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Derren Brown is a unique force in the world of illusion - he can seemingly predict and control human behaviour. He doesn't claim to be a mind-reader, instead he describes his craft as a mixture of magic, suggestion, psychology, misdirection and showmanship. Whatever you choose to call it, his unparalleled performances amaze and unsettle all those who watch him. This is a powerful and provocative form of entertainment, unlikely to be imitated for a long while.


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S01E01 Episode 1 23/04/2004 Derren makes a taxi driver forget about an obvious destination. He also plays chess against nine of the U.K.'s top chess players.
S01E02 Episode 2 30/04/2004 On the Street: Derren could read how many fingers someone was holding up (behind their back and then in their pockets). Then he made them read how many fingers he held up. Martin Kemp: Derren guessed what object Martin was going to choose from 150 objects, before he had chosen it. Penalty Shoot-Out: Derren predicts, split-seconds before the penalty is taken, where a mid-fielder is going to kick the ball into the goal, five times. He gets it right every time. Memory: Derren draws a building almost perfectly from memory, but it turns out to be a mirror image. Penalty Light Test: A goalie guesses every time which button the mid-fielder presses, as they turn on the same lights at the same time.
S01E03 Episode 3 07/05/2004 Leaving wallet ringed with yellow circle containg cash on Regent Street. Identifying three pieces of music conducted, without any orchestra, by Robin Stapleton selected from list of Derren's CD collection. Invisible Man hypnosis routine with film student. Street Work: Member of the crowd mindreading the address of another bystander after a little instruction from Derren. Orchestra playing a piece (after having started randomly) which was chosen by the conductor and only transmitted to them by his "mental conducting."
S01E04 Episode 4 14/05/2004 Derren uses a voodoo doll to restrict a woman's movements and makes a primary teacher transmit her thoughts to her pupils.
S01E05 Episode 5 21/05/2004 Street Work: Member of the crowd mindreading the name of another bystander's pet after a little instruction from Derren. Undertaker sorting a pile of photographs. Based on the photographs' subjects, Derren reveals that he had unwittingly sorted them into people that were dead, and those that were alive. Derren decribes the process as having been "out of this world." Michel Roux, Jr cooks a meal which reminds him of a specific occasion, Derren then describes the scene he has pictured and gives the breeds and names of the two dogs in the memory. A butcher, baker and candlestick maker arrange furniture in a room and then select a toy each. Derren then shows them a room in a dolls' house laid out in the same way with their three figures holding the chosen toys.
S01E06 Episode 6 28/05/2004 Street Work: Repeatedly identifying the finger thought of by a member of the public, having the subject tell how many fingers Derren is holding up out of sight. Predicting words given by a psychologist during a word dissociation game. Final prediction of a free choice word. Derren stopping woman walking across a room by clenching his fist out of her sight. Woman stopping pedestrian walking past the window by clenching her fist. Derren correctly predicting 'secret' drawing from a dissociated drawing (like the word dissociation game) drawn by the psychologist. Derren predicting item to be selected from a supermarket by a supermarket designer with a label on his back. The route around the supermaket had also been predicted on an envelope sent earlier in the week.
S03E01 Episode 1 26/03/2006 Derren visits the Valley of Fire, Nevada, where he makes the sun disappear and then shows viewers how he did it. He conducts the same experiment on a group of people in Hollywood, Barcelona and London, and Matt Lucas is dumbfounded by a card trick.
S03E02 Episode 2 02/04/2006 Derren tries to manipulate the thoughts of athlete Kelly Holmes at a north London running track - with fascinating results. He also attempts to implant notions into the dreams of a sleeping student.
S03E03 Episode 3 09/04/2006 Derren uses his powers of misdirection and illusion to win a blindfolded noughts and crosses game in London, and finds water divining in the Nevada desert is thirsty work. A group of strangers invited onto the show find they all have something in common.
S03E04 Episode 4 16/04/2006 Derren sets out to get two people communicating with each other despite speaking different languages and performs a routine spanning the canals of Venice. He also invites Robbie Williams to a remote location in the East End for a spot of body piercing.
S03E05 Episode 5 23/04/2006 Derren travels to Vienna, where he performs a perplexing effect on the giant Ferris wheel featured in Orson Welles' The Third Man. He also manipulates a cinema audience to forget a film they have just watched, while Stephen Merchant takes part in a game of fifty-fifty chance.
