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Shinichi Kudo est un jeune lycéen de renom au Japon. Grâce à sa perspicacité et son intelligence, il est souvent amené à résoudre des affaires criminelles pour la police. Un jour, dans un parc d’attraction, il est témoin d’une étrange affaire qu'il voudra élucider : malgré son expérience et sa vigilance habituelle, Shinichi est enlevé par les membres d’une mystérieuse organisation, "les hommes en noir". Ces derniers lui font alors avaler une étrange pilule. Shinichi s'évanoui pour se réveiller dans le corps d'un enfant de 7 ans...


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Détective Conan

S01E01 L'affaire du meurtre dans les montagne russe 08/01/1996 Shin'ichi helps solve a murder on a balcony. After-wards Shin'ichi goes with his childhood friend, Ran to an amusement park. When someone is decapitated on a roller coaster, they're riding on, he solves the case quickly. As Shin'ichi and Ran are about to leave, Shin'ichi follows a suspicious man into an alley he is knocked out and give a poison by a man in black, the poison doesn't kill him but instead shrinks him to the size of a kid.
S01E02 L'enlévement de la fille du PDG 15/01/1996 Shin'ichi tries to come to terms with his new size and convinces Hiroshi of who he is and assumes the identity of Conan Edogawa. He moves in with his girlfriend Ran and her father Kogorou. Conan helps to find a kidnapped daughter of a wealthy businessman.
S01E03 Meurtre dans la chambre close d'une idole 22/01/1996 Conan gets settled in school and gets A Pop idol Youko Okino asks to investigate a man who is harrassing her. But when they go to her flat they find a man murdered in the middle of the floor with a knife in his back, but the door was locked, who is the killer, and how? No matter what there is only one truth.
S01E04 La carte codée de la grande ville 29/01/1996 Conan reluctantly forms The Young Detective Gang with his new classmates, Genta, Ayumi & Mitsuhiko after they find what they think is a treasure map. They go around Tokyo to places listed on the map hoping to find the gold in the end. Unfortunatly someone else is after the gold.
S01E05 Une bombe à bord du Shinkansen 05/02/1996 The Young Detective Gang go for a trip on the Shinkansen(Bullet Train) but so have the men in black and they have given a bomb to one of the passengers with the intention of blowing up the train can Conan find out who has the bomb in time to save the train?
S01E06 Le meurtre de la Saint-Valentin 12/02/1996 Ran goes to round to her friends house on valentines day for the annual giving of chocolate to the boys, Conan tags along and has work to do when one of Rans friends is found dead in the garden with a half eaten bar of chocolate.
S01E07 La menace derrière les cadeaux mensuels 19/02/1996 A doctor comes to Kogorou carrying a pile of toys that have been sent to him every month with large amounts of money for the past two years from an un-named person. Later flowers are sent to the doctor, but why? Also Ran starts to suspect that Conan is Shin'ichi.
S01E08 Le meurtre du propriétaire du musée 26/02/1996 Conan, Ran & Kogorou visit an art gallary which is on the verge of being closed down after being bought by a businessman who intends to turn it into a hotel. While they are looking around they stumble accross the impaled body of the businessman and after watching the security video they find out he was killed by a someone in a suit of armour. Luckily the victim was able to right a clue on a piece of paper before being killed.
S01E09 Festival fatal 04/03/1996 A photographer shoots his partner in their hotel room and makes it look like someone else did it, he even has photos of himself taken at the night festival at the time of the murder, how can his guilt be proved?
S01E10 Conan marque un but 11/03/1996 A girl comes to them claiming to be Shin'ichi's girlfriend and asks them to help her find him, but Conan doesn't know her. It turns out that it was just a lure to get them to find out who kidnapped her brother after Conan finds the boys room in a mess.
S01E11 Sonate pour crime au clair de lune [Special] 18/03/1996 Kogorou gets called to investigate a matter on an island by a man called Asou Keiji but it turns out he died over a decade ago in a fire in his house. He could be heard playing his piano during the fire. They find the piano is still kept in the town hall and that it is said to be cursed after some mysterious deaths. Soon after the new candidate for the Chief of the island is found dead slumped on the piano with the piano still playing but this turns out to be just a tape recording. Conan and the rest stakeout with the piano to make sure nothing else happens. More murders follow.
S01E12 L'enlèvement d'Ayumi 25/03/1996 Conan and the Gang are playing hide and seek in the park when Ayumi decides to hide in the trunk of a car. The trunk is locked and the car drives off with Ayumi still inside. Luckily Hiroshi had given them communicators so they can talk to her. There are reports going around about a child killer on the loose and when she finds a bloodied up saw and a Girl's head in the trunk Conan fears for the worst. Conan and the gang chase after the car on his new solar powered skateboard.
S01E13 Le meurtre déconcertant 01/04/1996 Hiroshi gives Conan a new pair of glasses with tracking capabilities. A woman comes to Kogorou wanting to find her long lost father, they find him quite easily and soon they are re-united. The next day he's found dead, strangled. They then find another detective who was looking for the same man. They soon find out that the woman, Masami, may not be who she says she was.
S01E14 Un message à déchiffrer 08/04/1996 While The Young Detective Gang are fishing they are witness to someone practicing with a snipers rifle from the top of a nearby building. Conan goes up to investigate and finds a calculator with a bunch of numbers still on the screen, but what does the code mean? It turns out the sniper is a policeman who had disappeared. Will Conan be able to work out the puzzle before it's to late?
S01E15 Un cadavre a disparu 15/04/1996 Conan and the Gang and searching for a classmate's cat when they find a dead body in the bathroom of a local house. They rush to fetch the police but when they arrive fifteen minutes later there's no body. They search all over but cannot find any trace.
S01E16 Le meurtre du collectionneur d'antiquités 22/04/1996 Kogorou has been investigated an affair and is reporting his findings when his client is drawn away and murdered. He is found pinned to the wall of his kendo practice hall with a kendo sword. There are sword marks all over the room. A man who practices kendo, a Sculptor and the wife's boyfriend are suspects.
S01E17 Cambriolage au supermarché 29/04/1996 The Gang go to see a masked rider show but Genta leaves his Masked Rider signature at the shopping centre so they go back to get it. The doors are locked before they get out but when they go to ask to be let out they find the security staff bound and gagged in the office. It seems thieves have taken control and now they are after them.
S01E18 La mariée de juin 06/05/1996 Ran's teacher is getting married, she always drinks lemon tea but when she drinks it today it turns out to be poisoned. While she is treated at the hospital the police and Conan examine the video tape made by Ran's friend to try and find out who gave her the poison.
S01E19 Meurtre dans l'ascenseur 13/05/1996 A friend that Ran, Kogoro and Conan are visiting has asked Ran to model some clothing that she has designed. The secretary that is quitting because she stole the latest fashion designs from her and sold them to another company. What will happen now?
S01E20 La maison hantée 20/05/1996 Ayumi thinks that an old house is haunted. Conan is dragged along by the Detective Boys to investigate....only to find something more
S01E21 Meurtre sur un plateau 27/05/1996 A man is murdered on the set of a movie. Conan has to figure out who is behind the murder, with the prop knife and the clues before him.
S01E22 Les meurtriers en série embarquent sur le Luxery Liner (1) 03/06/1996 Kogoro, Ran and Conan end up on a Luxury Liner after Kogoro misses their boat off the island. When the head of the family is murdered, the family jumps on the New Husband, Takeshi of the daughter Natsue as the murderer. Then more people died, the store room where Takeshi has been unlocked. Did Takeshi strike again?
S01E23 Les meurtriers en série embarquent sur le Luxery Liner (2) 10/06/1996 The case goes on as another person is attacked. This time, the victim lives. With everyone in suspicion, can Conan find the killer before the liner reaches port?
S01E24 La mystérieuse amnésique 17/06/1996 At the racetrack, a woman bumps into Kogoro who seems to have amnesia. Can Kogoro, Ran and Conan help regain her memory?
S01E25 Enlèvement contre rançon 24/06/1996 A wealthy man's daughter is kidnapped. In order to save her he has to pay a five million dollar ransom, though he pays in couterfiet money the kidnapper escapes with the van because the cops were there. The van goes off a bridge and into the water. The police presume his daughter dead. But is she really dead? That's for Conan Edogawa to firgue out.
S01E26 John et l'assassinat 01/07/1996 When a neighbor watching over a man's dog is killed by the dog attacking him, the dog is led as the main suspect. If it does get convicted, he could be put to sleep. Can Conan help save his favorite childhood friend?
S01E27 La réunion de classe de Kogoro (1) 05/08/1996 At the reunion of Kogoro's old Judo club, one of his friends is murdered. With the police out of reach, they suspect one of the people at the reunion is the murderer.
S01E28 La réunion de classe de Kogoro (2) 12/08/1996 Kogoro vows to find the killer of his friend in anger and frustration. Conan gives him help along the way of course.
S02E01 Meurtre en direct 19/08/1996 When a high ranking computer businessman dies of a ""heart attack"", Conan notices something rather odd. Did he really die of a heart attack? Or was it murder?
S02E02 Un alibi parfait 26/08/1996 A famous lawyer calls for Kogoro at a fancy hotel asking him to follow his wife who may be having an affair. Kogoro, Ran and Conan then going to the man's house discover that the wife in question has been murdered? Who did it, and how was it done?
S02E03 Meurtre au studio de télévision 02/09/1996 During a Primetime TV Mystery show, a man who worked at the station was shot in the head. Though no one had come into the room at the time. How was the murder commited?
S02E04 Meurtre au salon de thé 09/09/1996 Ran tells Conan she's meeting someone at a coffee shop. Conan suspecting something, follows Ran. Meanwhile, a murder is committed at the coffee shop. Someone still there committed the murder. But who?
S02E05 Le commando des détectives 16/09/1996 Dr. Agasa takes Conan and the Detective Boys on a camping trip. Agasa gives Conan and the others a treasure map and tells them to go hunting for it while he fishes. The thing is, two others have this map as well. Where did they get it? And what is in the end?
S02E06 L'assassin aux bandages de la villa de montagne (1) 23/09/1996 Conan and Ran go to a mountain house were they meet Sonoko and her Sister and some of her friends. During the night at dinner they see a man wrapped in bandages swinging away with one of Sonoko's friends. Later they find the friend dead in the woods the telephone line cut and the bridge cut. Who is this mystery man?
S02E07 L'assassin aux bandages de la villa de montagne (2) 30/09/1996 The mysterious man tries to kill Ran. Though Ran never met anyone of Sonoko's older sister's friends. Conan must figure out who the masked man is before this mysterious man tries to kill her again.
S02E08 Lundi 19h30 07/10/1996 A murder was committed at 7:30 pm on Monday. The discoverer of the body was Ayumi's dentist, who was checking Ayumi's teeth at the time of the killing.Further inspection showed that the dentist had a good reason to kill the victim. But she had an alibi, so the police turned away their suspicion of her. Conan thought that there was a trick. What was it?
S02E09 Meurtre au cactus 14/10/1996 A woman approaches Kogoro asking to find a man she said met in the mountains and fell in love, but lost touch...though as Conan follows her, she has other plans on her mind instead of meeting him. Can Conan stop her before it's too late?
S02E10 La fête du feu 21/10/1996 Conan sees Kogoro spying on a man a company owner asked to watch for three days. The next day, the watched man is discovered in a bonfire at the Aka Oni Mura Fire festival. The company owner recieves the inheritance money, and he wreaks of guilt. Though he was on vacation at the time of the murder. Can Conan crack his ""perfect alibi""?
S02E11 Le meurtre de l'héritière (1) 28/10/1996 Kogoro, Ran and Conan are invited as special guests to a wealthy company owner's daughter, Reika for her twenty fourth birthday. Though as the guests are about to leave, Reika, and the team of suitors following her throughout the party discover that their tires are flat. Not wanting to drive with a stranger, Reika stays at the mansion, along with the team of suitors, Kogoro, Ran, Conan, the caretaker and a gentleman to watch over everyone. Though things turn strange when Reika doesn't return from changing. In persuit of her, one of the suitor's is discovered drowned in the front fountain....why was he murdered?
S02E12 Le meurtre de l'héritière (2) 04/11/1996 The case continues as Conan tries to figure out who tried to kill Ran. Can Conan help Kogoro out, or will the killer get away?
S02E13 L'affaire du drapeau en lambeaux 11/11/1996 During a high school baseball game all seems to be going down for the Syukyo team. Then, it aburptly ends when Syukyo High finds out their All Country Baseball Championship flag has been shreaded. Then all of the sudden, their star pitcher confesses to the crime. Can Conan prove he's guilty? Or is this man only lying?
S02E14 Meurtre au karaoké 18/11/1996 Sonoko's father has connections that leads both her and Ran to have dinner at a karaoke bar. When the head singer is poisoned and dies. It's up to Conan to figure out who killed him. Though uncovering the truth might be more than he expected in the motive.
S02E15 Le kidnapping de Conan Edogawa 25/11/1996 A woman by the name of Fumiyo comes to the Mouri detective agency as... Conan's Mother?!?!?! Rachel thinking this person is really Conan's mother allows him to go with her...Conan soon discovers that it's a kidnapping...but is this person with the kurozukume? Will Conan get out of this?
S02E16 L'anniversaire de Monsieur Hotta 02/12/1996 While Kogoro, Ran and Conan are on the way to work on a case, a man by the side of the road asks for car help. In payment, the man invites them to his birthday party. What they did't expect was for him to die that night from a homemade bomb. Who commited this crime out of the guests invited?
S02E17 Le masque de beauté 09/12/1996 A important CEO is murdered. She was found with a face mask on. Kogoro on the case tries, (not doing a good job) to solve the case. Can Conan crack it with the three suspects there at the time?
S02E18 Meurtre en montagne 06/01/1997 Ran, Kogoro and Conan are skiing in the mountains. They meet up with a doctor and his students. They offer the trio to stay at their place during the night due to a dangerous snowstorm. Things get ugly when the teacher is murdered when watching his favorite soap opera. The clues point not to a break in , but to one of his students. Can Conan figure out who did this?
S02E19 Affaire de Haut-Vol 13/01/1997 There's been an accident - the bitter rivalry between two world-class high divers boils over as the reigning champion is found dead. It appears to be an accident, but Conan suspects otherwise!
S02E20 Meurtre d'un diplomate (1) 20/01/1997 In the middle of the day, after Ran gets off the phone from Shin'ichi, a teenage boy called ""The Great Detective of the West"", Hattori Heiji barges in the Mouri office demanding to see Shin'ichi (""The Great Detective of the East"") for a showdown. While Kogoro explains that he isn't here, a woman comes in asking Kogoro to help find her son's finance. They go to her house to discuss things further, when they see the woman they're looking for with her son. then when they get to her husband's office, they find her husband, a wealthy diplomat dead by poison. With the police on the scene with a locked door, they're baffled and determine it a suicide. Heiji thinking he gives the answers to Kogoro waits for him to show, and more determined than ever to solve the case before he does. Meanwhile, Conan, who has a cold, was given alcohol by Heiji to fell better, is now feeling worse...he feels like his body is on fire...what's going on??
S02E21 Meurtre d'un diplomate (2) 27/01/1997 The case goes on, and Heiji declares that he has solved it! After explaining his theory, the police are satisfied. Before they can do anything, a man appears saying that his theory is 100% impossible! That man is Shin'ichi!! The case continues and Shin'ichi explains his theory. His being true, the police arrest the right criminal. Though as he's talking to Ran, he body feels on fire again. Is Shin'ichi going back into Conan mode?
S02E22 Meurtre à la bibliothèque 03/02/1997 After Conan was sick in bed for three days, Genta, Ayumi, and Mitsuhiko come and visit him reminding him that he has a book report that was suppose to be handed in during the time of his illness. Stopping his plans in trying to turn back to his former self, he goes with them to the library. Though when an attendant turns up missing, the gang decides to help find him. they stay after hours and soon discover that something's wrong.
S02E23 Meurtre au club house 10/03/1997 Conan, Kogoro, and Ran take a day off and visit a driving range. While there, the president of a leading electronics manufacturer meets an untimely end. With many suspects and few clues, can Conan solve the mystery and catch the killer?
S02E24 Le démon du monastère [Special] 17/03/1997 While taking a trip to see the mountain cherry trees, Kogoro decides to take a shortcut home. In the process, they're lost, and they get two flat tires. Conan finds a temple, and after the Head Priest Tenei charges them a ridiculous amount of yen, they stay the night. The priest tells them of a legend called the Kiri Tengu, which breaks through walls and devours people's souls and only targets young girls. Meanwhile, the priests in training mention about an incident two years ago that sounds like the legend. But the Head Priest reminds them that they vowed never to speak of it. In the morning, the older priest in trainging Kannen-san goes to look for him, only to find his corpse hanging from the ceiling in the meditation room, and a hole in the wall made by a powerful force. Is this the work of the Kiri Tengu?
S02E25 L'affaire de l'arme mystérieuse 07/04/1997 While taking an afternoon stroll, Conan, Ran, and Kogoro find an unconscious bird in the middle of the road. After Conan picks it up, it awakens and flies away. Soon after that, they hear a woman screaming. They rush to the apartment building and see a woman coming down saying her husband is dead. When they get to the veranda they find a man (Dobashi-san) who claimed he just got into the room. Terasawa-san (A man who came in after Kogoro and co.) who claimed the deceased was a terrible man. All three have supsious alibis, and have a good motive to see him dead. Who really killed Imoto-san, and with what weapon?
S02E26 La mystèrieuse organisation 14/04/1997 The past returns to haunt the president of a popular video game company as a bomb destroys part of his building and a seemingly innocent victim!In addition,Conan comes ever closer to tracking down the men who shrunk him.Can he reach their hideout in time?
S03E01 Itinéraire impossible 21/04/1997 As Mori, Ran, and Conan are on their way home from a hot spring, they boarded a train together with a pair of doctors. They arrived at a station where one may change trains to another line, but no one could possibly change trains since the two lines are scheduled differently by a mere five-minute difference. At the station where the trio are to change trains to one going to Tokyo, a murder is discovered. The only suspect rides in the train with Conan's group while the victim rides on a train from a different line. Conan uncovers the trick used by the murderer using the change given by a lady working on the train of the victim.
S03E02 Poisson lune 28/04/1997 Conan, Richard, and Rachael are out jogging when they are attracted to a scene of a murder. One of the owners of the Sunfish Cleaning Company has been killed by a falling beam. Conan uncovers the trick by using window reflections.
S03E03 Sur les traces de Sherlock Holmes (1) 05/05/1997 Conan wins a contest in which he and several other people, are going to a house to take a Sherlock Holmes exam. The prize? A rare copy of Arthur Conan Doyle's first Sherlock Holmes book A Study in Scarlet. Though when on the night of turning in the exam, The headman, Hiroyuki Kanaya of this contest dies. Does it also help for Conan that Heiji came along?
S03E04 Sur les traces de Sherlock Holmes (2) 12/05/1997 Now the murder count is two people, and one injured person. Can Conan and Heiji catch the murder before he possibly strikes again? The plot thickens in this episode.
S03E05 Une première fatale 19/05/1997 The Detective Boys assist with the First Errand Festival. It’s a festival for children, sent on their own to shop for their very first time. The Detective Boys follow and observe Hiroshi-kun, recording how well he did, and ensure he does not get lost or hurt. However, Conan realizes that they aren't the only ones following Hiroshi!
S03E06 Une dessinatrice pleine de talent 26/05/1997 Rather than face the consequences of his mistakes, a popular painter tries to cover them up in a brutal and bloody manner. Conan begins to see truth behind the murder!
S03E07 Le vaisseau fantôme (1) 02/06/1997 While Kogoro goes to give a lecture on Shiki Island he is enlisted to find a billion dollars in gold. However, Kogoro decides it is not worth it after someone tries to assassinate him, but at Chief Mikami’s insistence, Kogoro stays, but death toll continues to rise. Is this the Pirate's Curse or is something more nefarious at work?!
S03E08 Le vaisseau fantôme (2) 09/06/1997 Kogoro is framed for murder! Now Conan has to clear his name. Things take a difficult twist for Conan when the two prime suspects are both killed. There is only one place left for clues -- into the darkness of the Pirates' Cave!
S03E09 Un monstre peut en cacher un autre 16/06/1997 Lights, Camera, Murder! While behind the scenes for the next Gomera monster movie, the Detective Boys stumble onto a murder! Prime suspect: Gomera! It’s up to the Detective Boys to see if their favorite monster is innocent or not.
S03E10 Les trois empreintes 23/06/1997 While Kogoro is at a barbeque, the host has to leave suddenly. The reason? A murder has occurred and the murderer wants to turn himself in. But something else is at play…
S03E11 Les crabes et la baleine 30/06/1997 A young boy is kidnapped and it’s up to Kogoro, Conan, and Ran to help! Time is off the essence when the kidnapper sends a deadly ultimatum: “No police, no mercy, no time!”
S03E12 Meurtre dans l'obscurité 07/07/1997 Conan, Ran, and Kogoro are out to eat when they meet students from Beika University. A murder occurs on the street, but somehow the blood ended up on the wall of a building, the railing of a rooftop, and broken glass of an upper apartment window! Conan is after the cunning killer imbedded in an outwardly innocent mountain-climbing fraternity, desperately trying to hide deadly secret!
S03E13 Coup de théâtre 14/07/1997 Following a threat letter to a stage actress, Kogoro goes to the theater with his teacher to investigate, while Conan and Ran tag along. The threat turns out to be true as Shoko Oide is murdered! With the help of Kogoro's teacher, Conan is onto the murderer!
S03E14 Le mystère du baron noir (1) 21/07/1997 While on vacation, Conan gets involved in a Mystery Tour via Professor Agasa. Someone asks if Kogoro is the Night Baron, a character from Shinichi’s father’s novels. What is supposed to be an innocent Mystery Tour turns quickly as Conan is pushed off a balcony into a pool. Conan was pushed by the Night Baron! Yet, one more twist happens when someone else is pushed from a great height and is impaled!
S03E15 Le mystère du baron noir (2) 28/07/1997 The impaled man in a mask turns out to be Tokio Ebara, a computer hacker. There are several suspects related to Tokio, with a lack of solid alibis. The Night Baron appears once again and Ran engages him in karate, but he manages to foil her kick! Conan finds a clue that leads him towards solving the case.
S03E16 La fin du mystère du baron noir (3) 04/08/1997 Ran suspects the culprit is Satoru Maeda, the only person at the hotel capable of blocking her kick. While Conan begins to suspect this as well, his alibi is solid. Once Conan learns that the wind that blows in this time of the year is a famous one named "Himekaze" aka "Princess Wind", he figures out the murderers trick!
S03E17 Filature ratée 11/08/1997 Ran, Conan, and Kogoro takes a nice morning walk around the neighborhood. Kogoro buys an energy drink called Kasuman, then a person screams out loud and they rush over just to see a man die and a bottle of Kasuman next to him. Was it poison?
S03E18 Un meurtre pour trois 18/08/1997 Conan and Ran join Sonoko and her big sister, Ayako. Ayako is getting married so she’s there to meet her new dad-in-law, but they witness him being murdered right outside the window! At first, the killer at first looks like Ayako’s fiancé, but then they find out he's a triplet! It’s up to Conan to figure out which son murdered their father.
S03E19 Meurtre sur l'épave 25/08/1997 Conan, Ran, and the Detective Boys are taking a vacation on a beach while Kogoro catches fish in a nearby restricted fishing pond. Conan and the others meet up with a woman named Shinobu and her boyfriend. After a few hours the Detective Boys find a note in a bottle saying 'SOS by Shinobu' the Detective Boys find her in a nearby cave but the high tide is coming fast. Can the Detective Boys save Shinobu and themselves before they all drown?
S03E20 Le mystère de Jinnai 01/09/1997 Following the film premiere of Jinnai King of Death VIII, Conan, Ran, and Kogoro get spotted by the lead actor’s wife. She shows Kogoro a death threat that says her husband will die at midnight just like in the movie. Kogoro has a stake out and at the strike of midnight, a scream is heard!
S03E21 Meurtre d'un créancier 08/09/1997 While Kogoro plays Mahjong with his friends, they are missing one, a Loan Company President, who never misses Mahjong. They go to his office and find him dead. The poison was only found on the victim's thumb, money, and door handle, but no where else in the office. The only possible suspects are the three employees.
S03E22 Conan contre le Kid Cat Burglar [Special] 15/09/1997 Conan matches wits against the illustrious phantom thief Kaitou Kid in this one hour special. Kid's target? The Black Star jewel the belongs to the Suzuki family.
S03E23 Un mariage jeté au feu (1) 22/09/1997 Kogoro is requested for a basic case: finding one’s first love and childhood friend. Yet this task is no simple one. The past leads to clues as murders in the mansion begin happening. The first is found impaled on a fence. The suspect for the first murder is then found poisoned in the bottom of a pond. Can Conan and Heiji solve the mystery?
S03E24 Un mariage jeté au feu (2) 29/09/1997 After the body of Hideomi Nagato is pulled from the pond, the police initially believe it’s suicide. Conan and Heiji cannot make sense of it. As they pursue clues about the lost childhood friend, some clues lead them towards the murderer!
S03E25 Cambriolage à la banque 06/10/1997 An armed bank robbing occurs as Conan, Ran, and Sonoko are present. After a short struggle, one man is shot by the robber but survives. Another man struggles with the robber and ends up shooting and killing the robber. What is seemingly normal becomes twisted as Conan discovers the robber had an accomplice!
S03E26 L'artiste clochard 13/10/1997 Conan encounters an artist suffering from head pain. He has been unconsciously drawing his house after suffering amnesia. Later Conan’s friends find him dead. Conan finds out the man has been missing for an entire year. His wife claims it is not him, but Conan suspects she is lying. Can he find evidence to prove the man’s identity?
S03E27 L'enlèvement (1) 20/11/1997 Ran and Sonoko are off to see a concert sang by TWO-MIX. Meanwhile, Conan and the Detective Boys accidentally bumps into one of the singers for TWO-MIX, Minami. Minami takes the Detective Boys out to eat lunch then she gets up to take a phone call and gets kidnapped by two men. In the car was also the other member of TWO-MIX who was also kidnapped. The Detective Boys report it to Megure and then the kidnapper calls.
S03E28 L'enlèvement (2) 27/11/1997 The singers of TWO-MIX were kidnapped by two men. Conan and the Detective Boys were with one of the members and tells Inspector Megure what happened. The kidnappers want a tape that TWO-MIX sang because it had hints that led them to a crime they had done a while ago. The kidnappers want the Detective Boys to deliver it but then later, the kidnappers want Ayumi alone to deliver the tape. In the end, the Detective Boys manage to rescue TWO-MIX just in time for their concert.
S04E01 Meurtre sans cadavre 01/12/1997 Mori is in the hospital after injuring his ankle. While there, he witnesses a shadow of a murder. After causing an uproar three times and finding the place where the murder took place was an empty room, the murder occurs on the fourth time. Conan figures out that light is being reflected to that room and that the the first three times were in a different room while the fourth one occurred in the room Mori presumed. The culprit has an alibi of talking to the nurse in another room at the time of the murder. Mori is desperate to go into the Sleeping Kogoro phase to prove his innocence and happily exclaims it's coming when Conan secretly shoots a tranquilizer dart. Conan disproves the culprits alibi and proves Mori to be innocent.
S04E02 Vacances à la neige (1) 08/12/1997 Ran, Sonoko, and Conan spend the night at a Mountain Villa with their former teacher, Akiko Yonehara. The Mountain Villa has a checkered past, as a massacre occurred three years prior and a mysterious journalist warns it will occur again! It’s up to Conan to find the clues before another massacre happens.
S04E03 Vacances à la neige (2) 15/12/1997 Conan is troubled how a piece of rope disappeared. He realizes that the person has killed two people on the same night. By giving Ran clues to reveal the secret by a shocking culprit is revealed!
S04E04 Changer le cours des choses 22/12/1997 The Detective Boys pick up a terrifying phone call by a kidnapper on a radio. With only the conversation and sounds heard in the background as clues, Conan is able to narrow the kidnappers location down to a few different areas. The kidnapper is demanding the victim’s father commit suicide! Only one clue is missing…
S04E05 Les grues sauvages d'Hokkaïdo 05/01/1998 While on vacation in Hokkaido, Conan, Ran, and Kogoro run into an old man who takes care of the red-crowned cranes and invites them to his home. While at his home, they witness his family arguing over how the old man is spending his savings. The old man is later found murdered and the murderer has confessed! Conan proves the true murderers trick!
S04E06 Le meurtre de la villa Dracula (1) 12/01/1998 Kogoro, Ran and Conan go to a famous mans house in which, the man is famous for writing Dracula stories. He also dresses like Dracula. Then, at night, around 10, his servant went to his room with a bottle of juice for him and found him dead in the same way one would kill Dracula. Who killed him?
S04E07 Le meurtre de la villa Dracula (2) 19/01/1998 The case continues. Can Conan figure out who killed this famous author?
S04E08 Meurtre au parfum 26/01/1998 Kogoro and Conan attend Rika Okano's ikebana award ceremony to investigate a threat letter announcing a murder. When the murder occurs, Conan notices something strange about the flower the victim had. Will another murder take place?!
S04E09 Le voleur hospitalisé 16/02/1998 The Detective Boys visit Kogoro, who is at the hospital with a broken foot. The other patient in the room is overheard saying there was a 100 million yen heist and the criminals are still at large. Who is Kogoro’s roommate?!
S04E10 Mortelle randonnée (1) 23/02/1998 Kogoro is hired to stop an assassin, only known by the name of Fox, by the person who hired Fox! Kogoro accompanies his client on a hike, but other murders begin to occur!
