fliers who have been shot down and are trapped in their dinghy in the middle of the lake... ""Handi hoch! Handi hoch!""
S08E05 High Finance 00/00/0000 Cpl Jones has problems with his bank account. When Mainwaring tries to help, he finds that the trail leads through the platoon, on to Mrs Pike, and ends with Mr Hodges.
S08E06 The Face on the Poster 10/10/1975 Mainwaring has visions of promotion for himself and Wilson and of expanding the platoon into a company, so he embarks on a recruitment drive. A poster is drawn up and Jones is voted to be in it. Unfortunately a mix-up at the printers results in Jones being branded an escaped prisoner of war instead.
S09E01 Wake-Up Walmington 00/00/0000 The people of Walmington-On-Sea are becoming apathetic about the war effort. When practicing on a firing range, Mainwaring is told to keep the noise down and Hodges is verbally assaulted for his efforts as chief warden. Mainwaring decides to scare his townfolk by getting the platoon to dress up as fifth columnists and marching through the countryside 'asking ze questions!' Will their plan work? Or will Mainwaring just end up looking rather silly infront of Captain Square and the Eastgate platoon?
S09E02 The Making of Private Pike 00/00/0000 Capt Mainwaring is to be an umpire in a war game exercise so he gets the use of a car Pike meets a girl and uses the car to take her out but they stay out all night and the whole town is shocked
S09E03 Knights of Madness 00/00/0000 During a ' Wings For Victory ' fundraising event the platoon decide to stage a reenactment of the battle between St George and the Dragon but friction starts when Hodges and the wardens plan the same thing
S09E04 The Miser's Hoard 00/00/0000 Frazer is busy counting up his earnings when his doctor visits and accidentally knocks over a money box revealing that Frazer is far from poor. Concerned, the doctor alerts Mainwaring, who alerts Jones and very soon Frazer's fortune is the subject of town gossip. Eventually the platoon, Hodges, the Vicar and the Verger are spying on Frazer to see what he does with his money. Will they get their hands on it, or does Frazer have a sneaky trick up his sleeve?
S09E05 Number Engaged 00/00/0000 The platoon take over from the regular army in guarding some vital telephone wires During an air raid a bomb lands in the wires and a way has to be found to get it down before it explodes
S09E06 Never Too Old 00/00/0000 Lance Corporal Jones wants to marry Mrs Fox but has to get Capt Mainwarings permission. During the reception an invasion alert is called and Jones spends his wedding night on the beach doing guard duty
S00E01 Battle Of The Giants (1971 Christmas Special) 27/12/1971 First Xmas Special. The platoon are challenged by the Eastgate platoon to a test - but Hodges, the vicar and the verger are judges. To begin with, they seem likely to win - but when Jones gets a bad attack of malaria, defeat seems close...
S00E02 My Brother and I (1975 Christmas Special) 26/12/1975 Second Xmas Special. Mainwaring's drunken brother Barry arrives in Walmington claiming that their father's pocket watch, held by Mainwaring, belongs to him. Mainwaring gives him the pocket watch to assuage him, but he gatecrashes Mainwaring's party for local dignitaries..
S00E03 For the Love of Three Oranges (1976 Christmas Special) 26/12/1976 Third Xmas Special. To raise money for the Comforts For The Troops Fund, the vicar organises a bazaar - each member of the platoon donates something. Hodges the greengrocer donates three oranges, extremely rare due to wartime rationing. Mrs. Mainwaring fails to show, and Captain Mainwaring has only one chance of redemption - get his hands on one of Hodges' oranges..
S00E04 Jonathan Ross Salutes Dad's Army 00/00/0000 In this one-off special to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the classic show, self-confessed Dad's Army fan Jonathan Ross is joined by the show's stars, including Ian Lavender, Clive Dunn, Bill Pertwee and Frank Williams, plus celebrity fans Ronnie Corbett, Jon Culshaw and John Thompson. There are also plenty of surprises in store for everyone who has watched the much-loved television comedy.
