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Deadly Sins examines the true evils that push people beyond the limits of the law. This series reveals crimes driven by the most basic of human instincts.


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S01E01 Carnal Appetite 03/03/2012 A military officer's perverse indulgences take a violent turn when he is accused of rape. To save his reputation he plots to silence his victim for good. A gluttonous love triangle from hell is driven out of control by sex, drugs and childhood demons.
S01E02 Deadly Desire 10/03/2012 A lesbian couple hatches a diabolical scheme to cash in on the fortune of one of their wealthy parents. A teenager and her therapist, 20 years her senior, fall in love and marry. Their relationship, rooted in deep emotional greed leads to tragedy.
S01E03 Green-Eyed Monsters 17/03/2012 Driven by envy, a young con-man with a family of five stops at nothing to live the party lifestyle he'd always dreamed of. / A young mother consumed with jealousy over her best friend's idyllic life, hatches a murderous plot to acheive the the same.
S01E04 Insatiable 24/03/2012 A lecherous psychopath's lust for adolescent girls ends in the destruction of five innocent lives. And a young man stops at nothing to satisfy his lust for sex, power and money.
S01E05 Lethal Entitlement 07/04/2012 A lazy, self-indulgent gambler in serious debt is willing to sacrifice his parents just to stay in the game. And a drug-addicted mother enlists her son to commit a heinous murder for $400 in drug money.
S01E06 Mother of All Sins 14/04/2012 A mobbed-up punk prides himself on taking what he wants until he takes the life of an innocent victim. And a businessman proud of his achievements believes wealth is worth more than the lives of his family.
S01E07 Reckless Abandon 21/04/2012 A spoiled 16-year old cheerleader becomes pregnant by her 21- year old boyfriend and is prompted to commit bloody murder. And a guy who has it all decides to kill his wife and the judge overseeing his divorce when things just don't go his way.
S02E01 Addicted to Darkness 12/01/2013 A former altar boy gets into trouble with drugs and women in the Season 2 premiere. Also: A stripper seduces a pathological liar.
S02E02 The Playboy & The Seductress 19/01/2013 A married playboy in Utah decides to eliminate one of his many lovers; a Colorado widower enters into an unhappy marriage with a dance teacher.
S02E03 High Society Sins 26/01/2013 A high-society woman lures in men and murders them; greed and lust tear apart a marriage of convenience.
S02E04 I'd Kill for a Sex Change 02/02/2013 A former child actor and his wife collaborate on a destructive scheme; an attorney chases after a life of hedonism.
S02E05 Small Town Massacre 09/02/2013 A stalker's obsession with a young woman puts an entire family in danger; a widow driven by greed and lust leads her to kill her third husband.
S02E06 Commander and Thief 16/02/2013 A Canadian military man stalks and assaults women; a woman seduces a lawyer and gets him to plot against his ex-wife
S02E07 Deadly Threesomes 23/02/2013 A man marries two women and leads a double life; a woman doesn't hide her young lover from her husband.
S02E08 Mommy's Little Killers 02/03/2013 A mother forces her children into a life of crime; family members commit an atrocity that remains a secret for three decades.
S02E09 Betting on Death 09/03/2013 A spoiled rich girl and her boyfriend go on a murderous rampage; an adult-film star encounters horror.
S02E10 Killer Dolls 16/03/2013 A seemingly perfect couple harbor a secret; a small-town beauty queen is terrorized by a wealthy would-be suitor.
S03E01 Jodi Arias: Killer Sex Kitten 11/01/2014 Media outlets worldwide have been focused on this Mesa, Arizona case of a beautiful amateur photographer who falls for a successful businessman. The sins of wrath, lust, gluttony and pride, result in one of the most cold-blooded murders in recent memory.
S03E02 Fatal Possession 18/01/2014 A deadbeat husband & father allows pride and anger to put an axe in his hand and murder in his heart.Then, a kilt-wearing Wiccan filled with lust, envy & wrath forces his girlfriend into a sacrilegious blood oath.
S03E03 Papa Don't Preach 25/01/2014 A rich man's greedy, lusty and angry daughter has millions of reasons to want her daddy dead and to get her wish, she'll throw her brother under the bus. Then, a British playboy card shark is so full of sloth and pride, he takes the ultimate gamble.
S03E04 SoCal Killers 01/02/2014 A seductress motivated by greed, lust & pride convinces tycoons that she loves them, instead of their bank accounts. Then, a bored and lusty mom covets a life free from her family. Her desire for another man turns her into a samurai sword-wielding fiend.
S03E05 Killing Can Be A Drag 08/02/2014 A Harvard professor harbors a secret obsession for cross-dressing. Wracked with greed, wrath & pride, he becomes a maniacal murderer. Then, an activist goes missing. All the evidence leads to a lovesick group leader intent on getting away with murder.
S03E06 Good Boys Gone Very Bad 15/02/2014 A greedy ponzi-schemer decides to hit the jackpot with his wife's life insurance and replacing her with a low-down stripper. Then, two brothers with a soft spot for knives and uncontrollable wrath take bullying to a whole new level.
S03E07 The Millionairess And The Mortician 22/02/2014 A Texas suitor saddles up to his 80 year-old meal ticket. His habit of spending her fortune catches up with him. Then, a former Lone Star State football star believes he's above the law until a double homicide smashes his invincibility to smithereens.
S03E08 Rotten To The Core 01/03/2014 When a perfect family crosses paths with a perfect stranger, all their lives go haywire, ending in a double murder. Then, when a small town dentist wants a divorce, his wife's new boyfriend decides to take the law into his own hands.
S03E09 Killers On The Run 08/03/2014 A seemingly perfect young couple is concealing a sinful life of crime and sexual depravity. Then later, a threesome of lovers ends in a bizarre homicide and cover-up.
S03E10 Louisiana's Lost Souls 15/03/2014 Two greedy best girlfriends with a penchant for high stakes gambling decide to go all in. Then, a New Orleans TV personality lets his pride run amok.

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