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Danger UXB was a 1979 British ITV television series about a squad of Royal Engineers with the duty of defusing unexploded ordnance in England during the Blitz in World War II. It starred Anthony Andrews as Lieutenant Brian Ash, a newly commissioned officer assigned to 347 Section of 97 Tunneling Company, Royal Engineers, which has been assigned to explosive ordnance disposal duties. Maurice Roëves played Sergeant James, his section sergeant. Naturally, the series primarily featured military storylines, but there was a strong and touching romantic thread provided by Susan Mount (Judy Geeson), with whom Ash falls in love. The programme was titled and partly based on the the memoirs of Major A. B. Hartley, M.B.E, RE, Unexploded Bomb, the UXB standing-for UneXploded Bomb. The series was filmed in 1978 in and around the Clapham/Streatham/Tooting area of London. The program appeared on U.S. television on PBS as part of Masterpiece Theatre from 1980 to 1981.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Danger UXB

S01E01 Dead Man's Shoes 00/00/0000 Newly-promoted Second Lieutentant Brian Ash joins his new regiment only to find that they are assigned to bomb disposal in London. Ash is thrown in at the deep end when he and his men are sent to a bomb site.
S01E02 Unsung Heroes 00/00/0000 Ash tackles a bomb that is not considered vital with a new fuse extractor that doesn't work properly. New Lieutenant Machin is placed with Ash to get some on-the-job training. Major Francis criticises Ash after a patriotic magazine article profiles 347 Section.
S01E03 Just like a Woman 00/00/0000 Ash and Machin are recalled to London from a bomb disposal course and attend to a bomb in a school yard that is dangerously close to a telephone exchange. When another bomb is uncovered close by, Ash reluctantly allows Machin to defuse the his first bomb.
S01E04 Cast Iron Killer 00/00/0000 Ash is ordered to take a defused bomb direct to a scientist working on ways to get around the booby-trap timer.
S01E05 The Silver Lining 00/00/0000 A bomb under a nightclub provides 347 Section with an opportunity for a little recreation. Ash admits that he is smitten with Susan.
S01E06 The Quiet Weekend 00/00/0000 Ash and Susan go off for a quiet weekend away but Ash is recalled to deal with an unexploded bomb and Susan returns home to find her husband waiting for her.
S01E07 Digging Out 00/00/0000 Ash works on a bomb outside a destroyed office building while the men of 347 Section try to rescue a woman trapped inside and with another bomb right beside her.
S01E08 Bad Company 00/00/0000 Newly-promoted Major Francis takes command of the unit and proceeds to enforce new disciplines, but his chief target seems to be Ash and his men.
S01E09 Seventeen Seconds to Glory 00/00/0000 347 Section cooperates with the Royal Navy to deal with a bomb that has a 17-second fuse. Ash decides to ask Susan to marry him.
S01E10 Butterfly Winter 00/00/0000 The Germans have been dropping a new butterfly bomb that are proving difficult to defuse. 347 Section is one of a number of units called to a small English village to deal with them.
S01E11 Dead Letter 00/00/0000 Ash is assigned to Cambridge to help Dr. Gillespie with the new Y fuse, and meets Susan again.
S01E12 The Pier 00/00/0000 The Company packs up and moves to the coast where they are to clear the beaches of dozens of British mines laid in preparation for a German invasion.
S01E13 With Love from Adolf 00/00/0000 Ash convalesces after a near-fatal accident while defusing a mine. With his mobility severely impaired, he is to be reassigned to light duties away from the bomb disposal unit.