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Dans ce futur indéterminé, le Japon n'est plus qu'une terre dévastée, le désert du Grand Kanto, règne de la violence et des pillards. Sunabozu est un chasseur de prime : petit, cruel, avare et mesquin, sa maîtrise de toutes sortes de gadgets lui a valu le surnom de Fantôme du Désert et la réputation d'être le meilleur dans sa catégorie. Alors qu'il est chargé par un client de retrouver un trésor familial, il rencontrera la très pulpeuse Asagiri qui se montrera encore plus rusée que belle...


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Desert Punk

S01E01 Un diable et des nibards 04/10/2004 The introduction of Desert Punk (Sunab?zu), where he is manipulated to fight a gang by Junko. After Desert Punk won, Junko takes all the credit and is responsible for the first failure mission of Desert Punk.
S01E02 Le sable et la pluie 11/10/2004 Desert Punk and Rain Spider (Amagumo) are hired by the same company to collect debt of a family of an old man and his daughter. Rain Spider wanted to sell the daughter as the old man had no assets to which Desert Punk disagreed and they pit themselves in a duel for it.
S01E03 Le tank et la mitraillette 18/10/2004 Junko asks for help of Desert Punk and the Machine Gun Brothers to assist her in a machine. Little did Desert Punk know she upset a man with a tank and has to destroy it to survive the day.
S01E04 Tirs et bruits de pas 25/10/2004 A sniper tries to hunt Desert Punk considering the reputation he would gather defeating the great desert demon. After the battle is won by Desert Punk, the assistant (Kosuna) of the sniper ditches her old master to join Desert Punk, but is declined.
S01E05 Le puits et le piège 02/11/2004 A village that expects that is soon to have source of water hires Desert Punk to defend the village against expected raiders. In the meantime, Desert Punk lowers the villagers morale by overconsuming their food and water.
S01E06 Fusées et vagabondage 09/11/2004 Desert Punk defeats the raiders, but is taken outside of the village while sleeping and left on his own with little food and water. He then tries to return to the village for payment but finds himself on the verge of death, only to be saved by the Machine Gun Brothers.
S01E07 Le maître et l'élève [1ère partie] 16/11/2004 After being saved by the Machine Gun Brothers, the Desert Punk returns to his hometown, where he finds himself a young new apprentice he can take advantage of.
S01E08 La chienne et le rocher 23/11/2004 Desert Punk and Kosuna have a new job: to destroy a stone, believed to be cursed. The only problem is, the curse seems to be real, and everything that can go wrong, does go wrong.
S01E09 La vie et le jeu 30/11/2004 Junko promises the Desert Punk a ten million yen reward and Desert Punk can't resist. He leaves, followed by his apprentice, Junko and Kaizuka, the old treasure hunter, towards the ruins of a city. There, a menacing ancient sentinel awaits them.
S01E10 Le gardien et le chasseur de trésor 07/12/2004 Desert Punk helps a treasure hunter retrieve a fortune that he lost ten years before. But a seemingly unknown creature is guarding the treasure.
S01E11 Crime et châtiment 14/12/2004 After Junko double-crosses Desert Punk, he takes her prisoner and locks both of them inside a secret desert hide-out. Angry, Junko knocks Desert punk in the head, and now he can't remember the code to let them out.
S01E12 Une petite fille et un sauvetage 21/12/2004 Desert Punk has been hired to save a young girl from the legendary Night Mat Shimada. But the girl turns out to be more of a handful than the Desert Punk can handle.
S01E13 Idéal et réalité 28/12/2004 After Desert Punk and Kosuna save a fellow good guy named Stryker, Desert Punk tries to take advantage of him in order to make lots of money.
S01E14 Kosuna et l'automatique 17/01/2005 After Kosuna has a near-death fight with an enemy mercenary, she decides to arm herself to the teeth. But she still has a lot of training to do and an old wise arms dealer will teach her everything.
S01E15 Frères et amis d'enfance 24/01/2005 An old childhood friend of Desert Punk, Natsuko, returns. Meanwhile, Desert Punk confronts the Machine Gun Brothers again.
S01E16 Fiente et urine 31/01/2005 Desert Punk must protect a secret weapon of mass destruction from Rain Spiders' men.
S01E17 Junko poursuivie 07/02/2005 Junko runs into Desert Punk in the middle of the desert, being chased by a sniper. The sniper is wearing a state-of-the-art desert suit and seems to have a fixation on the lovely Junko.
S01E18 Avortement et désespoir 14/02/2005 Tech manages to kidnap Junko, but Desert Punk is on his trail. That is until three other men appear and start shooting at all of them. Now Desert Punk must join forces with Junko's kidnapper, in order to survive.
S01E19 Des hauts et des bas 21/02/2005 After Junko is arrested by the government, Desert Punk teams up with the Machine Gun Brothers to find the missing Natsuki.
S01E20 Derrière et mercenaire 28/02/2005 Desert Punk discovers that Stryker, Natsuko and many others are all part of the Underground Mercenaries, a group taht wants to overthrow the government.
S01E21 Maître et élève [2ème partie] 07/03/2005 With Desert Punk dead, it is up to Kosuna to take his place when the Kawazu Gang returns.
S01E22 La pluie et la mer 14/03/2005 Kosuna is hired to guard a secret meeting of the Underground Mercenaries Union.
S01E23 Doute et ambition 21/03/2005 Kosuna accepts a new job from Natsuko, this time to guard a secret laboratory. On the way there, they see a mysterious cloud appearing on the horizon.
S01E24 Taiko et Kanta 28/03/2005 With the thought of Kanta being dead quickly erased from her mind, Kosuna sets out to prove herself as a true mercenary one last time against her old master. Kanta reveals that Kaizuka may not be all that he seems to be, and the Underground Mercenaries are destroyed. Kosuna chooses to forget about her past and Desert Punk, knowing that is the only way she can truly become Kanto Desert's greatest power babe.

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