Affiche Der Schlunz
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Schlunz is a boy who lost his memory. The day when the family Schmidtsteiner finds the neglected, completely intimidated guy in the wood, that's the beginning of a new turbulent time for Dad, Mom, the nine-year-old Nele and and especially for Lukas, who becomes Schlunz' best friend. The only thing, on what the boy with the tousled hair remembers, is, that he was called "der Schlunz".


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Der Schlunz

S01E01 Rescue at the last second 25/12/2010
S01E02 Zoff with the Giants 26/12/2010
S01E03 Theater for the Mayor 12/06/2011
S01E04 Luke from skin 13/06/2011
S01E05 A cake for Mrs. Rosenbaum 17/09/2011
S02E01 Traitor in the Castle 31/12/2011
S02E02 All for naught 01/01/2012
S02E03 The trace of the fire arrow 09/04/2012
S02E04 On the run 25/12/2012
S02E05 The decision 26/12/2012