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Ito Misaki stars as the number-one cabaret/hostess club girl. Hailing from the Miyazaki countryside, she has been told since her youth that all she has is a beautiful face. Her brilliant younger brother (played by Moriyama Mirai) who aims to become a doctor, is her only pride. For his sake, she is willing to put up with all sorts of hardships in a display of unconditional love.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Dangerous Sister

S01E01 Pretty and nice woman loses big love 17/10/2005
S01E02 Pretty and nice woman with large debt 24/10/2005
S01E03 Pretty and nice woman has a major breakthrough 31/10/2005
S01E04 Pretty and nice woman has misunderstanding 07/11/2005
S01E05 Here's comes the little devil 14/11/2005
S01E06 The Worst Close 24 hours 21/11/2005
S01E07 The President's Sweet Temptation 28/11/2005
S01E08 Mommy Discovered! 05/12/2005
S01E09 Siblings Worst life Song 12/12/2005
S01E10 Victory for a woman's pretty face 19/12/2005

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