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Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Deffchonki

S01E01 Vaska's Arrival 09/04/2012 Vaska came to Moscow. Since the girls temporarily can not get into the apartment, Masha decided to show her the Tretyakov Gallery. Palna getting ready for a date with the boss. Lyolya started a repair the pool.
S01E02 Personal Territory 10/04/2012 Palna and Masha had a falling out and began the division of property. Lyolya lost Fyodor's ring in the girls' apartment, and Vasya need to get to audition for Bari Alibasov but her sister does not let: the girls signed a mutually beneficial deal.
S01E03 Stress 11/04/2012 Vaska not take any group and she decided to create her own. Palna was nervous and lost a few kilograms, now the girls by all means are create stress for her. Masha discovered that Lyolya does not appreciate her gifts.
S01E04 Revenge or... 12/04/2012 Palna offered to superiors several "progressive" western developments in the field of business and nearly brought down the entire work of the office. Lyolya has a competitor at Fyodor's heart and purse of Fydor into the face of his "daughter". Masha learn that Palna threw the guy, taking revenge for insulting the girlfriend.
S01E05 Barbie 16/04/2012 Lyolya's "sworn friend" of childhood come and she finally can to get the better of the goat. Masha fell in love - famous singer Sergei Zvonaryov came in a cafe. Palna in horror: everyone thinks she's over 30, even Vaska was accepted for her daughter. It is urgent to rejuvenate.
S01E06 Irony of the Fate 17/04/2012 Lyolya and Vasya were blocked in the Moscow yard and decided to show local children to master class in "clips". Palna advised Igor option to optimize production, and employee - favorable credit but these two ideas were not compatible. Masha are coming "disassembly" with Sergei's former girlfriend.
S01E07 Star Does Not Call 18/04/2012 Vasilisa took Lyolya's money but she is watching that debt back. Masha is waiting for a call from Zvonaryov. Girls lost sofa, Palna found a new one but it is necessary for it to compete.
S01E08 Jaws 19/04/2012 Igor Mikhaylovich gave the keys to the apartment to Palna and instructed to feed the fish. Is this an invitation? Lyolya met with Jude Law but she does not speak in English, Vaska took advantage of the situation. Masha offered to give the chef cafe for birthday forgotten customers a bottle of whiskey.
S01E09 Masha's Birthday 23/04/2012 It's Masha's birthday but with whom to spend it: with girls who is knows all her life or with dream-man Sergei. Palna argues to Lyolya that it is no worse Sobchak.
S01E10 Unexpected Proposal 24/04/2012 Submariner Vitya came to Masha and offered to marry. Lyolya realized her relationship to the Rzhevsky family. Palna crazy about Indian massage.
S01E11 25/04/2012
S01E12 Tooth Fairy 26/04/2012 Fyodoe announced to Lyolya that he would marry her if she learns to take care of someone, while Vasilisa has toothache - well, you can practice. Palna clarifies the relationship with the boss after yesterday's kiss.
S01E13 Business Trip 30/04/2012 Lyolya left Fyodor - let depressing. Masha discovered that to the Zvonaryov's phone take some woman - we need to understand. It appeared Palna has a competitor - it, too, need to understand.
S01E14 Castle in England 01/05/2012 Vasya auditioned for the role in the musical and all day waiting for a call. Masha became sad at being separated from Zvonaryov, girls offered to meet with someone else, such Tolik of Gazprombank. Lyolya ran away from Fyodor's birthday - turns out he is bankrupt.
S01E15 Gynecologist 02/05/2012 Mary felt the ill herself and Vaska took her to the clinic, where Bobylych met gynecologist Ruben. Lyolya has found a new way to make money - exclusive interview.
S01E16 Friendship-Love 03/05/2012 Zvonaryov returned and offered to Mahach just a "guys" friendship. Palna received a raise and it will have tough negotiations. Vasilisa is taking Lyolya's lessons of manipulating people.
S01E17 Turkish Whiskey 07/05/2012 Masha got encouragement from the authorities - a ticket to Turkey for two. Lyolya and Vasya immediately began to fight for second place in the resort. Salesman is trying to impose Palna contract.
S01E18 Teacher of the Year 08/05/2012 Masha has the opportunity to work on a specialty: she was hired a private tutor. Palna in trouble - Igor was going to meet on the evening of classmates with his first love. Lyolya found a new oligarch, only need to prove the reality of his existence to girls.
S01E19 Snot 14/05/2012 Palna wants to invite Igor Mikhailovich to visit but the common cold has interfered. Vaska for inspiration goes to the library, where she met with writer impromptu. Masha began fighting with age wrinkles.
S01E20 Parts of Body 15/05/2012 To girls came a bill for services "Phone Sex", Vasya is guilty appointed. Palna given the task of finding a new secretary. Lyolya tries to force in the advertising business.
