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Un jeune garçon du nom de Danny Fenton, dont les parents sont tous deux des scientifiques chasseurs de fantômes, réside dans la ville d'Amity Park. Un jour, il découvre une sorte de porte gigantesque dans le laboratoire de ses parents. Il s'agit du "Portail Fenton", qui ouvre un passage direct vers la dimension des fantômes. Il décide d'essayer la machine avant le retour de ses parents, mais l'énergie ectoplasmique déployée accidentellement par le Portail Fenton lui confère des pouvoirs surnaturels propres aux fantômes : une force, une vitesse et une résistance surhumaine, ainsi que les pouvoirs de voler, devenir invisible et traverser les murs. Au fur et à mesure de la série, il développe d'autres pouvoirs. Désormais devenu un hybride d'humain et de fantôme, Danny dispose de capacités hors du commun, qu'il décide de mettre au service du bien en chassant et en renvoyant tous les mauvais fantômes dans leur monde pour les empêcher de nuire au nôtre. Il est chassé lui-même par ses parents, qui ignorent son secret, et il ne fait confiance à ce sujet qu'à ses deux meilleurs amis, Sam Manson (jeune fille gothique) et Tucker Folley (accro à l'informatique). À eux trois, ils combattent les menaces que représentent les fantômes. Danny a par ailleurs beaucoup d'ennemis humains et fantômes, dont un autre hybride beaucoup plus puissant que lui, Vlad Masters. Sa sœur Jazz a découvert le secret de Danny mais elle garde le secret, y compris à lui, préférant attendre qu'il lui en parle lui-même.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Danny Fantôme

S01E01 Viande à varier 03/04/2004 Danny's new ghost powers are put to the test when the school cafeteria's all-vegetarian menu arouses the ire of the ghostly Lunch Lady, a 50-foot shambling pile of mystery meat who seeks revenge and a return to high-cholesterol diets. It's up to Danny to push her back in the fridge where she belongs.
S01E02 Un spécimen rare 09/04/2004 Danny uses his ""overshadowing"" power to take control of his Dad during a parent-teacher conference, but the plan backfires when Jack Fenton is invited to chaperone the school dance. At the same time a ghostly amulet turns the girl with whom Danny is smitten into a dragon, and he must alternately control his Dad and fight the ghost dragon!
S01E03 Une Fête Mouvementée 09/04/2004 Skulker, a predatory ghost hunting legend who fancies himself a collector of all things rare and unique, has set his sights on Danny Phantom, the world's only half-ghost/half-human hybrid. The games begin, as good and evil ghosts face off.
S01E04 Un vide-grenier catastrophique 16/04/2004 When Danny sells some of his parents' ghost-hunting junk to make money to buy a cool new outfit, the objects take on a life of their own and go on the attack. Now he must defeat Technus, the Spectral Master of all things technological, without ruining his new duds.
S01E05 Rupture d'image 23/04/2004 After a series of humiliating run-ins with Dash, the school bully, Danny uses his powers to get revenge and triggers the ghost of Poindexter, a kid who was shoved in his locker so many times he haunts it to this day. Danny must battle this ghostly defender of nerds and geeks, while proving he's not the bully Poindexter thinks he is.
S01E06 Petits conflit entre amis 30/04/2004 When wish-granting ghost Desiree gives Tucker ghost powers, Danny finds himself dealing with his friend's jealousy in the worst way possible: by having to fight him.
S01E07 Retrouvailles amères 07/05/2004 Danny meets his evil opposite in Vlad Plasmius, a childhood rival of his ghost-hunting dad, Jack. Unfortunately, Vlad acquired ghostly powers 20 years ago, which means he's stronger and more experienced than Danny -- and hell-bent on taking everything away from Jack Fenton including his life.
S01E08 Prisonniers de l'amour 14/05/2004 Danny fears he's going to cause his parents' break-up when he knocks Jack's anniversary gift into the Ghost Zone. Desperate to retrieve it, he dives into a ghostly dimension where he runs afoul of Walker, the ghost warden of a ghost jail, and is thrown into prison with every ghost he's ever caught.
S01E09 La Conscience de mon frère 18/06/2004 Noticing a change in little bro Danny since the accident in the lab, Jazz mistakes his ghost hunting for depression and signs him up for therapy with Penelope Spectra, not knowing that Spectra is a ghost who feeds off teen misery!
