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Dark Knight was a fantasy action series adaptation of Sir Walters Scott's famous novel entitled "Ivanhoe". The story takes place in England in the year 1193, with the land reduced to submission under the weight of constant foreign invasions and the capture of their true King Richard the Lionheart. Each episode follows the journey of Ivanhoe (Ben Pullen) battling against the fake King's tyranny and oppression and the dark arts of his necromancer named Mordour. Join Ivanhoe accompanied by the beautiful healer/swordfighter Rebecca (Charlotte Comer) and apprentice sorcerer Odo (Peter O'Farrell) in their exciting epic adventure into the Dark Ages with their fight against supernatural evil and absolute dictatorship.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Dark Knight

S01E01 Dark Knight 30/06/2000 It is the year 1193. King Richard "the Lionheart" of England is held prisoner in an Austrian castle, and it's up to Ivanhoe and his companions to rescue him. Ivanhoe, with Rebecca and Odo in tow, attempt to find the serpent's egg, which contains the ancient knowledge our heroes need to defeat the evil Mordour who is helping King John to keep his brother imprisoned.
S01E02 Dark Knight 2 01/07/2000 Ivanhoe, with Rebecca and Odo in tow, are on their way to find the serpent’s egg, which contains the ancient knowledge our heroes need to defeat Mordour.
S01E03 Marjan the Magnificent 08/07/2000 Marjan the Magnificent finds a amulet that allows him to walk through mirrors and pass the demon word in between the mirrors. Prince John immediatly hires Marjan, sending him out to kill King Richard's supporters, but Ivanhoe will not allow this to happen. With the help of Rebecca and Odo he tracks down Marjan's castle and fights Marjan. Marjan escapes through one of the mirrors leaving Ivanhoe injured, but Marjan's amulet dropped and he has no protection from the beast in the world between the mirrors. Marjan is killed , and Ivanhoe's wounds are tended to by Rebecca !
S01E04 King of the Woods 15/07/2000 Ivanhoe robs Prince John's mint to raise money for King Richard's ransom. Also, Fingal tells Ivanhoe how to find the magical Ultimate Sword.
S01E05 Ultimate Sword 22/07/2000 Prince John hires the Sparrow, an assassin, to kill Ivanhoe. Meanwhile, Odo attempts to retrieve a book of spells from the grave of his former master, the wizard Khazan
S01E06 Spellbound 29/07/2000 Ivanhoe and his companions are pitted against a dangerous adversary known as "The Gamesmaster" in a deadly contest.
S01E07 Games Master 05/08/2000 Ivanhoe must go through a series of dangerous trials to bring Odo back to life after he is possessed by an evil wraith.
S01E08 Possessor 12/08/2000 Falsely accused of a crime, Ivanhoe has only Rebecca to stand between him and his enemies, as Mordour tries cunning in his ongoing battle against the knight--with a little help from a spectre mysteriously linked to Cedric's past.
S01E09 Deadly Assassin 19/08/2000 A bored Prince John orders up some entertainment that Ivanhoe, Rebecca and Odo are only too happy to provide, using their "show" as an excuse to free a magical bird from the clutches of the evil Rock Witch.
S01E10 Golden Bird 26/08/2000 The forces of John race Ivanhoe to obtain the lost treasure of King Arthur, a lordly sum that could provide the wealth needed for Richard's ransom - but the bounty is guarded by a fire-breathing dragon.
S01E11 Dragon Singer 09/09/2000
S01E12 High Elf 16/09/2000 In the beginning of this episode Rebecca and a little girl named Sarah are bit by a strange creature which Ivanhoe slays. Rebecca and the little girl must go visit the druid Fingal, because the two are poisoned. Fingal tells Ivanhoe what he needs to stop the poisoning, and Rebecca makes him promise that he will save the child before her. Ivanhoe and Odo find the king of the elves. He takes Ivanhoe back to his world , where know human has every gone before. The chosen one survives, and gets two mysterious plants that will heal the poisoned Rebecca and Sarah. The elf tells Ivanhoe that he can heal people on the very brink of death, but only if he speaks from his heart. While riding to Finga's cave Ivanhoe is attacked. One of the plants gets cut, after defeating the soldiers, and riding to Fingal's cave he finds that only Sarah can get healed. He walked to Rebecca and whispers into her ear. We can not hear what he says, but we can only guess, but if you look closely it almost looks like Ivanhoe said the words, " love you," but that's all you can make out of what Ivanhoe says. Nevertheless , Rebecca sits up healed. At the end of the episode when Odo ask Ivanhoe what he was saying to Rebecca, he will not answer, but our fiery redhead still had a grin on her face!