S04E11 Mortelle randonnée (2) 02/03/1998 There is more than one murderer on the hike! Kogoro apprehends the first killer, but the assassin Fox is still out there. What does the client who hired Fox and Kogoro have to hide?
S04E12 Une silhouette dans la nuit 09/03/1998 Conan, Kogoro, and go on a ski trip and meet a famous movie star was threatened. When a suicide occurs, is there something more nefarious at work?
S04E13 Un rendez-vous raté 16/03/1998 After an evening of drinking, Kogoro falls asleep on a train and meets Sachiko when he awakens and goes on a date with her. Before their date, she and Kogoro stop at her home, but she finds a person murdered!
S04E14 Le clou du spectacle [Special] 23/03/1998 Case One: Kogoro was invited to a crime scene by the victim's wife hoping that Kogoro can find out the real murderer. The victim was a well known magician and one of his three students he is teaching murdered him! Ran starts to think Conan is really Shinichi since she took off Conan's glasses and notices he looks just like Shinichi! Conan has to find away out, or else everyone would be in danger! Just then Yukiko, Shinichi's mom comes by and sees Conan and Ran! Case Two: Yukiko takes Conan to her friends house. Late at night someone gets murdered! Now without Kogoro or Sonoko, who is Conan going to use to solve this case?
S04E15 Vin mortel 13/04/1998 A Company President hires Kogoro for 1 million Yen after hearing one of his children may attempt to kill him. Just when Conan thinks he has found the murderer, he is kidnapped himself!
S04E16 Le meurtre du céramiste (1) 20/04/1998 A famous potter, who is a fan of Kogoro, invites his family over for the weekend. The next morning, they awaken to the potter’s son having committed suicide!
S04E17 Le meurtre du céramiste (2) 27/04/1998 All signs point towards suicide. Yet, Conan refuses to believe it and searches for the truth behind it all.
S04E18 Souvenir du premier amour (1) 02/05/1998 While attending a senpai’s birthday party, Ran and Sonoko learn their senpai, Asami Uchida, was in love with Shinichi. During the party, Asami falls asleep and the others depart for karaoke. After karaoke ends, they return to find the house on fire with Asami still in it!
S04E19 Souvenir du premier amour (2) 09/05/1998 Ran manages to save Asami from the burning house! Initial signs points towards attempted suicide, but Conan and the firefighters are puzzled about the placement of the birthday cake on a chair. Who from the birthday party attempted to kill Asami?
S04E20 Le meurtre de l'acteur des films de Samuraïs (1) 16/05/1998 A famous movie star hired Kogoro to learn about detective work for his upcoming role. When the actor’s wife revealed to be having and affair and found dead on her lovers balcony, Conan truly wonders if Kogoro was invited for another reason.
S04E21 Le meurtre de l'acteur des films de Samuraïs (2) 23/05/1998 Two suspects: the husband and lover. Is the killer the movie star husband or is it the lover, the stunt double? Conan looks to see which is the murderer and who is innocent.
S04E22 La maison aux pendules (1) 08/06/1998 Kogoro is hired to solve a mystery surrounding a mansion filled with clocks! The clocks all go off at the same time, but one clock is different than the rest.
S04E23 La maison aux pendules (2) 15/06/1998 One clock, which contains a Goblin instead of a cuckoo, leads Conan and Kogoro to believe the clients are looking for something other than what they have asked. Are they imposters or genuine?!
S04E24 Photos de meurtre 22/06/1998 In what seems like more than a coincidence, a famous photographer was present when a reporter was killed in a fire. Conan believes it’s no mere coincidence and sets off to prove the photographer murdered the reporter!
S05E01 Le Taupe Master (1) 00/00/0000 A client named Masao come to see Kogoro claiming that his sister has gone missing and he thinks she has been murdered.
S05E02 Le Taupe Master (2) 00/00/0000 The police find Masao at Yoshikazu's house who buried the stolen jewels around the yard. The police are forced to excavate the yard, but they find no body....
S05E03 La voiture fantôme 00/00/0000 The Detective Boys solve another case and appear on the newspaper! Then while walking home after Kogoro invites the kids to eat, a red car hits Ayumi and takes off. Conan takes out his solar-powered skateboard and the Detective Boys chase after this person. For a while the red car disappears and then reappears and drives to the police station to turn himself in, but thats not all. While the pursuit was going on, a person of a company gets murdered and it happens to be that the man driving that car knew the victim. Is he the murderer? If so, can Conan and the others prove it?!
S05E04 Meurtre dans une école de cuisine (1) 00/00/0000 Ran takes a French cuisine cooking lesson in Sonoko's absence and Conan and Kogoro tag along. After a blackout, the teacher is on the floor claiming to have trouble breathing and Conan discovers she's been punctured in the back. The police investigate and find evidence the attacker was someone from inside.
S05E05 Meurtre dans une école de cuisine (2) 00/00/0000 The four suspects is interrogated and searched. It seems everyone has a motive, but no evidence or murder weapon is found to pinpoint the killer.
S05E06 Le fantôme de l'école 00/00/0000 Ayumi came to school one night to find a masked man. She told the vice-principal about it and he became absent for the last two days and the other teachers are acting suspicious.
S05E07 Plage en deuil 00/00/0000 A young woman is found by a reef in what appears to be a suicide, but when information that the town's doctor had been intimate with her in the past is revealed, both Conan and Richard suspect that murder is really involved. Now the two must find the clues before his drinking alibi fully comes through.
S05E08 L'affaire du serpent de mer (1) 00/00/0000 Ran tricks her mother and father into going to the beach together. Kogoro, annoyed, leaves for the bathroom and returns with two girls named Kiwako Toda and Harumi Matsuzaki who invite the Mori family and Conan to lunch with the scuba diving club at the local college. After awhile, the group spots Kiwako drowning and rushes to save her.
S05E09 L'affaire du serpent de mer (2) 00/00/0000 The Mori family, Conan, and the diving club members rush to the hospital where Kiwako is in intensive care. Conan and Eri is sure the events was an attempted murder
S05E10 La disparition du mystérieux écrivain (1) 00/00/0000 A young woman shows up at the detective agency asking Detective Mori to find her father, a mystery writer, who vanished two months ago along with his wife. The only clue to his whereabouts is a piece found in his latest publication, but can Conan and the others solve the code?
S05E11 La disparition du mystérieux écrivain (2) 00/00/0000 In continuation from the last case, the search for the mystery writer continues. Conan and the others must decipher the code in his text in order to solve the mystery of his and his wife's disappearance two months ago. Will Conan be able to do help them do this without blowing his cover?
S05E12 Meurtres en série à Osaka [Special] 00/00/0000 Hattori Heiji invites Kogoro, Ran, and of course Conan to Osaka. Heiji takes them around the city and soon bumps into Kazuha, Heiji's friend. Kazuha who meets Ran mistakes Ran for Heiji's girlfriend and also thinks Ran is Kudo, the name that Heiji has mentioned to her. Heiji laughs at Kazuha and says that the Kudo he was talking about was a boy, Kudo Shinichi, the famous high school detective who had shrunk into Edogawa Conan. Heiji who had promised not to tell anyone that Conan was really Shinichi kept his mouth shut even to Kazuha. Conan was freaked out when Kazuha said 'Kudo'. Later 2 people get murdered and its up to Conan and Heiji to solve the case!
S05E13 Meurtre au fan club de Kamen Yaïba 00/00/0000 Conan and the gang attend a Kamen Rider costume party. In a duel between a Yaiba cos-player and staff, both shoot their guns, but only one bullet kills. Is there more to this case than what everyone saw with their own two eyes?
S05E14 Un meurtre au goût de miel 00/00/0000 Kogoro is invited to a mountain house by a previous client named Hiromi Yamazaki who wishes Kogoro to help with the announcement of a spa resort. While Kogoro is looking out the window, Hiromi falls from the second floor and is announced dead.
S05E15 L'affaire des deux soeurs (1) 00/00/0000 Conan, Ran, and Kogoro are on their way to a Y?ko concert when Kogoro discovers he lost his ticket. He overhears a woman named Masayo on the payphone and her situation about a friend who is unable to go to the concert because of a cold. Kogoro asks her for the spare ticket and she accepts as long as Kogoro drives her to her house to pick up her sister, but they find Masayo's sister dead.
S05E16 L'affaire des deux soeurs (2) 00/00/0000 The victim's fiancé busts in and tells the police he was ringing the door bell the day before because the victim missed an appointment. Conan knocks out Kogoro, reveals the identity of the murderer....
S05E17 Une affaire de chiffre 00/00/0000 Aki Asano, the weather girl for the local news, leaves a message for Kogoro's assistance. Kogoro is away because of business so the Detective Boys go instead to discover Aki has been getting threatening letters. Conan gives Aki his pager number just before she receives an urgent phone call and asks the Detective Boys to wait for her.....
S05E18 Le mystérieux assassin (1) 00/00/0000 Seiji Ishimoto, president of an electronic company, claims he has been receiving threat letters and hires Kogoro as a bodyguard.
S05E19 Le mystérieux assassin (2) 00/00/0000 Investigation into the minister's assassination continues.
S05E20 Meurtre au théâtre (1) 30/11/1998 The scriptwriter for the Drama Traveling Troupe's is found dead. Aside from the murder, a disc was also stolen. What was on the disc?
S05E21 Meurtre au théâtre (2) 07/12/1998 The disc is found in the director’s room, but it is empty. The Director was knocked out on stage and the treasurer was pushed to her death. Conan realizes only two people had time to kill the scriptwriter.
S05E22 Le 10ème braquage des hommes en noir 00/00/0000
S05E23 La nouvelle élève 00/00/0000 Haibara Ai est une nouvelle élève transférée à l'école primaire Teitan. Mitsuhiko, Genta et Ayumi tentent de l'intégrer à la classe. Ils revoivent ensuite une lettre d'un camarade de classe à la recherche de son frère disparu. Lors de leur enquête, ils tombent nez à nez avec des faux-monnayeurs, mais réussissent à les maîtriser grâce à Conan et Haibara.
S05E24 Menace de meurtre aveugle au stade (1) 00/00/0000 On New Years day there was a soccer game taking place in Tokyo and the Detective Boys including the new member, Ai Haibara got to watch the game. During the game the TV station was forced to aim the camera below where the Detective Boys were sitting and where the soccer ball was. Then the soccer ball jumped up and deflated. Conan jumps down and realizes that the ball was shot by a gun with a silencer on it. The caller who forced the station to aim the camera also forces them to pay huge amounts of money or else, someone dies!
S05E25 Menace de meurtre aveugle au stade (2) 00/00/0000 The police has found one of the accomplices who took the bag of money the police put there. But then with the person's cell phone on, the other person hears what has happened and threatens to kill someone if the police doesn't let his accomplice go. The police releases him and the TV station was forced again to pay more money that was impossible to get before the soccer game ends. Conan realizes that this person has planned to kill someone in the first place and knows he has to find this person before one gets hurt! But with millions of people in the stadium, is it really possible to find this person before the game ends?
S05E26 Magic Party (1) 00/00/0000
S05E27 Magic Party (2) 00/00/0000
S05E28 Magic Party (3) 00/00/0000
S06E01 Meurtre sans arme 15/02/1999 Conan and the Detective Boys find Ayumi’s hairdresser dead, strangled. With evidence, they find out a blue hangar was used, but was likely thrown away. Can they find it before the trash is disposed of?
S06E02 Le vieux château (1) 22/02/1999 Professor Agasa takes the Detective Boys camping, but he forgets the tent! As they look for shelter, they wander into a castle. Inside, Conan finds a hidden passageway, but is knocked out by someone hiding inside! Professor Agasa and Haibara realize something has happened to him when they cannot find him.
S06E03 Le vieux château (2) 08/03/1999 The Detective Boys locate the hidden passageway later that night. They discover a body and realize the house’s mistress has been the disguised culprit all along. Once they discover Conan, he reveals the treasure and captures the culprit.
S06E04 La dernière séance (1) 22/03/1999 The Detective Boys attend a triple-feature of Gomera during the final day of a theatre before it is destroyed. During the second film, the man is found hanged. The four theater employees become the main suspects.
S06E05 La dernière séance (2) 05/04/1999 With a clue from Mitsuhiko, Conan finds out the clue to this murder is the mirrors. Will the murder deduction be the theater’s last show ever?
S06E06 Mission : sauver Ayumi 00/00/0000 Ayumi is sick and is at home with a sore throat. Her mom left the house to go somewhere and a daring thief breaks into Ayumi's house hoping to find money. Ayumi has to warn Conan and the others through her Detective Boys Communication Badge without making a sound since she might alert the thief and that she has a sore throat. Will Conan and the Detective Boys save Ayumi in time?
S06E07 Intrigue nuptiale (1) 19/04/1999 While visiting Kogoro, Ran, and Conan in Tokyo, Heiji and Kazuha also run into his father and friend, who invites the group back to his home. While there, his father’s friend is stabbed in the heart!
S06E08 Intrigue nuptiale (2) 26/04/1999 Heiji and Conan stage an arrest to lure out the real culprit, who returns for the murder weapon.
S06E09 La nuit des étoiles 03/05/1999 Sonoko and Ran go to an observatory looking for shooting stars. While they are there, someone falls from the observatory and dies.
S06E10 Le meurtre de ''l'étoile du nord'' (1) 10/05/1999 While traveling via the North Star Express to Hokkaido, a robbery turned murder occurs on the train. The murder feels very familiar to Conan, right out of one of his father’s novels!
S06E11 Le meurtre de ''l'étoile du nord'' (2) 24/05/1999 Conan’s mother is on the train as well and he discusses the case with her. As the train arrives at it’s destination without the culprit caught, Yusaku makes an appearance to reveal the trick.
S06E12 L'histoire d'amour d'un détective (1) 31/05/1999 The Detective Boys visit the police station. While there, they overhear a phone call where someone screams. Once they arrive, a bank owner’s wife is found murdered!
S06E13 L'histoire d'amour d'un détective (2) 07/06/1999 Conan helps the Metropolitan Police solve the murder and bank robbery. Takagi and Sato feelings are explored for the first time
S06E14 L'affaire du tramway 14/06/1999 Early in the morning, the Detective Boys go to see a train. What appears to be an accident turns into a deadly distraction as someone falls onto the tracks, but wasn’t the one who die
S06E15 Meurtre au parc d'attractions 21/06/1999 An accident happens during a Kamen Yaiba play at the amusement park and the actor is found dead at the bottom of the pool.
S06E16 Meurtre à la voiture piégée (1) 28/06/1999 Kogoro goes to visit one of the students he used to tutor, but upon arrival a car explodes in the driveway!
S06E17 Meurtre à la voiture piégée (2) 05/07/1999 With Conan’s help, Kogoro is able to solve the case on his own. He realizes the killer is closer than he thought…
S06E18 La disparition du vieil homme 12/07/1999 Ran meets an old man on the bus, who slips a disc into her purse. She tries to find him, but he disappeared! The same culprits kidnap Sonoko and Conan discovers where they are hiding.
S06E19 La dangereuse histoire d'été de Sonoko (1) 19/07/1999 While on a trip to the beach Ran, Sonoko, and Conan learn there is a serial killer after brown-haired girls. Later that night, Sonoko is attacked and the culprit desperately searches for her camera. What is on the camera?
S06E20 La dangereuse histoire d'été de Sonoko (2) 26/07/1999 Sonoko appears to be the killer’s target. Can Sonoko be saved in time? Who is there to help Conan?
S06E21 Un mystérieux suicide 02/08/1999 Kogoro, Ran, and Conan visit with an old woman and her grandson, but when they arrive he’s found dead in a locked bathroom.
S06E22 L'histoire d'amour d'un détective II (1) 09/08/1999 Detective Sato pursues a possible murderer through a building and accidentally handcuffs herself and the culprit to a toilet. It’s up to Takagi and the Detective Boys to help.
S06E23 L'histoire d'amour d'un détective II (2) 16/08/1999 Takagi and the Detective Boys solve the case, but will they make it in time to save Sato before the building is blown up?
S06E24 La ligne sans fin 23/08/1999 While traveling home, a group of coworkers all get on a train together, but one of them is found dead. With Conan and Kogoro as witnesses, they need evidence to find the killer.
S06E25 La légende de la mystérieuse 5ème pagode (1) 06/09/1999 While visiting a 5-story pagoda, the manager turns up dead, hanging from the top floor. Is it suicide or as the legend predicted, a murder?
S06E26 La légende de la mystérieuse 5ème pagode (2) 13/09/1999 Conan finds evidence that the rope was tampered with. Can Conan solve the case before it is deemed a suicide?
S06E27 La mort arrive par les eaux 00/00/0000 Conan, Kogoro, and Ran are out to eat at a fancy restaurant with a stream that little boats carrying food sail to the rooms they are supposed to deliver the food to. After a while three men enter the restaurant, then after eating a woman screams and Kogoro, Conan, and Ran rush to the frightened women, pointing at a dead person. How was the murder done? And why was the victim in the room he wasn't supposed to be in?
S06E28 Meurtre dans les nuages [Special] 27/09/1999 Conan recalls his first ever murder case, solved as Shinichi, while he was on a plane.
S07E01 La lune, les étoiles et le soleil (1) 11/10/1999 Professor Agasa takes the Detective Boys to an abandoned house for a day of puzzle solving. But when the clues he hid are found broken, Conan realizes someone is living there.
S07E02 La lune, les étoiles et le soleil (2) 18/10/1999 Conan discovers an attic in the house, with a dead body. Another man appears and reveals he has been using the house for counterfeiting.
S07E03 La disparition du Club des Détectives Junior 25/10/1999 The Detective Boys are on a camping trip to practice for the school puppet play! However, a serial killer has been spotted not far from the camp!
S07E04 Le manoir de l'araignée (1) 01/11/1999 Kogoro and Heiji are both hired to solve a mystery in Tottori. A mansion is supposedly haunted by the Demon Spider God and his first hanging victim has been found.
S07E05 Le manoir de l'araignée (2) 08/11/1999 The Demon Spider God continues to hang people. A note is left saying Kazuha will be hung next, can Conan and Heiji save her in time?
S07E06 Le manoir de l'araignée (3) 15/11/1999 The culprit is caught thanks to Conan and Heiji who hung those he blamed for not stopping his girlfriend from hanging herself, but what did the killer miss?
S07E07 Le baiser de Vénus 22/11/1999 When Mouri visits an aquarium. While watching a play, instead of the actress appearing out of the clam, a body floats up from the water.
S07E08 Un bain néfaste (1) 29/11/1999 While visiting a doctor at his house, a blackout occurs. When the lights come back on, a man is found dead in the bath tub.
S07E09 Un bain néfaste (2) 06/12/1999 Conan investigates around the house and finds a timer on the fusebox. Who murdered the doctor?!
S07E10 Le message de mort (1) 13/12/1999 A woman is found dead at Tropical Land in the woman’s bathroom with a dying message: “S smeared in blood and KIX on her phone”
S07E11 Le message de mort (2) 20/12/1999 Conan determines the “S” was a dying message left by the culprit and “KIX” is the real message.
S07E12 Meurtre sur le Symphony [Special] 03/01/2000 Part 1: Kana Amusement group is putting out a new CD for pianist Tenma Gerald and is holding a party for the release of the CD. However, the wife of the company president, Kana Yoshinori, has been receiving some threatening letters and crank phone calls. Whoever is sending the letters is aware of the party which is to be a private affair. Who could be responsible for these cranks and why are they threatening Kana Misaki? It's up to Conan, with Mouri Kogorou and Ran in tow to solve the mystery at hand. Posing as the Yoshinori's childhood friends, the three pose as the Morita family in order to hide their true identity. Afterall, it wouldn't do to know that the famous detective Mouri Kogorou were present at a contract signing party. At the party, we are introduced to the company heads of Kana Amusement Group who, despite being related, seem at times to barely be civil with each other.
S07E13 L'homme qu'on a tué quatre fois 17/01/2000 It appears that following the murder of Komiyama, three people stepped forward as the murderer. However, which one of the three is the actual murderer? Katsumata Kengo, Niikura Yumiko, and Hoshino Hariyuki all had a motive, and when questioned by the police, all three admitted to the murder. Katsumata Kengo struck him over the head with a vase after being angered by the man and moved his body into the utility closet. However, Hoshino Haruyuki likewise admitted to murdering the man after being told that Yumiko would never be his by Komiyama and then hit him over the head with... a vase. While at school, Niikura Yumiko admits that Komiyama made a pass at her and came after her at the school and getting frightened, struck him over the head... with a vase. So who is the actual killer?!? It's up to Conan to help Mouri Kogorou and the police solve the case of the four times killed man.
S07E14 Les hommes en noir (1) 17/01/2000 Conan and Haibara see Gin’s car while walking home from school and Conan is able to place a tracker on it. Gin discovers the tracker though and suspects that Sherry (Haibara) is still alive.
S07E15 Les hommes en noir (2) 24/01/2000 A murder occurs at Haido City Hotel. Conan discovers that the Black Organization is responsible – Pisco is there. In the commotion of the murder, Haibara is kidnapped. Can Conan save her before the Black Organization finds her?
S07E16 Les hommes en noir (3) 24/01/2000 Haibara is trapped in the same building as Gin and Vodka. Conan is able to help her, but the Black Organization now knows she is alive.
S07E17 Le camion fou 07/02/2000 Conan is at a coffee shop when one man is killed by a truck running through the front. What happened to the other man who was with him?
S07E18 La chanson maléfique (1) 14/02/2000 A client hires Kogoro to find his wife’s stalker. At a party, a blackout occurs and someone attempts to grab the client’s wife.
S07E19 La chanson maléfique (2) 21/02/2000 Conan discovers Red Nocturne has to do with the impaled man just murdered. Was it the stalker?
S07E20 A la recherche des neuf portes 28/02/2000 The Detective Boys stumble on an SOS sign. Is it a false alarm or is someone hiding something?
S07E21 Recette dangereuse 06/03/2000 The Detective Boys stumble on to a receipt with a dangerous combination of items on it. It’s up to them to find the culprit in time.
S07E22 La malédiction des masques [Special] 13/03/2000 Kogoro is invited to a car accident charity, but a message from the Phantom of the Cursed Masks warns them not to go. Why have so many people gathered in one mansion and what do all of the masks mean?
S07E23 Meurtre d'un détective célèbre (1) 10/04/2000 Kogoro is nearly killed by an arrow while driving. When they arrive at the hotel, a dead actor has just been found!
S07E24 Meurtre d'un détective célèbre (2) 17/04/2000 Several people are staying in the hotel, but Kogoro thinks it is the work of an outsider. Conan discovers what the culprit really did, using a modified crossbow.
S07E25 Coup de feu dans la nuit 24/04/2000 While Kogoro is at a client’s house, the woman is murdered. The suspects are the only other guests in her house: her son, daughter, and the maid.
S07E26 Retour dangereux... Descente aux enfers 01/05/2000 The Detective Boys stumble onto a group of robbers with a dead body while camping. Conan helps the Detective Boys get away, but he is shot in the process!
S07E27 Retour dangereux... Le piège se referme 08/05/2000 The Detective Boys escaped and helped the police arrest the gang. Conan goes into surgery after being shot, but Ran suspects he really is Shinichi! Haibara helps Conan divert suspicion.
S07E28 Retour dangereux... Le 3ème choix 15/05/2000 Heiji helps Shinichi by disguising as him to distract Ran from noticing Conan’s identity. Ran is playing the school heroine when a murder at school occurs!
S07E29 Retour dangereux... Le chevalier noir 22/05/2000 Shinichi returns to his regular body and appears as the Black Knight to save the case, but collapses from a fever.
S07E30 Retour dangereux... Le retour de Shinichi 29/05/2000 Having returned to his normal body, Shinichi takes Ran out to dinner. Shinichi attempts to make a confession to Ran, but a murder occurs
S07E31 Retour dangereux... Sur le lieu des serments 05/06/2000 Shinichi quickly solves the case, but his body gives out and returns to Conan before he had the chance to confess to Ran.
S08E01 La boîte à musique (1) 12/06/2000 Conan begs Haibara for an antidote to return him to his normal body, but it is not permanent. Later, a woman requests Kogoro discover the owner of a music box. When visiting their house, Ran and Haruna see an old man’s shadow fly by and someone was attacked!
S08E02 La boîte à musique (2) 19/06/2000 The family reveals the deceased grandfather hid stamps worth a fortune. Conan and Kogoro help solve the case and find the lost treasure!
S08E03 La première enquête de Ran 26/06/2000 Conan, Ran, and Sonoko are out to eat at a café and befriend a couple. Something seems strange about the couple to Ran, so she goes to visit them and learns something unsettling.
S08E04 Mort d'un collectionneur (1) 03/07/2000 While attending a car show to investigate a death threat, a man is found killed by carbon monoxide-intoxication.
S08E05 Mort d'un collectionneur (2) 10/07/2000 Conan figures out the trick the culprit used to direct the fumes into the car and is able to figure out which of the many suspects it is.
S08E06 Kogoro accusé de meurtre (1) 17/07/2000 Kogoro, Ran, and Conan are staying at a hotel when they run into Kogoro’s estranged wife, Eri Kirisaki. Eri is at the hotel with colleagues of hers. Kogoro is upset seeing Eri around another man and proceeds to get drunk. He is later found in the bed of Eri’s female colleage, who has been murdered!
S08E07 Kogoro accusé de meurtre (2) 24/07/2000 Prime Suspect, Mouri Kogoro, who was found in the room with a dead body. With the help of Conan, Eri, and the police, they use a trick to lure out the real culprit and clear Kogoro’s name.
S08E08 Le 10ème passager (1) 31/07/2000 A man dies right in front of Conan, Kogoro, and Ran while riding on a bus. What does a past murder on the bus have to do with this one?
S08E09 Le 10ème passager (2) 07/08/2000 A murder from 7 years ago pops up when people who rode on the same bus start being murdered. Can Conan stop the bus before it plunges off a cliff?
S08E10 Les ailes noires d'Icare (1) 14/08/2000 While at a hotel, Kogoro, Ran, and Conan run into some old acquaintances. While there, an actress is also staying at the hotel, but the next morning she is found hung in her room.
S08E11 Les ailes noires d'Icare (2) 21/08/2000 Conan rules out a suicide after seeing the crime scene, but can he find who managed to sneak into the room and kill the actress?
S08E12 Romance au quartier général III (1) 28/08/2000 Somebody is setting fires across the city! Takagi and Sato are assigned to the case, but Sato is distracted by something else. Can the Detective Boys help them solve it?
S08E13 Romance au quartier général III (2) 04/09/2000 The Detective Boys discover the pattern of arson and manage to find the arsonist, but the final burning warehouse contains a handcuffed Takagi! Can Sato resolve a past problem relating to her father’s death and save Takagi?
S08E14 Élémentaire mon cher Conan 11/09/2000 While walking home from the bar drunk, Kogoro witnesses a fight between two men. The next day, one of them was murdered and the other begs Kogoro to prove his innocence, but something about his alibi is too perfect.
S08E15 La malédiction 09/10/2000 An opening ceremony for a ropeway built through a giant Goddess Statue on the mountains is being held. After the first ride, tourist company president rides through, he disappears. His body is found dead on the Statue’s hand.
S08E16 Chute libre en pleine montagne 16/10/2000 A car is rammed off a mountain and seems like a basic case, but the Detective Boys find a code. Can they solve this while trying to hide the code from Conan?
S08E17 Le palais aquatique aux cinq couleurs (1) 23/10/2000 Kogoro, Ran, and Conan attend a tea meeting at the Aonogi family house in place of Sonoko and her father. Behind the house is a pond that changes colors. When the group crosses the pond to the tearoom on the other side, the headmaster is found hung!
S08E18 Le palais aquatique aux cinq couleurs (2) 30/10/2000 What does the pond have to do with the murder? Conan figures out how the killer hung the victim while not being present.
S08E19 Des champignons, des ours et les jeunes detectives (1) 06/11/2000 The Detective Boys are out looking for mushrooms in the forest. Genta sees good mushrooms on the other side of a fence, which marks the animal hunting area. On the hunting side, a man is found dead.
S08E20 Des champignons, des ours et les jeunes detectives (2) 13/11/2000 Bear hunters are in search of a legendary bear. Conan decides to follow the murderer to see why he killed a man, but does not try to harm anyone else.
S08E21 Le mystère de la chambre rétro 20/11/2000 A murder occurs in a retro hotel room at Dolphinland. Why is there an ice cream bar, candies, pepper spray and a coin-operated television in the room?
S08E22 La baie de la vengeance (1) 27/11/2000 Kogoro has a lawyer client who is receiving death letters from someone with the initials “T.K.”. When the lawyer ends up dead and a man with the initials “T.K.” was a former client of the lawyer, the prime suspect is found. However, when they arrive at his house, he is also dead.
S08E23 La baie de la vengeance (2) 04/12/2000 Conan discovers a clue linking the murdered lawyer, Kensuke Tachibana, and his former client “Tatsuya Kumada”, both with a “T” and “K” in their initials.
S08E24 L'affaire de l'inspecteur Megure (1) 00/00/0000 When Kogoro and Conan are waiting for Ran and Sonoko to finish shopping, Kogoro spots an attractive woman coming out of the phone booth. Conan spots a pen inside the booth, and tells Kogoro. Immediately Kogoro gets the pen and reaches to touch the woman--boom! Kogoro is knocked to the ground. Actually, the attractive lady was Satou-san in disguise! They were trying to capture the person who was attacking ""101 spice girls"". Sonoko comes to join Kogoro, but Ran stayed to get something else. Miraculously Ran winds up in the parking lot of the shopping mall and spots a body by a car--a dead ""101 spice girl"".
