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Vétérinaire, Marsh Tracy s'installe à Wamero, en Afrique, avec sa fille Paula. Il y dirige un centre d'étude sur le comportement des animaux. Dans cette réserve naturelle, ils s'efforcent de protéger la faune locale de braconniers mal intentionnés. Paula s'attache très vite à Judy, une guenon facétieuse, et Clarence, un lion atteint de strabisme.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Daktari

S02E01 Le Retour de Clarence 13/09/1966 Clarence the lion, normally a gentle soul, starts acting oddly after receiving a blow to the head in a jeep accident, becoming edgy, hard to control and growling at everybody. Dr. Tracy suspects that the blow has given Clarence amnesia, a diagnosis seemingly confirmed when Clarence suddenly takes a nasty swipe at Paula.
S02E02 Le Piège 20/09/1966 A rancher releases cattle in a plan to entice lions and leopards to kill them, thus giving the rancher an excuse to drive Dr. Tracy from the area and claim the reserve's land. Dr. Tracy must round up the cattle before the big cats become livestock killers.
S02E03 La Dernière Chasse du Daktari 27/09/1966 A big-game hunter, angry at Dr. Tracy for closing off the Wameru reserve to hunting, stalks Dr. Tracy and Judy the chimp through the wild, trying to prove that Dr. Tracy will have to kill an animal to survive.
S02E04 Judy en péril 04/10/1966 Judy the chimp switches the vial used for her regular fever shot, causing Paula to accidentally inject her with a deadly virus. Judy then wanders off into the wild. Her human and animal friends race against time to find her and give her the necessary antidote before it's too late.
S02E05 L'Emir et le guépard 11/10/1966 The Emir of Asambana's prize cheetah is sick, and may not be able to race in an important contest with a rival tribe. The Emir threatens to cut off the Wameru reserve from using the water on his property unless Dr. Tracy cures his cheetah in time for the race.
S02E06 La Grande Épreuve 18/10/1966 Mike searches in the jungle for a tribal chief's son, who has fled into the bush in an attempt to prove to everyone that he's not a coward.
S02E07 Judy artiste peintre 25/10/1966 A pregnant black leopard with a history of killing her previous cubs and attacking her trainer is brought to the center in hopes that Dr. Tracy can change her behavior. However, Judy the chimp fails to lock the leopard's cage and she escapes. Paula is forced to play midwife when she finds the leopard in the bush about to give birth.
S02E08 Le Jugement 01/11/1966 Dr. Tracy serves as defense counsel for his trained elephant, who is being put on trial by the locals for going on a rampage in a local village and injuring the chief.
S02E09 La Grande Soif 15/11/1966 Jack is out driving his jeep in the bush with Judy the chimp when the vehicle stalls out. With no water, they're forced to leave the jeep and try to make their way back through the drought-stricken jungle. Jack decides to follow a herd of giraffes, hoping that the animals will lead them to water.
S02E10 Le Léopard fantôme 22/11/1966 Dr. Tracy agrees to escort a wealthy, beautiful woman on a filming safari. Unbeknownst to him, the woman's real objective is to find, track and kill a legendary leopard that killed her father years before.
S02E11 Tirez à vue 29/11/1966 A sick circus bear escapes into the bush, and Dr. Tracy tries to find it before worried local ranchers kill it, fearful that it will contaminate their water supply.
S02E12 La Tarentule 06/12/1966 Dr. Tracy goes looking for a self-styled tribal "healer" he ran out of the area when he finds that the man has the antidote for the venom of a deadly spider that has just bitten Paula.
S02E13 Clarence le tueur 20/12/1966 A hunter plots to close the Wameru reserve by turning loose a killer lion against Dr. Tracy and then blaming Clarence the lion for the doctor's death.
S02E14 Un Imitateur dangereux 27/12/1966 A TV comedian visits Dr. Tracy's compound to record the sounds made by animals, but his bumbling disrupts the compound and endangers the lives of Paula, Clarence the lion, and Judy the chimp.