S02E01 Beautiful Hands 04/02/2013 Masha was more than promising model than Lyolya. Palna for far-reaching plans helped Igor find an apartment and got into a delicate situation.
S02E02 Domra 05/02/2013 Against the wishes of relatives Vasilisa not enrolled in law school, not wanting to go back to Saratov she promised to conquer Gnesinka. Palna developed a winning tactic boss at corporate.
S02E03 Neptune Day 06/02/2013 Masha tries to win her childhood friend Gosha. Lyolya "came out on the hunt" again and met with Italian restaurateur.
S02E04 Whistle 07/02/2013 Palna learned about chief's passion. Lyolya had gathered to go under the surgeon's knife to resemble the muscovite. Masha met Gosha's former passion. Vaska had a quarrel with a thunderstorm of Gnesinka.
S02E05 Imitation 11/02/2013 Palna realized that the boss has "a set of growth" and asked the system administrator for help. Vasya thanks to the "happy blouse'' was casting but it is necessary to care for your clothes. Masha and Gosha have crisis in the relationship, Lyolya decided to fix it.
S02E06 Pocket Guy 12/02/2013 Masha and Vasya argued that the youngest can live for two days without lying. Lyolya brings her "pocket guy." Palna offered a trip to Italy.
S02E07 Prodcrisis 13/02/2013 Masha was going to offer a break to Gosha but then came Zvonaryov. Lyolya in the club met with a prospective boyfriend and waiting for the call, and incidentally was hired a fitness instructor to Palna. Vaska is contrary to gain weight.
S02E08 Tutor 14/02/2013 Vasya and Yasha are need money for record, Masha is torn between Gosha and Seryona: in general, is full of problems, and then there's the parents came. In the café to Lyolya and Palna went pretty cavalier, girls quarreled who of them he liked.
S02E09 The Council from That Light 18/02/2013 Masha's money is ran out but Vasilisa has them, so now she's the main now. Palna think up to win Igor Mikhaylovich by deceased grandmother's method but life is different. Lyolya faces "a complex of poverty", urgently needed shopping - the best cure for this scourge.
S02E10 Memoirs 19/02/2013 For getting work Vaska "get pregnant". Lyolya decided to try on the laurels of Oksana Robski and started to write a book but because of her talent is not enough, she has employed Masha. Palna have to deal with the report but it interfere with ... donuts.
S02E11 Friendship by the Contract 20/02/2013 Lyolya tired from all: clubs, shopping, spa. She was asked to produce Vasya who tired from inaction. Masha learned that she will be fired. Palna invented a new way to win Igor Mikhailovich.
S02E12 Zvonar's Wedding 21/02/2013 Girls learned that Zvonaryov married, now we have to gently inform Masha. Meanwhile Bobylych invited Sergei sex without commitment.
S02E13 Resume 25/02/2013 Lyolya got a job in Palna's office and stole her rise to no quarrel she invited her friend deal. Vasya accidentally auditioned for a stranger pull. Masha thanks to the advice Lyola nearly destroyed the Zvonaryov's career.
S02E14 Mymra 26/02/2013 Palna and Masha argued can Vaska live in a dorm. Due to an unfortunate set of circumstances Palna received a bouquet of chief accountant, and now she wants to know your "admirer".
S02E15 Good Samaritan 27/02/2013 Lyolya has depression - go for shopping, she did not buy it. Masha proposed Zvonaryov sex on Skype. Palna, overcoming jealousy, helps the sysadmin to meet with the other.
S02E16 Epandos 28/02/2013 Masha came to live with Sergei and arranged for him to paradise at home. In her absence, Lyolya and Vasilisa brought "Mexican epandos" care which lay on Palna.
S02E17 Poltergeist 04/03/2013 Ghost go to girls at the night, to show them the increased interest, especially to Lyola. Masha met a neighbor from above - the priest Nicholai and decided to radically change her life.
S02E18 Albina 05/03/2013
S02E19 Resort Romance 06/03/2013 Vasya won the role of a waitress in the TV series Zaitsev+1 to get used to the image, it came to work with her sister at the cafe. On this occasion, Masha and Zoya dispute which one of them is older waitress. Igor went on vacation, wanting to save Palna from depression, Lyolya invited her to have a local holiday romance.
S02E20 Driver and Oligarch 07/03/2013 Palna's relationship with boss sharply went up the hill. Masha found tycoon's phone and try to take advantage of it. Vaska and Misha Muzlo won a trip to London but for this they need to get married.
S03E01 Red Beanie 05/08/2013 Lyolya goes on a date with Pavel Volya, and Kateya will rule Igor Mikhailovich in the pool. Masha met in a club with great Petechka but in the morning she was not sure whether he is good as it seemed to the day before.
S03E02 Someone Else's Wedding 06/08/2013 Masha in a panic: the common friend is getting married and she the only who not invited to the wedding. Lyolya says that since the relationship with Fyodor she prepaid for the wedding in hall forum and trying beneficial to attach a reservation. And Vasilisa dreams to play at the wedding.
