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Desmond's is centered around Desmond Ambrose played by Norman Beaton. Desmond owns a barber shop in Peckham, London which is a local gathering place for a group of West Indian immigrants. Little hairdressing gets done, as this is more a meeting place than a barber shop.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Desmond's

S02E01 The Treatment 22/01/1990 Desmond is taken into hospital with an illness but he is scared thinking he could die.
S02E02 'Old De Front Page 29/01/1990
S02E03 'Old De Front Page Again 05/02/1990
S02E04 Veronica 12/02/1990
S02E05 A Microwave, Five Men and a Nappy 19/02/1990
S02E06 Reunion 26/02/1990
S02E07 Porkpies 05/03/1990
S02E08 For Love or Money 12/03/1990
S02E09 Stop the World, I Want to Get Off 19/03/1990
S02E10 Here Comes De Sun 26/03/1990
S02E11 Kung You 02/04/1990
S02E12 Aunty Susu 09/04/1990
S02E13 Thirty Year Itch 16/04/1990
S03E01 The Head Hunter 28/10/1991
S03E02 The Peckham Pimpernel 04/11/1991
S03E03 A Day In The Life 11/11/1991
S03E04 Smokeless Fuming 18/11/1991
S03E05 Relative Strangers 25/11/1991
S03E06 Vanity Merchants 02/12/1991
S03E07 The Waiting Game 16/12/1991
S03E08 Driving Me Crazy 16/12/1991
S03E09 Daydreams 06/01/1992
S03E10 Dobbin 13/01/1992
S03E11 The Prodigal 20/01/1992
S03E12 Too Young 27/01/1992
S03E13 The Roots Tradition 03/02/1992
S04E01 All Things Bright 05/10/1992
S04E02 Flats, Lies And Videotape 12/10/1992
S04E03 Growing Pains 19/10/1992
S04E04 Lee's Journey 26/10/1992
S04E05 Calypso 02/11/1992
S04E06 The Kid 09/11/1992
S04E07 Too Red Eye 16/11/1992
S04E08 Susu Again 23/11/1992
S04E09 Can't Buy Me Love 30/11/1992
S04E10 Art Attack 07/12/1992
S04E11 Go With The Flo 14/12/1992
S04E12 My Two Sons 21/12/1992
S04E13 The Godmother 28/12/1992
S05E01 A Class Act 27/09/1993
S05E02 Shimmer And Shine 04/10/1993
S05E03 Halcyon Days 11/10/1993
S05E04 Lollipop Man 18/10/1993
S05E05 Partnership 25/10/1993
S05E06 Fairy Tales 01/11/1993
S05E07 Love Match 08/11/1993
S05E08 Coughs And Sneezes 15/11/1993
S05E09 Kiss Of The Spiderman 22/11/1993
S05E10 Two Lads And A Lady 29/11/1993
S05E11 Shirley's Sermon 06/12/1993
S05E12 A Matter Of Life And Death 13/12/1993
S05E13 The Patter Of Little Feet 20/12/1993
S06E01 Do Me A Favour 26/09/1994
S06E02 Hatchet Job 03/10/1994
S06E03 Georgetown Dreaming 11/10/1994
S06E04 Demon Barber II (Turbo) 17/10/1994
S06E05 Love Letters 24/10/1994
S06E06 Planning Permission 31/10/1994
S06E07 The Speech 07/11/1994
S06E08 Judgement Day 14/11/1994
S06E09 The Return Of Hyacinth Green 21/11/1994
S06E10 Heavy Traffic 28/11/1994
S06E11 When The Cat's Away 05/12/1994
S06E12 A Sign Of The Times 12/12/1994
S06E13 O Little Town Of Peckham 19/12/1994