S02E15 Judy infirmière 03/01/1967 While Mike is riding in his jeep with Judy the chimp and Clarence the lion, the jeep overturns, pinning Mike underneath it. Mike's survival depends on Judy fending off predatory wild animals and Clarence carrying an emergency message back to the study center.
S02E16 Judy et le gorille 10/01/1967 Two hunters raid the Wameru reserve to steal some very valuable animals, kidnapping Judy the chimp in the process. Dr. Tracy has to stop them.
S02E17 Au rendez-vous des lions 17/01/1967 An injured and potentially dangerous lioness escapes from Dr. Tracy's compound. Clarence the lion tries to stop her, but ends up injured by a spear from a native's trap and stranded in a hut with a family of wild lions. Dr. Tracy, Paula and Jack attempt to rescue Clarence.
S02E18 Judy agent secret 24/01/1967 Hedley accompanies an officer and his Nazi prisoner on a mission to locate microfilm evidence against the Nazi and his cohorts that is supposedly buried on the reserve. However, the officer and prisoner are actually two former German soldiers looking for a cache of buried diamonds. Their plan goes awry when Hedley gives the package of diamonds to Judy the chimp, who hides them.
S02E19 Compte à rebours 31/01/1967 Paula and Dr. Tracy work to remove wildlife from an area soon to be flooded when hydraulic engineers dynamite a levee. An impatient engineer, not knowing that Paula is in the area and annoyed over the time lost saving animals, sets off the dynamite ahead of schedule, releasing a wall of floodwater and endangering Paula's life.
S02E20 Terreur dans la brousse 07/02/1967 A jeep accident out in the bush results in Dr. Tracy being seriously injured. Paula and Judy the chimp are the only ones with him and have to find a way to get him safely back through the wild to where he can get medical attention.
S02E21 Judy et le bébé éléphant 14/02/1967 A baby elephant is attacked by a leopard and needs medical care, but the adult wild elephants won't let anyone near the injured baby. Dr. Tracy and Judy the chimp must find a way to help the baby elephant before it's too late.
S02E22 Du plomb pour Hedley 21/02/1967 A vicious jewel thief threatens to murder Hedley unless Dr. Tracy gives him a pouch of stolen diamonds that, unknown to him, were taken by Judy the chimp.
S02E23 Judy braconnière 28/02/1967 Dr. Tracy and Jack ask Hedley to investigate the disappearance of several baby animals from the compound. Hedley soon finds the one responsible for the thefts: it's Judy the chimp.
S02E24 Au revoir Mike Makula 07/03/1967 Mike is attracted to a beautiful visitor to the compound, who offers him an important job back in the U.S. with a foundation she is setting up. But Mike's friends find evidence that the job offer isn't what it appears to be, and try to stop him from leaving.
S02E25 Printemps à Wameru 14/03/1967 The coming of spring at the Wameru reserve finds Jack and Mike attempting to hatch abandoned ostrich eggs, with help from Judy the chimp and Clarence the lion.
S02E26 Clarence roi 21/03/1967 A valuable royal lion cub needs a blood transfusion, and Clarence the lion has the type of blood needed, but he seems to have disappeared. Dr. Tracy and his friends fan out to find him and save the cub's life.
S02E27 La Chasse au tigre 28/03/1967 The nephew of an Indian sultan visits the compound, but his real objective is the revenge killing of a tiger previously donated by his uncle. Only Judy the chimp realizes his plan, and saves the tiger several times until Dr. Tracy catches on to the plot.
S02E28 Judy et le vautour 04/04/1967 Judy the chimp and Clarence the lion "adopt" a vulture as their new friend and playmate, but they don't know that the bird is carrying a lethal virus that makes Clarence very ill.
S02E29 Le Petit Lion malheureux 11/04/1967 Paula discovers a lioness is not feeding her cub. Despite her father's warnings not to interfere with nature, Paula and Judy the chimp decide to "rescue" the cub, endangering the lives of Paula, the cub, and Clarence the lion.