S03E03 Gossip 07/08/2013 Masha began dating with the head of Katya's holding Stanislav Andreyevich. Katya uses a novel Machine to establish relations with the harmful co-worker. And Lyolya with Vaska go up for auction.
S03E04 Zvonar's Things 08/08/2013 Katya meets her first love at work. Masha tries to forget Zvonar and throws all his stuff. Lyolya falls in love with shoes, but it's unrequited love.
S03E05 Social Justice 12/08/2013 Masha got all with talk about Zvonar, and girls closed the subject. Then Masha finds a like-minded company - Zvonaryov's fans. That's just the ones they do not believe that Masha is really his girlfriend ... Palna messed up in the barber shop, and Lyolya stands up for her friend ...
S03E06 Kolya's Birthday 13/08/2013 Palna finally going on a date with Igor Mikhalovich. The trouble is one - on this evening it is already clogged with programmer birthday guy Kolya. What to do? Of course, set Rzhevskaya on Kolya - let drags him into a tavern and glamorous lying there all that he oligarch.
S03E07 Three Pigs 14/08/2013 Masha worries that Zvonaryov stare at other women. In order not to seem prudish, she plays a woman from himself free views but she is terrified of losing Seryonya. And Vasya discovers that her friend Yasha also have skeletons in the closet.
S03E08 Moscow Guard 15/08/2013 It's Vaska's session. She persuades Palna pass for her hateful philosophy ... And Lyolya wakes up after the club along with her pocket guy Gena. Lyolya even liked it but she is confused: this is not about to tell her friends because Gena is not her level...
S03E09 Resuscitation of Relationship 19/08/2013 Katya is furious that Kolya paid for her during a business lunch: it was not about to give Kolya hope for reciprocity of feelings. Masha and Zvonar's relationship in crisis, and Masha decides to return home to Saratov. Lyolya dresses Gena for a Kisa's glamorous party.
S03E10 Illegitimate Son 19/08/2013 Katya learns that Igor has an illegitimate son, and trying to establish contact with him. Lyolya and Gena go for shopping in Paris. And Vasya and Yasha invited to participate in the concert.
S03E11 I Love You 21/08/2013 Masha understands that Zvonaryov never admitted his love for her. And Lyolya discovers that she can not lie to Gena. Thrifty Katya buys a wedding dress on sale at a deep discount for the future. But Igor is confirmed bachelor.
S03E12 Men of My Life 22/08/2013 Masha notices that Vasya is squints, and requires from the sisters to start wearing glasses. Vasya resists because the glasses would spoil her stage persona. Katya is reviewing all her relationships with men.
S03E13 Sipsik 26/08/2013 Lyolya's mom comes from Saratov. Stuffy and noisy nature of the mother gives a lot of trouble to girls. But most importantly, a mother is still convinced that Lyolya lives with the oligarch Fyodor Sotnikov. At the time, Lyolya was not able to admit because a mother was so proud of her.
S03E14 Signs 27/08/2013 All signs point to the fact that a reliable and responsible Carl is Masha's fate.
S03E15 Self-defense 28/08/2013 Katya made a graphic of sex with Igor Mikhaylovich and tries to find regularity. Masha is recorded on the self-defense courses, but can not resist the charm of a coach. And Vasya is trying to divorce her husband Misha Muzlo.
S03E16 Valentine's Day 29/08/2013 In order not to be alone on Valentine's Day, Masha and Katya decides to throw a pajama party at home. And Lyolya will present a uncouth Gena to her sociality friends.
S04E01 Igor's Libido 16/06/2014 Palna got a offer of promotions. One problem: this post also claims her favorite Igor Mikhaylovich. Masha is forced to cover Vaska before parents, without demand moved to a hostel. Lyolya's former boyfriend returned from London and proposed to her.
S04E02 Wedding's mahina 17/06/2014 Lyolya tries to wriggle out of the wedding with oligarch Sotnikov, but "wedding's mahina" already spun. The situation is complicated by the fact that Lyolya's boyfriend Gena thinks she's pregnant ... And Palna refused promotion for Igor's libido, but now she herself from overwork it disappeared somewhere.
S04E03 18/06/2014
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S04E09 30/06/2014
S04E10 01/07/2014
S04E11 02/07/2014 Masha break up with Zvonar a long time ago, but her belongings still lie with him. She had to gather into a fist and the first call Seryona. Katya is forced to attend a yoga class with Igor. And Lyolya teaches Zoya how to become a real woman, and gives a master class in training men.
S04E12 03/07/2014 Katya's parents arrived in Moscow at the same time and want to meet with their daughter. The problem is that they have long since divorced and hate each other. Katya hides from dad that communicates with his mother, and from his mother - that maintains a relationship with my dad. But now she would have to find a way to sit on two chairs.
S04E13 07/07/2014
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