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Everyone has heard of the genius with a computer for a brain. In the case of Ed Bellamy, it's the truth. A secret government project put microchips in babies' brains, and they all grew up to be geniuses. Only problem is, the chips start to break down, causing intense dreams which slowly drive them mad. None of the kids survives past their 21st birthday. Unfortunately, Ed finds out about it on his 20th birthday. Agent Winston, assigned to bury the project, frames Ed for murder. Maria, whom he met at the party, is a witness. Together, they set off to clear their names, find a cure, help other cyborgs, stay out of jail and stay alive, all while trying to beat the biological clock that will make Ed Dead At 21.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Dead at 21

S01E01 Dead at 21 15/06/1994 The victim of a government experiment to create superintelligent humans learns the cause of the strange dreams he has been having—and that he will self-destruct by his 21st birthday unless he finds the scientist who ""created"" him by implanting a chip in his brain. He becomes a fugitive when he and Maria, a girl who crashed his 20th birthday party, are accused of killing another ""cyb"" actually shot by a government agent named Winston, bent on tracking down all the cybs and killing them. Ed's only hope for survival is a doctor who worked on the project, Victor Heisenberg.
S01E02 Brain Salad 22/06/1994 Ed checks into a hospital for brain surgery, and learns disheartening news about Victor Heisenberg.
S01E03 Love Minus Zero 29/06/1994 Ed and Maria meet a cyb who wants to run away with them, but is ignorant of her condition.
S01E04 Shock the Monkey 06/07/1994 Ed and Maria search for Victor Heisenberg's grave and become involved with animal-rights activists.
S01E05 Gone Daddy Gone 13/07/1994 Maria's con-artist father tracks her down.
S01E06 Use Your Illusion 20/07/1994 Ed and Maria find their exploits chronicled in a comic book created by a cyb who's plotting to kill the senator in charge of the neurocybernetics project.
S01E07 Live for Today 27/07/1994 Ed and Maria's feelings for each other are tested after partying with a surfer and his friends.
S01E08 Tie Your Mother Down 03/08/1994 Ed prepares to give himself up when Winston kidnaps his mother, but Maria suspects a trap.
S01E09 Cry Baby Cry 10/08/1994 Winston trails Ed and Maria as they search for an abandoned baby's mother.
S01E10 Life During Wartime 17/08/1994 The host of a pirate TV show offers to help Ed and Maria expose the project.
S01E11 Hotel California 24/08/1994 Ed and Maria visit Cali, a 35 year-old cyb, to discover the secret of his longevity.
S01E12 In Through the Out Door (1) 31/08/1994 Winston finally catches up with Ed and Maria, who are hiding out in Los Angeles. Once captured, Ed is taken to a facility where he meets with others like him and is told that there may be a way to counteract the rapidly deteriorating chip in his head.
S01E13 In Through the Out Door (2) 07/09/1994 Maria discovers that everything isn't as it seems at the retreat where Ed hooks up with others like him. As things spiral out of control, Winston may be their only hope for escape but Maria is shocked when it appears that all of the subjects, including Ed, have terminated.

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