S03E01 Judy cosmonaute 05/09/1967 Dr. Tracy faces a predicament when Judy the chimp trades places with another chimp who has been trained for the astronaut program, who has somehow made its way into the compound and gotten lost.
S03E02 Le procès d'un léopard 12/09/1967 A mother leopard behaves strangely by attacking Dr. Tracy and Hedley, but abandoning its cub. Rather than destroy the leopard, Dr. Tracy operates on the leopard for a brain tumor while Judy the chimp secretly adopts the cub.
S03E03 Le rapt du lionceau royal 19/09/1967 A stern, no-nonsense sergeant has been sent to replace District Officer Hedley. In an effort to save his job, Judy the chimp and her animal friends kidnap a lion cub.
S03E04 Adieu Wameru 26/09/1967 A well-known African journalist is determined to discredit Wameru in print. Jack, Mike and Paula try to come up with a plan to stop him, but in the end Judy the chimp has the best plan and saves the day.
S03E05 Mtula 03/10/1967 A search party is sent out to look for Judy the chimp when it's discovered that she has left the compound with a stranger suspected of being a member of a very dangerous tribe.
S03E06 La corrida de Wameru 10/10/1967 A new game warden comes to the compound to be trained by Dr. Tracy, but he doesn't get along well with the animals, and is forced to confront an old fear.
S03E07 Le retour du fantôme 17/10/1967 A hunter and Dr. Tracy are both stalking a famous leopard, as Dr. Tracy tries to save the leopard from the hunter.
S03E08 Compte à rebours pour Judy 24/10/1967 Judy the chimp becomes gravely ill after eating some berries sprayed with poison by a new farmer. Dr. Tracy and his team race against the clock to save Judy by finding out the source and nature of the poison in order to give an antidote.
S03E09 Judy et les deux truands 31/10/1967 Dr. Tracy finds himself involved in a scheme by two old ex-cons, who want to return to the safety and comfort of their jail cell, to get caught breaking into the safe in Hedley's office so they can be sent back to prison.
S03E10 Le petit lion perdu 07/11/1967 When Jack and Mike release a rescued lion cub back into the jungle over Paula's objections, Paula first sends Judy the chimp to guard the cub and later goes herself, ending up in a dangerous situation.
S03E11 Judy et le pur-sang 14/11/1967 Dr. Tracy clashes with an Italian countess who, in striving to win races, has mistreated her champion race horse and caused it to go lame.
S03E12 Le retour d'Ethel et Albert 21/11/1967 Ethel the hippopotamus and Albert the donkey accidentally escape from Wameru into the bush together, and risk becoming a leopard's prey.
S03E13 Judy et le prestidigitateur 28/11/1967 Dr. Tracy and his friends try to help an aging magician, whose chimpanzee is getting too old to perform.
S03E14 Clarence et son harem 05/12/1967 Clarence the lion runs away and joins a pride of three wild lionesses he meets in the bush, forcing him to choose between remaining in the wild with them or returning to his Wameru home.
S03E15 La migration des éléphants (1) 12/12/1967 When Wameru is threatened by a stampeding elephant herd that has already destroyed a village, a government expert (who is also an old Army friend of Dr. Tracy) plans to kill off the herd against Dr. Tracy's wishes.
S03E16 La migration des éléphants (2) 19/12/1967 Dr. Tracy and his friends race against time to keep a destructive elephant herd from being destroyed by land mines and incendiary charges, while also trying to keep the herd from destroying the Wameru compound.
S03E17 Miracle dans la jungle 26/12/1967 A man on the run from the law slips into Wameru to retrieve stolen money he had previously buried there, but when he is frightened away by Clarence the lion, Judy the chimp takes the money and Dr. Tracy ends up being arrested for possession of it.
S03E18 Le cimetière des éléphants 02/01/1968 A stranger shows up on the sight where Jack and Paula are exploring an elephant graveyard.
S03E19 L'erreur 09/01/1968 When Judy the chimp gives a revitalizing serum to an old native chief who has been banished from his tribe, he comes up with a plan to regain his honor: he's going to singlehandedly kill a lion.
