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Female murderers are often times more horrifying and intriguing than their male counterparts. Their worlds are often defined by obsession, greed, and revenge. Deadly Women fuses bone-chilling story-telling, sumptuous period drama and forensic fact in a bid to explore history's most alluring female killers. Each episode profiles four famous cases from the past; killers and their victims are brought to life by elaborate dramatized reconstructions. The program will span four centuries and seven countries to explore the makings of these deadly women. Candice DeLong, a former FBI agent and profiler, and Dr. Janis Amatuzio, a forensic pathologist will also join the program to give a deeper insight into the crimes and the women who commit them.


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S03E01 Young Blood 20/08/2009 The case of 10-year-old Mary Bell who strangled toddlers, a playground plot that ended in murder and a teenage passion that turned to bloody rage.
S03E02 Blood For Money 27/08/2009 A businesswoman kills for cash, a bizarre love affair ends in slaughter, and a midwife becomes a cold-blooded murderer.
S03E03 The Disturbed 03/09/2009 The crimes of psychopathic killers, including a nurse who betrayed a patient's trust to indulge her deadly desires, and a brutal babysitter.
S03E04 Behind the Mask 10/09/2009 Looking at killers who hid their instability, including an outgoing hiding dark secrets at home, and two old ladies behind a horrific murder.
S03E05 Forbidden Love 17/09/2009 Examining crimes of passion, including an office affair that turned toxic and a lover who used the Internet as a murder weapon.
S03E06 Hearts of Darkness 24/09/2009 A woman boards a train with a grisly secret in her luggage, an active imagination causes a gruesome crime, and a seductress moves from men to murder.
S03E07 Evil Influence 01/10/2009 How Charles Manson drove women to murder, exploring Myra Hindley's past, and why a young mother was persuaded to kill.
S03E08 Fatal Obsession 08/10/2009 How a woman took a baby from an expectant mother's womb, two girls killed to protect their friendship, and a killer committed her crimes for a serial murderer she loved.
S03E09 Lethal Lovers 15/10/2009 A sex-obsessed housewife who lured girls to their graves, a couple who took pleasure in killing, and a woman who swapped single motherhood for a violent relationship.
S03E10 Mothers Who Kill 22/10/2009 A mother who smothered her baby, a woman who drowned the sons she believed made her unhappy, and how another who was driven by delusions to destroy her family.
S03E11 Born Bad 29/10/2009 A promiscuous housewife who murdered her husband, a woman who tortured her lodger to death, and a police officer who took a child on a killing spree.
S03E12 Lethal Vengeance 05/11/2009 A wronged wife who murdered her ex-husband, a jealous girlfriend who took revenge on her rival, and a girl who killed her own father.
S03E13 Blood Lines 12/11/2009 A mother who manipulated her son into committing murder, a woman who made a deadly request of her children, and a daughter who was used as a lure for a family business.
S04E01 An Eye for an Eye 12/08/2010 The path towards revenge can sometimes lead to murder. It can be quick,fiery and violent. When these women were crossed, they didn't take it lying down. Murder was their answer.
S04E02 Outlaws 19/08/2010 While their sisters chose a life of sensible, suburban motherhood, these Deadly Women chose a life of crime. Gangsters, thieves, drug-lords. They lived with the thrills, the danger, and the deadly consequences of being outlaws.
S04E03 Fortune Hunters 26/08/2010 Greed is one of the oldest motives for murder, and these deadly women are no exception. They'll do anything to satisfy their need for cash. They stalk their victims throughout society - rich and poor. This is the dangerous world of Fortune Tellers.
S04E04 Dangerous Liaisons 02/09/2010 Apart, a woman and a man can be innocent, safe to society. But when some couples unite, they spark a terrible urge for destruction. Happy couples become deadly teams, intent on one goal--murder.
S04E05 Til Death Do Us Part 09/09/2010 While marriage is meant to be for life, so often it ends in divorce. Their loving husbands were there 'to have and to hold,' but these wives had murderous minds on a different marriage vow: 'till death do us part.'
S04E06 Master Manipulators 16/09/2010 To the Master Manipulator we are all just the pawns in their game. Men, children, friends... anything is possible. For these women, they manipulate others to kill for them... but these girls didn't get away.