S00E05 Comedy Connections - Dad's Army 00/00/0000 Shown as part of the BBC Comedy Connections series. This episode looks at Dad's Army, the gentle wartime sitcom that became one of the most popular and best-loved series of all time. Set in wartime Britain, the cast of Dad's Army featured many veterans of stage and screen including Arthur Lowe, John Laurie and Arnold Ridley. As well as creating a template for future ensemble sitcoms, the series established one of British TV's most successful writing partnership - that of Jimmy Perry and David Croft. But Comedy Connections reveals that neither writer gave Dad's Army its name. Originally called Fighting Tigers, the new title was imposed on the show by the BBC's then Head of Comedy, Michael Mills. Other surprises include John Laurie expressing his disappointment that, at the age of 73 and after a glittering theatre career, he should become most famous for 'this crap', what happened when Ian Lavender asked the show's writers whether his character, Pike, was in fact Wilson's son, and what producer David Croft did with the audience feedback report after the screening of the show's pilot. With contributions from writers Jimmy Perry and David Croft, plus actors Clive Dunn, Ian Lavender, Frank Williams, Bill Pertwee, Pamela Cundell and Wendy
S00E06 A Life on the Box - Arthur Lowe 00/00/0000 Presented by Terry Wogan this compilation programme celebrates the unique talent of Arthur Lowe, including interviews with those who knew him, together with clips from TV programmes.
S00E07 Room At The Bottom (Restored Colour Version) 13/12/2008 The episode was originally recorded in colour. However, in the Sixties and Seventies the BBC would sometimes wipe and re-use the master tapes once the programme had been aired. Film copies of the master tapes were often made of programmes prior to being wiped, but the recordings were only made in black and white. Thanks to the development of new Colour Recovery technology, the preservation team within BBC Archive have been able to bring a new lease of life to specific archive content, and this Dad's Army episode is the first programme to have its colour recovered. Colour Recovery relies on the particular manner in which these film recordings were made, and hails from the Colour Recovery Working Group, an independent group which has been working on the development the technology – the idea for which was conceived over a decade ago.
S00E08 The Movie 00/00/0000 Captain Mainwaring and his men create comedy mayhem when they go on manoeuvres with other military companies under the eye of a real Major-General. The result is disaster after disaster. After the shambles of manoeuvres, the Walmington-On-Sea defenders return home just as a German scout plane crashes near their town. It's crew captures the Church Hall and holds the Vicar and Major as hostages. The Major-General sends for the Army, the Army sends for the Navy, the Navy sends for the Marines, the Marines call in the police, and the police call the fire brigade. While this is going on, the irrepressible irregulars of Dad's Army hilariously demonstrate that they really can do the job they were organised for...
S00E09 Documentary - Don't Panic! - The Dad's Army Story 28/05/2000 A celebration of the much-loved British comedy about the Home Guard hosted by Victoria Wood.
S00E10 Missing Presumed Wiped 28/12/2001 Documentary about the missing episodes of season 2. When the two missing episodes of Dads Army were found: Operation Kilt and The Battle of Godfrey's Cottage, on the night of their showing they showed this documentary before hand. Also, on the Dads Army Series 1 and 2 DVD, this documentary is an extra. Basically, Terry Wogan announced it and he just went through sitcoms where episodes are no longer in the achieves. Series that have missing episodes are: Hancock's Half Hour, Till Death us do Part, The Likely Lads, Doctor Who and although three episodes have been found, three more episodes of Dads Army remain missing. Also on this documentary, they began talking about Dads Army, where they showed a clip from the abysmal American version of Dads Army. The three missing episodes of Dads Army are: The Loneliness of the Long Distance Walker, A Stripe for Frazer and Under Fire. Dads Army fans, like myself, live in hope that one day the episodes will be found.
S00E11 We are the Boys: Arnold Ridley 00/00/0000 Documentary from the BBC series 3 DVD release of Dad's Army.
S00E12 The Unforgettable Arthur Lowe 00/00/0000
S00E13 We are the Boys: James Beck 00/00/0000 Documentary from the BBC series 4 DVD release of Dad's Army.
