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The young denizens of Degrassi Street in Toronto, Canada, having graduated from one television series, Kids of Degrassi Street, to another, Degrassi Junior High, confront life as teenagers during the heady, late 1980s in Degrassi High. Produced in Canada and seen in America on cable and PBS, the sometimes-controversial series confronts serous issues (adolescent pregnancy, AIDS, suicide) in a head-on way, often to the annoyance of TV censors.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Degrassi High

S01E01 Un nouveau départ (1) 06/11/1989 The kids are back to school in a new building. Erica had her first ""serious"" boyfriend, and think she may be pregnant after a night of unsafe sex with her Jason. Spike's daughter, Emma goes to daycare in the same building as Degrassi high. The Degrassi gang are both fearful of initiation, and they do not know what to expect out of the older bullys like Dwayne, Tabi, and Nick. Joey and Caitlin are still going out but his priorities are the promotion of his band, The Zit Remedy, (which this season will have a new name called The Zits)
S01E02 Un nouveau départ (2) 06/11/1989 Erica decides to keep the pregnancy a secret (the only person she tells is her twin sister, Heather). She also decides to have an abortion. Heather, disapproves of this, but accompanies her to the abortion clinic anyways.Also Alexa dislikes her boyfriends(Simon) new modeling job.
S01E03 La rupture 13/11/1989 Michelle discovers the complicated nature of divorce when her parents decide to go their separate ways. She blames her father at first, but when it turns out that her mother had an affair which actually was the cause of separation, Michelle becomes more hesitant than ever. BLT is afraid that Michell's father will try to break up between them, so his advice to Michelle is to live with her mother. Michelle almost accepts BLT's advice, but after seeing that her father is helpless in house keeping, she decides to stay with him. Joey proceeds with his plan to revive the band, and suggests a video clip which should be ""the best one ever"". Of course, such tiny obstacles as lack of a video camera won't stop Joey, so he approaches Lucy who just got a new camera from her father. But, as usual with Joey's plans, things go wrong. First, Lucy wants to to shoot the clip by herself, so Joey has no choice but to agree. He offers Caitlin to appear in the clip wearing a bikini, but after getting quite a
S01E04 Il n'est pas interdit de rèver 20/11/1989 Everyone wants Caitlin.Arthur keeps fantasizing about her, but his dreams keep getting interrupted before he can even kiss her. Joey has a date with her on Friday, but she cancels. Caitlin instead goes out with Claude on Friday to see some French film. While auditioning for the school play, Kathleen gets interested in a junior named Scott.
S01E05 Le clip 27/11/1989 Lucy finally agrees to shoot The Zits' video - if they can all agree on a script, persuade Clutch to lend them his car, coax Lucy into shooting it with Clutch around… Life is almost perfect for Joey - he'll deal with the small problem of Caitlin just as soon as the video's done. The hate campaign against Erica escalates, and Erica is determined to find out who is putting pamphlets and slogans on her locker.
S01E06 Personne n'est parfait 05/12/1989 Kathleen's dreams are coming true. Scott is the perfect boyfriend - considerate, affectionate, even gives her flowers. She can forgive him for being hot tempered, he's got a lot of troubles at home. Then he gets upset with her because she was talking to Luke and beats her up. Liz encourages Spike to go out with a boy for the first time since Emma was born, but she's so nervous she almost blows it.
S01E07 Restons amis 12/12/1989 Heather has a crush on Wheels. She throws herself at him, and they start making out and are about to go to the next base when Heather's sister interrupts them. Wheels promises Heather he'd call her, but then he never does because he only liked her as a friend. Kathleen, Melanie, and Diana befriend Maya. However, they don't invite her to the movies because the theatre doesn't have a wheelchair ramp. Maya finds out they went without her, and she's hurt, because they could've just went to a different theater that was accessible to handicapped people. L.D. finds out that she has leukemia.
S01E08 Gentils mensonges 19/12/1989 Diana is determined to grow up, but her older brother, left with the task of bringing her up after their father died, is so old-fashioned. And Yick, the object of her affections, is going to be at Melanie's party. How will Diana's brother ever know she went? Joey, Snake and Wheels decide it's time they expanded their horizons a little and attend a strip show. But, as always with The Zits, things don't go quite the way they were planned.