S01E10 Le Trouble-fête 24/09/2004 When ghosts wreck a popular co-ed's school social life, she dedicates herself to hunting them, which forces Danny to deal with a threat just a few lockers down the hall. Worse yet, Tucker has a crush on the girl.
S01E11 De l'huile sur le feu 08/10/2004 Danny and Sam find their platonic friendship turned forcibly romantic through the musical powers of Ember, a hard-rocking girl ghost who feeds off the idol worship of teens. With her massive, free concert scheduled only a few days away a concert that will be broadcast worldwide and give her ultimate power Sam has to get the now completely and utterly love-addled Danny to focus on fighting ghosts. Even if it means breaking his heart.
S01E12 Le Prof de l'année 15/10/2004 Living dual lives as a high school freshman and a superhero is a balancing act for Danny that just got even tougher, with both Lancer and his parents pressuring him to ace a test. At the same time Technus ghost master of technology has escaped into Danny's online game and threatens to flee into the Internet and take over every computer in the world!
S01E13 La Nuit de l'horreur 29/10/2004 In an attempt to beat Dash in a haunted house decorating contest, Danny ""borrows"" the enchanted sword of the Spirit of Halloween, the Fright Knight! When the evil, ghostly knight comes to retrieve his magic saber, he decides to stick around long enough to turn the real world into his own stormy realm of terror. Danny Phantom has other ideas, and banishes the Fright Knight to the Ghost Zone.
S01E14 13 05/11/2004 When Jazz falls for hunky boy ghost, Johnny 13, who can cast his shadow out and create bad luck for everyone who crosses him - especially the girls he's dating, Danny is forced to behave like an overprotective parent, much to Jazz's dismay. Furthermore Danny must beat Johnny back into the Ghost Zone before Jazz accepts his offer to go steady, or else!
S01E15 Ennemis publics 04/02/2005 Amity Park is thrown into chaos by the town's first mass invasion of ghosts. It's all part of a plan by the Ghost Zone's top Sheriff, Walker, to capture Danny Phantom. As Danny first battles, then befriends, a hulking ghost named Wulf, Walker and his deputies ""overshadow"" most of the people in Danny's inner circle. While eluding attacks from his ghost-fighting parents, Danny defeats Walker and restores calm in the city - but earns the title of ""Public Ghost Enemy #1"" in the process!
S01E16 Instinct maternel 11/02/2005 When Paulina witnesses Danny's ghost transformation, he fears the exposure. Imagine his surprise when Paulina swears to keep his secret - then becomes his girlfriend! Life is great for Danny, until he finds out that Paulina has actually been overshadowed by Johnny 13's girlfriend, Kitty, in her plot to make Johnny jealous. Danny reluctantly plays along to protect his own identity, but, when Kitty's welcome wears thin, Danny pleads with Johnny 13 to take her back. When Kitty abandons Paulina's body and goes back to her true love, Paulina resumes her indifference towards Danny Fenton - although she's now madly in love with Danny Phantom!
S01E17 Heureux en amour 18/02/2005 Maddie relishes the chance to bond with emotionally distant Danny at a weekend mother/son science seminar. However, the seminar is a ruse orchestrated by Vlad Masters - a.k.a. Vlad Plasmius, Danny's arch enemy! Vlad's plan is to convince Maddie and Danny to live with him while simultaneously destroying Jack with a massive ghost attack. When Vlad short-circuits Danny's powers, Danny gets to witness Maddie's impressive ghost fighting prowess. Meanwhile, a reluctant Jazz is pressed into ghost-fighting duty with Jack - and likes it, in spite of herself!
S01E18 Leçons de vie 25/02/2005 Danny and Valerie Gray are forced to become ""parents"" to a sack of flour for a one-week school assignment. At the same time Skulker, ghost hunter extraordinaire, decides to pit Valerie and Danny Phantom against each other in a contest - with the winner earning the privilege of becoming his prey. When Skulker's orchestrated contest ends in a tie, he handcuffs Danny and Valerie and hunts them both through the Ghost Zone. In order to survive, Danny and Valerie learn to let go of their mutual dislike and cooperate with each other - which may just affect their relationship in the real world. Or, not.