S03E20 Oeil pour Oeil 16/01/1968 After being unexpectedly attacked by a lioness at Wameru, a retired boxer turned game hunter gets a permit to track her down and kill her. But Tracy is determined to find the lioness first and discover the reason for her strange behavior.
S03E21 Wameru se modernise 23/01/1968 Dr. Tracy installs an electronic alarm system to protect more than $1 million worth of vaccines. Judy the chimp, angry that she's lost her job as guard, leads a protest against the new system that's replaced her.
S03E22 Le guépard apprivoisé 30/01/1968 Local ranchers, angry that a cheetah Dr. Tracy is treating has killed some of their cattle, give him a week to get the animal to stop, or they'll take care of the cheetah themselves.
S03E23 Le grand esprit 13/02/1968 When Judy douses Toto with elephant scent to test its value as a repellent to predators, it inadvertently leads to a tribal chief and medicine man becoming convinced that the baby chimp is the reincarnation of their god.
S03E24 La réconciliation 20/02/1968 Dr. Tracy agrees to operate on a lion hunter's dog to remove a malignant tumor. But the rest of his staff is reluctant, particularly Paula, who thinks the dog, who injured Clarence, will just continue to kill lions.
S03E25 Le maraudeur 27/02/1968 Judy the chimp befriends an ailing lion who is brought into Wameru. She keeps sneaking food to the lion after he is released, even though he is suspected by tribesmen of being the lion who has been killing their cattle.
S03E26 Le monstre de Wameru 05/03/1968 Hedley is at odds with the staff of the animal center when an unidentified creature is causing disturbances in the area. Hedley wants to kill it on sight but the rest want to capture it for study.
S03E27 La rage de vivre 12/03/1968 Paula, Jack, and Mike find their German shepherd Prince near death in the field from a poacher's spear. Because trying to move him could kill him, they are forced to try to remove the spear in the wild, without Dr. Tracy's help.
S03E28 La Découverte 00/00/0000
S03E29 Le retour de Judy 00/00/0000
S04E01 Jenny trouve une famille 25/09/1968 When some orphans come for a visit to Wameru, Jenny Jones hides out with Judy, so that she will not have to return to the orphanage in Nogoro.
S04E02 Clarence, cœur de lion 02/10/1968 Survival is the lesson that Clarence and a native tribesman-turned poacher must learn when they are faced with existing in the bush as outcasts. While Dr. Tracy is testing Clarence’s lionhood and ability to protect his own territory, the native who refuses to leave his land after it is evacuated by the government, stalks his future prey – Clarence. The lions come to Wameru and attach the animals in the Compound.
S04E03 L'héritage africain 09/10/1968 A famous child author, Jan Ferris, who longs to write adult best sellers like her father, comes to Africa looking for excitement, violence and adventure. Discovering that life at Wameru Compound is too tame for her, she attempts to provoke an incident by entering a cage housing a sick cheetah after earlier seeing Dr. Tracy and Mike inside removing her cub.
S04E04 Le collier perdu 16/10/1968 Dr. Tracy’s new neighbours are newlyweds Anne and Alfred Benton. A big game hunter, Benton loses his hunting cheetah and comes to Daktari for help. Unknown to Benton, Mrs. Benton has secretly released the cat. Now, concerned for its life, she steals away to hunt for her husband’s pet on her own. While searching in the bush, she comes face to face with a wild killer cheetah.
S04E05 Les lions de la vallée d'Akka 23/10/1968 A young and wealthy idealist from the States, Andy Brewster, disillusioned by man’s lack of concern for his fellow man, comes to Africa and enlists in a small country’s rebel army. His first assignment is to come to Wameru and get Bart Jason, well known all over the continent for his skill with weapons and knowledge of jungle warfare, to join the cause.
S04E06 Adam et Jenny 30/10/1968 The paths of a wild jungle dog and a runaway orphan named Adam cross with a lonely native couple living in an isolated bush area. The result involves Daktari, Paula, Mike, Hedley, Miss Pearce – and especially Jenny and Judy – conspiring to help Adam until he can find a real home of his own. While the two littIe schemers attempt to coax the husband and wife into adopting Adam, the boy finds himself alone in the bush – face to face with the vicious dog.