S01E09 Avoir 16 ans (1) 09/01/1990 Michelle finds her father impossible to live with, but now that she's sixteen she can legally move out, if only she had the money. Of course, there is that family ring she got for her birthday. Spike is nervous about how fond Patrick is becoming of her - she just doesn't want to get hurt. Joey and Snake are excited about starting driving lessons.
S01E10 Avoir 16 ans (2) 09/01/1990 Michelle finds her father impossible to live with, but now that she's sixteen she can legally move out, if only she had the money. Of course, there is that family ring she got for her birthday. Spike is nervous about how fond Patrick is becoming of her - she just doesn't want to get hurt. Joey and Snake are excited about starting driving lessons.
S01E11 Tout pour la bonne cause 16/01/1990 Caitlin and Claude want to do something to protest against a factory involved in nuclear missiles. The peace group they belong to advises them to cool it, but they can't just stand by and let it go on.Scott has been harrassing Kathleen for a while and she gets sick of it and presses charges when he beats her up on her way home from school.
S01E12 Attirances 23/01/1990 When Erica starts seeing a new boy, it frightens Heather. One abortion was bad enough, but what if she goes too far again? Heather has to come to terms with her own guilt at having supported Erica. Alison says she's giving up on her campaign to win Snake, but when he invites Alison's best friend Amy to the dance, the claws come out. Scooter suddenly notices that his pal Tessa is (gasp!) a girl!
S01E13 Examens de passage 30/01/1990 Joey is diagnosed with a learning disability. He contemplates dropping out of high school, but changes his mind after talking to Caitlin. Caitlin tells him to stop feeling sorry for himself, because he's not the only one with a disability, because she has to deal with having epilepsy. Elsewhere, everyone cheats on a test. The teacher says since everyone gets an A, that test must not have been hard enough, so it won't count and he'd give everyone a harder test.
S01E14 Les monstres 06/02/1990 Lucy becomes director and writer of her first film: a feminist horror flick starring the Zits, Simon and Caitlin, with Alexa, Tim and Heather as crew. But the film that's playing in Lucy's mind is a far cry from the one that's unfolding in the empty Saturday morning corridors of the school. Spike is nervous when Shane starts hanging around the school watching her.
S01E15 Tout va mal 13/02/1990 Caitlin hears that Ms. Avery has been fired from her job in the school resource centre. When she starts a petition around school, protesting her firing, Mr. Raditch intervenes. He tells Caitlin she was offered a job as a substitute teacher, but turned it down. Caitlin confronts Ms. Avery about this. Ms. Avery explains she wants a classroom of her own with students of her own. They get into an arguement, but later reconcile at Ms. Avery's going away party. Also Michelle takes too many caffine pills and BLT takes her to the school nurse.
S02E01 Mauvais sang (1) 03/09/1990 Condom machines have been installed in the school washrooms, and as Lucy records reactions with her video camera, Dwayne finds an interesting new use for the condoms -as water bombs to drop on Joey, Wheels and Snake. Joey, however, is more concerned with raising money to put a down payment on a muscle car, and takes bets that he will walk through the cafeteria - wearing nothing but a hat. B.L.T. has trouble breaking up with Michelle. Dwayne receives a frightening phone call from his summer girlfriend. To be continued...
S02E02 Mauvais sang (2) 03/09/1990 Joey and Dwayne's enmity has escalated since Joey found out that it was Dwayne who turned him in for walking naked in the cafeteria, and Joey is determined to get Dwayne back. AIDS speakers at Degrassi during Sexual Awareness Week make the illness chillingly personal - especially for Dwayne, who becomes increasingly withdrawn as he awaits the results of his HIV test. Michelle finds out the real reason B.L.T. broke up with her.
S02E03 Amitié = Loyauté 10/09/1990 Michelle, B.L.T., Simon and Alexa were always the fabulous four, but now that Michelle and B.L.T. have broken up and B.L.T. has a new girlfriend, Cindy, Alexa's loyalties are divided. Snake develops a crush on Michelle, but she's just not ready for it. Caitlin, planning a fancy dinner for her parent's twentieth anniversary, discovers her father is seeing another woman.