S01E19 Un fantôme en or 03/06/2005 When Vlad Masters' ghost portal explodes, he schemes to replace it by stealing Jack Fenton's portal. As a distraction, Vlad anonymously offers a million dollar bounty to eliminate Danny Phantom. As ghost hunters from around the world gather in Amity Park to hunt the ghost kid, Danny sacrifices himself to Jack - both to win the prize money for Dad and to bolster Jack's inept reputation, which embarrasses Danny. However, when his family's life is put in jeopardy, Jack needs no help from Danny to save the day on his own.
S01E20 Des monstres attachants 17/06/2005 Sam rebels when her overprotective parents forbid her from attending the strange Goth circus that's come to town. Little does she know that the circus performers are ghosts, under the mystical control of the creepy ringmaster named Freakshow, who also uses the ghosts to loot the town. When Danny falls under Freakshow's spell and joins the circus - and the robbery spree - Sam must operate under the radar to destroy Freakshow's magic crystal ball, free Danny and get grounded, big-time.
S02E01 Mémoire effacée 24/06/2005 Danny and Sam get into a fight, and when Sam utters the words, ""I sometimes wish I’d never met you,"" she finds herself in a world in which she and Danny are strangers. Worse than that, since it was Sam who encouraged Danny to check out the Fenton Portal the night he got his ghost powers, Danny doesn’t have any powers! Now, Sam must convince Danny that they share a friendship and a history, and lead him back to the Fenton Portal for a second ""accident"" so he can again become Danny Phantom.
S02E02 L'Hôpital des horreurs 15/07/2005 After being bitten by tiny green ghost beetles, the kids of Casper High get a mysterious illness that gives them ghost powers and are quarantined at a spooky old hospital outside of town. When Danny sneaks into the hospital to investigate, he is captured by Penelope Spectra and her assistant, Bertrand. They are the ones who started this illness as part of their plan to build Penelope a young and beautiful new body. All she needs is Danny's half-human/half-ghost DNA to complete her ghostly plan. With Danny captured and Sam sick, it's up to Tucker to conquer his fear of hospitals and free Danny before Penelope gets what she's after.
S02E03 Radio pirate 22/07/2005 A group of ghostly skeletons under the command of a bratty 10-year-old pirate named Youngblood attacks FentonWorks and steals the ghost shield. Soon after, all the adults in Amity Park are packing for a cruise without their kids. Danny, Sam, and Tucker discover that the cruise is a hoax and the adults are under the spell of a mysterious (and cheesy) song created by Ember to make them into galley slaves for Youngblood's pirate ship! The stolen ghost shield prevents Danny Phantom from getting on board the ship, so Danny Fenton has to lead Amity Park's teenagers in a daring attempt to save their parents.
S02E04 Le Retour du roi des fantômes 1 29/07/2005 When Vlad Plasmius accidentally awakens the most powerful ghost of them all -- Pariah Dark, the King of all Ghosts -- Danny quickly finds himself the pawn in an action-packed, suspenseful game of chess. The only way to defeat the Ghost King seems to be a brand new Ecto-Skeleton battle suit that Jack and Maddie have constructed, but there's one big problem: wearing the suit can be fatal and only Danny can use it to defeat the Ghost King. With time running out, and the entire town of Amity Park sucked into the Ghost Zone, Danny Phantom must battle the all-powerful Ghost King to save his family, his friends, and even his enemies.
S02E05 Le Retour du roi des fantômes 2 23/09/2005 Technus is back! But this is a new and improved Technus, a smoother operator who refuses to shout out his plans. Danny's not worried, especially after he splits himself in two and decides to leave the ghost hunting to his super hero side and allow his teen self some time off to just be "normal." Unfortunately, Danny Phantom, super hero, begins to take his job too seriously and Danny Fenton, average teenager, starts to enjoy slacking off way too much. Meanwhile, Technus electronically infiltrates the Fenton RV -- and, then, all of FentonWorks -- siphoning off the energy to complete his upgrade. It's up to the two Dannys to work together and defeat Technus 2.0 before he drains all the power from Amity Park, and then the world!
S02E06 Crise d'identité 07/10/2005 Danny Fenton is losing his mind! At least, that's what Jazz decides when her little brother starts acting strangely and fighting ghosts that aren't there. In reality, Danny is being tormented by a revenge-seeking Youngblood, who cannot be seen by adults -- or by big sisters who think they're adults. When Jazz sells the family on a ghost-tech-free camping trip, Youngblood follows and unleashes a series of juvenile attacks that make Danny seem even crazier, and put the Fenton family in danger.
