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Dallas SWAT follows the action-packed, high-stress line of work and the elite team of law enforcement officers that make up the Dallas SWAT team. Every day the officers on this team must be at the top of their game, waiting for the next mission. Follow the officers to their homes and see what they do on their down time and how the rigors of their job affect their life out side of the team.


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S01E01 Season 1, Episode 1 05/01/2006 The first episode of the new real-life series follows members of the Dallas SWAT team as they handle their life-threatening job and stressful personal lives. Sr. Corporal Rich Emberlin and Sr. Corporal Robert Cockerill must charge into a house to nab a murder suspect who allegedly knifed his neighbor to death. Meanwhile, in their off hours, Emberlin tries desperately to get his ex-girlfriend back, and Cockerill must get his aging, painful body in shape for the grueling World SWAT Games.
S01E02 Season 1, Episode 2 12/01/2006 SWAT team negotiator Jake "JD" Byas faces the toughest challenge of his career - dealing with an armed murder suspect barricaded on a ledge who's threatening to kill himself and anyone who tries to get him down. Meanwhile, another SWAT team surrounds the home of a drug dealer, but there's an 18-month-old baby inside. The team knows that protecting the baby will mean leaving themselves open to greater risk of injury when they rush inside.
S01E03 Season 1, Episode 3 19/01/2006 The team deals with a case involving prostitution, and a confrontation with a man threatening to kill himself.
S01E04 Season 1, Episode 4 26/01/2006 A team prepares to grab a robbery suspect, but the criminal may be holding a child hostage. Also: a meth lab is stormed.
S01E05 Season 1, Episode 5 09/02/2006 Suspected crack-cocaine dealers are barricaded in a house, and a SWAT leader and his girlfriend sign up for flying lessons.
S01E06 Season 1, Episode 6 20/04/2006 Senior Cpl. Rich Emberlin and his team face a gang of alleged crack dealers who have built a fortified cage around their house; Senior Cpl. Christian D'Alesandro heads an effort to persuade officers to pose for a charity calendar to benefit the families of fallen police officers.
S01E07 Season 1, Episode 7 27/04/2006 A man barricades himself in his apartment, firing a weapon out the window; a last-minute ATF warrant interferes with an officer's family plans; a narcotics warrant is served at a home where two young children live.
S01E08 Season 1, Episode 8 04/05/2006 A parole violation in Dallas and a drug-related case are investigated.
S01E09 Season 1, Episode 9 01/06/2006 A raid on a strip club makes use of the team's training in rappelling and rope climbing. Also: an undercover drug sting.
S01E10 Season 1, Episode 10 08/06/2006 Team members try to capture a murder suspect who is barricaded in his mother's home; and four team members are shot by an alleged drug dealer.
S02E01 Season 2, Episode 1 14/09/2006 An armed former cop who is threatening suicide is confronted; a SWAT member deals with back problems. Also: a face-off with suspected drug dealers.
S02E02 Season 2, Episode 2 21/09/2006 On Memorial Day weekend, the team responds to a call involving a home intruder; and an officer introduces his children to their uncle, who is in prison. Also: surveillance on an alleged heroin dealer.
S02E03 Season 2, Episode 3 28/09/2006 During his last week with the team, a sergeant leads them in a tense case involving narcotics and arms. Also: Robbery suspects barricade themselves inside an apartment and hold children and their baby sitter hostage.
S02E04 Detroit 1 05/10/2006 A reality series following the professional and personal lives of members of the Detroit SWAT team. In the opener, an armed man who may be schizophrenic barricades himself in a house and turns on the gas; and an officer tries to balance school, work and family.
S02E05 Season 2, Episode 5 12/10/2006 A carjacker steals a truck and holds the driver hostage; and a suspected drug den is raided.
S02E06 Season 2, Episode 6 19/10/2006 A man believed to be in possession of high-powered weapons barricades himself in his house; two units handle a narcotics sting operation. Also: a friendly basketball game between team members after work.
S02E07 Season 2, Episode 7 02/11/2006 A man holds a woman hostage at a hotel; and an officer goes to the hospital for back surgery.
S02E08 Detroit 2 09/11/2006 An officer has to leave his daughter's birthday party when an armed man barricades himself in a residential area and opens fire. Also: a raid on a group of robbers who pose as cops.
S02E09 Kansas City 1 16/11/2006 A reality series following the professional and personal lives of members of the Kansas City SWAT team. In the opener, a man stabs a hotel employee and refuses to leave his room. Also: a dangerous situation involving an alleged drug dealer.
S02E10 Kansas City 2 07/12/2006 Included: confrontations with alleged drug dealers. Also: An officer hears his unborn baby's heartbeat for the first time.
S02E11 Kansas City 3 21/12/2006 Team members serve two drug warrants in the same apartment complex; and an officer is called out in the middle of the night when an armed man barricades himself inside a house. Also: a high-speed car chase involving a suspected drug dealer.
S02E12 Kansas City 4 11/01/2007 A gunman takes two women hostage and barricades himself and them in his home; a warrant is served to alleged drug-dealing brothers, who are armed.
S02E13 Season 2, Episode 13 25/01/2007 Tear gas is used to force a man out of a house during a domestic dispute that turns violent when the suspect opens fire on the officers; an officer returns to his old neighborhood to try to end an escalating gang war, and a basketball game between the SWAT team and their new recruits gets dirty.
S03E01 Kansas City 5 12/07/2007 In the second-season opener of Kansas City Swat, two squads combine forces to go after a meth lab, and the confrontation gets tense when a suspect flees. Also: Serving a routine drug warrant turns into a potentially life-threatening situation.
S03E02 Season 3, Episode 2 19/07/2007 An attempt to capture a murder suspect on Detroit's most-wanted list results in a fiery showdown.
S03E03 Season 3, Episode 3 26/07/2007 In the third-season opener, a man armed with a scoped rifle barricades himself in his home and may be holding a child inside.
S03E04 Season 3, Episode 4 02/08/2007 A team approaches two armed individuals who are believed to have robbed a convenience store, where they have barricaded themselves; and a team conducts a high-risk narcotics search. Also: explosives-breaching drills.
S03E05 Kansas City 6 09/08/2007 In Kansas City, a home believed to be filled with guns is searched.
S03E06 Season 3, Episode 6 16/08/2007 A narcotics warrant is served at a house suspected of containing drugs and also being fortified with weapons. Also: an attempt to break a copper-theft ring.
S03E07 Season 3, Episode 7 23/08/2007 A bank-robbery suspect barricades himself in his garage; and a narcotics search warrant is served.
S03E08 Kansas City 7 30/08/2007 A high-speed car chase is part of an attempt to stop suspected auto thieves. Also: a friendly barbecue contest between the officers.
S03E09 Season 3, Episode 9 13/09/2007 A team assists the FBI in a siege on an alleged heroin ring; and a warrant is served on a home that has been approached several times and is fortified with each visit.
S03E10 Season 3, Episode 10 20/09/2007 As the third season ends, an officer prepares to retire, but has one last case as he investigates a suspected drug operation; and a new team member has his first mission: a barricaded suspect.

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