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Design on a Dime makes over a space for design-conscious home dwellers who want lots of style but may not have lots of money for the project. With a budget of just $1,000, a design team tackles a problem area such as a boring bedroom, lackluster living room, cluttered dining room or outdated office space. Together the team transforms the ordinary into the awesome. What a dramatic change! And what fun to see the residents' reaction to their new room! The budget isn't big, but the payoff sure is. Hosts are Sam Kivett (100s and 200s), Lee Snijders and Kristan Cunningham (300s); design team members include Charles Burbridge, Summer Baltzer, Dave Sheinkopf and Spencer Anderson.


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S01E01 Hip, Retro Living Room 18/01/2003 Darlene Duran desires a living room with a little pizzazz. Her colorless room is uninviting, her desk is cluttered and the open floor plan makes it hard to distinguish workspace from play space. Sam Kivett arrives to outline her issues: lack of color, a layout that doesn't maximize the space, a poorly organized office area and insufficient task and ambient lighting. Kivett meets with his design coordinators to discuss a plan for a retro-inspired space and shops for lamps with Darlene to get a better sense of her style. The project is completed under the $1,000 budget and Darlene now has a funky retro living room with added privacy for working and added personality for entertaining.
S01E02 Mission-Inspired Living Room 26/01/2003 Jeff and Mary Rafner are stumped about what to do with their large, disorganized living room. Though the room has a good amount of natural light and a sizable collection of mission-style furniture, it isn't working for them as well as it could. Sam Kivett determines the new design and what needs to be done, including rearranging the furniture, bringing in new storage pieces and introducing color on the walls.
S01E03 Cozy Cottage Bedroom 08/02/2003 Homeowners Anne Apra and Steve Millington are not pleased with the look of their master bedroom. Host and interior designer Sam Kivett arrives to outline the problems in the room, which include: a lack of color, mismatched wood furniture, unimpressive window treatments and a lack of lighting. After consulting with his design coordinators, he comes up with a cozy cottage design using pale purple, light green and a creamy white on the walls, furnishings and fabrics.
S01E04 Old European-Inspired Bedroom 10/02/2003 Newlyweds Doug Wilson and Weni Chang want to transform their white room that's filled with Weni's old furniture into a romantic getaway reminiscent of their European honeymoon. Sam Kivett meets with the couple to discuss their issues, which include a need to add color, storage, draperies, drama to an undressed window seat and updated furniture. Kivett meets with his design coordinators to discuss his plan for a romantic European-inspired space. Designer Summer Baltzer shops for fabric while designer Charles Burbridge updates the existing furniture with stain and stencils. The team is pleased when the project is completed for under the $1,000 budget and the couple is thrilled with their new bedroom full of Old World charm.
S01E05 Asian-Themed Bachelor Pad 21/02/2003 Mark Dragin is living in the first place he can call his own. With no one to help decorate and a tight budget, his living room is empty and bland. He wants an Asian-themed room in which he can be proud to entertain guests. Sam Kivett arrives to outline the problems: a need for additional seating, deep green carpeting, insufficient lighting, a lack of color and missing window treatments. Kivett meets with his design team to discuss an Asian-inspired design plan for Mark's room. Summer Balzer hits an import furniture store, while Charles Burbridge stocks up at a cane and basket supply store to build a unique room divider. With the addition of rich color, creative lighting and Asian accents, the team succeeds in turning a blank space into a stylish bachelor pad all for under $1,000.
S01E06 Multipurpose Asian-Style Space 21/02/2003 Ande Richards needs to use her large, open living room for multiple purposes: as an office, a place to eat and a place to entertain, and she envisions the room in an exotic Asian style. Host Sam Kivett outlines the design dilemmas then heads to his office to discuss an Asian-style room with his team, Summer Baltzer and Charles Burbridge. They visit an Indian import store where they find much of what they need for the room, including fabric for the dramatic wall-mounted canopies that will section off the space. When finished, the new plan allows for privacy when working, intimate dining and an exotic space for entertaining.
S01E07 Modern Spanish Master Bedroom 24/02/2003 Jim Bird recently purchased his first home and is ready to add some personality to his bland bedroom. He has several contemporary pieces that he likes, but also wants to match the Spanish style of his home. Host and designer Sam Kivett meets with Bird and decides to update the room with a Spanish look with a modern twist featuring wrought-iron accessories, new furniture and colorful fabric.
