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S01E01 The Alien Smuggler Story (Pilot Episode) 00/00/0000 Aided by an informant, Steve Mitchell tries to smash an alien smuggling ring in Portugal.
S01E02 The Submarine Story 00/00/0000 Steve must discover the leader of a dangerous gunrunning operation.
S01E03 The Displaced Persons Story 00/00/0000 Refugees on a ship bound for a new home are terrorized by a saboteur.
S01E04 The Memory Chain 00/00/0000 Steve must smash a spy ring that transmits top secret information the old-fashioned way--by word of mouth.
S01E05 The Manager Story 00/00/0000 In Stockholm, a child is kidnapped in order to prevent his father from exposing an espionage ring.
S01E06 The Key Story 00/00/0000 Steve goes to the Swiss Alps to retrieve a document that proves that the leader of a nation friendly to the United States was murdered instead of a suicide.
S01E07 The Bhandara Story 00/00/0000 Steve travels to Bombay in order to clear a jailed American citizen of sabotage charges.
S01E08 The Salami Story 00/00/0000 Steve must play bodyguard to the executive of a plastics company who's traveling to France with a top-secret report.
S01E09 The Pat and Mike Story 00/00/0000 Steve travels to Africa in order to bring peace between two feuding witch doctors and put an end to the machinations of the man who caused the feud.
S01E10 The Lagoon Story 00/00/0000 Steve is sent to Africa to find two missing agents who were searcing for the breeding grounds of a dangerous germ culture.
S01E11 The Italian Movie Story 00/00/0000 Steve's assignment this time is to travel to Rome in order to recover vital film footage stolen from a movie company.
S01E12 The Blood-Stained Feather Story 00/00/0000 Steve is sent on a dangerous assignment in Cairo. He must bring down a secret society of assassins known as the Order of the Sacred Dove, who have been spreading terror in the Middle East.
S01E13 The Burma Temple Story 00/00/0000 Steve is sent to Burma to investigate the murder of a newspaperman who was posing as a political refugee.
S01E14 The Sunflower Seed Story 00/00/0000 It's Steve to the rescue when an American citizen is accused of murdering the head of a South American political party.
S01E15 The Caboose Story 00/00/0000 Steve must discover whether or not an old galpal, who's now an enemy agent, is behind acts of sabotage in Japan.
S01E16 The Missing Diplomat Story 00/00/0000 In Barcelona, Steve tries to retrieve a taped conversation of a European diplomat who has disappeared.
S01E17 The Briefcase Story 00/00/0000 Steve must stop a saboteur's attack on a conference in Paris between Western and Eastern bloc nations.
S01E18 The Civil War Map Story 00/00/0000 Steve tries to find out the connection between the murder of a well-known foreign agent and the theft of a Civil War map.
S01E19 The Piece of String Story 00/00/0000 Steve tries to determine the connection between a piece of string found on a corpse and the theft of dynamite in Panama.
S01E20 The Iron Banner Story 00/00/0000 The search is on for an iron swastika that might contain information regarding Adolf Hitler's secret bank accounts in Greece.
S01E21 The Dead General's Story 00/00/0000 In the Balkans, Steve must locate a murdered general's secret documents before enemy agents can get their hands on them.
S01E22 The Parachute Story 00/00/0000 Steve parachutes into Eastern Europe to search for a witness who can clear the United States of an international frame.
S01E23 The Paris Sewer Story 00/00/0000 Steve discovers a Commie spy ring operating out of the sewers of Paris.
S01E24 The Atomic Mine Story 00/00/0000 Steve uses a Geiger counter to apprehend a bomb carrying killer on board a train.
S01E25 The Bodyguard Story 00/00/0000 In Paris, Steve's only clue to the identity of an assassin is a bowl of cold stew.
S01E26 The Art Treasure Story 00/00/0000 In Mexico, Steve races killers in a search for stolen Hapsburg art treasures.
S01E27 The Blue Chip Story 00/00/0000 Steve travels to Macao and poses as a crook to stop a counterfeiting ring that's flooding the Far East with phony United States currency.
S01E28 The Red Queen Story 00/00/0000 Steve is sent to Singapore to recover a million dollars worth of rubber that was stolen from the United States.
S01E29 The Knitting Needle Story 00/00/0000 Steve must protect an Italian journalist with information about Mafia activity in an election on the newsman's flight back to Italy.
S01E30 The Assassin Ring Story 00/00/0000 An American businessman is framed for assassinating the King of Transjordan. Steve travels to the country to prove that other elements were responsible for the killing.
S01E31 The Decoy Story 00/00/0000 Steve uses a decoy to smuggle a U.S. diplomat out of Eastern Europe.
S01E32 Death in the Morgue Story 00/00/0000 Steve uses a morgue in Morocco as his headquarters when he tries to solve a sabotage incident at an American air base.
S01E33 The Stolen Letter 00/00/0000 Steve is sent to South America to expose a plot against the United States.
S01E34 The Venetian Story 00/00/0000 Steve travels to Venice in order to locate a missing rotor to code machines that contain top secret information.
S01E35 The Black Hood Story 00/00/0000 In Berlin, Steve is on the trail of two masked men who swiped a valuable briefcase containing confidential documents from a diplomatic courier.
S01E36 The Archeological Story 00/00/0000 Steve poses as an agitator in Transjordan to stop a fanatic bent on starting a revolt against his government.
S01E37 The Perfect Alibi Story 00/00/0000 After a murder in Rome, Steve discovers that someone has been impersonating him.
S01E38 The Mine Story 00/00/0000 Steve gets smuggled into a slave labor camp to get vital information but then finds that it's going to be a lot harder getting out.
S01E39 The Havana Microfilm Story 00/00/0000 Steve negotiates the dangerous back alleys of Havana in search of a spy in possession of stolen documents on microfilm.
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