S08E25 L'affaire de l'inspecteur Megure (2) 00/00/0000 Inspection follows. It is found that the victim had been involved in a car crash a year ago, in the same parking lot. Using information from the previous three victims, Conan figures that the murderer's motive was probably because of the high-top shoes that ""101 spice girls"" all wear. It if found, then, that the main cause of the victim's car crash was because of her shoes. They weakened the pedal's reaction. After Kogoro and Megure finally get the point (with Conan hinting), they figure out the murderer, but now he's gone! And now Sonoko, wearing a pair of high-top shoes, is stuck in the shopping mall... with the revengeful murderer!
S08E26 Le manoir du crépuscule [Special] 08/01/2001 Kaitou Kid reminisces over the time he was almost caught by Shinichi Kudo. A detective meeting as been called by an unknown person using Kaitou Kid’s name. As the detectives become stranded in the mansion, one is murdered.
S09E01 Le client mensonger (1) 00/00/0000 An old but pretty woman comes in Kogoro's office, asking him to find the address of her first love. Kogoro gets very interested in her,and Conan quickly finds out the address. Conan is also suspicious about this woman because he noticed that she kept telling lies-- saying that she wasn't married when her ring finger was thinner and saying that she never cooked when she could recognize different kinds of fish just by looking at the gills. But when they arrive, they find an open door. And the open door revealed a bloody crime scene-- the woman's first love lies dead on the floor.
S09E02 Le client mensonger (2) 22/01/2001 The victim is holding a picture of Kogoro’s client – does that make her the prime suspect?! What else is the client hiding from Conan and Kogoro?
S09E03 L'île des sirènes (1) 29/01/2001 Conan, Ran, Heiji, Kazuha, and Kogoro go to the Isle of Mermaids at the request of a client.
S09E04 L'île des sirènes (2) 05/02/2001 A festival turns sour when one of the contestants is found dead in a waterfall. Conan awaits Heiji’s assistance to reveal the culprit, but Heiji and Kazhua are pushed off a cliff!
S09E05 L'île des sirènes (3) 12/02/2001 Conan confronts the culprit. A tragic town secret leads to a grave misunderstanding.
S09E06 Le secret des ventes 19/02/2001 A boy comes to the Detective Boys with a case. A new employee at his family’s shop is acting suspicious!
S09E07 Le jeu de combat piégé (1) 26/02/2001 Ran and Sonoko run into their new English teacher, Jodie, at an arcade. While talking with their teacher, a man is murdered while playing video games.
S09E08 Le jeu de combat piégé (2) 05/03/2001 Jodie acts suspicious towards Conan’s young appearance and good reasoning ability. Conan figures out the game trick!
S09E09 Les poteries meurtrières (1) 12/03/2001 A man is killed during a pottery class. The culprit is evident, but no evidence can be found.
S09E10 Les poteries meurtrières (2) 19/03/2001 Once the police arrive, Conan is able to reveal the culprit. Ran and Sonoko make pottery for their beloveds.
S09E11 Le mystérieux passager (1) 16/04/2001 The Detective Boys run into Jodie-sensei and Araide-sensei on a bus. Haiabara senses a member of the Black Organization on the bus when it is hijacked.
S09E12 Le mystérieux passager (2) 23/04/2001 With Jodie’s help, Conan is able to prevent the busjacking, but the bombs can’t be stopped. After the bus is evacuated, Conan realizes there is still someone on the bus: Haibara!
S09E13 La chute de l'affaire de la copropiété 07/05/2001 Conan and Kogoro are with a man when his roommate falls from their condo to his death. Was it coincidence or a clever murder?
S09E14 La preuve qui n'a pas disparu (1) 14/05/2001 Professor Agasa takes the Detective Boys to a neighbor’s. Someone appears to have stolen the neighbor’s dog!
S09E15 La preuve qui n'a pas disparu (2) 21/05/2001 The Detective Boys search the house for clues for the missing dog. When the grandfather clock does not chime as inspected, it gets a closer look.
S09E16 La cave à vin fermée 28/05/2001 A body turns up inside a locked wine cellar! How did the killer manage to get out of a room locked from the inside?
S09E17 Le mystérieux tour de la plage Nanki (1) 04/06/2001 While on vacation in Shirahama, Conan and group meet students from an art club that do not seem to get along well.
S09E18 Le mystérieux tour de la plage Nanki (2) 11/06/2001 One of the art students is found stabbed in the heart. What is this art club group hiding?
S09E19 L'affaire des trois K (1) 18/06/2001 Heiji invites Conan to Osaka for the opening of a restaurant with many celebrities present. A gunshot rings out during the opening and a news reporter has been shot dead.
S09E20 L'affaire des trois K (2) 25/06/2001 A boxer, a baseball player, and a soccer player. One of these three men shot the news reporter. What is bothering Conan?
S09E21 L'affaire du transport dans le Shinkansen (1) 02/07/2001 Conan and Ran are returning from Osaka. Takagi and Sato are also on the train investigating a bomb.
S09E22 L'affaire du transport dans le Shinkansen (2) 09/07/2001 The bomb was a decoy. A drug dealer is found murdered in the train bathroom. Takagi also struggles being with Sato as he wants to date her.
S09E23 Le désastre de Genta 16/07/2001 Genta is the target of a killer! The Detective Boys try to figure out why Genta is being targeted.
S09E24 L'imposteur de Kogoro Mouri (1) 23/07/2001 An imposter of Kogoro’s is found hung in his hotel room. Another body is found outside the hotel, but it has been there much longer. What is happening in this hotel?
S09E25 L'imposteur de Kogoro Mouri (2) 30/07/2001 After an embezzlement of funds and a double-crossing amongst thieves, Conan is able to wrap up the imposter mystery!
S09E26 Coup de feu dans le Bâtiment du Tournesol 06/08/2001 An architect is shot in the head, allegedly by a stalker. What do the other firm employees have to do with this?
S09E27 Le mystère du filet (1) 13/08/2001 Haibara and Ran are having issues getting along at the beach. A local fishermen group appears at the beach and later one of them washes up on shore in a net.
S09E28 Le mystère du filet (2) 20/08/2001 The killer bumbles his testimony while speaking with the police and Conan catches on! Haibara and Ran improve their relationship.
S09E29 L'alibi de la forêt chassée 27/08/2001 In a place called the “Soothing Forest” there is a small village. The village chief is found dead, but everyone in the village has an alibi.
S09E30 Le secret de la Star (1) 00/00/0000 Kogoro is invited to Yoko's engagement--no, Yoko's friend's engagement with a famous actor. When Kogoro arrives, though, he is hit with a tennis racket by mistake! It turned out that Yoko's frind had been blackmailed by an unknown person, and had been very careful when opening doors since. While everyone is watching a video, Yoko's friend goes showering. After quite a time Conan realises that something must be wrong and goes into the bathroom to find Yoko's friend lying in the bathtub with her neck cut.
S09E31 Le secret de la Star (2) 00/00/0000 It turned out that Yoko's friend wasn't dead yet- she just suffered from a serious cut. The police arrived quickly (with Megure commenting one how easily Kogoro finds his job),but they couldn't find the murder weapon. All they found was a bloody trail leading to the back to and a bloodied coat. Thus they concluded that the attacker must be Yoko's friend's blackmailer, and was not one of the people watching the videotape. But Conan suspects that the murder weapon had been discarded cleverly. And he isn't going to give up until he finds the brutal killer!
S09E32 La tragédie à OK Corral 17/09/2001 Conan, Ran, and Kogoro visit a horse farm. One of the men there dies – is a horse responsible?
S09E33 Le kidnappeur dans la photo 08/10/2001 The Detective Boys are on the hunt for a kidnapping clown! They must follow the clues left behind in order to save a 5 year old boy from his kidnapper.
S09E34 Romance au quartier général IV (1) 00/00/0000 Sato is having an arranged marriage meeting with a man due to her mother's persistence. She arrives to find out it's Ninzaburo Shiratori. She proposes that if Takagi does not arrive to her before sunset, she will marry him whether she wants to or not. He accepts, but Takagi is busy with a store robbery. Three of the eye witnesses all give different description and three culprits are kept in the back of the police car. Conan on the phone prepares to help Takagi solve the case as Kudo Shinichi.
S09E35 Romance au quartier général IV (2) 00/00/0000 Takagi solves the case and arrests the culprit when he tries to make a dash out of the police car. Takagi catches up and gives up on going to Sato in time to stop the marriage as the sun is almost set and the car is too far away. His party comes to cheer him on and he runs. Conan manages to stop the marriage in time with Tomoaki Araide's help. Takagi manages to reach the restaurant but the sun has completely sunk. He then sees Sato around the corner who tells him he told her an emergency case has come up. Takagi smiles as he enters the car. Meanwhile Shiratori leaves the restaurant, disappointed in his close marriage. Conan comments how Takagi and Sato reminded him of Ran and himself.
S10E01 Le 14ème concours de vers lié de Matsue Tamazo (1) 29/10/2001 After Kogoro wins a trip to Matsue, they meet a group holding a poetry contest. Soon enough, one of the members is beaten to death and every other member is not sad to see him dead.
S10E02 Le 14ème concours de vers lié de Matsue Tamazo (2) 05/11/2001 Conan has Kogoro take place in the Linked Verse contest to see how the culprit may reveal themself.
S10E03 La mystérieuse punition du ciel 12/11/2001 A robber is found dead in a temple following an earthquake. However, the robber is stealing from a poor temple far from his home. Something is awry with this case.
S10E04 L'homme de Chicago (1) 19/11/2001 Conan, Agasa, and the Detective Boys run into an old man named James Black who is being hassled by people, mistaking him for a celebrity. They help him get away and clear the confusion, but later, the man ends up getting kidnapped. Can Conan and the Detective Boys rescue him?
S10E05 L'homme de Chicago (2) 26/11/2001 The kidnappers have apprehended a police car. Conan and the police force set off to rescue James Black and apprehend the thieves.
S10E06 Le restaurant tremblant 03/12/2001 Due to nearby construction, a restaurant has been shaking constantly causing broken plates and glasses. When the owner is found dead the next day, it looks like an accident, but is it?
S10E07 La légende de la nuit enneigée (1) 10/12/2001 Kogoro, Ran, and Conan get stranded on a snowy road on their way to a hot spring. They meet the Daimon family, who lets them stay the night, but the next morning one of them has been found dead.
S10E08 La légende de la nuit enneigée (2) 17/12/2001 The father and eldest brother have been killed. Is this the work of a 500-year-old samurai curse or something more nefarious?
S10E09 Le double mystère d'Osaka : Le Sabreur et le Château de Toyotomi [Special] 07/01/2002 Conan discovers a trick with the armor and footprints which lead him to the culprits trick!
S10E10 Confrontation en salle d'audience ! Kisaki VS Kogoro (1) 14/01/2002 Eri Kirisaki takes a case that results in Kogoro being a key witness and alibi for the prime suspect. Will Eri win or does Kogoro provide a legitimate alibi?
S10E11 Confrontation en salle d'audience ! Kisaki VS Kogoro (2) 21/01/2002 The prosecutor turns the table on Eri when Kogoro’s testimony is turned upside down. Can Kogoro find the evidence needed in time?
S10E12 Le secret de la Saint Valentin (1) 28/01/2002 Sonoko and Ran go to a house in the hills to make Valentine’s chocolate. While there, the group runs into other patrons visiting for various reasons. Following a snowstorm, one of them is found dead.
S10E13 Le secret de la Saint Valentin (2) 04/02/2002 The dead photographer’s camera has droplets of blood on it, leading Conan to believe the murder took place before the snowstorm.
S10E14 Le secret de la Saint Valentin (3) 11/02/2002 As Kogoro is unveiling the culprit, other’s reveal plans of their own!
S10E15 L'oubli du memento du crime (1) 18/02/2002 Kogoro passes up a case for finding a man’s deceased wife’s watch and the Detective Boys take it on. The search is put on pause when a murder takes place nearby.
S10E16 L'oubli du memento du crime (2) 12/03/2002 Conan believes the client hired them to be his alibi. Takagi reveals important files have been stolen from the Metropolitan Police Department.
S10E17 Un secret trop vite oublié (1) 11/03/2002 Ran is still puzzled by her run in with Shuichi Akai, feeling she has seen him before. Later, while Ran is in the mall with Conan, Sonoko, and Jodie a murder occurs.
S10E18 Un secret trop vite oublié (2) 18/03/2002 Conan needs to solve the dying message in order to find the culprit. The Black Organization is on the move.
S10E19 Le quiz d'Oba-San, le cas d'Indication de Fléchette 08/04/2002 Ayumi believes the old lady who feeds birds at the park has been kidnapped. The Detective Boy’s set out to find her kidnappers.
S10E20 La vérité de la maison hantée (1) 15/04/2002 While investigating a ghost case, Ran, Conan, and Kogoro stay the night at an apartment building. During the night, she sees a ghost on the TV screen! The water in the toilet turns red!
S10E21 La vérité de la maison hantée (2) 22/04/2002 The group learns two years’ prior there had been a fire and one of the residents died. Conan determines the culprit’s trick and who is behind the ghosts!
S10E22 L'affaire de la disparition du portable du policier 06/05/2002 Takagi breaks up a scuffle between a singer and their manager and loses his notebook in the process. Finding it out is not as easy when the Detective Boy’s learn of a devious plan at hand.
S10E23 Le Professeur d'Anglais contre le Détective de l'Ouest (1) 13/05/2002 Conan has Heiji investigate Jodie at her apartment building, but when one of her neighbors is thrown from the building, things change quickly.
S10E24 Le Professeur d'Anglais contre le Détective de l'Ouest (2) 20/05/2002 Conan and Heiji have Jodie assist them with the investigation, but they continue their investigation of her on their own.
S10E25 Le labyrinthe de Hooligan (1) 27/05/2002 The group is watching a soccer match between the Tokyo Spirits and Noir. Following the game, a man is found stabbed inside a train.
S10E26 Le labyrinthe de Hooligan (2) 03/06/2002 Haibara is seen watching Higo, a soccer player, who’s circumstances mimic her own. When Conan explains the situation, he realizes something about the crime.
S10E27 Peu de témoins 10/06/2002 While playing a horror game in an abandoned house, Ayumi, Mitsuhiko, and Genta realize they are not alone. They overhear two men arguing, then fighting, and one dies. Can Conan get there in time to help them?
S10E28 L'eau mystérieuse coulant près de la pierre du jardin (1) 17/06/2002 Conan, Ran, and Kogoro attend a dinner party with a company president and various other attendees. The next morning the president is found in the water-stone garden.
S10E29 L'eau mystérieuse coulant près de la pierre du jardin (2) 24/06/2002 There are no footprints surrounding the presidents body. Kogoro and Conan differ on how they think the crime occurred.
S10E30 Une pluie 'déjà vue' à Chinatown (1) 01/07/2002 While eating at a Chinese restaurant, Kogoro, Conan, and Ran share a table with other people. During dinner, one of them dies. Ran is a suspect?!
S10E31 Une pluie 'déjà vue' à Chinatown (2) 08/07/2002 Ran begins to look sick throughout the investigation, her mind is elsewhere. The victim was killed with cyanide, but how? Ran remembers her original meeting with Shuichi Akai.
S11E01 Shinichi Kudo à New-York (1) 15/07/2002 Ran collapses in the Chinese restaurant and begins to dream of her trip to New York City with Shinichi several years prior.
S11E02 Shinichi Kudo à New-York (2) 22/07/2002 While attending a play in New York, a murder happens right on stage! A serial killer is also on the loose.
S11E03 Shinichi Kudo à New-York (3) 29/07/2002 Ran recalls her first meeting with Shuichi Akai in New York City. Ran and Shinichi encounter the serial killer!
S11E04 Mitsuhiko, imposteur de la Forêt (1) 05/08/2002 Mitsuhiko has disappeared! Conan is able to track him to a forest in Gunma, but what is he doing there?
S11E05 Mitsuhiko, imposteur de la Forêt (2) 12/08/2002 Haibara divulges information about APTX 4869 to Conan. Mitsuhiko encounters a serial killer hiding in the forest!
S11E06 L'isolement de l'île de la princesse et le palais du grand Dragon (1) 19/08/2002 Heiji, Conan, and Kogoro go to Okinawa for a Detective Competition, but they get abandoned on an island when the boat captain goes missing.
S11E07 L'isolement de l'île de la princesse et le palais du grand Dragon (2) 26/08/2002 Heiji and Conan discover clues about a kidnapping while investigating the abandoned house. When the house search is conducted, a loud crash happens!
S11E08 L'isolement de l'île de la princesse et le palais du grand Dragon (3) 02/09/2002 The boat is found destroyed and the captain beaten to death. What does the TV Crew they are with have to do with the kidnapping and this abandoned island?
S11E09 L'éclat de l'amour et de la détermination (1) 09/09/2002 Ran and Sonoko find a cell phone with a mysterious message on it for Sonoko. Disguised as Sonoko, Ran goes to meet the mysterious sender and is kidnapped!
S11E10 L'éclat de l'amour et de la détermination (2) 16/09/2002 Ran manages to leave some clues about her kidnappers. Following the apprehension of two of the criminals, Ran tells the group there was a third!
S11E11 La péniche au bout du choc 14/10/2002 While watching fireworks from a fish boat restaurant, one of the fisherman falls on another and one gets electrocuted!
S11E12 Cour de confrontation II : Eri Kisaki contre Kujo Reiko (1) 21/10/2002 Eri Kisaki finds herself defending a burglar being charged with murder, but something is crooked with the case! Ran has Kogoro investigate.
S11E13 Cour de confrontation II : Eri Kisaki contre Kujo Reiko (2) 28/10/2002 Kogoro and Conan are able to find a hole in the testimony! What did the witness hide?
S11E14 Le détroit de l'amitié de Kanmon et l'intention infernale (1) 04/11/2002 While at dinner, Conan, Ran, and Kogoro witness a man at another table insulting everyone around him. Later that night, he has been found dead.
S11E15 Le détroit de l'amitié de Kanmon et l'intention infernale (2) 18/11/2002 The group of friends is discovered to have a sad past. What did the group do to get rid of this man?
S11E16 L'affection du bonheur et du malheur (1) 25/11/2002 The Tokyo Spirits (Soccer team) have won J1! There's a parade in honor for them and they're going throughout the city. The Police are there in disguise steaking out a boming that might take place. In the meantime...there is a bombing. When Takagi's car blows up, everyone is in a panic. During this, Mitsuhiko's video camera was stolen. Though the criminal went away with a blank tape. Why did the person steal his camera? And with many other bombings, can the police stop this person?
S11E17 L'affection du bonheur et du malheur (2) 02/12/2002 With Takagi-kun in charge of checking over the video tape with the Detective Boys, Conan notices something unusual. With the absence of something that should be there, the Detective Boys help solve the case, and the culprits are caught....but is everything solved?
S11E18 Le retour de la victime 09/12/2002 The Detective Boys go to investigate a thief. During their investigation, however, a murder occurs!
S11E19 Le QG de la Police Métropolitaine tremble - Les 12 millions d'otages [Special] 06/01/2003 The death of Satou's last partner haunts her when she is put up against the same bomber. The bomber likes to place bombs around the city. Some bombs will display the location of an even bigger bomb if left for the last three seconds, this resulted in the death of Satou's partner in the past. After following clues placed by the bomber, Takagi and Conan are trapped in an elevator, where they await the bomb's clue to the location of an even bigger bomb. Conan disarms the bomb before the last second as he has already figured out the last part of the code. He stops the bomber and he is captured.
S11E20 Le suspect invisible (1) 13/01/2003 Mori Kogoro was invited to make an introduction in an episode of a popular detective TV serial. The star of the show revealed himself to be very disagreeable with the rest of the cast, one of whom, Ruri Amaki (?? ??, Amaki Ruri?) turned out to be a fellow classmate of Kogoro when they were children. Ruri revealed to Ran and Conan who were present that she, Kogoro, and Kisaki, were classmates since kindergarten. Ran and Conan learned that the brainy Kisaki and the underachiever Kogoro seemed inexplicably drawn to each other, to quarrel. As the other classmates suspected, time showed that the arguments were intended to disguise their mutual attraction. The star challenged Kogoro to solve the mystery of the murder scene being filmed. To prevent Kogoro from embarrassing himself, Conan used the tranquilizer dart on Kogoro and cracked the puzzle with the clues present. During a break in the filming, the star was discovered with his throat slit, with Ruri over the body and her hands bloody.
S11E21 Le suspect invisible (2) 20/01/2003 During a break in the filming, the star was discovered with his throat slit, with Ruri over the body and her hands bloody. No murder weapon could be found. The immediate suspects were members of the cast, including Ruri and the Nagumo (???) father-son. As the murder took place in the jurisdiction of Shizuoka Prefecture (???, Shizuoka-ken?), Inspector Sango Yokomizo (?? ??, Yokomizo Sango?) arrived to take charge of the investigation. Kogoro and Conan worked hard to find the clues. When Conan finally figured out the solution, he realized he had used up his only tranquilizer dart earlier, and had to resort to nudging Kogoro towards the truth.
S11E22 L'empreinte sombre (1) 27/01/2003 Conan and Mouri stumble upon the murder of a game designer, one that appears to have had a link to Tequila, the member of the Black Organization who was killed in an explosion in episode 54. He attempts to solve the case while gathering info on the organization in the process.
S11E23 L'empreinte sombre (2) 03/02/2003 Conan uses Mouri to solve the case, using clues gathered during the investigation. It turns out that the system of "Braille" has something to do with the identification of the murderer, but how? After the case is solved, Ran and Conan go walking in the city. They find themselves face to face with Shuichi Akai who just happens to be exiting out of a phone booth, ending the episode with the mysterious encounter.
S11E24 Contact avec l'Organisation des Hommes en Noir (1) 10/02/2003 Conan learns that Shuichi Akai is not a bad guy, but with the FBI. Conan makes contact with the Black Organization and tries to trap Vodka.
S11E25 Contact avec l'Organisation des Hommes en Noir (2) 17/02/2003 Conan and Agasa make their move, but are stranded and picked up in a car with two criminals behind the wheel.
S11E26 Contact avec l'Organisation des Hommes en Noir (3) 24/02/2003 Conan confronts the criminals driving the car. Conan gets close enough to Vodka to place a tracker on him, but Gin discovers it and hunts for Conan.
S11E27 Le festival des poupées teintes au coucher du soleil (1) 03/03/2003 The Detective Boys help Ayumi with assembling and arranging traditional dolls for a client. After they run an errand, they return the apartment having been burglarized!
S11E28 Le festival des poupées teintes au coucher du soleil (2) 10/03/2003 Some art is missing from the apartment after the robbery. However, something about the doll arrangement gives Conan a clue.
S11E29 La cloture cassée de l'observatoire 17/03/2003 Conan, Kogoro, and Ran witness a man committing suicide by jumping off a cliff. Yet, after they see the body there is something suspicious about it.
S11E30 La place exposée au soleil 14/04/2003 Kogoro visits an old friend who has been depressed as of lately. The friend has been irritated and nasty towards those around him. When he is found dead later, Kogoro investigates.
S12E01 Le masque du héros terni (1) 21/04/2003 A pro-wrestling match is happening. A wolf-masked wrestler is seen on camera murdering his opponent. Is it the wrestler or an imposter?
S12E02 Le masque du héros terni (2) 28/04/2003 Conan solves the case, but the murderer escapes and goes on a tear!
S12E03 L'affaire du cigare du fortuné (1) 05/05/2003 After the owner of a business is found stabbed, the prime suspect is also found dead, having crashed his car.
S12E04 L'affaire du cigare du fortuné (2) 12/05/2003 The owner is still alive and the video of the stabbing is fishy. What really happened?
S12E05 L'art du Ninja 19/05/2003 Inspector Megure calls in Kogoro for assistance with an investigation. A client of Kogoro’s has been murdered.
S12E06 Le ravisseur disparu de la voiture (1) 26/05/2003 A classmate of the Detective Boy’s is hospitalized. They help him enjoy one day of freedom by leaving Conan in his place at the hospital.
S12E07 Le ravisseur disparu de la voiture (2) 02/06/2003 While Conan is posing as the boy he is kidnapped from the hospital. The Detective Boys go searching for Conan when he does not answer his badge.
S12E08 La situation désespérée de Heiji Hattori (1) 09/06/2003 Heiji is being held captive in an attic! He desperately tried to contact Conan for help.
S12E09 La situation désespérée de Heiji Hattori (2) 16/06/2003 Conan gets Heiji’s message and sends a hidden message back. The henchmen watch over Kazuha and threaten to kill her if Heiji does not cooperate.
S12E10 Le cheval rouge dans les flammes (1) 23/06/2003 Heiji has a client in Tokyo who suddenly turns him down. Shortly thereafter, her home burns down!
S12E11 Le cheval rouge dans les flammes (2) 29/06/2003 The arson incidents have been happening one district at a time, the fourth in the 4th district. The 5th district could be next, home to the Mouri Detective Agency!
S12E12 Le cheval rouge dans les flammes (3) 07/07/2003 Conan and Heiji continue investigating the string of arson incidents. They manage to narrow the suspect list down to four people.
S12E13 Le mystère de l'anniversaire du vin 14/07/2003 At a birthday party somebody dies after drinking wine. The only problem is someone drank it before them and did not die!
S12E14 L'amitié déchirée (1) 28/07/2003 Professor Agasa takes the Detective Boys on a camping excursion where they run into four college students. As the group goes to the mountaintop to watch fireworks, on their way back a body is in the road.
S12E15 L'amitié déchirée (2) 04/08/2003 It appears like Yasumi Shirafuji lost control of her bike and fell off a cliff. Was it an accident or did one of the college students cleverly murder her?
S12E16 Le curry suspect (1) 11/08/2003 After their van washed away in a storm, Conan and the group try to find shelter. They run into a man they met at a tennis court earlier who takes them in.
S12E17 Le curry suspect (2) 18/08/2003 After getting into the house, the man’s father is found hung in his room! Why are some of his teeth missing?
S12E18 Les princesses identiques (1) 25/08/2003 Eri and Yukiko take on a case in Kogoro’s stead watching a rich woman’s husband. During the investigation, Eri and Yukiko reminisce over their high school days.
S12E19 Les princesses identiques (2) 01/09/2003 The husband is murdered! With Conan’s help, Yukiko and Eri work to solve the case.
S12E20 Le secret du film Tohto (1) 08/09/2003 Yukiko Kudo takes the Detective Boy’s to the see the a sneak preview for the Kamen Yaiba film. However, the preview was postponed and the Detective Boy’s go with one of the film’s employees while they wait.
S12E21 Le secret du film Tohto (2) 15/09/2003 A murder happens in the film workers apartment while the Detective Boy’s are there. All of the inhabitants of the apartment had a grudge against the victim.
S12E22 Les circonstances cachées de l'accident 13/10/2003 Kogoro and Conan witness two men fighting over a backpack. Later, when one of them apparently dies in an accident, Kogoro and Conan investigate whether it is a murder under the guise of an accident.
S12E23 Les quatre Porsche (1) 20/10/2003 Conan and Professor Agasa see four Porsches in a parking lot, with a man sleeping in one of them. After eating, when they return to the parking lot, the man is dead.
S12E24 Les quatre Porsche (2) 27/10/2003 A suspicious Jodie prods about Haibara during the investigation. What is she looking for?
S12E25 Le secret caché dans les toilettes (1) 03/11/2003 Some of Haibara’s past is divulged. When she and the Professor visit a friend, he ends up murdered. Is this the Black Organization or something else?
S12E26 Le secret caché dans les toilettes (2) 10/11/2003 Conan helps solve the mystery while also uncovering mementos of Haibara’s deceased mother.
S12E27 La nouvelle mariée de Huis Dix Bosch [Special] 17/11/2003 While attending a wedding, Ran, Sonoko, and Conan witness some ugly tensions on the groom’s side of the family. Tensions only worsen when the ring cannot be found.
S12E28 Le piège du du Convenience Store (1) 00/00/0000 After getting wind of Jodie's message that she's leaving from the high school, Ran and Sonoko decide to throw a good-bye party for her. They head for a convience store where they know a friend that works there. when they get there though, they find her boss accusing her of stealing goods. Is this possible?
S12E29 Le piège du du Convenience Store (2) 00/00/0000 This case continues and from last time, Sonoko and Jodie advise her not to call Conan for help, so Ran decides to solve it on her own. Taking repeated advice from Shin'ichi that she's heard, she has the theory to solve this case, and help Aya possibly.
S12E30 Confrontation avec les Hommes en Noir : Deux mystère durant une nuit de pleine lune [Special] 00/00/0000 Mystery One: Kogoro is invited to an ""off"" Halloween party on a cruise ship. by Vermouth. The guests have to dress as monsters. Ran not wanting to go, Sonoko takes her place instead. Meanwhile Shin'ichi is also invited. But he knows by the reaction of Ai that she is from the Black Organization. How can he go to the party and not reveal his true form? This case twists when a famous movie director is murdered. Mystery Two: Jodie has been having an interesting memory flashback, about a murder. But while Ai still has a cold, Dr. Araide is coming over to take her to a hospital. Though before he arrives, Jodie takes Ai in her car to meet him there instead. Though when Dr. Araide cuts them off on the road, some interesting questions are answered. The cases are intertwined somehow and this night might answer some questions in this two hour special.
S12E31 Trouver la marque sur les fesses (1) 12/01/2004 Following the encounter with the Black Organization, the FBI requests Haibara to go into Witness Protection. The Detective Boy’s stumble onto a case that Takagi and Sato are pursuing.
S12E32 Trouver la marque sur les fesses (2) 19/01/2004 Takagi and Sato round up several suspects and Ayumi recognizes the culprit, but does not know what to do. Haibara and Ayumi help each other get past their respective hurdles.
S12E33 L'Amour, un Fantôme et la succession de Wordly (1) 26/01/2004 When a man is murdered in an old-fashioned village, his body is discovered with a ghost next to it!