S04E07 The Sacred Bond 23/09/2010 Women who kill their own breaking the sacred bond between mother and child.
S04E08 Beyond Suspicion 30/09/2010 Women who do not look like murderers unless you are the target.
S04E09 In Cold Blood 07/10/2010 Premeditated murder by women; the heaviest judgments.
S04E10 Under His Control 14/10/2010 Three women have love stories with bloody and bleak endings all blinded by desire and malleable leading to relationships with dangerous men.
S04E11 Secrets and Lies 21/10/2010 Three women's histories of bloodshed and murder.
S04E12 Love Gone Wrong 28/10/2010 Three women who fall prey to jealousy, driving them to dark and horrifying places on their minds.
S04E13 A Daughter’s Revenge 04/11/2010 Deadly Women looks at cases where daughters kill to get back at parents including Nicole Kasinskas a successful student who kills her mother when she is not allowed to live with her boyfriend, Constance Kent who kills her half-brother when she discovers that her father is having an affair, and Belinda Van Krevel who plots to kill her father after blaming him for her brother's arrest.
S04E14 Love Sick 09/12/2010 Deadly Women examines cases where women kill out of twisted love including jealousy-driven Lisa Michelle Lambert who stalked and killed another teenager who was raped by her boyfriend, Daphne Abdela a spoiled rich girl who stabbed to death a drinking buddy, and Sarah Kolb who viciously murdered a young girl for kissing her boyfriend.
S04E15 Married to Murder 16/12/2010 Deadly Women examines cases where women turn to murder to deal with their marriages including Amy Bosley who killed her husband for money and tried to make it look like a robbery, Joyce Chant who killed an abusive husband, and Michelle Michael who killed her husband after he discovered she was cheating on him and wanted a divorce.
S04E16 Teen Killers 23/12/2010 Deadly Women examines cases where young women kill including Chelsea Richardson and Susanna Toledano who killed Chelsea's parents so she could inherit their money, "Sandra" and "Beth" who killed their mother for her alcoholism, and Penny Bjorkland who shot a man just to find out what it was like.
S05E01 Twisted Thrills 29/07/2011 Christina Walters defies the odds by becoming a gang leader at age 20 and attempts to earn the Crips' tear tattoo under an eye meaning they've killed. As deadly initiation, Christina and her gang kidnap three women in two separate abductions and shoot them like lambs to the slaughter. The seemingly senseless murders would've remained unsolved if it weren't for one thing – one woman is still alive. Judith Neelley and her husband Alvin met and after marrying when she was 15, they begin a crime spree. After being released on armed robbery charges, Judith and Alvin commit the most heinous of crimes by abducting, raping, torturing and murdering two women, one of them a 13-year-old girl. One extraordinary breakthrough leads to an eyewitness confession and one detail ultimately leads to their arrest. Irene Maslin gladly plans to help kill her friend's on-again-off-again boyfriend by injecting him with battery acid. That doesn't work, so she orders a young man to bludgeon him with a baseball bat and when that didn't work, she finishes the job by placing a grocery bag over his head and suffocating him to death.
S05E02 Loathe Their Neighbors 05/08/2011 Tiffany Cole kidnapped and buried alive an elderly couple who had helped care for her as her father was dying from terminal cancer. Seeking initiation into the notorious street gang, the Bloods, Shonda Walter butchered a Pearl Harbor survivor with an ax without mercy. And bipolar Sunday School teacher Melissa Huckaby drugged her young daughter's 8-year-old friend out of jealousy and raped her using a rolling pin.
S05E03 Hearts of Stone 12/08/2011 Mother and wife Lydia Sherman laced food and drinks with arsenic, killing three husbands and all of her children. Young mother Paula Sims murdered her two young daughters, but let her son live due to her personal view that girls were unwanted. Under the influence of serious drugs, Velma Barfield played caretaker while secretly killing people with arsenic. Away from the drugs, she became the 'angel of death row' before being executed.
S05E04 Kill Their Own 19/08/2011 Jealous of the attention given to her children, Darlie Routier stabbed two of her sons and staged a break in to get that attention back. Frances Newton cold-heartedly shot her husband and two young children for life insurance money. Susan Eubanks got revenge against her ex-husbands by shooting and killing her four sons in the order they came into her life, she currently awaits execution.