S01E08 Moroccan Dining Experience 17/03/2003 Larry Weissman's new town home is contemporary in style and the interior is blaringly white. He wants his dining room to be exotic and to stand out as a showpiece in his home. Host Sam Kivett decides a Moroccan-style room with a jewel-tone palette is best for Weissman's dining room and he and his design team set out to turn the bland and empty room into a fully furnished space full of drama and mystery, all for under the $1,000 budget.
S01E09 Sky- and Sea-Inspired Living Room and Dining Room 29/03/2003 Ogie and Alyssa Zulueta are in a quandary over their adjoining living and dining room. They want the space to be relaxing, free of clutter and suitable for entertaining. Host Sam Kivett arrives to outline their issues: the absence of a dining table and chairs, proper lighting, sufficient storage and a cohesive style--and the makeover must be complete on a $1,000 budget! Kivett meets with design coordinators Summer Baltzer and Charles Burbridge to discuss the specifics of his design plan and then takes the couple shopping to get a sense of their style. When completed, the combination living and dining room is both clutter free and a place in which the couple can proudly entertain.
S01E10 Functional and Funky Loft 11/04/2003 Amy Grant and Rob Ahlers recently moved into a large loft and want to have defined spaces for the living room, dining room and office. Host and interior designer Sam Kivett arrives to address their dilemma and after meeting with his design team, comes up with colorful and functional design to suit their needs--all on a $1,000 budget.
S01E11 Classic, Comfortable Living Room 11/04/2003 Jeanette Cass has a classic style and a taste for antiques but as a single mother she also has a very tight budget. She wants her living room to be suitable for entertaining adults as well as comfortable for her 10-month-old daughter to play in. Host and designer Sam Kivett comes up with a plan that'll meet all of her needs.
S01E12 Garden-Themed Nursery 10/05/2003 Expectant parents James and Anne Saxenmeyer need to convert a crowded office into a stimulating and eclectic nursery. Our design team will need to replace the office furniture with baby furniture, add color to the dull white walls and keep in mind the eclectic Asian style the couple has in the rest of their home. As the transformation gets underway, Charles paints abstract blades of grass and geometric dragonflies over the purplish-blue backdrop Sam chose, creating a magical garden. Sam strings an origami butterfly mobile across the ceiling. The team fills the room with Danish modern furniture and functional lighting. Our team transforms a dull office into a bright and stimulating nursery for a new baby boy for their goal of $1,000.
S01E13 Retro Home Office 12/05/2003 Mary Ann La Russa's home office is disorganized and under furnished. Host Sam Kivett pays her a visit to discuss the issues, which include an insufficient workspace, a lack of storage and proper lighting, as well as complete disorganization. Kivett and the design team's assignment is to turn this white disorganized box into an exciting and functional office that fits La Russa's quirky retro style. Kivett meets with Summer Baltzer and Charles Burbridge to review his design plan that will cut through the clutter and provide a functional and groovy office. They have a vintage desk refurbished at an auto body paint shop, spray paint a creative wall accessory, refurbish a dentist cart that will function as a printer stand plus install a vintage hubcap light fixture. Once it's done, La Russa really digs her newly transformed retro office! The cluttered, dull and disorganized room is colorful and completely organized thanks to the new bookshelves and credenza. Kivett and his design team not o
S01E14 Refined Industrial Home Office 23/05/2003 Dave Chameides recently moved his home office from the comforts of the house to the partially converted garage. Although the garage provides ample space, it lacks organization and style. Sam Kivett discusses the issues with design coordinators Summer Baltzer and Charles Burbridge and devises a floor plan that will create organization and revitalize this otherwise dull and disorderly wide-open space. Once the transformation is complete, the once dull and disorganized room is now an organized and fashionable room with plenty of hidden storage space, a computer workstation as well as a sitting area for Dave to conduct meetings in. The makeover is a true success and all for under $1,000!
S01E15 Travel-Themed Retro Guest Room 23/05/2003 Mary Holdridge has a small home with big needs. Her guest room currently functions more as a storage closet and she wants the space to reflect her personality plus be cozy and inviting for guests. The design team's main focuses are to manage the clutter by adding storage to better display Holdridge's retro collections and to bring color to the beige walls. They also need to further address the needs of guests by adding task lighting and turning the sofa bed, which is now overwhelmed by clutter, into a focal point. Host Sam Kivett meets with his design team, Summer Baltzer and Charles Burbridge, to discuss a fun travel theme for the space. This once cluttered storage room is transformed into a fun and functional guest retreat all for under $1,000.
