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Dark Season centres around a normal English school, but all is not what it seems... For the machinations of the mysterious Mr Eldritch are at work. A shades-wearing, bleached-blonde millionaire, he arrives at the school claiming to be its benefactor; donating computers to every student. Investigating Eldritch is the ever-inquisitive, wise beyond her years third former Marcie, who with her fifth form friends, Reet and Thom, uncovers a plot to that doesn't just threaten the pupils of the school, but the whole human race!


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Dark Season

S01E01 Episode One 00/00/0000 In a darkened control room, Eldritch and Brown watch a map on a computer screen. To Brown's concern, the computer selects a school. Eldritch is jubilant: "Nothing in the world can stop me now...!"
S01E02 Episode Two 00/00/0000 It is the night that the children will take home their new Abyss computers - will Eldrich succeed in his plans? As Olivia enters Miss Maitland's classroom, the light fittings explode. Eldritch and Osley follow her in. Across town in the garage, Reet and Thomas fall backwards to the ground away from the computer screen glare. In the control centre, a power surge is detected...
S01E03 Episode Three 00/00/0000 Outside in the playground, one of the schoolchildren accidentally drops his computer. Olivia screams, and rushes out of the car to tend the broken bits of machinery. In the lane Eldritch clutches his head, and consequently Marcie escapes... The pattern is almost complete, Eldrich is so close to his beloved chaos, but there is one small problem with his plans, in the shape of an over-inquisitive little girl...
S01E04 Episode Four 00/00/0000 With Eldrich gone, things should be getting back to normal, right? Well, they would be, if it weren't for the mysterious arrival of Pendragon and the digging up of the school field... Miss Pendragon tells her group of fair-haired followers that their waiting is finally over. She takes a spade and raises it in a ceremonial manner, then drives it into the ground. In response, there is a deep rumble. "The Behemoth awakes!" she declares, exalted...
S01E05 Episode Five 00/00/0000 Thomas and Marcie discover they are not in an ancient tomb but in some form of underground installation. Pendragon, Inga and their workers follow the children underground. Pendragon has been here before - she recalls when the place was alive with activity. She instructs Inga that the boy is important, but the girl is dispensable... Miss Pendragon finds what she has been looking for - the Behemoth. Far from being a monster of legends, however, it transpires that it is far, far worse - it is the ultimate war machine...
S01E06 Episode Six 00/00/0000 Inga and her guards leave the control room and head up to the surface. Thomas meanwhile spots a ladder running up the shaft the Behemoth ascended, and climbs up after it...