S04E07 L'homme fort 06/11/1968 When a father and son, estranged by the death of his mother, are reunited at Wameru Compound, the tension rises. The father, Chet Rainey, a famous wild game hunter and oil tycoon, fears that his wife’s sensitivity may have had too great an influence on the boy. He sets out to make his kind of man out of his son, Ted. Bart agrees to take Chet and Ted on a camera safari. In the mountainous terrain, Ted at first seems to lack the stamina for the hunt, but when the party becomes separated, a stalking leopard tests not Ted’s, but Chet’s manhood.
S04E08 Les fugitifs 13/11/1968 When Jenny overhears Dr. Tracy and the orphanage worker, Miss Pearce, discussing the children’s show for the home in which Toto is to star, Jenny mistakenly thinks that she is being returned to the orphanage for good.
S04E09 Un duel au revolver 20/11/1968 When a backslapping American rancher, Joe Wonder, buys the homestead next to Wameru Compound, Daktari and his staff become suspicious of his motives after he uses guns. It soon becomes apparent that he intends to fence off his part of the bush for controlled game hunting, and charge hunters high fees for killing the stray animals from the reserve. After overhearing Daktari say that he can find no legal way to stop Big Joe, Jenny and her animal friends sneak over to his ranch at night and begin to cut down all his barbed wire fences – unaware that Wonder is on guard.
S04E10 Le destin d'Usumbu 27/11/1968 When a teenage storyteller, Usumbu, is banished from his village, he runs into danger – a leopard who attacks him. Dr. Tracy, out observing herd movements, rescues Usumbu and takes him to Wameru.
S04E11 Les baguettes magiques 11/12/1968 An all-out fight for water breaks out between Dr. Tracy and aging Charlie Rone, chief engineer for a native resettlement project, when he errs in calculating the watershed, making Wameru Compound and the surrounding game reserve a virtual desert. Bart, who has known Rone for years, soon learns that he is insecure about his job since a young and very well-educated assistant, Tom Otis, joined him.
S04E12 La découverte 18/12/1968 Judy’s life is endangered when momentary greed overcomes a husband and wife team distinguished for their motion picture documentaries on African wildlife. Judy stumbles onto a cave filled with rare and ancient artifacts, and when the photographers see her discovery, they devise a “get rich quick” plan which includes a publicized expedition to the cave. As they make their escape, a landslide seals Judy inside, but the two decide that her silence will increase the fame which they have spent a lifetime seeking.
S04E13 Le vrai coeur de la jungle 01/01/1969 Confrontation with an angry medicine man and the dangers of black magic begin to complicate Daktari’s work with the chief’s son who is dangerously ill. Crucial in the search to hopefully cure the sick boy are some seemingly unimportant questions asked by Jenny – why the caged tiger paces back and forth and why the captive elephant sways in the same rhythm?
S04E14 Le mystère de Sabrina 08/01/1969 When a Bengal tiger (Serina), formerly a pet of Dr. Tracy’s, shows up at Wameru Compound after three years, Mike and Marsh attempt to discover the mysterious reasons for her return. She becomes vicious in her cage so Marsh lets her go, tracking her into the dense bush country. It appears that he is being led into a trap when the tiger brings him to her sick cub – and a full-grown lion poised for attack.
S04E15 Le retour de Judy 15/01/1969 An all-out search of the dense bush country surrounding Wameru is called after Judy and Clarence disappear. When four days have passed and there is still no trace of them, Jenny starts to worry. Fearing that they have been killed, she refuses to do anything but stand vigil. In an attempt to cheer her up, Marsh gets out Judy’s box containing souvenirs of past escapades. Using these as props, he begins to tell “Judy and Clarence’s Tales” while waiting to hear word of their rescue.
S00E01 Clarence, The Cross-Eyed Lion 17/12/1965