S01E16 Twin Six-Year-Old Girls' Fantasy Bedroom 26/05/2003 Dirk Blackman and his wife, Chris Purse, have twin six-year-old daughters, Rachel and Kate and want the small room for the twin girls to serve large needs. Host Sam Kivett meets with his design team to discuss a functional room that will work for and inspire both girls. Ideas include a dresser large enough to accommodate both girls' clothing, an Egyptian scene on a canopy to drape over their beds, bookcases, a new worktable, practical lighting and dusty magenta stripes over vibrant orange on the walls. The entire family is thrilled with the finished room. All of the girls' needs have been met for under $1,000.
S01E17 Bold and Elegant Living Room 23/06/2003 Terry and America Castagnola have an uninspiring, neutral living room. Host Sam Kivett arrives to assess the situation and outline the problems, which include minimizing the rock fireplace, addressing the awkward garden window, finding a workable space plan and adding much needed color. Kivett meets with his design team, Summer Baltzer and Charles Burbridge, to discuss his solutions. Once the transformation complete, the previously uninspiring, neutral room is now full of bold color and an intimate furniture arrangement. The awkward garden window and large rock fireplace are diminished with the addition of embellished velvet curtains and the creation of a faux window on the opposite side of the fireplace for symmetry and balance. The Castagnolas are amazed and overjoyed with their new living room.
S01E18 Multifunctional Family Room 13/06/2003 Jenifer Blake wants the design team to turn her disorganized and dull family room into a functional and attractive space the entire family can enjoy. To start, host Sam Kivett chooses a subtle green wall color and Summer Baltzer searches a thrift store for vintage fabric to create playful kid-size floor pillows. Kivett also varnishes an inexpensive but sturdy unfinished wood dining table and chairs, and then attaches a roll of butcher paper that the Blake children can easily access for art projects. As the team pulls the room together, they add lighting over the new dining table, display the children's artwork on a custom made magnetic board and in shadow boxes, all made by Charles Burbridge. A new toy box and bookcases further organize the space. The Blakes can now live and relax in a clutter-free space done for under $1,000.
S01E19 Tranquil Music Room and Retreat 27/06/2003 Musician Jeremy Toback and his wife Fabienne want to turn their disorganized guest room into a serene retreat that can be used as Jeremy's music room and as a place to relax with their young son, Miles. Host Sam Kivett decides on an overall Asian theme for the Toback's room. Kivett and the design team of Summer Baltzer and Charles Burbridge scour an ottoman warehouse to create the perfect piece to fit into the theme, build a low futon frame out of stained lumber and paint the walls a deep, tranquil purple. They also create a set of translucent paper wall sconces and a tabletop water fountain. They get rid of awkward closet doors and replace them with fresh white muslin, which is also used on the windows. The team is successful at turning this once cluttered and uninspired room into a peaceful retreat where Jeremy can create and the entire family can relax for only $1,000.
S01E20 Inviting Mexican Kitchen 13/06/2003 Schoolteachers Tony and Elaine Aguilar want their bland kitchen to feel warm and reflect their Mexican-American heritage. After viewing the room in person, host Sam Kivett meets with his design team to discuss a warm and pulled-together kitchen for the Aguilars. They need to brighten the room with a warm yellow wall color, purchase a new table and chairs and replace the lights. Once it's complete, the Aguilars' bland kitchen that was struggling to find a theme is vibrant and has a definite style that draws on the lively colors and welcoming feeling of their heritage. This kitchen is now inviting and functional for the entire family and the team did it all for under $1,000 dollars.
S01E21 Spa-Like Master Bath 14/06/2003 Newlyweds Ken and Kim Boyd aren't sure how to spruce up their very large and very white master bathroom. The design team of host Sam Kivett, Summer Baltzer and Charles Burbridge decides to turn the bathroom into a spa-like retreat. The green walls and flowing ivy bring in a touch of the outdoors while the spa tub is now a cozy and romantic area topped by a glowing candle chandelier and framed with the rich waffle-weave curtains. The Boyds see their drab, white master bath transformed into a lush, spa-style retreat for under $1,000.
S01E22 Soothing Bedroom Retreat 21/06/2003 Mike and Sherry Milligan would like their bedroom to be a retreat where they can relax and reconnect. The design team needs to replace the dated dressers, bring in additional storage pieces, warm up the white walls and find a window treatment that will enhance the French doors. When it's done, the room has a new bedroom set, warm walls, plenty of storage, new reading lamps and rich-looking drapes, which is more than the couple could have hoped for. The bedroom now captures the Milligan's vision of a soothing and inviting room all for under their $1,000 budget.
