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Niwa Makoto est un lycéen parti vivre chez sa tante car ses parents sont en voyage d’affaires. Il y rencontre une cousine du même âge, inconnue du reste de sa famille, Towa Erio. Cette cousine étrange porte constamment un futon autour du corps, ne se nourrit pratiquement que de pizzas et pense être un extraterrestre.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Denpa Onna To Seishun Otoko

S01E01 Une ville d'extra-terrestre 15/04/2011 Niwa Makoto has moved to a new town to live with his aunt while his parents are away on business. He believes he will be living alone with her but upon arriving finds a rolled up futon with legs sticking out of it. His aunt dances around the issue and it is left to Makoto to make contact with “it”.
S01E02 Une réverie pour une adolescence disparante 21/04/2011 After successful contact with Touwa Erio the self-professed alien wrapped in a futon Makoto attends his first day of school. He meets Ryuko Mifune in his class and rides his bike home with her. The next day he encounters Maekawa a tall girl who becomes dizzy if she holds her arms above her head for more than 10 seconds. That night after taking Erio to the beach they run into Maekawa who recognizes Erio as a former student who had disappeared for six months.
S01E03 L'étrange Moment avec la Fille Rampante 28/04/2011 Makoto spends the day with Mifune. Later his aunt Meme tells him not get involved with Erio. The next day at school Makoto debates what to do about Erio and decides that he can’t help her recover her memories from her six month disappearance but he can help convince her that she is not an alien. He decides to prove once and for all that Erio can’t fly.
S01E04 Un mois pour réparer un bras cassé 05/05/2011 Turns out Makoto can’t fly either and ends up breaking his arm in the process. While he stays in the hospital he is visited by Mifune and Maekawa who come to find out why he rode his bike off a cliff. When he returns home aunt Meme wants to take him and Erio out to celebrate his return.
S01E05 Mélancolie de Noël 12/05/2011 In her usual dramatic fashion Meme has a midlife crisis about turning 40. She decides to have a birthday for Eiro the next day since she forgot about it last year. Eiro tells Makoto she wants to reenter society and get a job. Being such a well-known weirdo around town the only place she can get a job is in the small store run by an equally old lady.
S01E06 Ryuuko tu... sais... se sent mélancolique. 19/05/2011 Ry?ko goes with her friend to the Tamura shop, where she encounters Erio and also spots Makoto. The next day, she decides to visit the place, running into Meme along the way. Afterward, Ry?ko talks to Makoto about the bad reputation Erio has at school, mentioning it may cause him troubles if he is seen hanging out with her. Later, Makoto asks the old lady for some advice on the matter. A few days later, Ry?ko and Maekawo visit the T?wa household, where Makoto has trouble keeping Erio under control. As Meme returns and the suggests the girls stay for dinner, she openly hints that Ry?ko might be a match for Makoto.
S01E07 Un jour pour que Quelqu'un Se souvienne 26/05/2011 Maekawa is confused by an anonymous person leaving soft drinks outside of the sweets store she works at, suspecting someone who launches bottle rockets nearby. She later meets with the culprit, who claims to be a fan of hers and commissions her to make more bottle rockets. She accepts the job, asking Makoto, Erio and Ry?ko to help out. After they each make some rice bowls for dinner, Erio invites Maekawa and Ryuko to stay for the night, where Ryuko mentions to Makoto about it being her birthday the next day and how she'd take his side if it came down to people picking on Erio. The next day, they go to the beach where they join the bottle rocketeer in launching their bottle rockets.
S01E08 Le rêve de Tsiolkovsky 02/06/2011 The episode focuses on Meme during the events of the previous weeks. On June 12th, she gets a bottle rocket tested out by the bottle rocketeer, who suddenly asks her to marry him. Whilst avoiding him for a week, Meme recalls 28 years ago when she first met Elliot, the boy who would become Erio's father. Meme later visits the rocketeer to refuse his proposal, later learning he had mistaked Maekawa for Erio whilst trying to woo Meme with his rockets. Meme then convinces her granny to accompany her for the launching of the bottle rockets at the beach, pitching the whole thing as an attack on aliens.
S01E09 L'incident de l'Alien, Édition Spéciale ! 09/06/2011 Maekawa invites Makoto to join in a game of baseball with various other people. Later that night, Makoto goes stargazing with Erio. She joins in the match the next day, where they meet a strange person dressed as an astronaut claiming to be an Esper.
S01E10 La Fille de la Terasse 16/06/2011 Makoto and Erio continued to be bothered by the spacegirl, who later introduces herself as Yashiro Hoshimiya. Later that night, Ryushi calls Makoto about her upcoming basketball game, asking him to accompany her to the festival if she is able to play in it. The next day, Meme has Makoto take Yashiro back to her place, stopping by a pool along the way.
S01E11 Cet été, c'est Basket-ball et ESP et Matelas et Astronomie et Festival et Base-ball et Meme et ... 01/07/2011 Maekawa invites Makoto over to her house for lunch, where he spots Yashiro lurking in her garden. The next, Ryuko invites Makoto to watch her basketball match where she meets her friend, Miki, and also runs into Yashiro again. As Ryuko struggles in her match, Yashiro encourages Makoto to cheer for her, giving her the confidence to score some points.
S01E12 0,00000000198 Centimètres par Seconde 01/07/2011 On the day of the baseball match, Maekawa's father runs away due to pressure, leaving the shopping district team shorts on pitchers. With Meme declaring herself coach, she sends Makoto to search for Maekawa's father whilst Erio pitches. After returning with Maekawa's father, Makoto is made the pinch hitter. As he makes a powerful hit, a strong wind kicks up, turning it into a home run. As a reward, Meme kisses Makoto on the cheek in front of everyone.

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