S05E05 To Love and To Murder 26/08/2011 Southern belle Louise Peete shot and killed multiple partners – leaving a trail of blood and bodies behind her before the state took her life in the gas chamber. Instead of divorce, horse owner Jane Dorotik chose to murder her husband so she wouldn't have to share the money she planned on spending on her own ranch. Teresa Lewis and two secret lovers shot her husband and his son for life insurance, but they didn't plan it well and the men didn't die until after the cops showed up.
S05E06 Kill For Cash 02/09/2011 In order to kill her father, Marjorie Diehl-Armstrong had to make enough money to hire a hit-man and decided to use a collar bomb as a weapon. Little did her accomplice know the bomb on his chest wasn't a decoy. Rosie Alfaro stabbed her friend's 9-year-old sister over 50 times to rob the house and trade the items and money stolen in exchange for drugs and booze. To inherit her kind neighbor's farm, Kim Snibson brutally murdered the couple and got two men to do the work for her.
S05E07 Breaking Point 09/09/2011 Battered housewife Amber Cummings shot her white supremacist, child-pornography loving, Nazi obsessed husband to save her daughter from being sexually assaulted. Consumed with greed, alcoholic con-artist Kate Webster murders her employer, spins a web of lies to cover up her crime and disposes of the body in the most gruesome way possible. Sick of having to constantly care for her needy, terminally-ill husband, who had only weeks to live, Wendi Andriano got impatient waiting for him to die and sped things up by killing him herself.
S05E08 Love to Death 16/09/2011 Self-proclaimed voodoo queen Josephine Gray terrifies her husbands and kills them, but due to lack of evidence, locking her up called for some very drastic actions. Elisa McNabney and Sarah Dutra have a bond so strong that it leaves Elisa's husband the third person in his marriage. Money and pure selfishness motivates them to execute Larry. Peter Shellard gives his girlfriend Shirley Withers everything including her own boutique, money and a nice house. How does Shirley repay him? Well, by hiring two drug addicts to murder Peter and stage it like a game of kinky sex gone wrong.
S05E09 Sacrifice Their Blood 04/11/2011 Robin Lee Row needs money to pay off her excessive spending, her solution is to set the house on fire with her husband and two kids inside. But her water-tight alibi leads police on a wild goose chase for clues and a conviction – leading to dark secrets from her past and only one way to expose her. Marybeth Tinning loved the attention she received after her third child died of meningitis as a baby, to keep receiving that attention she quietly kills her other eight children over a span of years. She's seen as a woman with a series of unfortunate events, until she goes one step too far by smothering an adopted child. To make sure she doesn't lose her kids to her husband in a custody battle, alcoholic, con-artist Cora Caro gets revenge on her unfaithful husband (both are seen as caring Christians) by shooting their three eldest sons and attempts suicide by shooting herself in the mouth, barely surviving it.
S05E10 Deadly Possession 11/11/2011 Rachel Wade and Sarah Luderman engage in an online battle for the affections of a boy and the battle enters the real world. When Sarah takes one risk too many by confronting Rachel at a house after humiliating her online, Rachel is armed with a knife and uses it to effectively kill Sarah. Caroline Young was so upset at the thought of losing her grandson to his biological father, she stabs both her grand-kids (ages 6 and 4) and also stabs herself (but survives) and all of this is while her daughter and the kids' mother is watching. Elizabeth Duncan had only one man who always stuck by her - her son Frank. So when Frank marries his pregnant girlfriend (who helped nurse Elizabeth back to health after attempting suicide) in a private ceremony, Elizabeth taunts them with phone calls and hires two amateur criminals to kidnap and kill Frank's pregnant wife and their unborn child.
S05E11 An Inconvenient Marriage 18/11/2011 After learning her first husband had an illegitimate child, Raynella Dossett Leath begins to control every aspect of her new husband life, including his death when she's overcome by greed. Soon afterwards, another shocking secret is revealed. Margaret Rudin was sick of her husband wasting all of his money on alcohol and guns (money that she wants to spend) that she kills him and dismembers him before going on the run. Linda Lou Charbonneau got sick of her first husband and married his nephew; when neither man's financial status met Linda's satisfaction, her solution was to kill both of them.