S01E23 Tuscan-Inspired Kitchen 30/06/2003 Miki Webber and Peter Klein recently purchased a 1920s Spanish-style fourplex. Their apartment is loaded with character, but the twosome hasn't been able to capitalize on the charming kitchen. Last summer they had a magical vacation in Tuscany and would love to re-create that ambiance in their kitchen. Host Lee Snijders takes a look at the space and addresses the areas in the room that need to be changed including the wall color, blinds, the glass in the cabinets and the out of place teacart. Afterward, Snijders meets with the design team to discuss what they need to do for a successful transformation. Charles Burbridge puts together a mosaic table while Summer Baltzer focuses on a new message board. Along with rich colors and Italian accents, the team transforms the room into a Tuscan-inspired kitchen with less than $1,000.
S01E24 Comtemporary Bedroom 04/07/2003 Stephanie Laskow's stark white master bedroom is in need of a contemporary yet comfortable facelift. Host Sam Kivett pays her a visit to discuss the issues, which include minimizing the starkness, adding more light, concealing the TV cables and finding a more appropriate side chair. He discusses his design ideas with Summer Baltzer and Charles Burbridge. Baltzer's focus is on adding light and depth as well as finding a side chair, while Burbridge's is adding a textured headboard. Once it's finished, Laskow is absolutely delighted with the transformation! The bedroom that was once stark white and uninviting is transformed into a comfortable space full of natural light, texture and color.
S01E25 Sophisticated Shabby Chic Living Room 04/07/2003 Toni Gallagher has lived in her current apartment for over ten years. She feels like her living room still has a post-collegiate look and she's ready for something more grown-up. Host and designer Sam Kivett arrives at a solution to make her room into a more sophisticated space with a shabby chic design.
S01E26 Contemporary Bachelor Pad 07/07/2003 Fish fan Hoa Pham is looking to splash some excitement into his bachelor pad while creating a multifunctional living space. Host Lee Snijders meets with his design team, Charles Burbridge and Summer Baltzer, to work out a plan for a unified living, dining and work space. Together they work on adding a counter for dining, a desk for work and seating for friends. Amongst these important components, they're able to incorporate Pham's fish and create an open living space for him and his buddies--all for less than $1,000.
S01E27 English Library 14/07/2003 Jack and Ginger Freed dream of transforming their bland and cluttered storage room into an old English library. Host Lee Snijders pays the couple a visit the see how he can help their dream come true. Many of their existing pieces are ideal for the library including the tufted leather sofa and chairs, stained-glass art and Old World accessories, so Snijders and his design team use them to create a space for reading, relaxing and quiet time.
S01E28 Spanish-Style Bedroom 21/07/2003 New parents, Dan and Nicki Cotti, want to transform their outdated country-style bedroom into a timeless Spanish retreat. Lee Snijders stops by the Cotti home to see what solutions he can come up with to solve their bedroom debacle. From the flowered closet doors to the green painted dresser and nightstands, this large room is full of country-styled influences. It's apparent that the closet doors need a makeover and some of the furnishings will need some attention in order to accomplish the Spanish theme they're looking to capture. After much planning and a lot of preparation, the design team transforms the once outdated country-style bedroom into a warm and inviting Spanish hacienda.
S01E29 Luxurious Living Room 28/07/2003 Heather Santoro's mismatched furniture and colorless walls are in need of a more funky style to match her personality. Host Lee Snijders visits with her to discuss her design issues, which include an insufficient workspace, inefficient lighting, a collection of mismatched furniture and a need for additional window treatments. Snijder discusses his ""Moulin Rouge"" meets funky coffee house design ideas with Summer Baltzer and Charles Burbridge. Baltzer shops for chandelier lighting while Burbridge adds a custom valance to Santoro's existing vertical blinds, which is the new focal point of the room. Once the transformation is finished, Santoro is thrilled with her new living room. The once mismatched furniture now fits perfectly in this coffee house-style living room with bold walls and colorful pillows tying it all together.
S01E30 Art Deco Studio Apartment 01/08/2003 Trisha Soto loves the art deco architecture of her studio apartment but she doesn't love the limits of studio apartment living. Sam Kivett determines he wants to emphasize the apartment's interesting architectural elements, while creating distinct areas for sleeping and entertaining. Soto's landlord will not allow her to paint so the team will need to find inventive ways to bring color into the stark white apartment for under $1,000.