S00E14 We are the Boys: John Laurie 00/00/0000 Documentary from the BBC series 5 DVD release of Dad's Army.
S00E15 We are the Boys: John Le Mesurier 00/00/0000 Documentary from the BBC series 6 DVD release of Dad's Army.
S00E16 We are the Boys: Arthur Lowe 00/00/0000 Documentary from the BBC series 7 DVD release of Dad's Army.
S00E17 We are the Boys: Clive Dunn 00/00/0000 Documentary from the BBC series 8 DVD release of Dad's Army.
S00E18 We are the Boys: Ian Lavender 00/00/0000 Documentary from the BBC series 9 DVD release of Dad's Army.
S00E19 Selection Box 00/00/0000 Celebrities choose their favourite moments from Dad's Army.
S00E20 Resisting the Aggressor Down the Ages 00/00/0000 A Christmas Night with the Stars special: To raise money, the platoon dress up in costumes and act as historical figures in the past that have taken over England.
S00E21 Broadcast to the Empire 00/00/0000 A Christmas Night with the Stars special: The platoon is chosen to take part in a world wide radio broadcast
S00E22 The Passing Years 12/11/2007 A documentary about Dad's Army. Starring Clive Dunn Jimmy Perry David Croft Ian Lavender Pamela Cundell Frank Williams Philip Madoc Bill Pertwee Eric Longworth
S00E23 The Cornish Floral Dance 00/00/0000 The platoon are rehearsing 'The Cornish Floral Dance' alongside the Wardens and some of the ladies of Walmington-on-Sea.
S00E24 The Coward Revue 00/00/0000 Captain Mainwairing, Sargent Wilson and Lance Corporal Jones perform a musical tribute to Noel Coward.
S00E25 The Pelican Crossing 00/00/0000 A public information advert featuring the cast of Dad's Army, created to inform the public of how to use a pelican crossing.
S00E26 The Stage Show 00/00/0000
S00E27 On Tour With The Cast 00/00/0000
S00E28 Blue Peter Art Competition 00/00/0000
S00E29 Blue Peter Item On Jones' Van 00/00/0000
S00E30 Christmas Night With The Stars (1970) 00/00/0000
S00E31 John Le Mesurier - It's All Been Rather Lovely 00/00/0000
S00E32 Clive Dunn - A Tribute 00/00/0000
S00E33 Dad's Army Theme Tune 00/00/0000
S00E34 We're Doomed! The Dad's Army Story 22/12/2015 60-minute scripted comedy drama about how the legendary creators of Dad's Army - Jimmy Perry and David Croft - overcame BBC management scepticism, focus groups and cast constipation to get the much-loved legend onto air. Running from Perry's initial idea in 1967 until the transmission of the first episode in 1968, this affectionate and witty film shows the beginnings of Perry and Croft's writing partnership and the casting woes, personal clashes and production difficulties that put the show's very existence in jeopardy. It reveals to fans and newcomers alike what went on behind the scenes in the making of the classic sitcom Dad's Army and is a true love letter to British creativity.
S00E35 A Stripe for Frazer (Animated Reconstruction) 00/00/0000 When Captain Bailey informs Mainwaring that he can make up another lance corporal, Frazer is chosen. Jones and Frazer both try desperately to impress Mainwaring into making them a corporal, and Frazer issues many charge sheets. The episode ends with Frazer breaking into the office with a boat-hook in his biceps.
S00E36 Dad's Army 2016 Movie 05/02/2016 Near the end of World War II, the Walmington-on-Sea Home Guard platoon deals with a female journalist and a German spy.
S00E37 Dad's Army Audio Episodes 00/00/0000
S00E38 Jimmy Perry's Favourite Episode - Branded 01/01/2008 Jimmy Perry introduces his favourite episode from Dad's Army. He chose 'Branded' from series 3, where Godfrey is betrayed as a coward, played brilliantly by Arnold Ridley. There's trouble in the ranks of the Home Guard when the bravery of the gentle and well-mannered Private Godfrey is called into question.