S12E34 L'Amour, un Fantôme et la succession de Wordly (2) 02/02/2004 Conan and the Detective Boy’s discover the ghost’s origin and how a heist leads to a murder.
S12E35 L'oubli du téléphone cellulaire (1) 09/02/2004 Azusa of Café Poirot gives Kogoro a lost phone that has been receiving angry calls. Conan begins investigating and it turns out the police are investigating the same person.
S12E36 L'oubli du téléphone cellulaire (2) 16/02/2004 Working with Yumi, Conan discovers the code behind the messages on the phone, which leads them to the identity of a dead man.
S12E37 La tragédie du tournoi de clôture (1) 23/02/2004 During a fishing tournament, all the fishermen spread out to catch on their own. One of them turns up dead, but nobody was near them.
S12E38 La tragédie du tournoi de clôture (2) 01/03/2004 The police begin checking all of the participant’s alibis. One of them does not have one, but Conan finds evidence that leads him to another suspect.
S13E01 Un petit client (1) 00/00/0000 A seven year old movie star by the name of Kazuki Kinukawa comes to the Moore office to try and find his mother who abandoned him at the office. His reasons are to tell his mother he will not give her any money now that he is famous. Conan finds out that the kids mother is at Atami due to the old dirty postcards she sent him. Kazuki reveals that he remembered that his mother had a mole near her breast. A man who is trying to confirm the rumor that Kazuki's father is a murderer is found dead in a tub.
S13E02 Un petit client (2) 00/00/0000 A picture is found on his cellphone; The culprit is a woman with a mole near her breast. Conan finds out who the murderer is. Conan also figures out the culprit was one of the woman who pretended to be his mother and was the one to spread the rumors. Conan reveals that his real mother is also here, and that she truly loved her son and the same for her son; the postcards were dirty because they were stained with tears. While signing autographs, Kazuki gives his mother a postcard and tells her to send it to him or he'll visit her again. He leaves while wearing his sunglasses and his mother cries and apologizes to her son.
S13E03 Le miracle de la promenade en plein air de Kaitô Kid [Special] 00/00/0000 Sonoko's uncle wants to capture Kaito Kid to improve his fame. Kaito Kid arrives on the scene and seemingly walks on air to investigate the treasure he will steal. Conan investigates and finds out the trick Kaito Kid used. The second time Kaito Kid tries to steal the jewel but it was revealed to be a distraction. Kaito Kid steals the jewel from indoors and is making his escape on a motorcycle when Conan is found to be on the passenger seat. Kaito Kid manages to lose Conan and escape once again.
S13E04 Chéri est une illusion du Printemps 26/04/2004 Ran and Sonoko run into a friend of Ran’s named Sachiko. Ran is jealous Sachiko is out shopping for her lover.
S13E05 Romance au quartier général V (1) 00/00/0000 Takagi and Sato are on a date at Tropical Island while the Tokyo police force try and prevent Takagi from making a move with Sato. Later, the Detective Boys are bought up and Takagi and Sato are forced to watch over them. Later Takagi's bag with a wedding ring in it is switched, and Takagi finds out he has a bag of cocaine.
S13E06 Romance au quartier général V (2) 00/00/0000 With evidence from the bag and elimination, they are able to track down the culprit and arrest him but Takagi's bag is lost in the ocean in the process.
S13E07 Un scarabée printanier mystérieux 00/00/0000
S13E08 L'histoire fantomatique du Lycée Teitan (1) 00/00/0000 Sonoko, Ran, and Conan go to the school where they discover the real Dr. Araide is back. He informs Conan of what happened, and told him that Jodie told him to tell him everything. Later, Sonoko rants on about the death of a student terrorizing the school, and tells them stories to support this claim. Later the desk is found outside with a name on it. What's strange is that it's raining, yet, there's no footprints in the mud.
S13E09 L'histoire fantomatique du Lycée Teitan (2) 00/00/0000 Conan solves the case and reveals the culprit was a close friend to the dead student. The culprit reveals that he found his friend's desk in the storage room with a name on it, thinking he was murdered. The other students reveal that he died saving a student that fell off the stairs while holding a heavy sculpture. Another student explains that his desk was put in the storage room to store his desk for graduation and was not to hide evidence. Dr.Araide reveals that the dead student held no grudges when he died.
S13E10 La ville des corbeaux 00/00/0000 An old lady is found dead after a pot falls on her from the top of a building. Officer Chiba is sent to investigate, and Conan helps him figure out who the culprit it really is. The news, of course, comes to a shock to Amy, who just happens to look up the culprit.
S13E11 Le double meurtre (1) 00/00/0000 Mouri is hired to stalk a man. He follows the man and finds out his attempted murder on a woman. He later flees but falls off a building. Later they find out his twin brother also died at the same time he did. They decided they are two separate cases but Conan is suspicious as the man attacked the woman whom has no relationship to him.
S13E12 Le double meurtre (2) 00/00/0000 After interrogating the woman, they learn her boyfriend was a gold digger and that he was spotted talking with the attacker from before. Conan figures out that the two exchanged murder targets so they would not be suspected of the murder. The culprit reveals that he did it so his gold digger career would not be endangered.
S13E13 Une chambre secrète ouverte sur la mer (1) 00/00/0000 The Detective Boys are out fishing when a man is found to be poisoned.
S13E14 Une chambre secrète ouverte sur la mer (2) 00/00/0000 Conan investigates and with evidence proves who the culprit is. The culprit reveals that he did it to the victim for cheating on his(victim)'s wife. The wife reveals that that he divorced her not because he was cheating, but because he was going to burrow money to start up a business, and if that business failed, he did not want the debt collectors to burrow his wife. Agasa arrives and reveals that the victim made a full recovery and that he will forgive the culprit if he catches wife for his wife.
S13E15 La maison aux friandises, l'antre d'une sorcière 00/00/0000 Sonoko has taken Conan to the "Candy House", in there, Conan meets a group of three masters who make pastries and puddings: Maeda Gou, Fujino Yasuo and Morimoto Tomomi, and they have tasted the things that the three of them have made, which are very delicious. However, Morimoto has had a quarrel with their manager Hashigaki in front of them. Then, after a while, they suddenly hear Maeda's scream. When everyone has gone to see what is happening, they see the pitiful sight of Hashigaki who has been beaten to death, and must solve the mystery of the murder.
S13E16 Le suspens d'un homme chanceux 00/00/0000 Doctor Yokoto Owada of the Beika Central Hospital wins the third place prize at a raffle. The raffle makes it his third winning of the week. When Conan returns home, he discovers that the one year supply of beer that Doctor Owada won is a lie because the draw didn't start yet. The next day, the Detective Boys find out the raffle had been fixed by a tall and slender woman posing as the doctor's wife and when walking down the streets, they overhear gossip of the doctor's other made up winnings. Following the trail of gossip, they soon find the woman responsible for the rumors named Akiko Shiina and her motive. Conan dismisses the case to trick the Detective Boys into going home, but returns at night to stop Akiko from murdering the doctor.
S13E17 S'échappant dans un jeu 00/00/0000 Conan and the gang visit a game company where they end up with a tape, they believe to be a new edition of a video game. They end up being haunted down by the President of the gaming company, but they don't know why, until they actually put in the tape and see something that put's their lives in danger.
S13E18 Un parcours sans contester (1) 00/00/0000 Mouri, Ran, and Conan are attending an interview with a famous baseball player. On the way there, they witness the player dead on the street. Conan suspects a man but his alibi is perfect. Conan begins to also suspect the man to be part of the Black Organization.
S13E19 Un parcours sans contester (2) 00/00/0000 After investigating, it is revealed the culprit took three plane rides to create his alibi. Conan realizes the culprit had no ties to the Black Organization. Mouri after solving wonders how he can give an autographed baseball to his wife but then realizes since the baseballer is dead, the baseball is a collectors item.
S13E20 Le piège empoisonné de l'araignée 00/00/0000 Conan and the group meet spider researchers. One of them gets a call, and they rush to the facility on to find their Professor fallen deadly to a poisoneous spider. Conan discovers that the spider was already dead before the Professor came into contact with it, and there's a needle on the ear piece, pointing to murder.
S13E21 Plus secret qu'un étoile (1) 00/00/0000 For an astronomical observation, conan and the group went to this pension deep inside the mountain. Other than the pension owner, there were also other three people in the pension, the victim's fiancee and the two magazine staff. As they went to the nearby hill to see the stars, they saw a decayed bones and on top of it they found the dying message and then that night the other man from the magazine staff was killed and left another dying message.
S13E22 Plus secret qu'un étoile (2) 25/10/2004 The Detective Boy’s confront the suspect whose initials match the dying message, but he has disappeared along with the other suspects!
S13E23 Délai de deux mois 00/00/0000 The Detective Boys are on a camping trip accompanied by Ran. Later they witness an arguing couple who then leaves. They then set up the tent in the couple's area. Later, the couple returns demanding their place back and the girlfriend decides to let them have it. Later Ran is drugged and kidnapped. The kidnapper is later found in another car in a road accident. Conan reveals the boyfriend hired the kidnapper to murder his girlfriend, but captured Ran instead because of their tent placement. After examining some clues, he realizes that Ran is in a river and that the it will flood at 3o'clock. After saving Ran, everyone becomes exhausted except for Ran who has just woken up from her nap.
S13E24 Momotarou, une mystérieuse visite (1) 00/00/0000 The Detective boys are out to solve a series of riddles found in time capsules which when found will lead to the next one. Later they find a woman murdered.
S13E25 Momotarou, une mystérieuse visite (2) 00/00/0000 Conan solves the case and the final capsule revealed the secret of the group who buried the time capsules, The Peach Tree club.
S13E26 Le Kimono Sleeved caché à la source d'eau chaude durant une nuit enneigée (1) 22/11/2004 While on a hot springs trip, Kogoro is asked to investigate an incident from several years prior. One of the guests believes the suicide was actually murder!
S13E27 Le Kimono Sleeved caché à la source d'eau chaude durant une nuit enneigée (2) 29/11/2004 One of the guests is murdered. Conan begins digging into everyone’s alibi and their relation to the suicide five years before.
S13E28 A qui la vedette de la déduction ? (1) 00/00/0000 Heiji and Kazuha make a surprise visit. Later at a restaurant, Heiji and Kazuha argue what they should attend tomorrow, a theatre or a baseball game. Mouri decides to let the solver of a murder to choose the event and everyone agrees. Mouri, Heiji, and Conan are against Ran and Kazuha.
S13E29 A qui la vedette de la déduction ? (2) 00/00/0000 Heiji decides to throw the match for Kazuha but he accidentally solves the case. Kazuha tells Ran she does not really mind, as she just wanted to see Heiji's excitement when he solves a case.
S13E30 Miracle au stade de baseball Koshien ! Les concurrents font face au Démon de l'Ombre [Special] 00/00/0000 This special Christmas episode of "Detective Conan" is introduced by Heiji Hattori, Conan Edogawa, Ran Mori, and Kazuha Toyama. Heiji won a bet in the previous episode and so it's decided that they're all going to the high school baseball finals in Koshien Stadium. But there is a mysterious guy willing to commit a suicide bombing there. This incident just puts more stress on Conan and Heiji, even though they came to a ball game for amusement and relaxation. The unknown person gives them a chance to stop him, however. Heiji and Conan are both struggling to crack the codes, sent by the mysterious man, before the bomb goes off. Earlier, Conan and Heiji witnessed the person walk by them and they thought he dropped his cell phone, when he purposely left it there to "play the inevitable game" with them, consisting of cryptic text messages. In order to solve this case and save countless lives, Heiji and Conan would need a lot a background information dealing with America's favorite pastime, baseball.
S13E31 La cible est Kogoro Mouri 00/00/0000 Mouri is targeted by a killer who is after Kimura. Mouri accidentally took his jacket at a bar and now the killer is trying to kill him. Conan finds out that Kimura is not who he seems to be. Kimura is said to be at a lake and Mouri goes to investigate. There he is seemingly shot by the culprit but, in fact, Conan has set a dummy in Mouri's place. The culprit reveals his motive was revenge.
S13E32 La dissonance du Stradivarius (Prélude) 00/00/0000 Conan tries to figure out the phone number to the boss of the Black Organization. Mouri is invited by a granddaughter of a rich household to solve these mysterious accidents that happen whenever someone tries to play a Stradivarius for her grandfather on his birthday. Four incidents have happened on that day already and it is about to come up again. Later a fire occurs and a man is burned to death.
S13E33 La dissonance du Stradivarius (Entracte) 00/00/0000 It is revealed that the house hold are killed off one by one in the order of the C Concert scale. The grandmother of the house was revealed to be emotionally shocked after the death of her son; Every midnight, she would leave her room carrying the Stradivarius like a child. That night, she breaks the violin, and falls out of the window. It was revealed the culprit taped up an object to lure her to the window where she would fall to her doom.
S13E34 La dissonance du Stradivarius (Postlude) 00/00/0000 Conan figures out the object was the real Stradivarius that lured the grandmother to fall to her death. He reveals the culprit to be Kyousuke. Kyousuke reveals that the Stradivarius was originally from his family. One day, the Kyousuke's father was asked by his brother, Choichirou, to burrow the Stradivarius. He then attempts to to send back a replica to Kyousuke's father, but was found out. In an argument, Kyousuke's father falls down the stairs. Choichirou orders his family to not call the ambulance and to staged it as robbery. This is the cause of Kyousuke's father's death. As Kyousuke is taken away, Conan asks him the tune of a song from the cellphone numbers and finds out the Boss of the Black Organization's number is the song of "The Seven Children".
S13E35 Kogoro s'enivre à Satsuma (1) 14/02/2005 Kogoro Mouri is invited to Kagoshima for a variety talk show to promote their local shochu and is later invited by Takakuma Shochu to sample their handmade sake. Tatsumura wants to increase production of sake by mechanizing the production process at the expense of quality. Fumiko takes Kogoro on a tour of the city and asks him to decline Tatsumura's offer to be a spokesperson. Later, Tatsumura is found to be missing; there is blood on the floor and evidence to suggest that he was struck with a blunt object and kidnapped. Two days pass and then through an anonymous tip, the police discover Tatsumura dead in his car in a park.
S13E36 Kogoro s'enivre à Satsuma (2) 21/02/2005 Conan, Kogoro, and the police continue to search for clues to solving the case. Conan learns more about Tatsumura, the current owner, Satoshi, and the company's history from one of the employees. Satoshi is unwilling to fire Tatsumura because he was responsible for saving the company years ago. Conan learns that Fumiko used to be a nurse, and that she made sure Tatsumura got a check up the day before he got murdered/kidnapped. Everyone gathers to hear Kogoro's deduction, and Conan reveals the culprit's trick.
S14E01 Romance au quartier général VI (1) 00/00/0000 Yumi overhears that a promotion for Takagi will send him to a case in a far away place where he shall remain there until the case is solved. Apparently the case involves a large number of people in a crime organization, where he is expected to be there for three years. Later the Detecitve Boys are walking home when they noticed a strange jogger. Takagi, Sato, and Chou are placed on the case of a murder. The Detective Boys come across them and identify the jogger as the suspect. When they arrive, the suspect's allibi of video recordings proves he was there the whole time the murder took place, but the Detective Boys are certain he was the jogger. What's more, the allibi is confirmed by Officer Chiba, since it's his roommate.
S14E02 Romance au quartier général VI (2) 00/00/0000 Conan discovers that the suspect tricked Chiba's sense of time. He revealed that there was a re-air of the news, and it was dubbed. He also revealed that the culprit cut out parts and fast forwarded parts of the video to manipulate time. He also spun the time two hours behind, and slowly fixed it as the day dragged on. Afterwards, Takagi almost proposes to Sato but Megure reveals to him Chou Takagi is the one being sent for the case. They later take the Detective Boys to Karaoke.
S14E03 La mystérieuse différence de taille de 20 cm 00/00/0000
S14E04 Un mystérieux kidnapping 00/00/0000
S14E05 Le manoir du Big Jewel (1) 00/00/0000
S14E06 Le manoir du Big Jewel (2) 00/00/0000
S14E07 Le manoir du Big Jewel (3) 00/00/0000
S14E08 Un jus aigre-doux 00/00/0000
S14E09 La requête d'une étrange famille (1) 00/00/0000 A woman asks Kogoro to find her missing cellphone. She suspects that someone in her household is using it to find information about her affair. Although she manages to find the cellphone, the plot deepens when the woman is suddenly found dead.
S14E10 La requête d'une étrange famille (2) 00/00/0000 The suspects are her husband, her brother in law, and the person she is having an affair with. They all have alibis. The clues to this mystery involve the cellphone and the mysterious bell ringing. Later Conan solves the case, revealing that a missing person created the culprit's allibi.
S14E11 Les soupçons de Ran 00/00/0000 It was the beginning of the night at midnight that Conan, Ran, and Kogoro have dinner at midnight. After the meal, Conan went to bed, and Ran asks him to brush his teeth before going to bed. She has now became suspicious that Conan is Shin'ichi. She went to the office to check on Conan's cellphone. Ran decided to check for mail in the phone so that she would know that Conan is Shinichi. She typed every pin code in the cellphone, but didn't work. Ran begins to remember what code Shinichi choose. Ran began to type the code 5545, but couldn't. She realized that Shinichi has to choose what code it is. After discovering that the mail isn't there, Ran decided to send it, but couldn't. Just then, she gets a call from Shinichi, who questions her why is she keep sending the mail over and over again. Rachel begins to forget that Conan is Shinichi. In Conan's room, it was revealed that he hides his real cellphone in the bucket.
S14E12 Le voleur de bijoux pris en flagrant délit (1) 00/00/0000
S14E13 Le voleur de bijoux pris en flagrant délit (2) 00/00/0000
S14E14 Le mystérieux château de l'ange (1) 00/00/0000
S14E15 Le mystérieux château de l'ange (2) 00/00/0000
S14E16 Un message de mort incompréhensible 00/00/0000 One day a man was jogging and finds a dead body. He calls the Ambulance but worried about the mans life, decides to run to the nearest bus station. Because of his actions he is considered the main suspect. Takagi comes to the case and with Conan's help, solves the case. He proves the mans innocence and captures the culprit. It turns out the Manger's dying message was for the culprit saying he should always try and smile.
S14E17 Les déductions magiques de Conan et Heiji (Astuce) 00/00/0000 Conan, Heiji, Ran, and Kazuha are at a magic show. When the magician enters a cube of water with chains, something goes wrong and Ran and Kazuha rush to the stage ready to break it open. The magician escapes revealing it was part of the trick. Ran and Kazuha are invited to come to a party with the Magician. At the party, there are magicians there who were the fans of a famous magician. When there, a murder happens.
S14E18 Les déductions magiques de Conan et Heiji (La maison) 00/00/0000 Conan and Heiji investigate and the magicians back stories are given more indept. Heiji tells Conan that he feels angry seeing Kazuha with another man for some reason with Conan calling Heiji child like afterwards.
S14E19 Les déductions magiques de Conan et Heiji (La solution) 00/00/0000 The mystery is solved and Heiji shows that it involves how the house is built. They reveal the hallway has mirrors on the door with identical rooms on the side to cause an illusion.
S14E20 Une étape simultanée et un enlèvement (1) 00/00/0000
S14E21 Une étape simultanée et un enlèvement (2) 00/00/0000
S14E22 Le code surprenant de l'arche du Mausolée Shintô (1) 00/00/0000 The detective boys are hiking on a trip to find stag beetles on a mountain forest. Later Conan receives a phone call from Ran and Sonoko who tells "Shinichi" that a burglar tried to steal Sonoko's bag. Since it relates to a murder, Conan investigates a picture sent by Sonoko to learn about the dying message. While at it, he helps the Detective Boys solve one of Agasa's code.
S14E23 Le code surprenant de l'arche du Mausolée Shintô (2) 00/00/0000 Later Conan solves both codes and finds out that Ran and Sonoko are riding with the murderer. The culprit tries to kill them but Ran knocks him out. Later, Conan's picture of Ran is deleted by the Detective Boys who believe he should not have access to those kind of materials.
S14E24 Le mystère du crime presque parfait 00/00/0000
S14E25 Les Détectives Juniors à la poursuite de l'oiseau bleu 00/00/0000
S14E26 L'apparition du mauvais esprit pendant un jour de malchance (1) 00/00/0000 A man is being haunted by a ghost, since exorcisms did not work they want Moore to solve the case. The clue is a card that says the fifth ghost will kill them unless they repent their sins. Since the time that card was sent, the master installed a door that needs a pin code and fingerprint scan to access the top floor. The master, lady, and the installer of the door are friends who are hiding a secret about the sin. All the accidents happen on Butsumetsu day, the day Buddha dies and the unluckiest day on Earth. On that day the installer was found hanged on the balcony of the third floor. The master was not home so the door could not have been opened.
S14E27 L'apparition du mauvais esprit pendant un jour de malchance (2) 00/00/0000 Afterwards, the master is found dead from a heart attack. Conan realizes he must've seen something that was impossible causing him that much of a fright.
S14E28 L'apparition du mauvais esprit pendant un jour de malchance (3) 00/00/0000 They decide to investigate the four workers of the mansion along with the accident that took place thirteen years ago. Conan realizes that a twin who was supposed to be long dead was involved, and that was what scared the manager. It was revealed that on the wristwatch of the dying victim, was the location of where the boat accident happened.
S14E29 Le grenier de la maison de Beika 00/00/0000 A small three-story house is put up for rent in the neighbourhood and the Detective Boys decide to pass by it on the way home from school. Haibara tricks the real estate agent into giving them a tour of the inside and Conan notices you could see Mori's detective agency from the third floor window. The next day, they discover the house has been sold to an old couple and Conan finds them suspicious. He follows the old man to China town and into a back alley shop where he is discovered, but manages to flee. Conan takes a nap upon coming home and a man in black enters with a gun and shoots him. The old woman rushes to the agency calling out for Shinichi who Conan greets as his mother and the old man enters to reveal himself as Conan's father. It turns out, Shinichi's parents just wanted to find out if he really was doing okay in his current life.
S14E30 L’épée du serpent à huit tête (1) 00/00/0000
S14E31 L’épée du serpent à huit tête (2) 00/00/0000
S14E32 Le premier amour couleur Ginkgo (1) 00/00/0000 The Detective Boys are at Agasa's house when they happen to find a letter from Agasa's first love. Apparently they are supposed to meet every decade but was unable to because Agasa could not solve the code from the letter. The Detective Boys set out to solve it and find the "memorable place" using the hint given in the letter. The clues lead them to the zoo where Agasa see's a brown hair women.
S14E33 Le premier amour couleur Ginkgo (2) 00/00/0000 The woman turns out to be another classmate, previously a male but now a female. After Conan re-examines the hint, he realizes that the sounds were animal noises pronounced by the English. After finding her, she leaves pretending not to know Agasa, believing the Detective Boys were his grandchildren and that she was intruding his happy family. Agasa reveals he knows it is her as she drives away.
S14E34 Les détectives et les 4 frères Aomushi 00/00/0000
S14E35 Photo numérique du clown 00/00/0000 Mouri, and Conan are checking out costumes for Mouri's one day of being a chief firemen. Later they meet people attending a costume party. While walking home, they find a police car in front of the house and meet the people from the costume shop earlier, realizing the host has been murdered. Conan realizes that the culprit must've interfered with the Rigor Mortis and finds the evidence to convict the culprit. The culprit reveals that the host was his controlling girlfriend.
S14E36 Black Impact : Quand le bras de l’Organisation vous atteint [Special] 00/00/0000 Yoko introduced Conan, Ran, and Kogoro to a newscaster named Rena Mizunashi who has experiences persistent "doorbell" pranks. Conan planted a tracker to figure out the culprit, but after the case, the track gets stuck to Rena's shoe. Conan hears the same melody that he heard when Vermouth was calling the boss, and finds out that she's calling Gin. Rena Mizunashi is no other than Kir, a new member of the organization, and on top of that, Gin has recruited two new members named Chianti and Korn for an assassinaton! Conan must team up with the FBI to stop them.
S14E37 Une lettre d’amour pour Ran 00/00/0000 Ran receives an anonymous "love" letter that has Conan worried.
S15E01 Le grand secret du chemin de l’école (1) 00/00/0000 A girl vanishes on her way to school, and the Detective Boys decide to investigate. Conan fears the arrival of a new Black Organization member.
S15E02 Le grand secret du chemin de l’école (2) 00/00/0000 Conan figured out from accounts of the missing girl's trip to a convenience store that she was secretly feeding some kittens at some unoccupied building. But when they found the kittens, the girl was nowhere to be seen, and there were clues to a recent motor accident nearby. Traffic police Yumi came and rendered help to the kids.
S15E03 Deux personnes ne pouvant revenir (1) 00/00/0000 A client asked Mori Kogoro to locate his girlfriend who drove off in his car after a quarrel. The client said he needed a file left in the urgently. When they tracked the car down to the place where the client and his girlfriend first met, they found her dead inside the car.
S15E04 Deux personnes ne pouvant revenir (2) 00/00/0000
S15E05 Romance au quartier général VII (1) 00/00/0000 Mori, Ran, and Conan are at a cafe when they run into Takagi who is aiming to pick up girls. Meanwhile, he finds Sato there doing the same. After a tense date with two strangers, Conan realizes from the conversation that a boy home alone is in danger. When they arrive at their house, the boy has been kidnapped. The kidnapper leaves an email demanding money.
S15E06 Romance au quartier général VII (2) 00/00/0000 After solving clues Takagi leaves suddenly and Conan reveals who the kidnapper is. Just then, the boy returns home unharmed, making them believe the culprit will try to make a run for it. After arriving to his house it is revealed that a winning lottery ticket was returned to the culprit in his mailbox, making him release his friends had no intention of stealing from him and the guilt of his crime caused him to suicide. Takagi manages to save his life while Sato yells at him for the danger he could have been in.
S15E07 Conan, un étrange enfant 00/00/0000 Kogoro and Conan visits a famous author named Osamu Umezu in order to have his book signed. Later they spot Osamu's secretary, Mikami Touru, running to Osamu's house. They learn that Mikami that Osamu is not answering his phone calls and he was going to check up on him. They accompany him to Osamu's apartment and find Osamu dead. Evidence suggests it was suicide but Kogoro notices blood on the trash bin and reveals that it was a murder. Osamu's assistant and son are suspects to the murder due to being the only ones with keys to the apartment. Conan investigates and after putting Kogoro to sleep, impersonates him and reveals the murderer to be Mikami. He reveals that Mikami tied a string on the roof where it hung in front of Osamu's window. After poisoning Osamu, Mikami left the apartment and locked the door. He after wards went to the roof and using the string he set up, sends the key back to Osamu's apartment. Conan reveals that Osamu's died holding his trophy he won with his book. Conan explains the trophy was held upside down to reveal Osamu's book titles were and Mikami's name was also palindromes. As evidence, Conan reveals that Osamu managed to rip a button from Mikami's shirt and using the gum he had, stuck it onto the sofa. Mikami confesses to his crime and reveals that Osamu stole his manuscript and published the book as his own.
S15E08 L’accomplissement du célèbre Cool Dog 00/00/0000
S15E09 L’interview des Détectives Junior (1) 00/00/0000
S15E10 L’interview des Détectives Junior (2) 00/00/0000
S15E11 Aya Ueto et Shinichi : La promesse d’il y a quatre ans 00/00/0000
S15E12 La poursuite d'un courrier poisson 00/00/0000 The waitress of Poirot Cafe, Azusa Enomoto, reported she received strange messages from a boy, suggesting he might be kidnapped or trapped in a location without food and water. The only way to find him is by reading his text messages. The boy only knows how to send, but does not know how receive. Conan must put the clues he gives to find out his location.
S15E13 Et ce serait agréable si tout le monde disparaissait 00/00/0000
S15E14 L’extrême limite de la voiture de cascade 00/00/0000
S15E15 Le Ahh en fin de vie 00/00/0000 Kogoro and Conan are brought to an apartment to examine the death of a man named Yamamoto. It is presumed a suicide as evidence project he put a gun in his mouth and firing. His friend is suspected of murdering him as he left the crime scene without calling the police. When Kogoro is fed strawberries, Conan realizes who the murderer is. After investigating Yamamoto's dentist, Conan tranquilizes Kogoro and reveals the murderer to be Yamamoto's neighbor, Yumi Suzuki. Conan reveals that Yumi Yamamoto's dentist assistant and deduces Yumi entered Yamamoto's apartment and offered to treat him. When he opened his mouth, Yumi shot him with a gun. As evidence, Conan reveals that Yamamoto's coffee stirrer is acutally Yumi's dental mirror.
S15E16 L’homme obstrué par la charpente d’acier 00/00/0000
S15E17 Ramassage de coquillage par marée soupirante (1) 00/00/0000 The Junior Detective Club were at the beach digging up clams. They encountered a college group of students on similar excursion. Later, one of the college boy was found dead from poisoning. Was it suicide, or murder?
S15E18 Ramassage de coquillage par marée soupirante (2) 00/00/0000 Inspector Jugo Yokomizo was called in on the scene to investigate.
S15E19 Le secret du Russian Blue 00/00/0000 Mori Kogoro solves the case! It is a busy day for the detective when he plans to meet a client and watch the new Okino Yoko drama series. His assignment is to decipher a suspicious text message written in code by the client's daughter. However, Mori finds out there is a cat in the office. It is Goro, a Russian Blue that belongs to Eri. While Eri has to Okinawa for a case and Ran and Conan go to school, Mori has to look after the cat. Mori becomes annoyed with Goro when gets cathair over the wash towel, knocks down an English-to-Japanese dictionary, plays with shoes, and goes into the video collection. But through these hints, Mori is able to figure our the coded message! It turns out Conan hid katsuobushi in several places so Goro could give hints to Mouri. In the end, Eri shows up to pick up Goro.