S02E04 Un tissu de mensonges 17/09/1990 Wheels' lies to his grandmother become more elaborate as each tops the one before, and when he's grounded for his marks, Wheels concocts another story so he can go to a concert with Joey and Snake. Caitlin becomes increasingly upset about her father's infidelity, but discovers that her mother already knows about it. Yankou doesn't know what to do about his crush on Tessa.
S02E05 A bas le machisme 24/09/1990 Lucy, who's feeling unpopular, is thrilled when good-looking Dale invites her to the dance. The girl's volleyball team, however, is upset that the boys' basketball team is getting preferential treatment. Lucy is all set to fight, until she discovers that Dale is the captain of the boys' team. When Patrick, who has broken up with Spike, invites Liz out, Spike is surprised to find that she's jealous. Alexa tries to make up with Michelle.
S02E06 Court-circuit 03/12/1990 When Tim tries to kiss Liz good night after a date, it reawakens her long-ago memories of sexual abuse, but it's just not something she can talk about, not even to her best friend Spike. Yankou thinks he wants to kiss Tessa, but he's not sure whether she wants him to. Joey feels pressured with Wheels living in his house. Dwayne's friends can't understand what's bothering him - and Joey's the only one who knows.
S02E07 Une nuit blanche 10/12/1990 Melanie's surprise sleepover for Diana's birthday promises to hold more than one surprise when Kathleen finds some marijuana. Hoping to bring his two best friends together, Yick persuades Luke to invite Arthur to a poker game. Joey decides to join ""the nerds"" for poker - anything to get away from Wheels, who's driving him crazy. Yankou must pull an all-nighter in order to get an assignment done on time.
S02E08 La réconciliation 17/12/1990 Wheels wears out his welcome at Joey's house when he steals money from Mrs. Jeremiah. But his Grandma won't have him back, his reputation has preceded him to Snake's house. It's pouring rain. Where will he sleep? Michelle, worn down by job, school and partying roommates considers moving back to her father's house. But will she be able to stand his rules?
S02E09 Activités extrascolaires 08/01/1991 When Lucy, Heather and Erica hear the rumour that their favourite band, The Savages, is making a rock video at the school, nothing will stop them from sneaking in to see them - not even the fact that Lucy's boyfriend Bronco could get into trouble. Joey and Snake's campaign plans are abruptly changed when they also discover the band is at Degrassi. Caitlin's parents ask her to come home so they can talk.
S02E10 Le spectacle (1) 15/01/1991 Auditions are being held for Talent Night, and the acts range from dramatic poetry to singing hats. Joey is struggling with science - it's clear he's going to need some help. Alexa is thinking of breaking up with Simon. But the whole school is thrown into turmoil when a student commits suicide at school - especially Caitlin, since the student is her ex-boyfriend, Claude. To be continued...
S02E11 Le spectacle (2) 22/01/1991 Life begins to go on at Degrassi, but should they go through with Talent Night? Snake is beginning to feel better after his discovery of Claude's body. Joey still desperately needs help with science, and Mr. Webster has set him up with a tutor - Caitlin. Joey's apprehensive enough, what with his history with her, but when he gets to her house, he finds that she's still suffering the effects of Claude's suicide.
S02E12 Trois c'est trop 29/01/1991 Snake invites Spike to the graduation formal, but then Michelle - who he'd really rather go with - invites him. What's a guy to do? Tessa is becoming bored with Yankou, and wants to dump him, but she doesn't want to hurt his feelings. What's a girl to do? Amy and Alison are desperate for dates to the formal, but only a senior will do.
S02E13 La dernière danse 05/02/1991 Dwayne must deal with his feelings about being HIV-positive and with the reactions of other students once his secret gets out. Lucy is keen to follow the footsteps of boyfriend Bronco into the school presidency. Joey contemplates asking Caitlin to the semi-formal. Suddenly the year's last dance takes on new significance when the news comes out. It's not just the year's last dance. It's Degrassi's last dance.