S01E31 Travel-Themed Office 00/00/0000 Newlyweds and new homeowners, Cliff and Diane Numark, are looking to create a more sophisticated and romantic look in their bedroom. Host Lee Snijders pays Cliff and Diane a visit to hash out their issues, which include storage, toning down the white walls, sprucing up the window treatments and giving the floral bedding a bit more of a masculine touch. After much planning and a lot of preparation, Cliff and Diane's bedroom went from no style to ""cosmo"" style thanks to Lee and his creative design team.
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S28E01 Boutique Hotel Bedroom 00/00/0000 Mike and Nicole Crocker love their new home. But after six month of renovations on their fixer-upper, they have no energy left to create the boutique hotel-like bedroom that they dream of. Host Kahi Lee and her design team take their space from drab to fab.
S28E02 Urban Contemporary Bedroom 25/07/2009 Chuck Maldonado has a bright green country-style bedroom that he finds anything but relaxing. He's a busy dance choreographer and longs for a quiet space to collect himself after long days on his feet. The design team, led by host Kahi Lee, decides that everything must go, yet they're still able to transform Chuck's space into a relaxing urban retreat for under $1000.
S28E03 Fanciful Family Room 00/00/0000 Ryan and Melissa Modjeski have an apartment with a great location and ample size. Unfortunately, their family room is straight out of the '70s, complete with wood paneled walls. The Design on a Dime team brings their room into the 21st century with just $1000.
S28E04 Eclectic, Vintage Living Room 00/00/0000 Nia Andrews is a busy single mom who works from home and doesn't have a lot of free time on her hands. She would like her living room to be a glamorous space that expresses her love of vintage, eclectic and high-end items. The Design on a Dime team transforms her barren living room with a sophisticated, retro look for just $1000.
S28E05 Organic Modern Living 00/00/0000 Rebecca and Ewaa Johnson just bought their first home together and soon realized that neither of them have any design sense. They would like at least one room in their house to have a clear style and have turned to Kahi Lee and her team for design and definition.
S28E06 Modern Master Bedroom 00/00/0000 Barbara Cabantoqs bought a new house with lots of space. Although she's been able to decorate the rest of her house, her bedroom still has that empty just-moved-in look. After the Design on a Dime team takes on this lackluster room, Barbara will have a dramatic and modern master bedroom masterpiece.
S28E07 Multi-Functional Living Room 00/00/0000 Kyu and Jennifer Kang would like their formal living room to function as a library and a music room for their entire family, and they can't wait to get rid of the bright pink carpet. The Design on a Dime team gives the Kangs a multi-functional living room that combines the contemporary with the traditional.
S28E08 Modern Tuscan Living Room 00/00/0000 Christi and Bill love their new condo, but decorating it has become a challenge. Christi likes antiques and vintage, while Bill definitely prefers things on the modern side. So it's up to the Design on a Dime team to blend their styles and make them both happy.
S28E09 Colorful Master Bedroom 00/00/0000 Jenny and Ian have a pirate-themed master bedroom that they are ready to see walk the plank. The team of Kahi, Spencer and Russ creates a modern and colorful grown-up space for them for just $1,000.
S28E10 Modern Guest House 00/00/0000 Crystal gave up her one-bedroom apartment for a small guesthouse with a backyard, so that her pets would have room to play. However, her new space is all one room, and she's challenged the Design on a Dime team to make it modern and multi-functional.
S28E11 B&B Style Guest Quarters 00/00/0000 Eric and Vivienne love their newly remodeled dream home. Each design decision came to them without hesitation until they began designing their very large and very bare guest bedroom. As frequent travelers to Cape Cod, they'd like to share their love of that place with their guests. See how the Design on a Dime team creates a comfy and cozy New England-style bed and breakfast suite with just $100
S28E12 Hollywood Regency Living Room 00/00/0000 Shana has begun decorating her condo in a nostalgic 1930s Hollywood style. As she started with her bedroom and was thrilled with the results, she turned her attentions to her modern looking living room. Unfortunately, the living room design is not coming together as easily, and she's asked the Design on a Dime team to transform her living room with a touch of old Hollywood glamour.
S28E13 Exotic and Eclectic Bedroom 00/00/0000 Maria and Nick are busy newlyweds who have not had time to re-do their master bedroom in the romantic style that they want. They turn to the Design on a Dime team for an eclectic mix of Mediterranean and Indian styles that create an exotic and romantic retreat.
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S29E08 Cape Cod Master Bedroom 00/00/0000
S29E09 Glam Mid-Century Dining Room 23/10/2010
S29E10 Sophisticated Master Bedroom 08/01/2011 A couple wants a contemporary and grown-up bedroom.
S29E11 Eclectic Dining Room 15/01/2011
S29E12 Wine Country Dining Room 20/11/2010
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