S02E07 La Menace Fenton 16/09/2005 It's time for Danny and his classmates to take their Career Aptitude Test (C.A.T.), and of course Danny is freaking out. He's been so busy hunting ghosts that he hasn't had any time to study or even think about his future. But, far in the distant reaches of the Ghost Zone, places no one has even heard of, a pair of beings called the Observants have been keeping an eye on Danny's future for him, and they don't like what they see. Danny finds a way to cheat on the test, well, he had a choice; to cheat or not to cheat, and since he never studied, he had no choice but to cheat. Danny's decision causes a tragic chain reaction that spells doom his family, friends, for all of Amity Park, and himself. Now, they are sending a ghost named Clockwork, who has the power to control time, to do anything it takes to stop Danny from heading down the path that will ultimately cause him to renounce his humanity and turn into the evil Dark Danny. Can Danny, with the help of Sam, Tucker, Jazz, and a new power, prevent the inevitable and change of the entire worlds future? Or, will the evil Dark Danny find a way to travel ten years back in time to insure that a tragedy occurs that hurts 14-year-old Danny Fenton so deeply that his only choice will be to turn to the dark side forever?
S02E08 Le Maître du temps 1 06/12/2005 Danny Fenton hates Christmas. When he accidentally destroys the only copy of a ghostly Christmas story, the book's author, Ghost Writer, makes Danny hate the holiday even more by turning him into the main character of a brand new Yuletide tale. Danny is now trapped in a scenario where everyone talks in rhyme! With his magical Quantum Keyboard, Ghost Writer creates a series of catastrophes that threaten to ruin Christmas for all of Amity Park and pins the blame on Danny. When Danny goes into the Ghost Zone to confront Ghost Writer, he is surprised to find his old ghostly enemies in a giving mood. Danny enlists them to help him defeat Ghost Writer and restore the spirit of Christmas to Amity Park and, perhaps, to his own heart.
S02E09 Le Maître du temps 2 09/12/2005 Skulker's on a looting spree, snatching up a number of seemingly unrelated items. Unfortunately, Danny's attempts to stop him are thwarted by the well-intentioned meddling of Danny's new sidekick: Jazz. However, Danny didn't ask for -- and doesn't want -- Jazz's help, and after a series of humiliating mishaps, Danny blows up at his sister. In response, Jazz runs away from home... to Vlad's castle in Wisconsin! But it's only a ruse. Jazz soon manages to break into Vlad's inner sanctum and discovers that he has been using Skulker to collect the items necessary to upgrade the Fenton's stolen Ecto-Skeleton. When Danny arrives at the castle, Vlad makes Jazz don the improved battle suit in a no-holds-barred fight against Danny Phantom!
S02E10 Un Noël agité 13/01/2006 Technus is back, with a new plan to beam himself up to a super satellite and take over the world, and he's going to use Axion Labs to do it. As Danny Phantom battles Technus, Danny Fenton begins battling his feelings for Valerie, whose dad is back in charge at Axion. Sam and Tucker are surprised when Danny confesses he's thinking of asking Valerie to go steady. Unfortunately, as Technus puts his plan into action at Axion Labs, Valerie realizes her role as ghost hunter is putting her family and friends in danger. Can romance work between two kids with secret identities, or will the ghost boy and the ghost hunter end up breaking each others' hearts?
S02E11 Armes secrètes 27/01/2006 Although Danny Phantom can perform extraordinary physical feats, Danny Fenton is still something of a weakling. For this reason, Dash is assigned as Danny's "fitness buddy" to help him prepare for the Presidential Fitness Test at school. When Skulker appears at FentonWorks on his usual hunt, Danny Phantom, Dash, and Skulker are accidentally hit with Jack's new "Fenton Crammer," which shrinks them all to a half-inch tall! Worse yet, Danny's ghost powers don't work so well in his tiny form. Now, Danny and Dash must rely on each other's brains and natural physical abilities to get to the FentonWorks Emergency Op-Center and reverse the shrink ray before Skulker and his brand new fully-powered ecto-skeleton catches up to them.
S02E12 Au bord du désastre 24/02/2006 Sam can barely contain her contempt for the "Miss Teenage Happy Princess" beauty pageant and its organizer, Dora Mattingly, when they descend on Casper High. She decides to enter the contest to make a statement about individuality, but makes a discovery instead: Dora Mattingly is the Dragon Ghost! Before she can get to the bottom of the mystery, she's inadvertently crowned Miss Teenage Happy Princess by its happy-go-lucky judge... Danny Fenton! When the tiara is placed on Sam's head, it magically transports her to a castle in the Ghost Zone, where she learns she's to be the bride of Dora's brother, the ghostly Prince Aragon. As Danny and Tucker head into the Ghost Zone to rescue Sam, she does her best to shake things up in the medieval ghost world she's stuck in.
