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Mr. MovieMashup Presents DarkSkies Invasion: Battle for Earth (2014) the TV Series Email: **1280x544 Resolution** HD Quality **Dolby Pro Logic** Complete Series Runtime 380mins Synopsis OUTLINE: HUMANITIES FINAL BATTLE AGAINST THE SILENCE. JOURNEY FROM THE 1960’S TO 2020 AS THE STORY FOR EARTH IS UNRAVELED IN A BLOCKBUSTER EPIC CROSSOVER MASHUP. AFTER FINDING ALIENS ON THE MOON AND THEN NAZIS, EARTH IS INFECTED BY THE MOON VIRUS AND HUMANS ARE ATTACKED BY THE HIDDEN FORCE NAMED “THE SILENCE”. NAZIS RETURN AND BEGIN THE FIRST STEPS TO ARMAGEDDON. ALSO DEEP WITHIN THE SPIRIT WORLD AND WITHIN THE COMPUTER SIMULATION LIES THE SILENCE TRYING TO BREAK THROUGH REALITIES. FROM THE APOCALYPSE TO ALIEN TAKE OVERS TO THE END OF TIME AND THE END OF REALITY ITSELF! STAY TUNED FOR SERIES 2 SOMETIME IN THE FUTURE. This 6 Hour Mini Series is truly a ride for your life spanning over 60 movies and music tracks and a story line impossible to show in an hour or two. This mini series compiles one grand story into one epic roller coaster ride from the beginning time to end of time itself. You might have seen Crossovers and Mashups before, but have you seen this one? The most Ultimate series for the viewing Audience! I hope you all enjoy and continue to make sequels based off my general concept and series structure. Enjoy the ride!! This series in a sense is a sequel to the hit 1996 series called "Dark Skies" on NBC which inspired this project to begin with. Eventually the story in later episodes stray away from Dark skies but I tried to keep this crossover as fun and realistic without going to overboard or unbelievable. In a 10 Part Mini Series Saga bringing in ALL the movies you could imagine to bring you a mashup crossover inspired by many but created by myself. All movie and sound references are owner of original right holders. Created Summer 2014.

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