S15E20 La fenêtre occidentale scellée (1) 00/00/0000
S15E21 La fenêtre occidentale scellée (2) 00/00/0000 Inspector Misao Yamamura arrived to investigate. Conan also tries to gather clues to help, but is limited to what he can do when a sneaky Eisuke starts to spy and watch him. Conan has to use different tactics so he won't seem suspicious to him.
S15E22 L'affaire du Saury aux yeux noirs 00/00/0000 Moore, Conan, and Inspector Megure are walking towards a Rakugo (type of Japanese play center) where Moore will attempt to act and win the prize of "All you can drink". They make a stop by a famous Rakugo actor's restaurant named Meguro. Ichimatsu is the owner of this shop and he works alongside his ex-wife Meguro Miya. After the play, Ichimatsu is stabbed and sent to the hospital. The evidence points the culpirt to be Meguro Miya, but then Ichimatsu's assistant named Manragutei Kisaburau appears claiming he stabbed Ichimatsu. While both of them try to convict themselves, Conan figures out who the culprit is. Once solved the Miya and Kisaburau go out on a date. At the end Moore practices his horrible play forcing Conan, Inspector, and one of the cops to listen.
S15E23 Romance au quartier général : Le faux mariage [Special] 00/00/0000 Takagi and Miyamoto poses as a bride and groom in order to catch a serial killer/burglar who had threatened to kill the real bride and groom. When Chiba reports that the burned corpse of one of the wedding guests is found near the river, Megure deduces that the victim was killed by the serial killer in order to obtain the wedding invitation. A mysterious video arrives at the wedding party from a friend of the groom. After watching the video, Megure suspects that the killer is already in the chapel and Conan suggests that the bride meet with the guests in order to find the burglar who broke into her house. The bride reports that there are three suspicious guests: a photographer, a snowboarding instructor, and an internet administrator. The groom insists that the wedding to proceed, despites Megure's protests. As the bride walks down the aisle, the burglar suddenly appears. However, the groom announces that the burglar was actually a police officer, Chiba, posing as the burglar. Megure points out that Chiba has been by the river and the groom could not have figured out the burglar's true identity. Megure also reveals that the groom was the burglar's accomplice and in the end killed the burglar so he could marry the bride for money. When the groom attempts to escape, he is stopped by Conan and Ran.
S15E24 Tour VS magie (1) 00/00/0000 A famous magician hires Kogoro to keep watch on his staff members, as he believes one of them may be out to kill him. For his first act, he lies on a bed of spikes, and is slammed with another, which has Conan and Kogoro worried until he's revealed to be alive. The next trick does not go so well, and he ends up trapped in a water tank where the entrance has been sealed. By the time it's open and he's rescued, it's too late, and one of his workers is responsible.
S15E25 Tour VS magie (2) 00/00/0000 Conan fishes around for clues in hopes of finding the true culprit. After gaining info, he learns who's behind the trick, and exposes the true master mind behind the death of the magician.
S15E26 La mystérieuse personne de Konpira [Special] 00/00/0000 Conan, Ran, Mouri, and Sonoko travel to Shikoku to see the kabuki play Phantom of the Konpira. It is a play based on Phantom of the Opera. Things start to mimic the play. There are requests for a heroine change, sightings of a phantom, and a deliberate attempt on the heroine, just like Phantom of the Opera. The chief of the stage setting is killed, and the chairman and the sponsor are arrested by circumstantial evidence. Conan uses Sonoko to reveal that heroine tried to ruin the theater's play.
S15E27 Une réunion d’avant première de l’amitié et du destin 00/00/0000 A man buys a ticket to see a movie, which is a sequel to another he and his friends have seen in the past. He gives his ticket to one of his friends, then leaves, but clues he has left behind leads Conan to believe that he has more on his mind. He plans to commit suicide, and plans frame his friend for it afterward. Will Conan be able to prevent his plan before he follows through with it?
S15E28 Résultat inversé (1) 00/00/0000
S15E29 Résultat inversé (2) 00/00/0000
S15E30 Le mystère que nous aimons 00/00/0000 A murder occurs in an apartment. The victim is a famous detective author. After finding the evidence through the sushi, the culprit was revealed to do it out of love for the author's mystery.
S15E31 Le mouchoir rouge de Sonoko (1) 00/00/0000 Sonoko brought Ran, who brought Conan, to visit the site in the country used as location in filming of a well-received romantic TV serial, where the lead actress tied a red handkerchief to a tree branch to enable her lover to find her. The success of the serial went beyond expectation and the sleep rural area became a popular spot where female visitors tied red handkerchieves all over the woods, spoiling Sonoko's scheme to lure Makoto for a romantic rendezvous. They encountered a man who claimed to be part of the TV serial crew, and commissioned by a fan to find the exact location of tree with the original red handkerchief in the show. Shortly afterwards, he was discovered, stabbed dead, at the spot.
S15E32 Le mouchoir rouge de Sonoko (2) 00/00/0000 The murder investigation narrowed to three suspects who were recent arrivals at the nearby inn. Conan deduced the culprit and the cause of the murder. He confronted the culprit at the murder site, but a shock waited him, Ran and Sonoko - the culprit was not alone! The culprit was a yakuza lieutenant who brought henchmen far too numerous for Ran to deal with alone. Makoto arrived in the nick of time, he and Ran fought them off until the police arrived.
S15E33 Une mystérieuse personne, l’homme des règlements stricts 00/00/0000 An overly strict man is accused of murdering a woman. Is it murder or is it self-defense? Conan must investigate and figure out the truth.
S15E34 La grande bataille de la classe 1B 00/00/0000 The teacher of the Detective Boys decides to give the class a mental test. Conan is called by the teacher so the class must solve it without him. They solve it with the help of two silent out-casted students. It turns out it was a plan to include the new students so they feel more involved.
S15E35 La page manquante 00/00/0000
S15E36 L'ombre de l'Organisation des Hommes en Noir (Le jeune témoin) 00/00/0000 In the hospital, the FBI talk about Rena Mizunashi. Elsewhere, a child witnesses the murder of a rock'n roll star, and Conan and the group try to figure out what he saw. Conan gets suspicious of Eisuke who starts showing similarities to Kir.
S15E37 L'ombre de l'Organisation des Hommes en Noir (Un étrange illumination) 00/00/0000 Conan and the others attempt to solve the case of the murdered rock star. Near the end of the case, Eisuke tries to find info on how Kogoro solves it, only to be interrupted by Conan claiming to be tired. Eisuke swiftly glares at him, giving further speculation that he may be working with the organization, and his secret identity may no longer be safe.
S15E38 L'ombre de l'Organisation des Hommes en Noir (Le mystère de la grosse récompense) 00/00/0000 Eisuke manages to find another case and convinces Kogoro into taking it. A woman is murdered, and her son says he saw who did it. Conan realizes that the case has something to do with the organization, as the boy was a witness to Kir's abduction by the FBI in episode 425.
S15E39 L'ombre de l'Organisation des Hommes en Noir (L'étoile filante de perles) 00/00/0000 Conan solves the case, but makes an astounding revelation afterward. It appears the foreign woman the boy encountered happens to be no other than Vermouth.
S16E01 Le bonhomme de neige indestructible (1) 26/02/2007 Conan tells Ai and Agasa about what he's learned about the organization so far based on the last two cases while they are on a ski trip. It appears they may know where Kir is due to the boy telling someone what he saw happened. Later, A murder takes place.
S16E02 Le bonhomme de neige indestructible (2) 05/03/2007
S16E03 Mystère près d’un étang 12/03/2007
S16E04 Kaitô Kid et les 4 chefs-d’œuvre (1) 16/04/2007 The owner of a painting fears that Kaitou Kid is after his valuable piece of work. When the moment comes for him to strike, the painting gets stolen, and the man's father is found dead.
S16E05 Kaitô Kid et les 4 chefs-d’œuvre (2) 23/04/2007 Conan believes that Kaitou Kid has nothing to do with the case. Conan figures out the trick thanks to Takagi and reveals the painting was never stolen. He reveals the culprit set this up for murder and tried to blame it on Kaitou Kid. Afterward the culprit was arrested. Later on Conan meets Kaitou Kid; he revealed he was in disguise to clear his name, who then escapes out the window.
S16E06 L’incontrôlable voiture de location 07/05/2007 A rental car goes out of control while Ran, Kogoro, and Conan are driving it. They cannot stop the car from running, or it'll explode.
S16E07 Les aventures du jeune Shinichi Kudo (1) 14/05/2007 Conan recalls a case ten years ago when Shinichi and Ran are given a test they must solve by a mysterious masked man claiming to be Shinichi's brother.
S16E08 Les aventures du jeune Shinichi Kudo (2) 21/05/2007 Conan's memory of the case ten years ago continues. With help from Professor Agasa, Jimmy and Ran attempt to solve the mystery given to them by the mysterious man, and uncover his identity. As it turns out, the mysterious masked man was the original Kaitou Kid, who was actually hoping Jimmy would turn to Booker Kudo for help
S16E09 L’amour de Maitre Eri Kisaki 04/06/2007 Ran believes her mother is having an affair with another man after finding a picture of her with another guy. She and Conan decide to get down to the truth, and spy on her and the man while they are at a restaurant, but Conan figures there is more to the man than meets the eye.
S16E10 Grand prix d’infortune 18/06/2007
S16E11 Le tir mortel de Genta (1) 25/06/2007 An old man is injured and points at Genta, who was practicing kicking a soccer ball in the same area. Is Genta the true culprit behind the injury?
S16E12 Le tir mortel de Genta (2) 02/07/2007 Using Genta as a clue to the old man's head injury, Conan attempts to solve the case.
S16E13 30 minutes réelles 09/07/2007 A murder occurs in a mall on the top floor and all its costumers are sealed off. Conan manages to find out the murder was used to seal the mall so people after the culprit can not find him. They later find the culprit who was not the list of suspects and arrest him.
S16E14 Trois jours avec Heiji Hattori [Special] 16/07/2007 A monk claims to see a dead woman's body, but when the police arrives, the body vanishes. The head monk believes that he is hallucinating due to the thought of his dead mother. Conan and Heiji investigate and find out the truth. Was everything the monk saw just an illusion, or is there more to it? Following this case, Heiji reveals to Conan that he has been invited for a Detective Koushien, with the best high school detective from the North, South, East and West of Japan. Heiji was invited to represent the West, and though Kudo was originally the choice for the East, Hakuba makes another appearance representing the East. Later, one of the detectives are murdered and the island is without communication. Conan manges to solve the case and help comes due to Heiji.
S16E15 Un alibi jaune 23/07/2007
S16E16 La coutellerie de la sorcière des montagnes (1) 30/07/2007 The car breaks down while Professor Agasa and the Detective Boys are out, forcing them to stay the night at an old house owned by an old lady. They meet several others, but while they are sleeping, a young woman they met earlier is found murdered by a sharp tool.
S16E17 La coutellerie de la sorcière des montagnes (2) 06/08/2007 Conan puts the clues together and uses Professor Agasa to solve the case of the Onibaba legend murder.
S16E18 Le policier disparu 13/08/2007
S16E19 L’emplacement de la photographie noire (1) 20/08/2007 Conan, Ai, and Dr. Agasa investigate the dark photograph of Eisuke's father and attempt to learn more about the mysterious Hondou family. In the process, they are involved in another case, one leading them closer to information about the Black Organization.
S16E20 L’emplacement de la photographie noire (2) 27/08/2007 Conan and his comrades learn that Eisuke's father attended a meeting with men in black suits and believes that he and Eisuke may be part of the Black Organization.
S16E21 Appelant le chat de droite à gauche 03/09/2007 A man is murdered, and the only clue is a cat statue. Conan must figure out who did it and how it was done.
S16E22 Romance au quartier général VIII : la bague de fiançailles [Special] 15/10/2007 Satou has a ring on her left hand ring finger, which all the officers believe was given to her by Takagi, thus, making them angry at him. Satou receives a call from Ran that there was a murder. A fifty-two year old mystery author is murdered.
S16E23 Le démon des studios de télévision [Special] 22/10/2007 Conan finds a famous rock star to be the culprit behind a murder, but the rock star has an abili. Can Conan find the flaw and capture the murderer?
S16E24 Cour de confrontation III : un avocat comme témoin oculaire [Special] 26/11/2007 In the third courtroom confrontation, Eri Kisaki takes on another client and is put up against a new female rival lawyer who eventually becomes essential to the case.
S16E25 Heiji Hattori vs Shinichi Kudô - Duel de déduction sur la piste de ski [Special] 03/12/2007 Heiji relives a case from the past when he tells Conan about a detective he met a few years ago on a ski trip while they were in middle school. Heiji claims that the detective is better than Shinichi. However, the detective turns out to be no other than Shinichi. In he past, a man is shot dead while on a ski lift. However, it would've been impossible to shoot him while in front or behind him. Shinichi and Heiji figure it out at the same time due to the hint from their father. They solve the case at the same time without meeting each other.
S17E01 Confrontation Rouge contre Noir : Début 00/00/0000 Conan, Ran, and Sonoko meet up with Eisuke who is looking for his long lost sister. His sister looks identical to the famous newscaster Rena Mizunashi, but Eisuke claims they are not the same person. They head to a fan of Rena to make sure, but when Ran tries to contact him, a mysterious man continues to answer the phone claiming she dialed the wrong number. They head to his mother's house as a last resort where they discover the fan is on vacation and the mother might be victim of remittance fraud.
S17E02 Confrontation Rouge contre Noir : Les liens du sang 00/00/0000 After watching a video concerning Rena and Eisuke, Conan contemplates if the two could really be related after learning they have different blood types. He informs Jodie of what he learned, and considers that the Black Organization could be using Eisuke without him realizing it. Elsewhere, Shuichi Akai watches over Kir in the hospital which reminds him of a similar accident involving him and Shiho's older sister Akemi. The next day, Conan and the gang pay a visit to a mansion where Eisuke's deceased mother used to work to retrieve her effects, while Kogoro is introduced to an unsolved murder case.
S17E03 Confrontation Rouge contre Noir : Exclamation 00/00/0000 The mansion owner, Kakuzo Okudaira, explains to Kogoro the person who murdered his son a year ago might be someone living in his household and the murderer might return to kill him next. Conan, Kogoro, and the rest of the group is introduced to Kakuzo's wife, Eiko, and then shown to the living room. The group rushes to Kakuzo's room after a power outage and a loud crash. Kakuzo screams to not come in the room, but the butler and maid disobey to find Kakuzo hanged and his 50 million yen vase broken. The police determine Kakuzo was murdered and attempt to analyze a blood covered book that could be Kakuzo's dying message.
S17E04 Confrontation Rouge contre Noir : Hadès 00/00/0000 Kakuzo Okudaira's wife, butler, and maid are interrogated about their actions prior to Kakuzo's murder. Eisuke discovers the photo of his mother missing and returns to the pool where he slipped and fell earlier to search for it. He finds it at the bottom of the empty pool and when he climbs back up, Conan realizes something that helps him solve the case. Back at the crime scene, Kogoro still believes Kakuzo committed suicide. Conan stuns Kogoro to use him to reveal the trick behind the murder and explain that Kakuzo's dying message points to Kikuyo the maid who also murdered Kakuzo's son the year before using a similar trick. Kikuyo confesses and explains she murdered them because they murdered their former butler.
S17E05 Confrontation Rouge contre Noir : Coma 00/00/0000 Eisuke has been missing since the winter break after he found a clue of the whereabouts of a member of his father's company. Coincidentally, the member is at Haido Central Hospital, where Rena Mizunashi is secretly held at. Conan meets with Jodie who confirms Eisuke has been seen at the hospital and reveals that Eisuke's father was a secret CIA agent who died four years ago by the hands of Rena. Conan follows Jodie to the hospital to search for Eisuke and begins to believe Eisuke might be in trouble because the member of his father's company is really a member of the black organization. Conan talks to a nurse to discover there's a patient in the hospital who is also looking for Rena.
S17E06 Confrontation Rouge contre Noir : Invasion 00/00/0000 The FBI use Conan to question three suspicious patients so the actual member of the organization won't suspect their involvement. After recording his questioning, they use what they've learned to determine who the fake patient gaining info on Rena Mizunashi is. Question is, will they be able to stop him from making his next move?
S17E07 Confrontation Rouge contre Noir : Réveil 00/00/0000 Rikumichi Kusuda, the fake patient who the FBI is spying on, sneaks into the nurse's office and takes pictures of the list patients. He is caught by a nurse and the FBI deploy. Rikumichi unravels the bandages around his neck to reveal he has C-4 explosives and makes a getaway in a car. Akai follows him with Conan who was hiding in the back, but the chase is cut short when Rikumichi shoots himself. Conan broke Rikumichi's cell phone prior to the escape, but it's too late, the Black Organization already knows where Rena lies. Back in Rena's room, Eisuke walks in demanding her to wake up and tell him where his sister is. Just as Eisuke is about to stab her with scissors, Rena grabs his hand.
S17E08 Confrontation Rouge contre Noir : Troubles 00/00/0000 Jodie and James of the FBI plan to transfer Rena to another hospital using three transport vans. Meanwhile, all at once, there is a food poisoning outbreak, a gas leak, and a fire which causes traffic and chaos around the hospital. Also, James receives Aquilegia flowers from the deceased Black Organization agent, Rikumichi Kusuda, which contains a small time bomb. Jodie and another FBI agent named Camel rush to detonate it in a remote location. To make matters worse, James is not the only one who received a ticking present from Rikumichi, but every patient in the entire hospital.
S17E09 Confrontation Rouge contre Noir : Déguisement 00/00/0000 Rena appears on television while the FBI agents are gathering the small explosives. The confusion cause the agents to run back to Rena's room, but it's a trap because the explosives the agents were collecting also have transmitters allowing the Black Organization to know where Rena is specifically located. This forces the FBI to transport Rena immediately in the three vans. Chianti, Korn, Vodka, and later Vermouth follow the vans to determine which van Rena is in. Although clues reveal Rena to be in the second van which Shuichi is following in his Chevrolet, Gin forces his team to follow the third van that Camel is driving.
S17E10 Confrontation Rouge contre Noir : Testament 00/00/0000 Rena wakes up and knocks out FBI agent Camel, which stops the chase. Once freed, she reunites with the other members. Chianti prepares to kill Camel, but the vehicle explodes. Onlookers appear, causing the BO gang to flee. Later, Andre is alive and Jodie and James learns that the Akai and Conan intended to unite Rena Mizunashi with the other members all along, and explain their plan. It's revealed that Rena is a CIA agent who was undercover as a BO member. She was forced to kill her father after she made a mistake that would've revealed her secret.
S17E11 Confrontation Rouge contre Noir : Soupçons 00/00/0000 Professor Agasa takes the kids to a hotel for food. Later, a murder occurs, and Takagi and Inspector Megure appear with three suspects. Chiba shows up a few minutes later pulling another suspect by the arm. To Conan's surprise, it turns out turns out to be no other than FBI agent Andre Camel, who is the number one suspect due to the fact that he's all sweaty from running. Camel claims he was excercising. Can Conan help clear his name?
S17E12 Confrontation Rouge contre Noir : Innocence 00/00/0000 The Detective Boys attempt to solve the mystery of the murder, and gather info on their suspects. Jodie arrives on the scene to help clear FBI Andre Camel from suspicion. Also, a note is discovered in English that says "Bring my Tux". What does this message have to do with the murder? Elsewhere, Gin has a private talk with Kir and gives her a way to prove herself to the organization, but the cosequences are deadly. Will she be able to pull off the mission successfully?
S17E13 Confrontation Rouge contre Noir : Prêt à mourir 00/00/0000 Shuichi agrees to meet Kir. James Black is against the decision, but Shuichi explains that he has to, fearing the worse for Kir if he doesn't. Elsewhere, Jodie and Conan have figured out who the culprit behind the murder is. They use a trick involving the Japanese phrase "Shiranpuri" on the suspects. The result reveals the true murderer who doesn't react at all to the phrase, unlike the others. Later, Ran has a bad feeling involving Akai.
S17E14 Confrontation Rouge contre Noir : Tué dans l’exercice de ses fonctions 00/00/0000 Shuichi goes to meet up with Kir. It turns out to be a trap. As told, Kir follows Gin's instructions and eliminates their only threat to the Black Organization. The FBI is eventually informed, and Takagi confirms the death. The news hits Jodie the hardest who has flashbacks of her partner. While driving by her motorcycle, Vermouth notices a distraught Jodie and says to herself that only one Silver-bullet is needed, not two. Later, Jodie returns a fake cell phone in place of Conan's real cell phone who notices the switch, but does not say anything.
S17E15 Le témoignage de Maître Eri Kisaki (1) 00/00/0000 Eri goes to a hairdresser to get her hair done. Conan and the others come across a dead body outside. Conan finds the woman who did Eri's hair to be the killer, but with Eri as her alibi, it makes it difficult to prove she did it. What was the trick used in order to carry out the crime?
S17E16 Le témoignage de Maître Eri Kisaki (2) 00/00/0000 The woman who does Eri's hair is the killer. Kogoro gets a phone call from his friend to go gambling instead of taking Eri to dinner.
S17E17 Angle mort dans un Karaoké (1) 00/00/0000 Sonoko, Ran, and Conan once again meet up with Eisuke. They go to a karaoke spot. On their way there, they are followed by a man with hat and sunglasses. Later, this same man turns up dead at the spot, and Conan finds Eisuke to very suspicious. Is it possible he had something to do with the murder?
S17E18 Angle mort dans un Karaoké (2) 00/00/0000 Conan knocks Sonoko out with a tranquilizer and solves the case. Afterwards, Eisuke reveals he wants to ask Shinichi Kudo for permission to admit his love to Ran and take her to America. Conan tells him he can not and Eisuke confesses that he had found out at the very beginning that Conan is indeed Shinichi.
S17E19 Rouge, Blanc, Jaune et les Détectives Junior 00/00/0000 A child asks the Detective Boys for help on investigating someone who is doing something weird. They are told to come by tomorrow. The next the kid's apartment has been burned down. The only clue to the culprit is the kids Diary, mentioning the Yellow guy who argued with the kid's father. Now Conan must solve this mystery while Sherry senses a black organization member nearby
S17E20 Conan contre le mystère du code W 00/00/0000 Conan solves the case and allows the person Sherry suspects to be a black organization member to stay at Shinichi's House. There is a rain of paper planes which people have labelled a prank. Afterwards Conan finds out the planes have morose code with the words S.O.S. Ran with Sonoko tagging along, is on her monthly cleaning trip to Shinichi's house and finds Okiya Sabura. They show the plane to Okiya and he tells them it's an S.O.S
S17E21 Epreuve de déduction : Shinichi VS Subaru Okiya 00/00/0000 Sonoko decides to have a contest between Shinichi and Okiya. Conan at school solves the paper plane and texts the results to Ran while Sonoko listens to Subaru Okiya's deductions. They both deliver the results at the same time and find the Kidnapped person who is sending the S.O.S.
S17E22 L’horoscope cassé 00/00/0000 Mouri is invited by a horoscope reader to meet for the publisher. She is later found dead in her room. Conan figures out the culprit by figuring out his simple plan.
S17E23 Un café à l'envie de meurtre (1) 00/00/0000 Moore is invited to have his own show. On the way to meeting the manager, he is found dead in his House with the chain lock on. With no way the culprit would've escaped, Conan wonders if this is an impossible crime.
S17E24 Un café à l'envie de meurtre (2) 00/00/0000 Moore and the policemen have deducted the wrong conclusion that this room is not a locked case and that the criminal told the victim to lock the door and the victim died of poisoning. Conan proves them wrong stating how the coffee spill is weird and how the cake is cut in two but put together in one plate. Conan shows them it is indeed a locked room case and that the murderer is not with them. The case is solved with a sad conclusion, in the rainy day.
S17E25 La téléportation magique de Kaitô Kid 00/00/0000 Sonoko's Uncle sets up another trap to catch Kaito Kid. This time he holds the Purple nail as the treasure for KID. KID swoops down and takes it and the Uncle sets up a nets on the side so KID is trapped. KID however appears twenty second later on the roof of a building and escapes, declaring he shall return again the next day for the second pair of the purple nail. The next day, Kid uses his trick again to appear on the roof of a building but is intercepted by Conan. Conan reveals that by using sand bags and one of the reporters tied to a rope, he was able to leverage himself to the top of the building.
S17E26 Fuurinkazan - Le mystérieux chevalier en armure [Special] 00/00/0000 Conan, Kogorou, and Ran are investigating a strange string of murders and cross paths with Heiji and Kazuha, who are also investigating the same crimes. They learn that the murders are linked to Takeda Shingen and his chosen war strategy Fuurinkazan.
S17E27 La fin du Fuurinkazan, l'ombre et la foudre 00/00/0000 After the four deaths linking to Fuurinkazan are complete, the families return to their homes and await the police's final checks. Conan, Heiji, and Officer Yamato ambush the murderer before they are able to kill the final target.
S17E28 Voyage surprise ! La restauration de Meiji (Chapitre d'enquête) 00/00/0000 While out on a trip for their homework assignment, Conan and the Junior Detective league rescue a young girl being assaulted. She later comes to the detective agency to speak with Kogorou. They decide to investigate after learning that a treasure is involved. During their travel to Tsuwano, the young girl meets with her friend, who seems suspicious. While investigating, the girl, Haibara, and Mitsuhiko are abducted.
S17E29 Voyage surprise ! La restauration de Meiji (Chapitre de compréhension) 00/00/0000 Conan investigates further and learns where the treasure is. As they reach the spot where the treasure is hidden, Conan puts Kogoro to sleep and reveals the truth behind all the suspicions. He reveals the treasure was the will to change a country, not buy it. Afterwards, Conan revealed there was a stamp on the letter that revealed the treasure worth millions and was supposed to be used to change the country, but was ripped up in the culprit's rage.
S17E30 L'accusation au vin rouge 00/00/0000 Kogoro is invited to a wine appreciation party by Shiratori. While there, Conan witnesses an argument between two men and sees one attack the other. When he finally arrives at the crime scene, there is no sign of the attacked man. The other man is obviously hiding him, but Conan cannot seem to find proof. After finding a reason to trick people into entering the cellar, they find the victim unconscious and the culprit is arrested.
S17E31 Meurtrier, Kudô Shinichi [Special] 00/00/0000 Kudo Shinichi receives mail from a village of a case he solved a year ago. Conan, Mouri, Ran, along with Heiji and Kazuha decide to visit the village and realize that the village hates Shinichi for his deduction of a double suicide relating to the head of the village. Conan heads to the cottage where the letter mentions but turns out to be a plot to trap him there. Later, Conan realizes the cold medicine he took was actually the prototype antidote to the APTX 4869 and that he will become Kudo Shinichi again. Later, Kudo Shinichi is found in the lake with no memory. Afterwards he is found at a murder scene of a news reporter who was going to reveal a secret of Shinichi. Apparently, the murder is related to the mysterious person in the forest, the Shiragami.
S17E32 Le vrai visage de Shinichi et les larmes de Ran [Special] 00/00/0000 Ran wakes up in a hut in the woods and discovers someone has treated the wounds from when she fell. Eventually, Kazuha finds Ran and calls Kogoro in. Heiji radios them from the next room. They all go over and find that the room is filled with pictures of Shin'ichi with knife marks in them. Heiji figures out the case, and they head back to Hinohara's house. There, Heiji reveals that Shin'ichi is actually Makoto, who used plastic surgery to look like Kudou Shin'ichi. Shirigami-sama steps into the room and is revealed to be Shin'ichi. After Makoto is arrested, Ran, Heiji, Shin'ichi, Kazuha, and Kogoro walk back toward the hotel. Before they can reach it, APTX 4869 starts to wear off, and Heiji helps Shin'ichi escape to the bathroom to change back. Haibara had been hiding there, and she gave Shin'ichi another antidote. Then, she says to return to Tokyo before he changes back if he wishes to keep his identity a secret. The group are all heading home in Kogoro's rental car, when they discover a man who was strangled within his car on the highway. They stop to investigate.
S17E33 Ce qu'elle veut vraiment demander 00/00/0000 While investigating, they narrowed down the suspects to three drivers. After solving the case, the antidote to the APTX 4869 begins to wear off. Ran holds onto his hand, wanting to hear his answer to her question, saying she will never let him go.
S18E01 L’étincelle bleue de la haine (1) 09/02/2009 The antidote to the APTX 4869 begins to wear off and Shinichi is about to change back to Conan. Ran holds onto him and refuses to let him go. As Shinichi attempts to find a way to hide and change back to Conan, Ran is tranquilized by Haibara and Shinichi is able to become Conan again without anyone noticing. The Detective Boys are on a camping trip when Professor Agasa's car runs out of gas, stranding them in the middle of the mountain. A man named Gouki Sudou drives by and refuses to help their situation. Soon after, the Sodou drives to his home atop the mountain and an explosion occurs. The Detective Boys arrive to find Sudou dead. The police investigate and declare the death as an accident caused by a lit cigarette and spilled gas which vaporized in the garage. As the police interrogates Sodou's wife, Ena Ginbayashi, Conan reveals Sudou was not smoking a cigarette and that something else caused the explosion. Due to Ena's consistency with her story, Conan deduces the explosion was a planned murder by Ena.