S02E13 L'Épreuve physique 17/03/2006 En combat contre Skulker à FentonWorks, Danny Fantôme et Dash se retrouvent miniaturisés par la nouvelle arme de Jack. Ils doivent trouver un moyen d'inverser le processus avant que Skulker les rattrape.
S02E14 Concours de beauté 24/02/2006 Sam et les autres filles de Casper High participent à un concours de beauté, mais elles ne savent pas qu'il est organisé par le prince Aragon, pour trouvée une fiancée...
S02E15 Le Roi Tucker 07/04/2006 Eotep-Ra est de retour et se prend pour le serviteur de Tucker qui se fâche sur Danny et Sam parce' qu'il ne veut pas leur voix soit entendue et Dash est prêt à tout pour que Tucker ne soit pas élu président. Grâce à Eotep-Ra, le favori de l'ancien pharaon, Tucker avec l'aide du sceptre du scarabée prouvera à presque toute l'école qu'il mérite le respect et d'être écouté. Danny et Sam pourront-t-il pardonner à Tucker avant qu'il ne soit trop tard ?
S02E16 Retour dans le temps 05/05/2006 Vlad est de retour à nouveau, mais il est en train de mourir à cause de l'acné sauvage qu'il a aussi transmis à Sam et Tucker. Danny doit retourner dans le passé afin que cela n'arrive jamais. Trois problèmes majeurs: Croyant que Danny a modifié le passé sans problème, il a détruit le présent, Vlad à épousé la maman de Danny et Jack Fenton devient Jack Plasmius.
S02E17 La réalité en péril (partie 1/2) 09/06/2006 Pour célébrer la fin de l'année, la direction de Casper High offre un concert avec le groupe le plus aimé de l'école: Dumpty Humpty. Mais Freakshow s'évade de prison, s'empare du gant de la réalité et décide de perturber les vacances de Danny. Et Les Hommes en Blanc sont déterminés à ramener Freakshow en prison et à éliminer Danny Fantôme.
S02E18 La réalité en péril (partie 2/2) 09/06/2006 Freakshow court toujours et Danny, Sam et Tucker doivent l'arrêter en récupérant les 4 pierres de la réalité pour sauver leurs parents avant qu'il soit trop tard. Freakshow deviendra-t-il le tout-puissant maître de la réalité pour toujours ?
S02E19 Faux-semblants 05/05/2006 Sam à un nouveau petit ami : Grégor, un jeune étudiant du Michigan qui passe du temps avec elle pour faire fâcher Danny. Et Les Hommes en Blanc sont de retour pour essayer d'éliminer Danny mais toujours sans succès. On sait qu'ils sont des agents très spéciaux sans jamais réussir à attraper des fantômes.
S02E20 Esprit de famille 07/04/2006 Danny fait la connaissance de Danielle, sa cousine qui, comme lui, peut aussi se transformer en fantôme ! Par la suite, il découvre que Danielle est en réalité son clone créer par Vlad Plasmius...
S03E01 Jungle urbaine 09/10/2006 The building boom in Amity Park upsets Undergrowth, the ghost of all things plant-like and vegetative. The green-thinking ghost takes over the town, turning everyone into plants themselves. All except Sam, that is, whom he makes his Earth-loving queen. Unfortunately, Undergrowth brainwashes Sam and uses her to attack Danny! Danny, meanwhile, has been battling a nasty case of the chills that leaves him too weak to fight. Escaping from Undergrowth in the Ghost Zone, Danny turns to his cold-loving friend, Frostbite,who explains that Danny is developing a new power. Now, Danny must learn to master his new freezing skill so that he can make his way back to Amity Park and pull the town out of Undergrowth’s leafy clutches.
S03E02 Royaumes infinis 09/07/2007 After getting lost in the ghost zone, Danny and his friends find in a frozen zone the Infimap, a map that lets the holder to travel everywhere in the ghost zone. After Vlad Masters steals the map, Danny, Sam and Tucker must chase him through different times and places, from Salem to ancient Rome, to get this treasure before he manages to conquer Earth.