S05E12 Sins of the Sister 25/11/2011 Sarah Mitchell lives rent-free in the house of her hard-working, well-to-do older sister Stevie. When Stevie cuts her off after learning Sarah had been stealing money and writing checks in her name, Sarah's plans go from devious to diabolic by killing, dismembering and re-emerging from a fire as her sister. Two twins, wholesome school-teacher Peggy Lowe and flashy, audacious nurse Betty Wilson find themselves caught in a web of deception and mystery after a man they both met murders Betty's ailing husband (a well loved eye-doctor whom Betty married for money) and claims they both made him do it. The truth is one that shakes Huntsville, Alabama to it's core. Kathleen Worrall suffers from a hormonal disease, but the medicine causes weight gain, so she stops taking it. As a result, the tiniest things set her off and one mistake leads to her stabbing her younger sister Susan.
S05E13 Pleasure from Pain 02/12/2011 Respected midwife Elizabeth Brownrigg secretly abuses her servants and ruthlessly tortures, beats and starves them. It's not until one girl is found dying from numerous open sores that this woman is finally unmasked and she is branded a monster for centuries to come. Kerry Lyn Dalton discovers while she was in jail, her flatmate sold some of her belongings to pay for crystal meth, which both women take. Kerry, high on meth, responds by torturing Irene May to death via everything from electrocution to stabbing to bludgeoning. Martha Rendell moves in with her lover, who leaves his wife for her, but keeps their kids. Martha seems to have jumped out of a Grimm's fairy-tale as a wicked stepmother – she makes the children ill and pretends to swab their throats with medicine, which is really acid. Killing three kids, the forth one runs away and reveals she got pleasure from doing this.
S05E14 Lethal Love 09/12/2011 Susan Wright is supposedly abused and controlled by her husband, who spends days having affairs with strippers and using drugs while Susan raises their two young kids. Susan doesn't believe in divorce and feels the only way out is murder. Alice Mitchell has plans of moving to Boston with her lover Freda Ward and living as a married couple disguised as a man, but when Freda's family stops those plans dead in their tracks and forbids her to see Alice, an obsession begins leading Alice to destroy the one she cherished most. Larissa Schuster is many things - a biochemist,an over-achiever... and a bully. She carries on affairs behind her husband's back and when he leaves the family home – instead of continuing her affairs, she permanently dissolves their marriage by dissolving Tim's body in a blue barrel of acid in the garage.
S05E15 Baby-Faced Killers 16/12/2011 Within hours of meeting in juvenile detention, troubled teens Cindy Collier and Shirley Wolf begin to plan a life together and step one in the plan included killing somebody random. Their victim of choice- a trusting old lady who they spend hours talking with about her family before stabbing her. Lorraine Thorpe sees a father figure in a 41 year-old in her group of alcoholics, who violently beats his girlfriend and with 15-year-old Lorraine by his side, he murders her and when Lorraine's father becomes suspicious, they kill him too. Courtney Dunkin was adopted by her grandparents and after her grandfather passed away, she gets into the goth movement. Her new style doesn't mesh with the caring Christian lifestyle, when her restrictions become too much, Courtney kisses her grandma goodnight one evening and then shoots her.
S05E16 Senseless Slayings 30/12/2011 Tina Powell and LaFonda Foster are drunk and high when they go on a killing spree, taking five friends hostage and brutally killing them all one by one in different ways. The night proves to be the deadliest in the history of Lexington, Kentucky. Melinda Harmon-Raisch is a Christian housewife who falls for a star-student at a nearby college. Since she views divorce sinful, she has her lover murder her husband so they can be together and they pin it on two black people. Strangely enough, the two go on to marry other people and the secret is hidden for a decade. After losing her husband and two sons in the Melbourne gang wars, crime family queen and professional thief Judy Moran tries to save her own skin by executing her brother-in-law.