S18E02 L’étincelle bleue de la haine (2) 16/02/2009 Conan interrogates the party guests at Sodou's home and learns Ena has been persuading her husband to wear his wool sweater under his fleece jacket and to use his classic car for the past three weeks. The police ask Ena to come with the station with them so they may ask more questions. She is escorted by Agasa's car where they make a stop to refuel on gas. Agasa trips spilling the gasoline and asks Haibara to use the key and open the trunk to his car. She is however stopped by Ena who proclaims an explosion will occur due to a static shock. The garage door opens and the police reveal it was a setup in order to gain a confession to the murder by Ena. Conan reveals that the reason Ena was asking Sudou to wear his wool and fleece combination was to build up static electricity. He reveals that since Sodou's classic car did not use a remote keyless system, when Sodou attempted to lock his car with his keys, the static electricity he built up transferred from the key to the car-door's lock resulting in a spark which ignited the vaporized gasoline. Ena reveals that her motive was revenge. In the past her father had a heart attack and since her mother was unable to drive, they became stranded on the mountain. Sodou passing by and refuses to drive them to the hospital and instead, laughs at their predicament. Her mother then passed away shortly due to shock and Ena swore revenge against Sodou ever since.
S18E03 La livraison du véritable meurtrier 23/02/2009 Kogoro, Ran, and Conan are at their usual diner but learn that their waitress' brother is a suspect in a murder. The waitress, Azusa Enomoto, is interrogated by the authorities about her brother Sugihito Enomoto. When a package containing cookies is delivered to Azusa, she leaves to go shopping while Takagi accompanies her. Takagi returns revealing Azusa escaped from him and is deduced to be meeting her brother. Conan reveals that Touji Kawase is the murderer by revealing how Touji knew that the man was beaten to death with a rifle and not shot by it. Conan then reveals that there was a message on the ribbon of the package. Conan explains Touji sent the message to Azusa in order to take her phone which holds a photo confirming Sugihito's allibi. Azusa finds her brother in a warehouse and is knocked unconscious by Touji. Touji confesses to the murder and reveals it was to cover up the money he lost in the stock market. Touji attempts to force Sugihito to commit suicide in exchange for his sister's life. At that moment, Sato arrives and arrests him.
S18E04 La malice cachée derrière le masque 02/03/2009 Mouri, Ran, and Conan are attending a play when Conan overhears one of the actor's murder plan. He is later found eaves dropping and placed in a coffin. Later he over hears the other two actors who also plan a murder, meaning a murder triangle has been formed. After they seemingly all die, Conan is revealed to manage to save all of them having escaped from the coffin through a back door.
S18E05 Doux, c'est meilleur que mystérieux (1) 09/03/2009 Eri takes Ran and Conan to a dinner with a friend but later her friend is found murdered. Conan figures the suspect is the friend but her alibi stands solid.
S18E06 Doux, c'est meilleur que mystérieux (2) 16/03/2009 Ran decides to phone her father to ask for help, but he is busy playing Mahjong. Later Eri realizes that a tape recording was used to create the alibi of her husband. The wife then reveals that her husband cheated on her with a friend's wife, but Eri revealed he did so because he was jealous that his wife was inlove with the husband of the women he was cheating on. Later, Conan finds out Mouri indirectly helped his wife solve the case.
S18E07 La vérité de la légende urbaine (1) 18/04/2009 A person who murders people with a hammer dubbed "Hammer Man" has be spotted after a murder heading to an apartment. Sato and Takagi stalk out the apartment. After realizing there was no activity in the apartment, they enter the suite and find a man who's hanged himself. They then realize that the man who hanged himself is not the hammer man and that the culprit has impersonated a delivery worker and escaped.
S18E08 La vérité de la légende urbaine (2) 25/04/2009 After investigating the apartment, they find out the hammer man was actually a woman. They manage to capture her before she escapes. Later, Kiyonaga Matsumoto is awaken by a nightmare from a past case.
S18E09 La cicatrice du premier amour 02/05/2009 A blind rich woman named Shoudo Kuromi asks Mouri to help her find a boy who saved her life in the past;the only clue is that the boy should have a large scar across his torso. She has been able to narrow it down to two people and they are both staying at her house. Conan meanwhile notices the police are stalking the woman's house. Kiyonaga Matsumoto tells Conan that a serial killer from a past case may be there as the killer also has a scar across his chest. During a bath, Mouri notices that the butler also happens to have a scar across his torso.
S18E10 La cicatrice évoquant le passé 09/05/2009 After going over the characteristics of the boy, Conan realizes who it is. During the midnight snack, Conan uses Mouri to solve the case. Conan reveals the boy who was honest would never have taken the money. He reveals the identity of the boy to be the butler, Taisuke Houya; The boy's nickname was revealed to be "gari" because he liked to eat Gari. Later, Kiyonaga barges in and accuses one of the men with the scar as a serial killer from a past case. The man reveals that he copied the scar from a strange man a few years ago whom they realize is the serial killer. The next day, a criminal psychologist named Douji Hiramune challenges the serial killer to reveal himself. He happens to leave in the same apartment as Ayumi where the Junior Detective League are staying with. Ai later reveals to Conan she saw a mysterious man whistling Let It Be> which is the serial killer's trademark.
S18E11 Une nouvelle cicatrice et l'homme qui siffle 16/05/2009 Conan finds Hiramune murdered with the letter "Z" burned into his back. The police department arrive and are confused as the letter they were expecting was "N" as the previous victims had the letters "E", "S", "W" and were thought to be Cardinal direction. They notice the Hiramune's left hand was on his keyboard on the keys "Ctrl" and "C" and his right hand holding the wire of his mouse. Takagi and the Junior Detective League decide to accompany him and his interrogation of the victim's relatives. Conan than realizes the victims share one thing in connection, Mahjong.
S18E12 Une vieille cicatrice et l'esprit de l'officier 23/05/2009 Later, Takagi comes to the conclusion that Kibo Dokurou is the serial kller. Conan notices something is strange about Hiramune's dying message, and realizes his message indicates the person who murdered him was a copycat killer. Conan reveals to Sato that Hiramune was actually the serial killer from the past. Conan reveals that Nabei Eiki is the murderer. Takagi who was ordered to bring Eiki to the police station was taken hostage by Eiki. Takagi is shot in an attempt to subdue Eiki from shooting the police. Takagi is later revealed to be saved by a mahjong tile in his shirt pocket.
S18E13 Le secret du chef-d'oeuvre disparu 30/05/2009 The Detective Boys decide investigate spooky Ch'teau when a man starts to live there. They find the ch'teau and its garden have been remodelled. The next day, the man living in the ch?óteau, Rokuro Wada is revealed to have died. They learn from Keiichi Yagami, Wada's agent who sells his paintings, that Wada had been working on a masterpiece at the ch'teau for three months. They decide to search the ch'teau for the painting but to no avail. Afterwards they are visited by Wada's old aunt Saeko Takatoo and her caretaker Mina Eguichi who reveals that Wada sent them a letter telling them to visit the ch'teau tomorrow to view the masterpiece. Eguichi reveals Wada's masterpiece is going to help Takatoo regain her memories which she lost from an accident a year ago. Conan finds a photo revealing a ch'teau Takatoo owned in the past and realizes what Wada's masterpiece is. Conan reveals the masterpiece would be complete tomorrow. The next day, the flowers at the ch'eau have bloomed revealing a scenery similar to the one in the photo. The scenery causes Takatoo to regain her memories of her life
S18E14 Kaitô Kid VS le coffre-fort le plus fort (1) 13/06/2009 Suzuki Jirokichi receives a letter from Kaito Kid which reveals that Kid plans on opening Jirokichi's impenetrable safe, the Iron Tanuki. The letter however is not written in Kid's usual style raising the ideal that an imposter is after Jirokichi's safe. Sonoko invites Ran, Kogoro, and Conan to Jirokichi's house. After examining the security of the safe, Kaito Kid's card, in its usual style, is found confirming Kaito Kid's plan to open the safe. Conan suspects that Kaito Kid is one of the three newly hired workers of Jirokichi. Jirokichi however countinues to proclaim it to be the work of an imposter, causing Conan to suspect Jirokichi's behavior.
S18E15 Kaitô Kid VS le coffre-fort le plus fort (2) 20/06/2009 The nearly hired maid and adviser inform Conan of Jirokichi's strange behavior. They reveal that after dinner, two places are always missing and Jirokichi always brings his cane with him to the safe. Jirokichi asks the maid for a hand and they head to his room. Jirokichi leaves with his bodyguard for a drive. Shortly after, an unconscious Jirokichi is found tied up and his room and a note of Kaito Kid is found on the safe. This causes the whole police force that are guarding the safe to abandon their position and chase after "Jirokichi". Conan meanwhile enters the room with the safe revealing the maid was Kaito Kid in disguise. Conan reveals the first message by "Kaito Kid" was actually done by Jirokichi asking for Kaito's kid assistance. Conan also reveals Jirokichi purposely placed suspicion on himself in order to clear the area of cops so Kaito Kid can open the safe. Inside the safe is revealed to be Jirokichi's dog, Lupin.
S18E16 L'héritage d'une personne idiote 04/07/2009 While on a walk, Conan, Ran, and Kogoro heard a gunshot from a house. While heading to investigate, Kogoro was unable to catch a masked man that runs past them. Conan finds a dead man with dried blood and white powdery substance on his shirt. The man, Hisaemon Yaguchi, is revealed to have died hours ago and his three sons are the suspects to the murder. After investigating the three suspects, Conan tranquilizes Kogoro and with his voice changing bow-tie, reveals that the murder was an accident. Conan reveals that the eldest son Rokuro Yaguchi witnessed his father's death through the webcam. The video shows that Hisaemon had a heart attack and accidentally shot himself. Conan also reveals that after his son tried to rob his safe, he cried in sorrow as evidenced by the salt on Hisaemon. Once the police were able to open Hisaemon's safe, it is revealed Hisaemon signed a loan contract to continue supporting his sons.
S18E17 Le jour où Kogoro Mouri cessa son activité de détective (1) 11/07/2009 Kogoro receives a request from a client named Ryouzou Gamou to find a witness to confirm his alibi. On the sixth day Gamou calls Kogoro and tells him he has lost hope in him. The next day, Gamou is found hanged in a forest an hour in distance away. The police suspect it to be suicide but Mori reveals it is a murder, as Gamou could have killed himself at home if he wanted to. After interrogating Gamou's nephew, Kyousuke Arai, Kogoro returns home to find news reporters who question Kogoro about the suicide revealed to be murder. The next day, Kogoro heads to the horse track and meets up with detective Isao Takeoka, the detective who falsely accused Gamou five years ago. They work together and investigate Ryouzou's ties and end up at his nephew's house. They interrogate Arai and reveal his motive for the murder would be the inheritance. The next day, Arai is found in his house hanged and Kogoro decides to close his detective agency by removing its sign.
S18E18 Le jour où Kogoro Mouri cessa son activité de détective (2) 18/07/2009 The Police continue their search for the suspect of the murder. Kogoro is forced by a fat woman who is intrigued with him to go jogging. He defeats robbers after her jewelry and is escorted to the hospital. Once there, Kogoro overhears a patient discuss Gamou and his medical test which took place on the day Kogoro met with him. Kogoro investigates and heads to Gamou's company to retrieve a recording of the victim's voice. However the culprit steals the recording from Kogoro and escapes. Conan tells Kogoro that Gamou filed a complain to a company and that the company has a recording of the phone call. Kogoro realizes who the suspect is and calls Takeoka to meet with him. Once there, Kogoro reveals Takeoka has been impersonated Gamou half a month before meeting him and reveals Takeoka was also the one calling Kogoro pretending to be Gamou. He reveals Takeoka to be the murderer. Takeoka reveals that his wife was the witness who accused Gamou of his crime five years ago. On the day his wife died, she apologized to Takeoka for her mistaken accusation. Takeoka realized Gamou was indeed the criminal five years ago and desired revenge against him. After telling Kogoro his story, Takeoka proceeds to jump off a cliff but is saved by Kogoro.
S18E19 Le rocher Ikkaku et la disparition des poissons (1) 25/07/2009 After fishing, Conan and the Detective Boys are picked up at a fishing dock by Subaru Okiya while the professor is busy. On the way home, they decide to explore an island named Ikkaku Rock and come upon a dead woman's body. Conan deduces, from her wristwatch bearing her name, the woman to be Akamine Hikari, the daughter of the head of a famous company. Conan reveals that Akamine was murdered and reveals that her dying message were the names of the fishes "Mackerel, Carp, Sea Bream, and Flounder" in Kanji. Akamine's diving companions Ohto Rokusuke, Aosato Shuuhei, Kaita Yasuji, arrive on the island and reveal that Akamine went missing on their last diving trip but they thought she was okay due to her message "Take care of the rest".
S18E20 Le rocher Ikkaku et la disparition des poissons (2) 01/08/2009 While Inspector Jugo Yokomizo interrogates the three, the Detective Boys try to figure out the meaning of the dying message. Conan realizes that on Akamine's watch, the word "Fish" is scratched out and finds out the meaning of the dying message. Conan reveals Aosato Shuuhei is the name spelt when the Kanji of Fish is removed from the dying message. He reveals Aosato cut Akamine's diving regulator and leaves her on the island after promising he would return with help. After she died Aosato returns and exchanges the regulator to hide the cut and uses Akamine's regulator to leave, causing her lipstick to appear on his face. Aosato confesses his crime and reveals Akamine caused the death of their past companion Yoshirou and he murdered her in revenge. Aosato then unveils his knife and holds Ayumi hostage demanding an escape route. Subaru disarms him and saves Ayumi and Aosato is arrested. Later that night, Subaru is seen drinking bourbon whiskey.
S18E21 La main qui joue en dissonance 08/08/2009 Conan, Kogoro, and Ran all attend a concert at a local department store. After the drummer, Yuusuke Nakamura, hears about a CD Ran is searching for, he tells her to follow him to the storage room where he has a copy of it. While there, they discover the lead vocalist, Yukiko WaTanbe, dead in the storage room. The band is interrogated by the police and they learn Yukiko planned to join another band. Ran tells Conan she noticed that the drum outside of the storage room changed position and Conan realizes who the murderer is. After tranquilizes Kogoro and uses him to reveal the culprit to be Yuusuke. He reveals that Ran did not see Yukiko's body but only a mannequins hand. When Ran left, Yuusuke took Yukiko's body out of the box for the bass drum and placed her body at the crime scene. Yuusuke confesses to murder her in rage after she told him she was leaving the band.
S18E22 La Sorcière qui étouffait dans le brouillard (1) 05/09/2009 Conan, Kogoro, and Ran pass through Mount Fuyana on their way home and are stopped by Misao Yamamura who instilled a road block in order to catch the Silver Witch, a woman who drives a White FD car and challenges people in a drag race. When the witch drifts, the tire makes a sound that sound like a woman screaming. Yamamura reveals his grandma raced against the witch but gave up when the witch drove into the air. Kogoro decides to investigate on the identity of the witch and returns to Mount Fuyana the next day, taking Conan and Ran with him. Upon meeting the witch, Kogoro has a drag race with her but stops when Conan reveals that the witch drove into a road less area. Kogoro tells Yamamura to stop all White FD drivers and wait for his arrival. Once there, Kogoro interrogates the three suspect pairs in order to find out which one of them is the witch.
S18E23 La Sorcière qui étouffait dans le brouillard (2) 12/09/2009 Later that day, Conan realizes the culprits created a mirage of driving into the air and tells Kogoro they shall capture the witch tomorrow. The next day Conan reveals the pair with the fishing gear to be the culprit. He reveals they a hanged a red headlight on a fishing rod in the fog to create the image they are turning into a road-less area. The culprits appear and challenge Kogoro to a race but are caught when they come upon a road block. The culprits reveal that they used the legend of the witch to scare racers from racing on the mountain. When unattended, the culprits attempt to escape from the police but are intercepted by Miwako Sato. It is revealed afterward Sato was the witch spoken of in the legend four years ago.The tire noise was actually her screaming when drifting without using the handbrake.
S18E24 Deux jours avec le coupable (Première journée) 19/09/2009 A man named Ryousuke Oomine threatens Kazuyoshi Onda, the president of a game company, to pay his game designer the money he deserves. During the dispute, Oomine accidentally shoots Onda with a gun and leaves the crime scene. The next day, Ran and Sonoko take Conan out to an ice-cream parlor in the mall. Conan overhears Takagi and a police officer discuss the how a young girl has been kidnapped and held hostage by Oomine. Conan searches for the girl at the parking lot and frees her from Oomine's grasp. However, Oomine captures Conan and uses him as his hostage. While pursued by the police, the two hide in the basement of a warehouse. Conan analyzes Oomine and confirming he is un-armed, attempts to escape. An unknown man however attempts to shoot Conan but is saved by Oomine. Elsewhere Kogoro investigates Oomine's friends and realizes three other people has the motive to kill Onda. Conan realizing there is more to the case then a simple murder, calls Professor Agasa to hide him and Oomine from the police.
S18E25 Deux jours avec le coupable (Deuxième journée) 26/09/2009 At Agasa's house, Oomine reveals the gun he bought was supposedly filled with blanks and it was only used to scare Onda. After Onda was shot, he reveals he threw the gun away. Conan, Oomine, Ran, and Kogoro decide to search for the gun. Conan notices a dent on a wall and realizes where the gun landed. Conan reveals that the gun landed on an automatic window washer and was brought to the roof. After examining the gun, the bullets were confirmed to be blanks and that someone attempted to frame Oomine for the murder. Conan returns to the basement where the culprit attempted to shoot him and finds a part of a gun. While Kogoro is talking with the police and the three suspects, Oomine appears holding Conan and threatening to shoot him. The suspect Satoshi Kanda tackles Oomine down. Conan tranquilizes Kogoro and while impersonating him, reveals Kanda to be the murderer. Conan reveals Kanda planned the murder after hearing Oomine and the two suspects' plans. He directed Oomine to the gun site and was the one who sold Oomine the gun. As evidence, Conan reveals that Kanda was searching for Oomine's gun and due to the window washer, got detergent and dirt on his shoes. For more evidence, Conan reveals that while firing his gun at Oomine, his gun exploded cutting his finger. Conan gives the police the piece of the gun and reveals a bloodtest will confirm it is Kanda's blood.
S18E26 Le mystère des sushis tournants (1) 03/10/2009 Professor Agasa takes the Detective Boys out for sushi at a revolving sushi restaurant. After a man acts rude to people in the restaurant, he is later killed with poison! Did one of the customers ahead of him poison him?
S18E27 Le mystère des sushis tournants (2) 10/10/2009 The police cannot find where the poison originated. It turns out other customers all had motives to murder him!
S18E28 Le coupable est le père de Genta (1) 17/10/2009 Genta's father enters a contest and makes it to the final 3. The man in charge of the contest is found murdered before it can commence. Which of the three contestants did it? Genta's father is a suspect!
S18E29 Le coupable est le père de Genta (2) 24/10/2009 All three suspects are very similar! A gun is found in the victim's bag. The victim's servant reveals that a gang had stolen things from him recently. Conan realizes the victim was using the contest to discover who robbed him!
S18E30 La salle d'interrogatoire 31/10/2009 Two men named Fumitaka Togashi and Tsuneo Hakamada are released on parole. The next day Togashi is convicted for the murder of parole officer Takehiko Sakuraba. Kogoro attempts to persuade Togashi whom has taken an oath of silence to tell him everything about the murder. Conan with Takagi's help investigates the crime scene. He notices that there are two blood puddles, all fingerprint has been cleaned off, and that the murder weapon was found near a shattered mirror. They decide to search convenience store cameras to determine Togashi's alibi and find Hakamda with stains of blood running from the crime scene. Takagi interrogates Sakuraba's neighbor who witnessed the murder; The neighbor reveals that during the blackout, she saw the culprit during a lightning flash who proceeded to through a weapon towards her. Conan realizing how the murder was done heads back to the interrogation room, tranquilizes Kogoro, and proceeds to solve the case. He explains that Hakada murdered Sakuraba. Hakada arrives at the interrogation room to confess to the murder revealing Sakuraba blackmailed his wife into debt causing her suicide along with his son. Conan reveals there is more to the story. He continues explaining that after Togashi failed to persuade Hakada from murder tells him to flee while he cleans the fingerprint. Conan reveals that Sakurba regained consciousness and was murdered again by Togashi. As evidence, he reveals that Sakurba's witness saw a left handed individual throw the weapon at her; Since she only witnessed the reflection, the culprit had to be right handed. Togashi confesses to the murder stating Sakuraba forced his mother into debt prompting her suicide.
S18E31 Le voyage mystérieux de la cigogne (L'enquête de Ran) 07/11/2009 Kogoro and Ran take the Detective Boys to an onsen in Kinosaki, Hy?go so Conan can heal his sprained ankle. While there, Ran runs into a little girl named Haruna. Ran learns that Haruna by herself and accompanies her around Kinosaki and remains unaware that a mysterious man is secretly stalking the pair. While Kogoro is interviewed by a name named Kouichi Yumoto, Conan notices that Ran is missing from the group and asks the Detective Boys if they have seen her. Mitsuhiko shows them a photo he took and which reveals Ran chasing after Haruna in the background and a the mysterious man. Unable to contact Ran through her phone, they discuss the probability that the man has captured Ran and the girl. Heiji coincidentally runs into the group revealing that he was hired by Haruna's father, Shuuhei Tabuse, to search for her. Heiji takes Kogoro and Conan to meet Shuuhei in an attempt to find a clue on Haruna's motive for running away from home. Shuuhei reveals that Haruna was visiting a museum when an the "Rainbow Child", an art sculpture created by his ex-wife was stolen and Haruna was missing along with it. Elsewhere, the mysterious man uses a taser to incapacitate Ran and corners Haruna.
S18E32 Le voyage mystérieux de la cigogne (La poursuite de Yone) 14/11/2009 Haruna is found unconscious and taken to the hospital. While her parents are arguing, Haruna sneaks out of the hospital after remembering that the man threatened to kill Ran if she did not deliver the "Rainbow Child" to him. Elsewhere, Conan and Heiji learn that Haruna was only able to read part of the letter causing her to read "Kinosaki Hot Spring Station" as "Mountain Station" and thus explains why she was searching for her mother at the mountain. After a long search, Conan and his companions are able to find Haruna at her aunt's home and capture the mysterious man. The man is revealed to be Yumoto who reveals a man paid him to take the Rainbow Child back from Haruna. Conan reveals that the mysterious man in Genta's picture is the one who ordered Yumoto to commit the crime and reveals the culprit to be the Takeshi Kamachi, the president of the museum Haruna stole from. As evidence, Conan reveals that the culprit received a stain from Genta's crab flavored ice-cream, the same stain found on Kamachi. Conan reveals that Kamachi wanted Haruna to steal the "Rainbow Child" to complete the "Rainbow" set which consists of a sculpture of a mother holding the "Rainbow Child". Kamachi confesses to the plan and reveals he needed the money to pay off his debts. Later on, Haruna is reunited with her mother and father and with Ran's persuasion, reunited as a family.
S18E33 L'intersection de la peur 21/11/2009 While driving home, Kogoro, Ran, and Conan witness a traffic collision between a green car and a red car. The man in the red car, Shun Hayami, dies from the collision due to his car catching fire. While the police interrogate Seiji Kurumatani, the man in the green car, he claims that he did not see the car at the intersection which caused the accident. Conan, suspecting a murder, mentions that they saw the two cars at a convenience store and the police question the store's owner to confirm this. The store owner tells them that he saw Hayami and Kurumatani arguing in front of his store. Conan confirms it is a murder and investigates the ashtray of the green car and finds the same cigarette brand as the one Hayami smoked. After tranquilizing Kogoro, Conan announces that Kurumatani planned the murder. He reveals Kurumatani, who is an auto mechanic, was repairing Hayami's red car and was lending Hayami his green car during the time. After the repairs were finished, he called Hayami to the convenience store so they could trade cars. Before arriving there, Kurumatani adjusted a billboard at the intersection where the collision would soon occur. The adjustment caused the billboard to reflect headlamp lights creating glare for Hayami which caused the accident. Kurumatani confesses to the murder and reveals that Hayami ran over his sister a year ago. When Hayami's car came into repairs, he knew Hayami was the murderer and began his plan for revenge.
S18E34 Voyage avec un couple dangereux 28/11/2009 Agasa and Haibara become stranded when their car breaks down. They receive a ride from a suspicious man and woman. Haibara suspects they are part of the Black Organization when she learns that they are interested in meeting with Kogoro's assistant, Conan and how the man wants to show them his "half-kill". While at a rest area, Haibara contacts Conan who proceeds to travel to their location on is skateboard. Once there, Conan reveals the two suspicious people to be Kansuke Yamato and Yui Euhara. At Kogoro's office, Conan explains that he found out who they were due to their Nagano dialect. He explains that "Half-kill" was an old fashion nickname for botamochi due to the fact the ingredients is only half grounded when made. Yamato and Euhara reveal to Kogoro they came to ask him to solve a murder with the dying message to be a red wall.
S18E35 La maison de la mort et le mur rouge (Trois visites) 05/12/2009 Yamato and Euhara takes Kogoro, Ran, and Conan to a mansion. Euhara reveals that the man was owned by a rich man in the past; The man one day decided to search for five talented people and gave the five a room in the mansion until they have reached their dreams. Euhara reveals that five people, Sh?saku Akashi, Aoi Kobashi, Naoki Midorikawa, Sh?ji Yamabuki, Takuto Momose, and Shir? Naiko, refered to each others as colors that sound alike to their names. They were called Red (?, Aka?), Blue (?, Ao?), Green (?, Midori?), lit. Golden Yellow (??, Yamabuki?), and White (?, Shiro?) respectively. Yamato reveals that the doors in the mansion swung outward and that someone used a pile of boxes filled with books to trap Akashi inside a room. They examine the room to find one wall of the room painted red and in the center of the room a white and black chair placed back to back and nailed into the ground with the white chair facing the red wall. Yamato's rival, Takaaki Morofushi who's name can be read in Chinese as Koumei, arrives and reveals he was the first to find the body as he was delivering flowers to the late Aoi who died from a heart attack in the storage room of the house. Conan reveals that the culprit knew the door would open outwards in the house and the location of the boxes of books which means the culprit is one of the three people who use to live in the mansion.
S18E36 La maison de la mort et le mur rouge (Un élément dans la main) 12/12/2009 While investigating the four suspects - Conan, Ran, and Komei learn that Akashi and Aoi were avid chess fans and that Aoi was adored by all her friends. Now, they believe Naiko is involved in the murder in some way and go to his apartment to arrest him. Upon arrival, they find that Naiko has been strangled and that the culprit had spray painted a red wall.
S18E37 La maison de la mort et le mur rouge (Le défunt Koumei) 19/12/2009 Komei figured out the culprit, but is knocked unconscious before he can tell Yamato. Conan and Yamato believe that the culprit murdered Akashi to avenge Aoi's death. Then, they realize what Akashi's dying message means!
S18E38 La maison de la mort et le mur rouge (La stratégie du fort vides) 26/12/2009 Conan, Komei, and Yamato conclude that they lack the evidence to capture the culprit and thus decide to empty the Empty Fort Strategy to lure the culprit out.
S18E39 Le kidnapping de l'arc-en-ciel 16/01/2010 Kogoro is hired by a company to investigate counterfeit merchandise. As they are investigating, they witness the company president get kidnapped!
S18E40 Les Détectives Junior contre le Gang des Braqueurs (Tumulte) 23/01/2010 A man looking like Shuichi Akai has appeared, except he has a large scar on his face. Is Akai still alive? While at a bank, Jodie runs into the Detective Boys while a robbery is taking place. Jodie and the Detective boys form their plan to catch the robbers!
S18E41 Les Détectives Junior contre le Gang des Braqueurs (Silence) 30/01/2010 The robbers change into plain clothes to escape as hostages. Just as Conan is able to pinpoint the robbers in the crowd, he is grabbed and held hostage. A gunshot rings out and the robber collapses...who shot the robber?
S18E42 Le témoin qui n'a rien vu 06/02/2010 Kogoro visits a barber shop. While resting with a towel over his face and statue breaks and the owner is found dead!
S19E01 Le partenaire est Santa-san 00/00/0000 Conan gets to watch over a two year old kid which names itself Santa. Ishikawa Shigeko, Santa's Mother, has been pushed down the cross-walk stairs. She is uninjured but mentioned to Kogoro Mori that in the last days she got the feeling that she is being watched by someone. She asks Kogoro to find out who is watching her. But in the middle of the investigation Ishikawa is kidnapped ...
S19E02 Meurtre lors d'un bain en plein air 00/00/0000 Kogoro takes Ran and Conan to an onsen by the ocean. When they hear the sound of a boulder falling, they find a man named Hideaki Umezu, a mortgage company president, dead. The police presume that a boulder rolled off the hill and killed Umezu. However, Conan reveals that there are scratch marks around the spot where the bolder laid revealing that someone wedged the boulder out of its placement and that it was a premeditated murder. The suspects are Umezu's secretary, his two daughters, and the onsen manager.
S19E03 Inspecteur Shiratori et les mémoires de Sakura (1) 00/00/0000 At the theatres, the Detective Boys run into Shiratori who is depressed Sato's affection is being directed at Takagi. Shiratori reveals that he is bind to Sato because of an encounter he had with her in the past. Shiratori explains Sato as a young girl stood up to two thieves by herself. Shiratori helps her stop the thieves and in return receives from her a drink with paper folded sakura. Conan questions whether that girl was actually Sato as their personalities differ greatly. During the movie, Shiratori runs into a woman named Nami Kasakura who offers him a drink with paper folded sakuras causing Shiratori to consider the possibility she was the girl in the past. After the movie, Kasakura tells Shiratori she is being stalked and asks him to investigate. At her apartment, Kasakura's boyfriend is found dead. Conan suspects Kasakura but her alibi supposedly states she was at the theatre the whole time.
S19E04 Inspecteur Shiratori et les mémoires de Sakura (2) 00/00/0000 Shiratori has Takagi search for the drinks at the theatre and to bring them to the apartment.