S03E06 Episode 6 30/04/2006 Derren performs an old séance trick for Meera Syal, makes an amputee feel sensation in their missing limb and demonstrates a memory feat in Monaco.
S00E01 Derren Brown Plays Russian Roulette Live 05/10/2003
S00E02 Séance 31/05/2004
S00E03 Messiah 07/01/2005
S00E04 The Gathering 29/05/2005
S00E05 The Heist 04/01/2006
S00E06 Something Wicked This Way Comes 29/12/2006
S00E07 The System 01/02/2008
S00E08 An Evening of Wonders 13/01/2009 The internationally acclaimed psychological illusionist takes the theatre audience and viewers on a jaw-dropping, laugh-out-loud journey to a climax of the most astonishing mind-reading. This is Derren at his best: funny, energised and a master of audience control. The show features plenty of audience participation, shocking stunts and mind games, as Derren demonstrates why he is one of the country's most exciting live performers.
S00E09 Hero at 30,000 Feet 08/09/2010 Derren Brown, the acclaimed psychological illusionist, returns to Channel 4 for a thought provoking - and life transforming - special. Following the successes of previous television specials such as Russian Roulette Live, Séance, The Heist and The Events, Derren once again creates edge-of-the-seat television as he takes 'average Joes' on an extraordinary psychological journey. In a powerful transformation, which will include an amazing, must-watch finale, Derren releases his subjects from the restraints that they have placed on themselves and allows them the opportunity to fulfil their true potential, opening the door to a new and exciting future...
S00E10 Inside Your Mind 03/10/2003
S00E11 The Lecture 00/00/0000
S00E12 The Events: How to Win the Lottery 09/09/2009 Is it possible to predict the outcome of Britain's National Lottery? Derren Brown did just that on Wednesday night. In Friday's extraordinary show he revealed three possible ways he may have been able to do that. He began with the science of mathematics and probability. Is there a pattern in the numbers? A numerical code that could unlock good fortune? Next his investigation continued into the world of intuition and the wisdom, and sometimes madness, of crowds. What influence on the outcome can the players themselves have? Finally, Derren explained what he definitely did not do. Is it possible to control the outcome of the lottery using more devious means? In other words, can you rig the world's most secure lottery? And if so, how would you go about it?
S00E13 The Events: How to Control the Nation 18/09/2009 Derren demonstrates his astonishing powers of persuasion before an invited audience and then invites the nation to join in a very special television event that will have you on the edge of your seat. Derren takes his baffled volunteers through an amazing series of psychological experiments that reveal the myth, mystery and power of mind control. He reveals the secrets behind subliminal imagery, the science of perception without awareness, how to dominate the minds of strangers using low frequency sounds and control human behaviour by subtly reshaping our environment. For the finale of the show Derren talks live to viewers at home. Can Derren control the minds of the entire nation?
S00E14 The Events: How to be a Psychic Spy 25/09/2009 Derren Brown explores the powers of the mind in this unique special which reveals the propaganda value of psychic powers and features some incredible demonstrations of telekinesis, mind control and remote viewing Remote Viewer Dr Wayne Carr takes on a challenge from Derren to psychically divine a chosen location. The blind Daniel Kish reveals how he can see without eyes. And a court illustrator is invited to play an unusual game of 'Guess Who? The finale of the show featured a nationwide experiment in which you took part. Were your psychic powers revealed?
S00E15 The Events: How to Beat the Casino 02/10/2009 Can you really take down a casino and beat it at its own game? Derren Brown investigates several ways to beat roulette from betting strategies to methods that depend on incredible skills of visual prediction.
S00E16 The 3D Magic Spectacular 16/11/2009 Derren Brown Presents the 3D Magic Spectacular features some of the world's greatest, funniest and most shocking magicians performing magic in stunning 3D. With Derren as host, some of Britain's leading performers dazzle the audience with incredible trickery, and amazing archive footage features performances of some of the world's greatest magic tricks.
S00E17 DB Investigates: The Man Who Contacts the Dead 10/05/2010 Illusionist Derren Brown sets out to discover whether some of the more extraordinary claims from around the world are true, beginning by exploring the world of a Liverpool-based psychic medium. Joe Power claims he can communicate with the dead, and alleges that one of the many people he has made contact with is John Lennon.

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