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The History Channel series examining ancient mysteries related not only to a possible Bible Code and predictions of catastrophes, but also the prophecies of Nostramdamus, the Shroud of Turin, and secret societies said to guard forbidden knowledge.


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S01E01 Godfathers 00/00/0000 La Cosa Nostra exploits major cycles and crises throughout history.
S01E02 Beyond 'The Da Vinci Code' 25/07/2005 Author Dan Brown puts forth astonishing hypotheses in his novel that tries to link a mystery to the life of Jesus.
S01E03 Nostradamus: 500 Years Later 01/08/2005 Nostradamus lives in an age of superstition and magic and believes that he can foretell the future.
S01E04 Nostradamus: 500 Years Later 30/08/2005 Nostradamus lives in an age of superstition and magic and believes that he can foretell the future.
S01E05 Countdown to Armageddon 22/08/2005 Potential catastrophes threaten to wipe out life on Earth.
S01E06 Countdown to Armageddon 29/08/2005 Potential catastrophes threaten to wipe out life on Earth.
S01E07 The Shroud of Turin 05/09/2005 A ghostly image appears on a burial cloth.
S01E08 The Bible Code: Predicting Armageddon 12/09/2005 Using the Bible to predict events.
S01E09 The Bible Code II: Apocalypse and Beyond 19/09/2005 Some look for cryptograms in the Bible outlining the past and future.
S01E10 Resurrection 26/09/2005 Jesus' return from death.
S01E11 Apocalypse 03/10/2005 The Book of Revelation has many prophecies and symbolism.
S01E12 Secret Societies 03/10/2005 Clandestine organizations of the past and present.
S01E13 Nazi Prophecies 10/10/2005 Biblical prophecies and Nazi Germany.
S01E14 Presidential Prophecies 24/10/2005 Some presidents use psychics and experience visions.
S01E15 The Search for John the Baptist 28/10/2005 John the Baptist has great meaning in Christianity.
S01E16 Rommel: The Doubter 30/10/2005 Hitler recalls Erwin Rommel while the general is pursuing the British.
S01E17 The Templar Code: The Crusade for Secrecy 07/11/2005 The origins of the Templar; actor Edward Herrmann narrates.
S01E18 The Templar Code Part II: The Quest for Templar Treasure 14/11/2005 The treasure of the Templar populates blockbuster movie and book plots seven centuries after their demise; actor Edward Herrmann narrates.
S01E19 Cults 21/11/2005 The Greek cult of Dionysus, early Christians, the Church of Satan and the People's Temple.
S01E20 The Other Nostradamus 28/11/2005 Edgar Cayce predicts World War II, the deaths of U.S. presidents and the Great Depression.
S01E21 The Holy Grail 03/12/2005 Adventurers seek the cup Jesus used at the Last Supper.
S01E22 Visions of Mary 03/12/2005 Thousands of believers across the world report experiencing Marian apparitions.
S01E23 The Oracle of Delphi: Secrets Revealed 03/12/2005 Ancient Greeks believed that the Oracle of Delphi spoke on behalf of the gods.
S01E24 Judas: Traitor or Friend? 03/12/2005 Judas' childhood, his relationship with Jesus, and a monumental decision characterize him forever.
S01E25 Biblical Disasters 04/12/2005 Global flooding, fiery destruction, plagues, earthquakes, epidemics and famine.
S01E26 Mysteries of the Bermuda Triangle 08/12/2005 Researchers use current scientific knowledge and investigative techniques to study the riddle of the Bermuda Triangle.
S01E27 The Search for Noah's Ark 12/12/2005 Explorers search Mount Ararat and other targeted sites for the resting place of Noah's Ark.
S01E28 Prophecies of Israel 12/12/2005 Prophecies found in the Tanakh correlate with the birth, death, resurrection and possible future of Israel.
S01E29 Relics of the Passion 19/12/2005 Sacred objects belonging to Jesus may be scattered around the globe.
S01E30 Unraveling the Shroud 19/12/2005 Scientists test the Shroud of Turin.
S01E31 Prophecies of Iraq 28/12/2005 Prophets predict the destruction of ancient Babylon.
S02E01 Bible Mysteries 09/01/2006 Noah's Ark, Sodom and Gomorrah, the Shroud of Turin and messages and codes within the text of the Old Testament.
S02E02 Mysteries of the High Seas 23/01/2006 The Bermuda Triangle, the Great Lakes, ghost ships and the New Jersey shoreline.
S02E03 Opus Dei Unveiled 26/01/2006 Opus Dei encourages Christians to live consistently with their faith.
S02E04 The Doomsday Clock 29/01/2006 The University of Chicago maintains the Doomsday Clock.
S02E05 Prophecies, Miracles & Mystics 29/01/2006 Prophets and their visions for the future.
S02E06 Prophecies 29/01/2006 The accuracy of past predictions.
S02E07 Cover-Up? 30/01/2006 Area 51, Lee Harvey Oswald, Marilyn Monroe and Robert Kennedy.
S02E08 Monsters 06/02/2006 The Loch Ness Monster, Bigfoot and the Abominable Snowman.
S02E09 Lost Worlds 16/02/2006 Atlantis, Amazon women, Stonehenge and Easter Island.
S02E10 Secrets of the Koran (1) 02/03/2006 The Quran plays a major role in Islamic history.
S02E11 Secrets of the Koran (2) 02/03/2006 Explaining the text of the Quran.