S19E05 Le crime qui à zéro pour cent de chance d'être prouvé 00/00/0000 Conan, Kogoro, and Ran pass by a woman named Kyouko Takahata who passes out upon receiving a phone call that her brother-in-law, Itsurou Soejima was found dead in her home. They head to her house along with the police to discover that the drunk Soejima died when he fired a shotgun toward the ceiling, which caused a chandelier to fall on top of him.
S19E06 La bataille pour le trésor du grenier hanté (1) 00/00/0000 The Detective Boys hear a rumor from a classmate where a warehouse one second, was filled with treasure and how they all disappeared the next. Before heading to the warehouse to investigate, the Detective Boys drop by Conan's house where they run into an unknown person unbeknownst to Conan. During the warehouse investigation, Conan notices that there were recently made footprints from an adult even though the warehouse has been locked up for years and that the footprints lead up to an abacus with an odd number of beads. Conan decides to look through the warehouse by climbing a tree and looking through a window and sees the treasure their classmate was talking about. When they enter the warehouse through the front door, the Detective Boys discover the warehouse is in the same state as when they entered it. While Conan deduces that there might be a mechanism in the roof or in the floor, the Detective Boys prove him wrong declaring that the distance between the window and the roof is two meters from the outside and inside and that the markers they placed on the floors did not change. The marker leaning against the wall however has disappeared causing Conan to wonder what the mechanism in the warehouse is.
S19E07 La bataille pour le trésor du grenier hanté (2) 00/00/0000 Conan investigates and realizes the abacus is a mechanism that reveals the secret room and that the warehouse was made by Samizu Kichiemon (?? ????). The Detective Boys also receive a text message and realize the trick to the warehouse. The Detective Boys and Conan have the owner of the warehouse call the police before revealing their deductions.
S19E08 A la recherche d'un talisman embarrassant (1) 00/00/0000 After returning to Detective Mouri's agency, Heiji asks them to help find Teruaki Kunisue, a sophmore at Teitan University who Heiji accidentally gave Kazuha's lucky charm. They all head to Teitan University the next day only to find out that he has not been attending classes due to a broken wrist. Ran learns from Kazuha that she left a photo of Heiji in it and does not want Heiji to find out about the charm's contents. Later, Ran, Conan, Heiji, and Kazuha, go to a sports parlor where Teruaki is suppose to be only to discover from the police that Teruaki has been assaulted by an unknown assailant. They are able to narrow down the suspects to three people since they were not in the bar during the time of the attack.
S19E09 A la recherche d'un talisman embarrassant (2) 00/00/0000 Conan and Heiji interrogate the three suspects to learn that each of them attended a sumo match, a volleyball game, and a soccer game.
S19E10 L'alibi de la robe noire (1) 00/00/0000 Conan, Kogoro, Ran, and Sonoko are at a tea house when a woman wearing gothic lolita fashion clothing enters the tea house, orders a glass of water, and leaves. Ten minutes later, a woman named Yuika Shodo, arrives to the tea house where they learn that she was suppose to meet with the woman from before. The four then leave to go shopping. On the way, a pair of thieves tries to steal their shopping bags by spilling ice cream on Ran and Sonoko but are foiled by Conan. The girls are forced to change in a public restroom where they find the gothic girl from before dead.
S19E11 L'alibi de la robe noire (2) 00/00/0000 The police investigate the glass the gothic girl was drinking which holds Kuze's fingerprints. At the ghotic lolita shop where Kuze bought her clothes. The employee there revealed that the gothic clothes Conan investigates and realizes the trick to Shodo's alibi.
S19E12 La vérité éclairée par les lucioles 00/00/0000 The Detective Boys attend a firefly festival to commemorate a shinto shrine in a village. The truck soon arrives with the fireflies and they are released into the fields. Later one of the truck drivers, Tokuro Nakamine, is found murdered and three of the villagers are the prime suspects.
S19E13 Une crise invitée par un présage rouge 00/00/0000 The Detective Boys run into a strange man named Kyozo Daita who invites them to a cake shop after stopping a thief for him. While talking with him, Conan notices the man is acting strangely. The next day, Kogoro receives an anonymous request to investigate a case involving red shirts with long sleeves. The mysterious caller requests to meet them on the third floor of a department store. At the store, the three then run into a man who explains he has been strapped with bombs. The man explains he was knocked unconscious in the bathroom and found himself like that. He explains the bomber told him that if anyone leaves the floor or calls the police, the bomber will detonate the bombs in the building. He discloses the bomber's demands, to find the sender of thirteen red shirts.
S19E14 La suggestion du treizième homme en noir 00/00/0000 The Detective Boys run into a strange man named Kyozo Daita who invites them to a cake shop after stopping a thief for him. While talking with him, Conan notices the man is acting strangely. The next day, Kogoro receives an anonymous request to investigate a case involving red shirts with long sleeves. The mysterious caller requests to meet them on the third floor of a department store. At the store, the three then run into a man who explains he has been strapped with bombs. The man explains he was knocked unconscious in the bathroom and found himself like that. He explains the bomber told him that if anyone leaves the floor or calls the police, the bomber will detonate the bombs in the building. He discloses the bomber's demands, to find the sender of thirteen red shirts.
S19E15 L'arrivée des hommes en noir approche 00/00/0000 The Detective Boys run into a strange man named Kyozo Daita who invites them to a cake shop after stopping a thief for him. While talking with him, Conan notices the man is acting strangely. The next day, Kogoro receives an anonymous request to investigate a case involving red shirts with long sleeves. The mysterious caller requests to meet them on the third floor of a department store. At the store, the three then run into a man who explains he has been strapped with bombs. The man explains he was knocked unconscious in the bathroom and found himself like that. He explains the bomber told him that if anyone leaves the floor or calls the police, the bomber will detonate the bombs in the building. He discloses the bomber's demands, to find the sender of thirteen red shirts.
S19E16 La cible rouge tremblante 00/00/0000 The Detective Boys run into a strange man named Kyozo Daita who invites them to a cake shop after stopping a thief for him. While talking with him, Conan notices the man is acting strangely. The next day, Kogoro receives an anonymous request to investigate a case involving red shirts with long sleeves. The mysterious caller requests to meet them on the third floor of a department store. At the store, the three then run into a man who explains he has been strapped with bombs. The man explains he was knocked unconscious in the bathroom and found himself like that. He explains the bomber told him that if anyone leaves the floor or calls the police, the bomber will detonate the bombs in the building. He discloses the bomber's demands, to find the sender of thirteen red shirts.
S19E17 La nuit où le zombie mourut 00/00/0000 Kogoro, Ran, and Conan are invited to comedian Asako Fujimori's birthday party, even though Kogoro failed to find her stalker. When they arrive, they discover that Fujimori has stabbed a man in a zombie mask. They presume that the zombie is Fujimori's stalker, but discover that it is Jiro Imaoka, Fujimori's partner in her comedic career.
S19E18 L'amour de Kobayashi-sensei 00/00/0000 Officer Takagi comes back to the police department after an all night stakeout and gets reprimanded by Officer Sato for his poorly appearance. The other male policemen gets jealous and finds out Shiratori has found another woman who looks exactly like Satou (Kobayashi-sensei). When Detective Boys and Kobayashi-sensei go to see the fireworks, Kobayashi-sensei gets left behind and overhears a quarrel and sees the figure of the culprit run away in the shadows and sees the stabbed victim.
S19E19 L'amour perdu de l'Inspecteur Shiratori 00/00/0000 Officer Takagi comes back to the police department after an all night stakeout and gets reprimanded by Officer Sato for his poorly appearance. The other male policemen gets jealous and finds out Shiratori has found another woman who looks exactly like Satou (Kobayashi-sensei). When Detective Boys and Kobayashi-sensei go to see the fireworks, Kobayashi-sensei gets left behind and overhears a quarrel and sees the figure of the culprit run away in the shadows and sees the stabbed victim.
S19E20 L'amour de Sakura qui excède le temps 00/00/0000 Officer Takagi comes back to the police department after an all night stakeout and gets reprimanded by Officer Sato for his poorly appearance. The other male policemen gets jealous and finds out Shiratori has found another woman who looks exactly like Satou (Kobayashi-sensei). When Detective Boys and Kobayashi-sensei go to see the fireworks, Kobayashi-sensei gets left behind and overhears a quarrel and sees the figure of the culprit run away in the shadows and sees the stabbed victim.
S19E21 La corne de Kirin disparue dans l'obscurité 00/00/0000 The next day after the case with Kobayashi, Jirokichi Suzuki enlists the Detective Boys to defend the amber Kirin's horn from the Phantom Thief Kid. Kirin's horn is secured in the center pillar of a secluded shrine. The pillar will only open when four electrically protected pedestals in the corner of the rooms are opened simultaneously with their respective keys. Jirokichi Suzuki stakes the key into the wall and awaits for Kaitou Kid's arrival. Kid causes a blackout and the timed explosives destroys the windows causing strong winds to rush inside the shrine. While the Detective Boys protect the pedestals, the center pillar is heard opening. When electricity is restored, they discover Kirin's horn is missing, Conan is knocked out by a taser, and cards signed by Kid attached to all four pedestals. Jirokichi reveals that the shrine had been secretly enforced with steel and an alarm would sound if Kid had escaped through the door and proclaims Kid must be in disguise and inside the shrine; The suspects are Jirokichi, Ginzo Nakamori, or one of the three reporters. Haibara deduces from the inscribed message on the pillar that there is another method to open the pillars without the use of the keys. From the colors and Kanji on the pedestals, Haibara discerns they represent the Four Symbols: the Vermilion Bird, White Tiger, Black Tortoise, and Azure Dragon. She imparts that if something is done in the right order to the four pedestals, it would open the center pillar.
S19E22 Kaitou Kid contre l'esprit des quatre Détectives Juniors 00/00/0000 The next day after the case with Kobayashi, Jirokichi Suzuki enlists the Detective Boys to defend the amber Kirin's horn from the Phantom Thief Kid. Kirin's horn is secured in the center pillar of a secluded shrine. The pillar will only open when four electrically protected pedestals in the corner of the rooms are opened simultaneously with their respective keys. Jirokichi Suzuki stakes the key into the wall and awaits for Kaitou Kid's arrival. Kid causes a blackout and the timed explosives destroys the windows causing strong winds to rush inside the shrine. While the Detective Boys protect the pedestals, the center pillar is heard opening. When electricity is restored, they discover Kirin's horn is missing, Conan is knocked out by a taser, and cards signed by Kid attached to all four pedestals. Jirokichi reveals that the shrine had been secretly enforced with steel and an alarm would sound if Kid had escaped through the door and proclaims Kid must be in disguise and inside the shrine; The suspects are Jirokichi, Ginzo Nakamori, or one of the three reporters. Haibara deduces from the inscribed message on the pillar that there is another method to open the pillars without the use of the keys. From the colors and Kanji on the pedestals, Haibara discerns they represent the Four Symbols: the Vermilion Bird, White Tiger, Black Tortoise, and Azure Dragon. She imparts that if something is done in the right order to the four pedestals, it would open the center pillar.
S19E23 Le piège du toit de la ferme 00/00/0000 Kogoro, Ran, and Conan are invited to assist in a rooftop farm. Once there, they discover the elderly farmer, Takehiko Nakamura, dead from a head injury.
S19E24 Le pire anniversaire (1) 00/00/0000 Ran discovers a receipt for a necklace in Kogoro's wallet and discerns that he is going to give it to Eri as a birthday present. Ran decides to enter a raffle draw to win a luxury hotel trip for her parents and succeeds in winning the tickets. Eri reschedules to meet her client at the hotel upon hearing about the supposed necklace. Her client, Akiho Kokuba, enters Eri's room after getting into a fight with her husband, Takehiko Kokuba, and falls asleep. Eri arranges for Takehiko to retrieve his wife and leaves to eat dinner with her family. She returns to her room, disappointed by Kogoro's behavior and the lack of a present and opens a carbonated drink but is soaked by the can; After showering to wash off the drink, she returns and finds Akiho dead in her room.
S19E25 Le pire anniversaire (2) 00/00/0000 That night, Conan realizes how the murder was done and who the culprit is. The next day, he drops a hint for Kogoro by spilling ketchup on a food cart which creates an evenly spaced ketchup stain on the floor, miming the victim's blood stain.
S19E26 La maison dans un aquarium 00/00/0000 Professor Agasa and the Detective Boys visit an aquarium designer named Nishida at his house. Once at the house they knock on the door waiting to be let in. Strangely there is no answer and they are let in by one of the neighbors named Kosuke Imura. The Detective Boys then find Nishida dead in his bathtub.
S19E27 L’affaire du “singe et du râteau” du festival du coq (1) 00/00/0000 Kogoro and Conan are taken by Ran and Sonoko to a Rooster Festival at the Ranburi Shrine. Ran and Sonoko sneak off to have their love fortunes predicted. Sonoko reads Ran's fortune which strongly suggests her to be feminine and avoid mannish conducts. Sonoko is then robbed by a man wearing a hyottoko mask who flees with her purse towards Ran. Ran, hesitant by her love fortune, does not incapacitate him with karate and allows him to escape. Kogoro explains the man has been dubbed as the Rooster Man and is a serial robber at Rooster Festivals. Ran and Sonoko takes Conan with them to visit the festival again to have their love fortunes retold. A woman's scream is heard and they discover that the Rooster Man was spotted and stabbed a man before escaping.
S19E28 L’affaire du “singe et du râteau” du festival du coq (2) 00/00/0000 It was discovered the button did not belong to any of the suspects.
S19E29 La visite des sept merveilles de Miyajima et Hiroshima (1) 00/00/0000 Conan, Ran, and Kogoro arrive in Hiroshima to meet a film crew whom plan to film them touring Miyajima, Hiroshima. The assistant producer, Yuuichi Kitamura, gets a severe stomach pain that causes him to be bedridden. They take a ferry to Miyajima and begin filming. In front of Itsukushima Shrine, a crew member finds out salt was added to his drink; the film crew then notice a familiar man in a crowd and assume him to be at fault. One of the crew tells Conan that man may be probing the crew since it is suspected one of them is running an illegal casino. The film crew arrives at a red-leaf bun pastry shop owned by Yayoi Ayase which has a specialty of red-leaf bun called Misen's Seven Wonders, based on the seven wonders of Mount Misen: The eternal flame of Daish?-in, The plum tree grown from K?kai's khakkhara, a boulder that ebb and flows the salt water of Hiroshima Bay, a boulder inscribed with K?kai's writing, the sound of a goblin's clapping, a special cherry blossom that undergoes deciduous all season long, and and lights dubbed as dragon fire over Hiroshima Bay. Conan notices a photograph depicting the crew members in the past and is told the crew were in Miyajima two years ago for filming; He then notices the man spotted at the shrine in another picture who is revealed to be Shinroku Ayasa, Yayoi's brother. Yayoi explains her parents fell to their death on Misen two years prior and Shinroku investigated the cause. Two weeks ago, he disappears for unknown reasons. As the filming continues, a crew member finds his ring tone has been changed to clappers and another has been thrown an etched rock.
S19E30 La visite des sept merveilles de Miyajima et Hiroshima (2) 00/00/0000 Realizing only the wonder left is the dragon fire, the film crew decide to let Kogoro investigate in order to stop Shinroku before he attacks them again. As they learn more about Shinroku, the director is stabbed with a dragon designed dagger and hospitalized as a result.
S19E31 Effondrement d’un alibi 00/00/0000 Kogoro is called to meet with Toshio Higashiyama at his company building and takes Ran and Conan with him. Upon entering the building, they are asked to call his sectional number, 423. After getting in contact with him on the phone, they witness the employee Fujihiko Takahaka, fall from the building to his death.
S19E32 Le scénario de la pièce à huis clos des sources d’eau chaude (1) 00/00/0000 Professor Agasa takes the Detective Boys with him to an onsen (warm spring) to fix a product the propietor purchased from him. At the onsen, the kids are introduced to four cast members filming a drama about a hitman. Since the bath is crowded, the kids decide to bathe in the early morning. As they head to the bath, Ai and Ayumi discover the Ganji Tetsuyama, the scriptwriter, inside the bath's women section, dead.
S19E33 Le scénario de la pièce à huis clos des sources d’eau chaude (2) 00/00/0000 As the police continue their investigation, they discover a plastic tea bottle filled with water in the dressing room, match cinders floating on the water, and Tetsuyama's silver-gemed ring. It is also revealed that all the suspects have been seen in the hotel after the sauna was closed disproving their previous theory.
S19E34 L'ami de la Justice 00/00/0000 Conan and Ran are on a train and are confronted by a pickpocket but is saved by an elderly man named Tokuma Norizuki. As the train passes Sugamo Station, they notice the police investigating something under the railway. Conan and Ran discover that a man named Kanemura, a local conartist, was killed by a head injury.
S19E35 Le Rêve du Kappa (1) 00/00/0000 Kogoro receives a letter from an unknown person. Telling them to go to the Koura Inn to catch a murderer. Following the letter Kogoro, Conan, and Ran goes to Koura Inn in the Gunma prefecture. On the way they met two people named Rokuro Tokubi and Kazuki Araiwa. They ask to stop at a river on the way. It appears eleven years ago near the inn, an elementary school student named Tatsuhiko Numayama got swept by a flood and died. Could this have been the murderer? Then a man comes a kicks over the grave (rocks) made by the deceased friends. This is shown to be the father of the deceased. They go to the inn and find out that the owner of the inn is the father as well. That night Ran, Kogoro, and Conan go back to the river because Ran lost her phone. Once Ran finds it, she sees a silhouette of a Kappa. The next morning, Banzo Numayuma is found dead in the attic, drowned in the reservoir water that his son's body was found.
S19E36 Le Rêve du Kappa (2) 00/00/0000 Misao Yamamura is called to be there. They check everyone's belongings to find out who could have brought the water to the deceased but it seems none had enough to contain that much millimeters.
S19E37 Le diable caché sur le court de tennis 00/00/0000 Ran and Sonoko brought Conan to an indoor tennis court. While Ran and Sonoko are playing tennis, Conan goes to the bathroom. As he is leaving, he hears a slap from the next room. He peeks into the room and see's a man named Takao Goto and a woman named Yuka Tsuchida arguing. Apparently Yuka is angry that Goto invited Sonoko as she thinks he wants to ditch her for Sonoko. As he apparently fixes everything up with her he leaves. She starts kicking the lockers saying, "Don't you dare leave me!" Meanwhile, Ran is looking for Conan where she meets one of the spectators named Azuma Fumihiro, who tells her he went to the restroom. Later, Takao is dead. Who is the murderer?
S19E38 L’affaire de la séance de spiritisme dans les deux chambres closes (Première salle) 00/00/0000 Conan, Ran, and Kogoro knocked on a mansion door at night as they were lost. The door is open and a man in a hood is seen which makes them scream. They see behind the mysterious man more people dressed like him. One of them notices Kogoro and shows himself as Kouji Yatsukawa. They are allowed to come in and everyone tells Kogoro who they are. Hiraski tells them that they will be holding a séance for their idol, (who was supposed to be a star in the Black Magic Girl Movie). They decided to hold a séance as rumors have come up saying if people ditched the club, they will be suffered with illness. They also brought up a murder who was supposed to be related to the death of Kira. So they decided to have the séance to ask Kira herself. During the séance, they call out to Kira and voices of her coming out from the paintings around them telling them that one of them here has killed her and she shall have her vengeance. Soon the tables start shaking and things start breaking. Kogoro deducts that the person moving these objects (from a remote control) was Hiraski which is proven to be right. He claims it was just a little performance but says that someone switched the audio as thats not what he put on the tape. Soon after Hiraski and Hoonogi are in a room talking to each other. It seems that Hoonogi did or saw something a while ago. While eating with some other guests Conan asks questions about Kira and the previous murder. They learn the person who saw the body was Shoko. When they call her cell to see if she will talk to Mouri a bit she says she has a headache and not now. Later that night when everyone is sleeping. The club members get a message saying "I have returned to life" ~Kira from Shoko's phone. After breaking into the meditation room she is on the table dead.
S19E39 L’affaire de la séance de spiritisme dans les deux chambres closes (Deuxième salle) 00/00/0000
S19E40 L’affaire de la séance de spiritisme dans les deux chambres closes (Ouverture de la chambre close) 00/00/0000
S20E01 Cour de Confrontation IV: La Jurée Kobayashi Sumiko (1) 00/00/0000 A murder case court is in session in which Toshio Iwamatsu is suspected of having killed Tadashi Ishigaki after burglarizing his home office.
S20E02 Cour de Confrontation IV: La Jurée Kobayashi Sumiko (2) 00/00/0000
S20E03 Le jour blanc de la trahison (1) 00/00/0000 Kogoro appears in a commercial to promote white chocolate for White Day and is invited to the chocolate company's White Day party. Kogoro, Ran, and Conan attend and are introduced to the company presidents, Taruto Urai and his wife Hoshie Urai. During the party, Taruto collapses. At first thought to be one of his practical jokes, Conan quickly notices that Taruto has died from cyanide poisoning.
S20E04 Le jour blanc de la trahison (2) 00/00/0000 Despite all appearing to be a suicide case, Conan is certain that Hoshie is the culprit and investigates on how she delivered the poison to her husband, finally finding several pieces of critical evidence and exposing her. On the way home, Ran is visibly saddened since she thinks she is the only one of her acquaintances not to have received a White Day gift, but is cheered up when she discovers white throat lozenge from a postage left by Shinichi.
S20E05 La victime est Kudou Shin'ichi 00/00/0000 Heiji was invited to go to a real demon dog extermination, died five years ago was Inubushi (rude dog) chairman, Hisashi Inubushi start talking about his brother. Younger brother, her favorite phrase was bad constant. After his brother died Heng, eight people appeared claiming to be a child of blood led to the president that his wife took over as his adoption of eight. Now that fall sick, Heiji explained the incident occurred over the inheritance. Big legacy to be distributed to the eight ?Kunattara adopted. Recently, a strange man to die Shitarashiku 2 of the adopted child, who fell off a cliff and he kept the promise that was attacked by a creature very similar to the verge of death in dogs. I met one of the adoptive mother leaves the sum is afraid of the curse to blame, it left the house Inubushi to relinquish the inheritance. Conan to go to listen to the person who was adopted along with Heiji. Heiji and tell the person's name has changed. The person who was adopted Shinichi Kudo (one Shinichi Kudo) was named. Ring the doorbell of the house and Heiji, home helper (for example I do Funabashi bubbles) is capable of. Shinichi the bad hip is now sleeping in a slight cold. Heiji will be waiting until things have occurred, during which thing to go shopping. And Conan have their answering machine, suddenly, the room can hear music from Shinichi. Heiji noticed things that duct tape is weather-strip doors Shinichi room, into the room to its body. Shinichi has not fallen on the floor next to the charcoal stove had been placed. Conan briquettes We are not the circumstances of the suicide scene, the detective and the murder of the Shinichi, Kita Abukawa pursue back. Then when they came to the room resigned, Shinichi reveals had already died. To confess that there was a closet Shinichi Jikometa a call from a criminal into the room. Shinichi is confined with briquettes instance, had been killed. are threatened with the same give someone a son, disguised as a suicide reve
S20E06 Château Inubushi, le chien démoniaque enflammé (Chapitre des feux follets) 00/00/0000 Kogoro takes Ran, Kazuha, Conan, and Heiji to the Inubushi household where they are introduced to the family. They learn about the legend passed down in the Inubushi family where their ancestor set his dog on fire after mistakenly assuming the dog killed his daughter while in reality, the dog saved his daughter. The ancestor was then killed in a house fire and the myth of the Inubushi curse was passed down. Conan and Heiji decide to investigate the headstone of the supposed dog when they witness Saki Inubushi fall from a cliff. Saki claims an ablaze inugami chased her and dies shortly after.
S20E07 Château Inubushi, le chien démoniaque enflammé (Chapitre des empreintes) 00/00/0000 Ran and Kazuha retreat inside the house and discover the inugami is gone. Conan and Heiji's investigation leads them to find conclusive evidence Saki's death was planned by the culprit. After hearing Ran and Kazuha's story, they realize the culprit is housing the inugami nearby and investigate an abandoned cabin. Inside the cabin yeilds evidence of a dog living there. Nearby, Tomoaki Inubashi is pounced by the inugami and receives minor burns; nearby an onion is found.
S20E08 Château Inubushi, le chien démoniaque enflammé (Chapitre de la princesse) 00/00/0000 Satomi attempts to leave her room and collapses; she is found holding onto a broken Buddhist prayer beads with a black bead four down from the top.
S20E09 Le secret du journal du musicien (1) 00/00/0000 The Detective Boys are stranded on a mountain when Agasa's car breaks down. Seeking shelter from the rain they come across a villa where piano music was heard and enter the house when their calls are unanswered. Inside, they explore and discover a diary on the table confessing to a plan of a kidnapping and murdering a boy; a blackout then occurs due to the storm. They find a small coffin planned for the murder and realize its empty and the possibility the boy is still be alive. At that moment, piano music is heard again. Conan assures them it will be safe to search the house as the culprit is playing the piano. Ayumi wanders off on her own and finds a photo of a family and a room with water leaking out of it.
S20E10 Le secret du journal du musicien (2) 00/00/0000 Realizing the piano playing they hear is a recording, they enter the piano room. Conan notices the piano chair was set to a child's height and deduces where the boy is. He has the Detective Boys sing a song in the piano room and catches the boy watching them and befriends him. The boy, Keita Onoda, is a piano prodigy to which the kidnapper abducted to allow his daughter to win a piano competition. Conan also reveals the dairy entry is out of order due to Keita's tampering and that the kidnapper felt increasingly guilty as the days went on. After reading the last page in the dairy, they realize the kidnapper plans to suicide in the bathroom and manage to save him. In the aftermath, Keita's mother does not push charges due to Keita's defense. The kidnapper's daughter meanwhile, revealed she skipped the piano competition as she was worried about Keita's disappearance.
S20E11 Le livre des Révélations de Holmes (Le disciple de Holmes) 00/00/0000 Kogoro, Ran, and Conan find a cat belonging to a rich British woman who offers to pay their expenses on a trip to London so Kogoro could share his detective stories with her friends. To get past airport security, Haibara gives Conan two antidotes to the APTX 4869 for the trip and the way back home. At the Holmes Museum, Ran calls Shinichi asking him if he wants a souvenir from London. His weak reaction causes Ran to angrily hang up. Outside the museum, a kid named Apollo Glass asks to see Holmes' Apprentice to solve a code that will prevent a person from being murdered. Conan offers to solve the riddle by posing as Holmes' Apprentice. Apollo reveals a strange man gave him a note containing seven coded riddles, declaring someone in London will die if it is left unsolved. They learn from the police that many children have received the same code which Conan speculates to mean a large number of people will die. Conan and Agasa separate themselves from the group as they attempt to decode the riddles.
S20E12 Le livre des Révélations de Holmes (L'amour, c'est zéro) 00/00/0000 Ran, feeling upset as she believes Shinichi does not return her feelings, is confronted by Apollo's sister, pro tennis player Minerva Glass. Minerva then parts ways with Ran advising her that Love is Zero and would never amount to anything no matter the effort. Ran calls Shinichi for advice on the riddles. Conan, tells Ran the first riddle "A rolling bell rises me", refers to Big Ben and accidentally reveals he is in London. Realizing Ran will discover Conan's true identity if she finds him, Conan and Agasa flee from her. Conan becomes cornered in a phone booth and is forced to take the antidote, APTX 4869, for the return trip and confronts Ran as Shinichi. Ran confesses her pain of liking Shinichi who is indifferent to her feelings and runs away as is left chasing after her.
S20E13 Le livre des Révélations de Holmes (Satan) 00/00/0000 The next day, the police reveal the identity of the man who created the note, Hades Sabara. Kogoro and Ran decode the riddle "My portion is like a chilled boiled egg like a corpse" which refers to City Hall. There, they find many dolls with "Mazarin Stone" written on their shirts where when beheaded, reveals the letter "T". The riddle "I finished up with a whole pickle" refers to 30 St Mary Axe where they found scratched up pens labeled as Dancing Men reveal the letter "N". At Big Ben, Ran and Kogoro find an arrow pointing to a drain where The Valley of Fear of fear is inscribed. They deduce from the story that something had been sunk in the river, and find a drain cover with the letter "A". Apollo leads the two to the next riddle, "Now I remember to ask a cake to celebrate in advance" referring to St. Bride's Church where they find letters entitled, "A Scandal in Bohemia". Soaking the letter in water reveals the letter "S".
S20E14 Le livre des Révélations de Holmes (Code Break) 00/00/0000 Shinichi has returned to Conan again. However Haibara had only given him two pills, he will have to figure something out. Gradually deciphering the note handed out by the criminal, Conan discovers that the place where he plans to attack will be at Wimbledon, where Minerva Glass is supposed to be playing. When they reach the stadium, the criminal has already entered, and since they do not have tickets, they stay outside. However, they can watch the game from a screen that is located outside of Wimbledon. Minerva appears to be losing.
S20E15 Le livre des Révélations de Holmes (La Reine des Courts de Tennis) 00/00/0000 Minerva is losing because she's writing a message in braille by hitting the ball on the lawn, which Conan understood. He convinces Apollo to give him his ticket. When he enters the room, he tells Minerva that he can help. Minerva believes it and keeps writing. The message said that the mother of Minerva was going to die. Conan focuses on finding Hades and asks Minerva to lengthen the game. Minerva gets to play and the party has to decide in the tie-break.