S05E17 Lover's Revenge 06/01/2012 Jane Andrews is appointed the wardrobe specialist for a Duchess in England and after losing her job, her only connection to the high life of England is her boyfriend. When he breaks things off after she begins to act clingy, she murders him in his bed. Shana Parkinson had a volatile temper that prompted her husband to leave her for another woman. Instead of wanting her husband to be happy, she wants him dead and makes that become a reality by stabbing him and his new fiancee to death (Greg sustained twice as many stab wounds as Karen). However, she gets caught quickly due to an unlikely eyewitness who saw the murders unfold. Jennifer Bailey is an impressionable girl whose first love is with a modern-day pagan who plants ideas in her mind. Their plans of running off to Canada together are cut short when her mother forbids them to speak and they respond by brutally murdering her.
S05E18 Deadly Delinquents 13/01/2012 Kirsten Costas reminds her classmate Bernadette Protti of everything she wants, but could never have. The solution to the problem was to annihilate the source of the pain by stabbing Kirsten to death. Karen Severson and Laura Doyle were friends with Missy Avila since grade school, but as they grow older, Missy blossoms into a beautiful, charming young lady while Karen becomes a single mother. Teenage angst trumps childhood friendship when Karen and Laura take Missy into the woods, beat her up, cut her hair and drown her in the lake. The crime is unsolved for years until an unexpected confession appears as if out of nowhere. Kelly Fuller (age 18) is enraged at 15-year-old Jessica Lang, who is her ex's new girlfriend. Jessica, who's more interested in her apprenticeship and family than any boy, pays for her friendliness with her life after Kelly decides to end the source of jealousy permanently by stabbing her almost 50 times.
S05E19 Match Made for Murder 20/01/2012 When Patricia Robinson-Olsen has money problems, she resorts to soliciting her teenage son into shooting her second husband Neil to death, and then attempts to have him take the fall. Valerie Pape was a hair salon owner and a Scottsdale, Arizona socialite with an abusive husband, Ira Pomerantz. When Valerie has had enough of her husband's abuse, she turns to murder, then dismembers his corpse. His torso was found in a dumpster behind a supermarket, but the rest of his remains have never been found. Jean Lee was a young Australian woman who became involved with two petty criminals and then turned to a life of crime. While attempting to rob an elderly man, he winds up dead. Jean confesses to her involvement hoping for a light prison sentence, but instead becomes the last woman hanged in Australia.
S05E20 Killer Kids 27/01/2012 Spending most of her life in expensive British boarding schools, American teen Elizabeth Haysom is an honor student who has plans to study the arts, but her parents have other ideas and give her an ultimatum – take science and math classes at college or they won't pay for her to go to her dream school. Rebellion controls her mind and when she's had enough, she gets her boyfriend to destroy them both. Heather D'Aoust was the 15-year-old adopted daughter of a loving couple, but when she is caught engaging in sexual activity with a friend, she decides to kill her mother with a claw hammer. Nikki Reynolds grows up happy and wholesome, but that changes when she's dumped by her boyfriend. After spreading false rumors that she's pregnant, her mother seeks psychological help and constant arguing drives a wedge in the family. Planning to kill both parents, Nikki stabs her mom fatally, but is too broken up to finish the job and turns herself in.
S06E01 Love You to Pieces 17/08/2012
S06E02 Hunting Humans 03/09/2012 When these women meet their mate they gain a partner in crime and life.
S06E03 Parents Peril 24/08/2012 These young women plans for revenge ended in murder.
S06E04 Insatiable Greed 31/08/2012 For an English Rose, husbands equal dollar signs; for a serial killer, feeding her family pays; for a businesswoman, a missing mother keeps the checks coming.
S06E05 Matriarchs of Murder 07/09/2012 One woman's murders go undetected for years; Granny's husbands keep dying; a divorcee uses friendship to kill.
S06E06 Web of Death 14/09/2012 Love in the Internet age is complicated; you never know who you'll meet. A surrogate uses love as a lure; a serial wife finds murder more profitable than divorce; and a housewife finds happiness in a gun. All trapped their victims in a 'Web of Death'.
S06E07 Murder of Innocence 21/09/2012 A mother's love turns bad when she betrays the innocence of her children.
S06E08 No Good Reason 05/10/2012 Women who murder for no particular reason.
S06E09 Teen Terror 12/10/2012 When emotional changes start to become overwhelming the results can be bad.
S06E10 Too Close for Comfort 19/10/2012 Unsuspecting victims get too close to their enemies.
