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In this simple-to-follow cookery course for people of all ages and abilities, Delia returns to the very roots of cooking to look at the techniques and the staple ingredients which underline the best traditions of British cookery. Delia sees it as an answer to an urgent need. There are more recipes than ever on television and yet it seems that many of us have forgotten how to put together a wholesome, nutritious meal that doesn't come ready-made in a packet. Delia is convinced from the questions she receives that people are no longer handed down the basics. In a world where people have less time than ever, they feel intimidated by the thought of cooking. How to Cook: Part One covers the staple ingredients which form the basis of the worlds foods—rice, flour, potatoes, pasta, and eggs. With her unique powers of communication Delia removes the fear and mystique from cooking both the simplest and quickest and the more advanced dishes with these essential tools of the trade. Perfect sponge cakes, fail-safe pastry, and Delia's guide to the Great British Breakfast rub shoulders with an everlasting souffle and tempura prawns. For the health conscious there are chips that you don't have to fry and Delia's amazing no-fat white sauce. And, if you can't even boil an egg, Delia will show you how to do that as well, in this complete guide to cookery for the 21st century.


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S01E01 All About Eggs 13/10/1998 This week's edition concentrates on eggs, from boiling, poaching and scrambling them to using them in such recipes as egg and lentil curry and wild mushroom tartlet with poached quail's eggs.
S01E02 The Art of the Omelette 20/10/1998 In this week's edition she looks at more ways to cook eggs. She gives advice on how to create the perfect omelette and produces eggs en cocotte with morel mushrooms for a dinner party.
S01E03 Separate Ways with Eggs 27/10/1998 In this week's edition she demonstrates the technique of separating egg yolks from whites and reveals the secrets behind custards that won't curdle and souffles that won't sink.
S01E04 Rediscovering Bread 03/11/1998 In this week's edition she shows how to prepare a variety of breads, from wholemeal loaves to a goat's cheese, onion and potato bread. Plus the art of creating a steamed panettone pudding and an authentic Italian pizza.
S01E05 First Steps in Pastry 10/11/1998 This week she reveals the art of making pastry. She uses shortcrust, flan and flaky pastries to bake a smoked fish quiche, her own version of pumpkin pie, and caramelised mincemeat ravioli.
S01E06 Cakes and Biscuits for Beginners 17/11/1998 She makes cakes and biscuits, with recipes for a sponge with passion-fruit filling, an Irish whiskey Christmas cake, and a spiced-apple muffin cake from America.
S01E07 Flour-based Sauces and Batter 24/11/1998 This week Delia has recipes for white sauce and its variations, Canadian buttermilk pancakes with maple syrup and traditional toad-in-the-hole. Plus news of a flour for sauces which needs no fat at all.
S01E08 Real Potatoes 01/12/1998 This week focusing on the potato. Delia prepares creamy mash and crunchy-skinned jacket potatoes with various fillings. Plus roast potatoes with saffron, warm new potatoes in a roquefort salad and two types of gnocchi, the classic Italian potato dish.
S01E09 Pasta Revisited 08/12/1998 The week Delia is focusing on pasta and preparing classic tomato, and garlic and chilli sauces, plus linguine with gorgonzola, a souffled macaroni cheese, a spinach lasagne and stuffed cannelloni.
S01E10 All Kinds of Rice 15/12/1998 Problem-free rice provides this week's focus as she prepares pilau rice, Chinese stir-fry rice and a risotto carbonara.
S02E01 Store Cupboard 10/01/2000
S02E02 Fish 17/01/2000
S02E03 Beef and Meat 24/01/2000
S02E04 Chicken and Poultry 31/01/2000
S02E05 Vegetables 07/02/2000
S02E06 Salad 14/02/2000
S02E07 Special Ingredients 21/02/2000
S02E08 Fruit 28/02/2000
S02E09 Cheese 06/03/2000
S02E10 Chocolate 13/03/2000

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