S03E03 Le Pouvoir aux femmes 10/07/2007 After an argument with their respective boyfriends, Spectra, Kitty and Ember join forces and use their powers to make all men vanish. Danny and Jack are fishing in Lake Eerie, the only place on Earth immune to the spell. Sam, Jazz and Maddie must stop the villainesses while Danny is out of town. Unfortuantely for Danny, Skulker is taking more time hunting Danny to prove his girlfriend how great hunter he is. Can Amity Park be saved without its hero?
S03E04 Des torrents de terreur 11/07/2007 Amity Park is in the midst of a drought, and Mayor Vlad, eager to score points, releases Vortex, the weather ghost, to make it rain. But when Vlad double crosses Vortex, the ghost conjures a storm that threatens to drown the town! As Danny Phantom flies to the rescue, he’s zapped by a lightning bolt. When he comes to, he discovers that his emotions are now directly tied to the weather!
S03E05 Fantôme pour toujours 12/07/2007 Amorpho, a ghost with morphing abilities, impersonates people and gets them into trouble with it. He then impersonates Danny and both of them must learn the price of fame when a fenton device interrupts some of their powers, preventing Danny from returning to his human self and locking the evil shapeshifter in a shape that calls too much attention: Mr. Lancer's.
S03E06 Les Fentons s'enrichissent 13/07/2007 After the Guys in White buy Fenton Works for over 100000 million dollars, Danny and the Fenton family move to a mansion, next to Vlad´s House! However, Sam and Tuck suspect the GIW may be planning something: they discover that they are planning to destroy the whole Ghost Zone! But what the Guys in White don´t know is that they blow the Ghost Zone, they will destroy our world too!
S03E07 Œil pour œil 20/08/2007 Danny and Vlad’s game of revenge against each other begins with childish pranks, and, unfortunately for Danny, ends when Vlad decides to run for mayor of Amity Park! By overshadowing voters, Vlad wins in a landslide. The new mayor is eager to use his new power to make life as miserable as possible for Danny and his friends. He shuts down the Nasty Burger, outlaws technology, creates new school uniforms, and passes so many new laws in the name of “protecting the children” that Danny finds it impossible to go ghost.
S03E08 La Boîte de Pandore 21/08/2007 As one of the weakest ghost in the Ghost Zone, the Box Ghost attacks with every "deadly box" he has in the human world, but is easily defeated by Danny. He then makes a plan: he will use "Pandora´s Box", the most powerful box ever created, and will use the evil and deadly powers inside it to attack Amity Park. Now Danny must find the only one able to save the day: Pandora herself!
S03E09 Cauchemars 22/08/2007 Danny wakes up wearing a strange headset in the Ghost Zone. He returns to Amity Park and discovers everyone is asleep thanks to the ghost of sleep, Nocturne, who is sucking up their dreams to increase his energy. Danny must wake his friends and sister in order to stop this threat.
S03E10 La Colonie hantée 23/08/2007 Danny's class goes to a camping trip with Mr. Lancer and Ms. Teslaff to an abandoned place which is seemingly haunted. Soon reports of monster sightings and missing students have the whole camp shook up. Monsters start showing up and disrupting the camping trip. To Danny's surprise, these monsters are ghosts working for Walker, on the hunt for Wulf. Now Danny must save his old friend and his class from Walker!
S03E11 Opération sauvetage 24/08/2007 Dani Phantom has finally returned to Amity Park. Having the trouble of dissolving into nothing worst than ever, she seeks the one person who can help her, her cousin and best friend, Danny Phantom! However, Vlad has been keeping track of her since her last appearance and plans to get his "little girl" back, by duping Valerie Gray into doing it for him. After finding Danielle, she uses her to lure Danny into a trap and now she has two Danny Phantoms trapped! Now stuck in the clutches of Valereie Gray, Danny must find a way to escape and save his cousin from being melted to ectoplasm by Vlad!
S03E12 La Planète fantôme 24/08/2007 Danny, after being publicly shamed by Vlad's new ghost hunting team, wants to be normal again. So he gets rid of his powers by reactivating the Fenton Portal after Jack dismantles it for a software upgrade. However, an asteroid made of Ectoranium threatens the Earth, and Vlad - after revealing to everyone that he is Plasmius - fails to stop it. The world now relies on a powerless Danny to get help from the ghosts in the Ghost Zone!