S06E11 Ruthless Revenge 26/10/2012 Women exact their vengeance when the kill in cold blood.
S06E12 Bury Their Babes 02/11/2012 A mother's impulse to love and protect her child is a sentiment hard-wired into the brain. But when these Deadly Women go against the most primal and basic instinct to protect their young, we are forced to watch as they Bury Their Babes'.
S06E13 Kinky Killers 09/11/2012 When deadly women and killer men pair up they spiral into a world sickening fantasies.
S06E14 Death Benefits 16/11/2012 These women discover that for them death has benefits.
S06E15 Mommys Little Helper 23/11/2012 These mothers teach their sons to hate and kill.
S06E16 Eternal Revenge 30/11/2012 A teacher's aide gives lessons in murder and a love triangle ends in murder.
S06E17 Without a Conscience 04/01/2013 Women who brutally kill their their victims without a second thought.
S06E18 Bury the Boyfriend 02/05/2013 Women kill the men that love them.
S06E19 Death Knock 18/01/2013 Victims dealing with the ''death knock'' from deadly women.
S06E20 Brides of Blood 25/01/2013 When these deadly women are loved they shine, but push them too far and they turn dangerous.
S07E01 Malicious Hearts 19/07/2013 A mom locks up her daughter like she's a prisoner-of-war; a helpful neighbor quietly kills her community; lesbian lovers bash and burn a complete stranger.
S07E02 Money Hungry 26/07/2013 A businesswoman targets a lottery winner; a young bride sends her husband overboard.
S07E03 Without Pity 02/08/2013 Some women are just cold-hearted and attack "Without Pity". A mother who wants another baby is prepared to steal from the womb; a grandmother's outward devotion masks his sadistic nature; and an unhappy divorcee takes revenge on her own flesh and blood.
S07E04 Mean Teens 09/08/2013 Teens who are willing to kill to get what they want, including one who makes herself an orphan and another who murders her grandmother to be with a boy.
S07E05 Vicious Vixens 16/08/2013 An Englishwoman fights with her boyfriend; game players lure a man into a deadly trap.
S07E06 Evil Guardians 23/08/2013 A mother in Missouri uses her children for money; a Texas mom becomes delusional; an Australian mother drowns her son.
S07E07 Wed to Murder 30/08/2013 A prostitute kills her second, third and fifth husbands; a woman murders her husband and makes it look like a suicide; a woman poisons her husband with antifreeze to collect his life insurance policy.
S07E08 Lethal Teens 06/09/2013 Deadly young women stray and enter a dangerous world.
S07E09 Above the Law 13/09/2013 Ladies that believe social status gives them a license to kill; they assume they are entitled to do it.
S07E10 Sadistic Souls 20/09/2013 For some women evil lurks from the beginning and there is no stopping it.
S07E11 Heartless Souls 27/09/2013 For some women, cruelty comes from deep within.
S07E12 Vengeance 04/10/2013 Women that seek vengeance if anyone tries to block their path to true love.
S07E13 Dark Hearts 11/10/2013 A teacher seeking financial gain; a daughter plotting murder; a lonely heart and damaged mind. These women truly believe romance is dead.
S07E14 Innocent Blood 18/10/2013 Women willing to sacrifice the innocent. Betrayal; jealousy; coping with children.
S07E15 Double Trouble 25/10/2013 Sometimes, a woman has a killer instinct when she meets her other half. These wicked women exert control over their partners to become the master puppeteer of a murderous plot. Acting as two on behalf of one, these Deadly Women are 'Double Trouble'.
S07E16 Killer Kin 01/11/2013 Women that convince their closest relatives to become party to murder.
S07E17 No Mercy 08/11/2013 A mother sacrifices her son; a teen rebels; a bookkeeper steals her way to murder.
S07E18 Souls of Stone 15/11/2013 A scorned lover weaves a web of lies; a Goth teenager orders a reign of terror; a gold-digger buries secrets.
S07E19 Brutal Brides 22/11/2013 A California woman commits a deadly sin rather than live with an immoral husband; a housewife drives two women to join a murderous poison ring.
S07E20 Untamed Evil 29/11/2013 A Texan goes to any length to keep her man; a mother does the unthinkable to her tiny son.

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