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This drama of U.S. Dept. of Justice Drug Enforcement Adminstration (DEA) Special agents conduct drug raids and undercover operations in this documentary series. DEA the first 13 episodes originally aired on Fox network.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de DEA

S02E01 The Six Million Dollar Heroin Bust 10/02/2009 A ruthless heroin syndicate suffers a huge loss after DEA Group 5-6 makes a move against a stash house in the second-season premiere.
S02E02 Showdown With the Colombian Drug Cartel 17/02/2009 An agent's undercover operation leads to a confrontation with violent Colombian drug traffickers.
S02E03 DEA vs. The Juarez Cartel 24/02/2009 Group 5-6 targets the Juarez cartel, with the result being a substantial meth bust.
S02E04 The Million Dollar Money Drop 03/03/2009 A murder suspect pinpoints a gang's money-stash house; agents target a California-based drug syndicate.
S02E05 Flip the Stripper 10/03/2009 Agents target a coke dealer with the help of his stripper girlfriend; an undercover mission to undermine a New Jersey drug ring unfolds.
S02E06 Drug Dealing Deli 17/03/2009 Agents target marijuana dealers who are allegedly operating out of a New Jersey deli.
S02E07 2 Million Dollar Dead Drop 24/03/2009 Agents target an ecstasy trafficker who's operating out of a fortified mansion in a New Jersey suburb.
S02E08 Undercover Cocaine Bust 31/03/2009 Group 5-6 Supervisor Chris Masters risks his life as he goes undercover to bust a cocaine dealer who ultimately leads agents up the drug food chain to a local kingpin and a huge east coast syndicate.
S02E09 Big Rig Meth Bust 01/04/2009 Group 5-6 uses a salon worker as bait to capture her dope dealing boyfriend. And bad intel derails an operation to take down over a half-million dollar load of crystal meth.