S02E12 Secret Brotherhood of Freemasons 23/03/2006 The secretive, mystical organization of Freemasons.
S02E13 The Abominable Snowman 28/03/2006 A search for the Abominable Snowman, including camera clips.
S02E14 Hitler and the Occult 03/04/2006 Ancient prophecy and occult ritual fascinate Nazi Germany.
S02E15 Disaster of Napoleon's Fleet 03/04/2006
S02E16 The Real Dracula 04/04/2006 Vampires in folklore and Vlad the Impaler.
S02E17 Sodom & Gomorrah 05/04/2006 Near the Dead Sea, archaeologists find the ruins of two ancient cities.
S02E18 The End of the World 23/04/2006 The apocalypse.
S02E19 666: The Sign of Evil 13/05/2006 The number 666 and its effects on society.
S02E20 Angels: Good or Evil 13/05/2006 Some believe angels carry out God's orders.
S02E21 Heaven and Hell 16/05/2006 The origins of heaven and hell and the symbols that represent them.
S02E22 Fatima: Secrets Unveiled 01/06/2006 The Virgin Mary reveals three prophecies to children in 1917 Portugal.
S02E23 The Antichrist: Zero Hour 06/06/2006 The agenda of the Antichrist; the Apocalypse. A historical look at the biblical antichrist, what it has meant in the past and references to what it means in the present day. The search for who the antichrist might be, stems according to the documentary, primarily from the US, and includes such past figures as Popes, Hitler, Mussolini, Napoleon, to the more present day figures of Nixon, Bush, Bill Gates.
S02E24 Monsters of the Sea 08/06/2006 Sea monsters may be figments of the imagination or living relics of prehistoric times.
S02E25 The Ten Commandments 13/07/2006 Legal, religious and historical scholars reveal ways in which people have viewed the issues the Ten Commandments have raised throughout history.
S02E26 Giganto: The Real King Kong 15/07/2006 The prehistoric Gigantopithecus, a real giant ape.
S02E27 Strange Behavior 15/07/2006 Taboos in human society.
S02E28 Countdown to Armageddon 22/07/2006 Recent world events lead some to believe that the end is near.
S02E29 Secrets of the Dollar Bill 27/07/2006 The meanings behind the symbols and numbers on the U.S. dollar bill.
S02E30 The Ten Commandments 27/07/2006 The Commandments translate into modern legal systems.
S02E31 Mysteries of the Freemasons: America 01/08/2006 Freemasonry's effects on America.
S02E32 Mayan Doomsday Prophecy 03/08/2006 Archaeologists, astrologers and historians speculate on the meaning of the 2012 doomsday prophecy.
S02E33 Secrets of the Playing Card 14/09/2006 Playing cards possess mystical properties.
S02E34 In Search of the Real Frankenstein 26/10/2006 A profile of the German theologian and also the alchemist Johann Konrad Dippel (1673-1734), who had lived in Castle Frankenstein in which it explores the possible connections between Dippel and Mary Shelley's novel "Frankenstein."
S02E35 The Real Sorcerer's Stone 16/11/2006 The "Sorcerer's Stone'' of "Harry Potter'' fame has a basis in history.
S02E36 Seven Wonders of the World 07/12/2006 Examining the Seven Wonders of the World and explanations on why they were chosen and what is revealed about the builders who left them behind.
S02E37 Secrets of Kabbalah 17/12/2006 The history and philosophy of Kabbalah.
S02E38 The Spear of Christ 21/12/2006 Any of four artifacts may be the Holy Lance.
S02E39 00/00/0000
S02E40 Psychic History: Waco, Texas 29/08/2006 John Holland is a psychic medium with an extraordinary talent. At any given location, John can sense what took place there, even if it was 100 years ago. His ability to reveal past events makes him uniquely suited to investigate history as it has never been investigated before.
S03E01 Cults: Dangerous Devotion 04/01/2007 The dark and dangerous world of cults has long been a source of both fascination and fear. What attracts followers to cults and, more importantly, what makes them stay? In this special feature-length documentary, journey behind closed doors into a secret world where faith and devotion give way to desperation and despair. From the bizarre prophecies of Charles Manson to the desperate paranoia of Jim Jones, cult leaders draw followers into worlds of power, obsession, and sometimes death. Hear from parents who have lost their children to cults and travel back in time to examine how cults have been attracting devotees throughout history. Featuring archival footage and interviews with renowned scholars, survivors, and faithful adherents, CULTS: DANGEROUS DEVOTION is an eye-opening examination of a hidden world few people will ever see.
S03E02 Vampire Secrets 18/01/2007 The truth behind the legend of the vampire.
S03E03 Tibetan Book of the Dead 25/01/2007 Some believe that the Tibetan Book of the Dead provides answers to questions about the afterlife.
S03E04 Exorcism: Driving Out the Devil 10/02/2007 The mysterious ritual of exorcism.
S03E05 Doomsday 2012: The End of Days 01/03/2007 Prophecies and oracles from around the world point to December 21, 2012 as doomsday.
S03E06 Earth's Black Hole 15/03/2007 Areas on Earth exhibit aspects of black holes, such as the Bermuda Triangle.
S03E07 Mysteries of the Freemasons: The Beginning 22/03/2007
S03E08 Mysteries of the Garden of Eden 24/05/2007 Theories on how paradise was lost and where it might be found.
S03E09 Decoding the Garden of Eden 23/06/2007
S00E01 Angels & Demons Decoded 00/00/0000

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