S01E13 Stolen Souls 23/09/2000 Mordour prepares to unleash the Apocalypse by trading a score of poor souls, including Rebecca's, for a powerful slayer of millions.
S02E01 Boneman 00/00/0000 The mysterious deaths of several young women at the castle seem to be linked to "Boneman," a mysterious figure who kidnaps the Lady Rowena.
S02E02 Puppet Master 00/00/0000 Shrunk to pint-size and enslaved by a sinister puppet master, Ivanhoe and Rebecca must escape and return themselves to normal in time to save the queen from an assassin's dagger.
S02E03 Damned 00/00/0000 A dark stranger warns Ivanhoe that a mythical beast that takes human form is about to be awakened, one that can feed only the blood of the pure - and Ivanhoe's blood is the purest to be found.
S02E04 The Claw 00/00/0000 A beautiful woman named Alyssa who can no longer stand her unrequited love for Ivanhoe acquires a powerful relic that will force the knight to fall for her.
S02E05 Black Tree 00/00/0000 An evil witch is freed when an enchanted tree is struck by lighting.
S02E06 Kha 00/00/0000 Mordour resurrects an Egyptian mummy which kidnaps Rebecca, so it's Ivanhoe and Odo to the rescue!
S02E07 Stormguard 00/00/0000 Rebecca, Ivanhoe, Odo and a young girl become trapped in an enchanted fortress that brings to life its visitors' desires and fears.
S02E08 Shadowraiths 00/00/0000 A pair of shadowraiths are sent to kill Ivanhoe, and Prince John orders Baron Du Bois to be murdered because he has evidence about a plot to kill King Richard.
S02E09 Streng 00/00/0000 A killer named Streng is set loose with one goal in mind, to kill Ivanhoe.Streng and Ivanhoe become locked in a battle, but when Ivanhoe's life is threatened Rebecca takes part in the fight getting stabbed with a dagger. Ivanhoe travels to find a fire dagger to save Rebecca's life. He finds the dagger and tries to save Rebecca. Ivanhoe thinks she is dead so he kisses her goodbye , but suddenly she wakes up. Streng ambushes Ivanhoe, and after a long fight the chosen one comes out victorious and having to answer a few questions about a certain kiss.
S02E10 Thunderknight 00/00/0000 Ivanhoe and Rebecca race Mordred to find the three magic jewels that Merlin removed from Excalibur which were responsible for giving the sword its power.
S02E11 Scorpion 00/00/0000 Ivanhoe, Rebecca and Odo race to the castle of the duplicitous Countess Adel , who has kidnapped Lord Cedric and Rowena and is holding them prisoner.
S02E12 Stonegod 00/00/0000 The show starts with Rebecca and Odo following Mordour in a creepy and desolate forest. Rebecca has no idea that Mordor is leading her into a trap. After Rebecca's hand gets caught in the stonegod Odo rushes to fetch Ivanhoe. Ivanhoe arrives and tells Rebecca he will find help. When he gets help he finds all that is left of Rebecca is stone. Ivanhoe threatens to blow everyone up claiming that he know has "nothing to lose." But he manages to stop Mordour from bringing his brother back from hell with out blowing anyone up. Rebecca is no longer stone and is fully awake. The three heroes leave the cave laughing.
S02E13 Shameer 00/00/0000 Ivanhoe and his comrades ride to see Cedric who informs them that the Lady Rowena will need an escort to a nunnery. As Ivanhoe is taking Rowena to the nunnery he sees a woman getting attacked by a group of people. With Rebecca's help he scares the people away and saves the woman. The woman , named Shammer , seeks shelter in the nunnery as well. She turns all the nuns into vampires. She then proceeds to attack the queen. Before Shammer came cast the Queen in some sort of portal, Ivanhoe , Rebecca , and Odo show up to save the day. But it doesn't end happily. Odo is thrown into the portal and lost forever, a stunned Rebecca is also tossed into the portal. Ivanhoe tries to save her, he manages to grab her hand once, but it was know use Rebecca was also gone from Ivanhoe forever. He vows to find her, but the series comes to an end here.

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