S20E16 Le livre des Révélations de Holmes (Zero est le commencement) 00/00/0000 Conan meets his parents and give a ticket. After locates Hades with the help of Minerva, Bystanders see Conan as "Holmes Apprentice" and compliment him and then Hades sees him. Before even pressing the button to trigger the bomb, Minerva throws a tennis ball and hits Hades. After that, Conan then takes the ball and kicks it. It hits Hades and he got stopped by the police. Minerva wins the match and meets with Ran. She says Shinichi told her that the zero is also a starting point. Haibara gave Shinichi's parents an antidote because she knew that he would use it.
S20E17 Situation d'urgence 252 (1) 00/00/0000 While discussing Conan's journey to London and the case he had to solve there, Conan and Ai once again discuss Conan's reckless behavior in ingesting the anti-APTX 4869 meant for his return journey in order to reveal himself to Ran. An accidental comment makes the other Detective Boys suggest that they play hide and seek inside an abandoned building Genta knows. As they begin playing (with Conan once again prevailing with his detective skills), Genta hears a strange knocking that Conan deduces is emergency code 252 - a plea for rescue. While searching through the building, they encounter two men, apparently demolition workers, who claim that they made the knocking sound with hammers. But noticing three consumed sushi bento boxes nearby and catching them with a trick question about how the house is to be torn down, Conan deduces they are fakes and have are really holding someone hostage in the building somewhere.
S20E18 Situation d'urgence 252 (2) 00/00/0000 With them being secure from the police, the culprits decide to find the remaining children and silence them once and for all to ensure the smoothness of their plan: to have the daughter of their original victim bring the ransom, lock her into the building, and eliminating all witnesses by setting it on fire. While one scours the empty building, the other remains behind in one of the rooms on the fourth floor, with Conan and Ai kept tied up and gagged in the open and their other victim sealed away in a locker. But what the two don't know is that Ayumi, Mitsuhiko and Genta have actually managed to slip into the very same room and hidden themselves in one of the lockers, now able to overhear the two culprits safely but unable to reveal themselves in order to rescue their friends! However, Conan has managed to grab hold of his Detective Boys Badge and, taking a leaf from the kidnap victim, he begins to tap messages based on the Tokyo Fire Department emergency codes to his hidden friends. Deciphering the messages with the help of Mitsuhiko's note book, they gradually begin to understand that Conan wants them to call their individual cell phones, which have ended up scattered all around the building, matching the codes he transmits with the cell phone wallpapers in order to play through a chaotic sequence and thereby to draw the kidnappers out of the room. The plan eventually works: Frazzled with their continuous lack of success in apprehending the kids and contacing their kidnapee's daughter, the second culprit temporarily leaves the room in order to help in the search. The culprits eventually come behind the ruse, but by the time they react, it is already too late: Conan knocks their guard out with his tranquilizer watch and prepares to ambush his accomplice, unaware that the latter has in the meantime encountered someone on the stairs. And now ominous footsteps are approaching...
S20E19 La vidéo d'un premier amour 00/00/0000 Detective Chiba searches the storage room of Teitan Elementary for an thirteen year old VHS tape from his childhood love, Naeko Miike, which contains the reply to his love letter. At the same time, the Detective Boys are sent to the archives to search for a tape for their teacher. Chiba reveals to them that he received a phone call from Naeko Miike asking him if he has seen the tape, prompting him to resume his search for it. Conan deduces the tape contains the video Chiba and Naeko filmed years ago and finds the tape has been recorded over.
S20E20 Le hurlement venant de la salle d'opération (1) 00/00/0000 When Kogoro Mouri goes to his alma mater for a "speech", Ran, Sonoko, and Conan end up going with him. Sonsaku Tsujiei, a 4th year student at Beika University, wants Kogoro to look at the haunted house and evaluate its accuracy. When Kogoro takes too long during his speech, Conan, Ran, and Sonoko decide to check out the haunted house themselves. Sonsaku and Hachiya Kiichi (a colleague) escort them into the haunted house only to later play tricks to scare them. When they are in the "Operating Room", Anna Tadami, the victim, is playing the patient during the operation. When the trick is over, everyone realizes that Anna hadn't finished her part. When they try to get her to wake up, Conan realizes she has been poisoned by cyanide.
S20E21 Le hurlement venant de la salle d'opération (2) 00/00/0000 The police have arrived at the scene. Conan notices that the blood on the bedsheet is in a thin line.
S20E22 La bataille entre Conan et Kaitou Kid pour le trésor de Ryouma (1) 00/00/0000 Due to a recent fad, Sakamoto Ryoma histories have become popular. Capitalizing on this, Jirokichi Suzuki's museum has set up a Ryoma exhibit. Jirokichi wanted to purchase a prize item of Ryoma's for the exhibit, a gun belt with a large ruby, from the current owners Shishihiko Tarumi and Masanosuke Hanamura. Not wanting to buy it before having it evaluating by his own appraiser, Jirokichi instead arranged a space at the exhibit for the owners to display the gunbelt in the meanwhile. Elsewhere, Sonoko tells Ran that Kaitou Kid has sent an advance notice that he will be at the exhibit to return some items that were stolen 20 years ago from Shishihiko Tarumi's Ryoma exhibit by the thief Phantom Lady: Ryoma's letter to his wife talking about the belt, a pistol Ryoma was carrying, and a sake cup with a bloodstain when Ryoma was assassinated. Inspector Ginzo Nakamori and Superintendent Shintaro Chaki discuss the best strategy to capture Kid: Lure Kid in to allow him to to return what was stolen, but then prevent him from leaving.
S20E23 La bataille entre Conan et Kaitou Kid pour le trésor de Ryouma (2) 00/00/0000 On the day of the heist, Conan is confronted by Kid in the bathroom stalls who reveals he was able to bypass the metal detectors by removing the lead from the pistol. As Kid leaves, Conan overhears Tarumi and his appraiser hoping Kid succeeds in his plot. Kid appears at the announced time and publicly claims he is cleaning up before setting off the fire sprinklers; he blends into the crowd who are also soaked from the rain and makes his escape.
S20E24 Le tournage du Cas Vidéo promotionnelle (1) 00/00/0000 Conan, Ran, Sonoko and the Detective Boys are invited to an island for free diving lessons, but bad weather prevents them from doing so. While walking around the island, they stumble upon a shooting of a promotional video by washed up actor Yuya Miyasaka. While they watch, they see that Miyasaka physically harrases many of the crew members. It starts to rain soon after and every one comes back inside, but Miyasaka is found murdered later on.
S20E25 Le tournage du Cas Vidéo promotionnelle (2) 00/00/0000 While trying to figure out who murdered washed up actor Yuya Miyasaka, cameraman Shingo Takayama is found dead as well due to falling off a cliff.
S20E26 L'horloge florale qui sait tout 00/00/0000 Due to being chosen to particpate as a baton twirler during the Grand Opening of the Beika Park's Flower Clock, Ayumi has been practicing her moves in front of the clock every morning. When she invites Conan and the others to watch, they witness a drunk man wandering around and generally being a nuisance. The next morning, the man is found dead, his head smashed on the stone number 6.
S20E27 L'Epée du gardien du temps (1) 00/00/0000
S20E28 L'Epée du gardien du temps (2) 00/00/0000
S20E29 The Super Narrow Shop Crime Scene 00/00/0000 Kogoro and horse bettors Susumu Nakamura, Chihiro Ougi, Masao Shinohara gather in Satsuki Mishima's bar, one with no leg room and with a crack in the rusty wall. Everyone then leaves the bar around the same time to attend to personal matters. Kogoro takes a smoking break, Nakamura goes to buy cigarettes, Ougi to the public restroom, Shinohara to the ATM. When they regroup, they find Satsuki slouching over the counter on a swivel chair. Shinohara tries to wake her up, only to find a knife in her chest. Kogoro assumes that during the break, someone had a fight with Satsuki who was behind the counter, and stabbed her in the front. The evidence left on the scene does not support it.
S20E30 Beware of Dieting 00/00/0000 Ran, Sonoko, and Conan are at a yoga weight-lost resort when one of its customers, Atsuko Degawa, dies from poison found in her food. Originally deduced to be a suicide.
S20E31 The Most Useful School in the World Case (Part 1) 00/00/0000 Kogoro is asked to be a star in an educational television program. Once there, he is introduced to guest stars and studio members. Noburo Kimijima, the leading figure of Enka, has his priceless vase stolen during rehearsal. They deduce the culprit is still inside the studio room.
S20E32 The Most Useful School in the World Case (Part 2) 00/00/0000
S20E33 Solving Mysteries at the Red Leaf Palace (Part 1) 00/00/0000 Kogoro, Ran, and Conan are walking when they witness a car attempting to kill a girl and her chauffeur.
S20E34 Solving Mysteries at the Red Leaf Palace (Part 2) 00/00/0000 Nobue is found dead with a poisoned arrow in her back while holding a clean arrow in her hand.
S20E35 The Memory Trip of the Eight Sketches (Okayama Part) 00/00/0000 Kogoro, Ran, and Conan are invited to Okayama to review the food served there. They then meet an amnesiac woman and decide to assist her in regaining her memories. The woman sketches out pictures which gives them clues on locations she visited. The woman recognizes the sound of a suikinkutsu from a cellphone; the group deduces she visited the Salt Palace. There, she discovers her name to be Mayuko Kichise from her friend, Kanae Nonomiya. Nonomiya reveals Kichise is an important witness who can prove her brother did not rob a jewelry store and prompts her to regain her memories.
S20E36 The Memory Trip of the Eight Sketches (Kurashiki Part) 00/00/0000
S20E37 Grabbing Karuta Cards in Dire Straits (Part 1) 00/00/0000 Conan has a cold and fever. Then he got a video call from Haibara. That video call contain about a boy who always lie.
S20E38 Grabbing Karuta Cards in Dire Straits (Part 2) 00/00/0000
S20E39 Ramen So Delicious Til Death (Part 1) 00/00/0000 Conan is back home at Mouri Detective Agency. Kogoro is on the phone with Ran but suddenly got shocked that Ran is going to sleep over at school during night time because everyone's going to practice karate. Kogoro asked Ran about dinner and he's so hungry. She told him to go to the Poirot Café but it's closed. Kogoro felt so down but he just thought of another restaurant called Iroha Sushi. When he checked, it's also closed. Every restaurants are closed while the lights are off. Conan just got the flyers from all kinds of eating places from the mailbox. He gave it to Kogoro and he's checking where to eat. Kogoro found the place to eat so they went to the place called Ramen Ogura. They entered and the man named Katsumasa Ogura who owns the shop welcome them. Kogoro and Conan took a seat and the lady named Sayo Ohashi came out from the restroom. She suggest them to eat the Death Lord ramen that it is so good. So Kogoro and Conan picked it and Sayo told Ogura for two orders of Death Lord ramen. Conan went to the restroom to wash his hands but he suddenly heard Ogura telling a man named Tokumori Saizu to get out of his restaurant. He's not going to leave and he has made a special effort to come to ramen shop where business is slow. Ogura and Sayo hates Saizu because Saizu's men causes trouble at their shop. Saizu sat down next to Conan and wants some ramen to eat. Another man named Atsushi Taninaka entered and takes a seat to order a ramen. Sayo brought the Death Lord ramen to Kogoro and Conan. They got nervous so they'll try it. They eat and they love it. Sayo also gave the Death Lord ramen to Saizu and he picks up the chopstick with his left hand. When he's about to eat, he mention that someone could die after eating the ramen for his sake and the shop would go out of business immediately. He said why don't he try poisoning in ramen. Suddenly, Kogoro got mad and told him that he should stop being so disrespectful, but
S20E40 Ramen So Delicious Til Death (Part 2) 00/00/0000
S21E01 L'épreuve de déduction du fantôme de l'hôtel - 1re partie 00/00/0000 Ran, Sonoko, and Conan are on the bus ride to Haido Hotel. Sonoko felt like that someone touched her butt. She caught the guy in the blue hat and accuses him that he's the pervert. The guy in the blue hat tells Sonoko that he's not a pervert but Sonoko thinks he's lying. So she told Ran to beat him up. Ran does as she says so she kicks but the guy in the blue hat blocks Ran's kick with his leg. He punches and Ran dodges. He kicks and Ran dodges again. Ran realizes that her opponent is using Jeet Kune Do. The guy in the blue hat is trying to explain that he's not a pervert but Conan explain for him instead. Conan saw that the real pervert was about to touch Sonoko's butt and the guy in the blue hat stopped the pervert. Sonoko got really mad at the real pervert. When the bus stops, the pervert got out quickly and runs away. Ran apologizes to the guy in the blue hat and he says it's okay. He asks where Ran is going and she told him that she and her friends are going to the Haido Hotel. The guy in the blue hat is going there too. He also thank Conan for explaining his innocence that he's not a pervert. When they arrived at the hotel, the guy in the blue hat is making a reservation but it seems he's having problems. Conan wants to eat cake so Ran, Sonoko, and Conan are going to look for a place to eat cake at the second floor of the hotel. When they're about to take the elevator, the woman named Toshiko Hirukawa came out of the elevator. She asks Conan where he's going and Conan told Hirukawa that he's going to cake buffet at the second floor. Hirukawa told Conan that he can't use the elevator because she says it goes to the annex. Conan thought the annex was under the renovation. Ran apologizes to Hirukawa and she says it's okay. She suggest that they should help each other when in need. Hirukawa's friends found Hirukawa and she apologizes them for keeping them waiting. While Ran, Sonoko, and Con
S21E02 L'épreuve de déduction du fantôme de l'hôtel - 2e partie 00/00/0000 After investigating the room, Sera declares the culprit.
S21E03 Situation de prise d'otage à l'agence du détective Mouri - L'incident 00/00/0000 Isao Sawaguri came to the Mouri Detective Agency and brought together three female novelists he believe are responsible for his younger sister Miku's death the previous month. Isao threatens to blow up the Agency unless Kogoro reveals to him the truth about his sister's death and reveals her murderer
S21E04 Situation de prise d'otage à l'agence du détective Mouri - Tir 00/00/0000 Sawaguri, pleased to have another detective to find the culprit, obeys his requests to take pictures of the hostage's books which were autographed by Miku. During the course of the investigation, the authorities lose the chance to snipe Sawaguri after Ran closes the curtain as she believes Shinichi can find a solution to prevent any deaths. Miku's blog post reveals her last three visitors were from an elephant, a fox, and a rat. Conan explains the animals were based on the hostage's professions: The elephant is Sumika Nihei, due to her husband's seal designs is similar to an elephant's tusk; Shinobu Yuchi is the fox since she is a bakery and her food is colored like a fox's coat; and the rat is Tamami Mitsui whom is a stonemasonry which is gray like a rat's coat. In response, Sawaguri prepares to kill Mitsui.
S21E05 Situation de prise d'otage à l'agence du détective Mouri - Libération 00/00/0000 Conan declares Mitsui is innocent since she was witnessed leaving Miku's room; Sawaguri inferred the culprit crossed over from the balcony and left by his room. As for Miku's death, Conan explains she was mimicking the suicide of the main character in her book. Sawaguri becomes distraught as a result and is taken in by the authorities.
S21E06 Conan contre Heiji : L'épreuve entre détective 00/00/0000 Heiji and Kazuha visit Tokyo where the two part ways. A murder occurs at the restaurant Kazuha is in, forcing Kogoro, Ran, Sera, Heiji, and Conan to investigate.
S21E07 La conception du poison et de l'illusion - EYE 00/00/0000 Heiji reads a letter he received from an already dead man and old acquaintance of his mother, design company president Kouhei Wakamatsu, who was killed a month earlier in his Karuizawa villa.
S21E08 La conception du poison et de l'illusion - S 00/00/0000 The police arrive and their investigations reveal the baumkuchen was cut evenly into eight pieces and that only one of the piece was poisoned.
S21E09 La conception du poison et de l'illusion - Poison 00/00/0000 Conan and Heiji resume their investigation while Ran and Kazuha gossip about Shinichi's confession towards Ran.
S21E10 La conception du poison et de l'illusion - Illusion 00/00/0000 Conan and Heiji's investigation leads them to realize how Ikuro and Serika were murdered.
S21E11 Le site vidéo du professeur - 1re partie 00/00/0000 Professor Agasa has recently posted a video on a popular website, asking for someone to evaluate an old vase he found in his attic.
S21E12 Le site vidéo du professeur - 2e partie 00/00/0000 Conan realizes the kidnappers invaded Agasa's home too quickly and deduces they have visited recently; Agasa reveals three pairs of customers have expressed interest in the vase.
S21E13 Le piège brûlant du chocolat 00/00/0000 Conan, Ran, and Sonoko are invited to the opening ceremony of a chocolate shop that is supported by the Suzuki Group. They meet a woman named Mayuko Sakura, the shop producer. Next they meet a man named Yukihiko Tsujimoto, the chocolatier and he's Mayuko's fiancé. During Tsujimoto's show, the fire breaks out in the shop, killing Tsujimoto. Was this a terrible accident or a planned murder?
S21E14 Enquête commune avec un premier amour - 1re partie 00/00/0000 The Detective Boys discover officer Chiba's has been vandalized with a threatening word. Realizing is the culprit is the same person who has been on a vandalism spree that month, the Detective Boys push Chiba into investigating it with his first love
S21E15 Enquête commune avec un premier amour - 2e partie 00/00/0000 Chiba is unable to recall Naeko's face though notes his familiarity. During the investigation, Conan realizes the culprit's motif and has the police let the suspects leave.
S21E16 Kogor? est une bonne personne - 1re partie 00/00/0000 When Ran, Sonoko, Sera, and Conan are walking, they receive a phone call from Ran's father Kogoro, who asks her not to bother cooking dinner for him as he will be gone for the night.
S21E17 Kogor? est une bonne personne - 2e partie 00/00/0000 Conan completes his investigation and realizes who the murderer is.
S21E18 Chassez le Miyama kuwagata 00/00/0000 The Detective Boys wish to capture a few beetles to bring to school, and as a result, visit Agasa's old friend in the mountains. The Detective Boys manage to find a bunch of beetles at night, but return to find Namatame injured. Namatame's last words are "Miyama Stag Beetle" before losing consciousness.
S21E19 La victoire du courageux chien cœur 2 00/00/0000 At night, Hiroshi Yagisawa and his dog, Coeur are taking a walk in Beika Street. Coeur sense something strange so Coeur is showing Yagisawa that she found the dead body in underground passageway.
S21E20 K, une initiale suspecte 00/00/0000 The guard named Zenkichi Ooka is threatening two people to keep giving money to him. At night, Conan, Ran, and Kogoro came from the store after they had delicious spring rolls.
S21E21 Un intimidateur, un soir de pluie 00/00/0000 Mio was attacked by Karashima but attacks back in self-defense.
S21E22 La veille d'un mariage - 1re partie 00/00/0000 At Ristorante Sundayrino, Raita Banba and Hatsune Kamon are getting married. Kogoro, Ran, and Conan are also there. Everybody is having a great time with them. Later, Kogoro, Ran, and Conan are introducing themeselves to Kamon at the table. Ran heard that it was love at first sight for Banba and Kamon. As the night progresses, Banba receives a 'Goodbye' text message from Kamon. Outside, suddenly, Kamon's car exploded, right before Conan's eyes.
S21E23 La veille d'un mariage - 2e partie 00/00/0000 A second DNA test with sterile samples reconfirms the rough DNA match leading Conan to a conclusion. Conan tranquilizes Kogoro and reveals Banba and Kamon are opposite sex identical twins. The secret phone calls were to a medical consultant with the final phone call confirming the genetic match. Learning of his, Kamon clasped her face into her hands, scratching some skin off, and committed suicide. In the aftermath, Amuro pays Kogoro to have him as his apprentice
S21E24 Le trésor de la tour obscure - 1re partie 00/00/0000 The Detective Boys meet Nanami Kyoudou, who's grandfather, Seitarou Kyoudou is the one who built "The Black Tower", rumored to have no entrance and treasure hidden within. Later, they visit her house
S21E25 Le trésor de la tour obscure - 2e partie 00/00/0000 The mystery of Darkness Tower is revealed by Conan
S21E26 La nuit des détectives - Incident 00/00/0000 Kogoro prepares to meet with the client Kei Katshitsuka. While waiting, he receives mail of Katshitsuka who changes their meeting location to a local restaurant. There, Kogoro realizes the cell phone address is different from the first message he received from the client.
S21E27 La nuit des détectives - Enlèvement 00/00/0000 Arriving at Katshitsuka's home, Ran receives a phone call from Masumi. The phone call receives noise which Tooru deduces to indicate the house is bugged.
S21E28 La nuit des détectives - Raisonnement 00/00/0000 Conan stops feigning his sleep and tells his kidnapper who is really she !!
S21E29 La nuit des détectives - Bourbon 00/00/0000 After visiting the three, Conan explains the robber in the video was left-handed and only Takayo Tegawa fit that description.
S21E30 À un millimètre du pardon - 1re partie 00/00/0000 The Detective Boys are invited to the Konno residents for a barbecue as a thanks for solving a case for them earlier. When the couple argue, the children grow concerned. Later, the husband cannot find his cell phone so his wife goes with him inside to look
S21E31 À un millimètre du pardon - 2e partie 00/00/0000 The wife, Sumika, tried to scare the husband to cure his hiccups
S21E32 La plage de sable sans empreintes 00/00/0000 Conan, Ran, and Kogoro went to Ohama Coast from Beika Street for two hours and they are going to have fun surfing at the beach.
S21E33 Le mystère du Théâtre Nagasaki - L'ère Bakumatsu 00/00/0000 Conan, Ran, and Kogoro must've slip through time (not literally). Ran won a prize at a shopping district lottery, they go to Nagasaki.
S21E34 Le mystère du Théâtre Nagasaki - L'ère de nos jours 00/00/0000 In the hospital, Sakota is lying on the bed to get his treatment done. There's a high possibility that Sakota was struck with bare hands. The Nagasaki police took in the karate girl with a black belt, Ran, who was the main suspect to the station for questioning
S21E35 Rhapsodie du cactus 00/00/0000 At the greenhouse, the wealthy property owner named Zenzou Sunada is showing Conan, Ran, and Sonoko the golden barrel cactus and it blooms flowers after 50 years
S22E01 La retransmission d'un amour périlleux : Début de la retransmission 05/01/2013 Takagi has gone somewhere and Sato cannot figure out where it is. While at the police station, the Detective Boys are approached by a man with a package for Sato. Inside is a tablet with a video of Takagi unconscious and tied up!
S22E02 La retransmission d'un amour périlleux : Situation désespérée 12/01/2013 Takagi was mistaken for the wrong man, but it's too late when the captor swallows poisoned wine and commits suicide. Takagi continues to try and give the police clues while he is still tied up. Can Sato and Conan locate Takagi in time?!
S22E03 La retransmission d'un amour périlleux : Irruption sur scène 19/01/2013 The police see a bomb located under Takagi. They are able to determine he is somewhere in Hokkaido once it starts to snow. Conan deduces the type of building they need to look for. Can Sato get there in time before the bomb detonates?!
S22E04 Mousse, vapeur et fumée - 1re partie 26/01/2013 All the people witnessed the publishing company president named Daisaku Katsumoto fell to his death. The three suspects all have good alibis . Which one is the culprit?
S22E05 Mousse, vapeur et fumée - 2ème partie 02/02/2013 Conan is able to find the trick used by the culprit! As Shinichi, Conan makes a deduction via to text message Takagi to help him solve the case.
S22E06 Une voiture transportant une bombe à retardement 09/02/2013 The delivery truck left the house and there was an explosion inside the house, Detective boys help a girl to find her pet dog
S22E07 L'insoluble piège congelé 16/02/2013 At the Ice Festival, Conan, Haibara, Agasa, and the Detective Boys are having a great time together.
S22E08 L'inspecteur Takagi a trouvé 30 millions de Yens 23/02/2013 6 o'clock morning officer Takagi find 30 Million in bag in middle of street
S22E09 Le message d'un client 02/03/2013 Mori receive message from someone claim he knows real killer which has killed one of Mori's clients
S22E10 L’affaire non-résolue de Y?saku Kud? - 1re partie 09/03/2013 Ran, Sonoko and Sera come across a corpse beside which is written the word "Die" by victim's blood.It reminds them of a 10 years old similar case, unsolved by Yasuku Kudo.
S22E11 L’affaire non-résolue de Y?saku Kud? - 2eme partie 16/03/2013 The secret behind the murder finally revealed by Conan, but will everything be fine with Subaru Okiya and Sera around Conan ?
S22E12 La route de nuit des fleurs de cerisiers de la rivière Sumida - 1re partie 23/03/2013 Kogoro assists the police delivering ransom money to the Nihonbashi Post Office. When arriving at the post office, Kogoro is given a briefcase with further instructions. After Kogoro falls off a boat and gets sick, Conan and Ran begin investigating, but soon...they stumble upon a body!
S22E13 La route de nuit des fleurs de cerisiers de la rivière Sumida - 2e partie 30/03/2013 Despite being sick, Kogoro begins investigating the coworker of the victim. Conan investigates as well and finds clues that lead him to the culprit. Now, Kogoro is too sick to investigate and Conan has to figure out another way to use him to solve the case.
S22E14 Les confiseries japonaises disparues dans l'ancien magasin 20/04/2013 Conan, Mitsuhiko, Ayumi and Genta has been elected to experience the voyage of Maritime Self-Defense Force Aegis, in meanwhile they come across a stolen sweet case
S22E15 Les roses du vignoble 27/04/2013 A crime happened in Beer company due that many questions raise how it happened ! what are suspect alibis ?
S22E16 La conspiration du ravageur des par-terres de fleurs 04/05/2013 In Town Center, the kids plant flowers, but surprisingly flowerbed got crashed, the kids asks for Mori helps them who has really destroy it
S22E17 Les fenêtres de l'école pour femmes 11/05/2013 Kogoro and Conan investigate in female student suicide, after insist of Sonoko's friend, and yet seems the Window hide a secrets ..
S22E18 Impossible ?! L'affaire liée à la chute de l'OVNI 18/05/2013 Conan and Detective Boys encounter UFO crashed beside riverside, what could be this lead them to.. ?
S22E19 L'ombre s'approchant secrètement de Haibara - 1re partie 08/06/2013 Conan and Mistsuhiko,Ayomi,Genta, Ai, with Dr.Agasa they going to camping. Conan and Dr.Agase they going to nearest shop for buying, The rest of boys decided to collect woods for fire, as they collecting, they notice a man with woman's corpse, instantly they aware he is criminal, how boys will be dealing with such situation !?
S22E20 L'ombre s'approchant secrètement de Haibara - 2e partie 15/06/2013 As the boys kept the house, Conan and Sera marching toward solving the case, and pure black dangerous close than ever to Haibara's secret
S22E21 Le Mystery Train noir de jais (Départ) 13/07/2013 Conan and the boys ride train and the Destination is Bell Tree mystery,Conan will be involve on a Quiz, and the game is on, Train leaves Tokyo Station Bourbon and black organization set the goal to eliminate Haibara
S22E22 Le Mystery Train noir de jais (Tunnel) 20/07/2013 Conan and Sera involve in investigation and in destination Nagoya station Jirokichi Suzuki and his team waiting for Mystery train to arrive where in meantime more visitors appear to be aboard train, Haibara's feeling ultimately afraid after someone passed in front of her eyes
S22E23 Le Mystery Train noir de jais (Intersection) 27/07/2013 Conan finally resolve the case along with Mori's student Tooru Amuro, as both of them busy explanation, Sera confronts a person in hallway with very shaking details ! Haibara destiny has been settled
S22E24 Le Mystery Train jais de noir (Destination) 03/08/2013 All the lines of truth will be crossed in Mystery train, Bourbon identity finally revealed, Conan unable to do anything ! Secret of Scar Akai revealed ! What could be worst than drama explosion that will change whole storyline !!
S22E25 Conan dans une chambre close 10/08/2013 Conan and Ran & Kogoro going to Sonoko's Villa, they met college students who they are celebrating their passed away friend's birthday, as everybody finished the celebration they go back to rooms to rest, Conan companion one of students to rest in his room, after few hours later conan wakes up to see dead body beside him and closed door and window !!
S22E26 Résolution du mystère face à Bourbon 17/08/2013 Conan Wake up in closed room to find corpse, working along Mori Kogoro to solve to case, but seems Bourbon has set a new target
S22E27 Le grand détective équipé 31/08/2013 Former bank robber Reiji Himuro was arrested by Mouri Kogoro. He threatens Kogoro on a call saying someone will die because of him.
S22E28 L'homme est tombé lentement 07/09/2013 While on a trip with Professor Agasa, the Detective Boys witness a man shoving another man off the roof of a nearby building.
S22E29 L'affaire des poutres instables 14/09/2013 An incident of falling iron pipes happened in Construction site, to be find underneath the iron pipes a dead man! is it regular case or planned murder
S22E30 Ce que tout le monde a vu - 1re partie 21/09/2013 Conan and Heiji re-investigate in locked-room murder, where they able to solve the case, after while front of everyone a unexpected surprise happened !
S22E31 Ce que tout le monde a vu - 2e partie 28/09/2013 Heiji and Conan discover the culprit, all they need is to find evidence, somewhere else is Vampire really exist ?
S22E32 Heiji Hattori et le manoir du vampire - 1re partie 05/10/2013 The Family meets in their Mansion but things doesn't seem so friendly since they fighting over the inheritance, which give both Heiji and Conan a feeling of bad things are coming, companion Mori Kogoro and Ran, Kazuha, according to the inspector before half year they find a female corpse and the killer is Vampire!
S22E33 Heiji Hattori et le manoir du vampire - 2e partie 12/10/2013 The next victim in the mansion is Asanobu Torakura. Too many suspects remain!
S22E34 Heiji Hattori et le manoir du vampire - 3e partie 19/10/2013 Kamiyo Torakura was found strangled outside the mansion in the forest. Can Conan and Heiji find the killer before another is murdered?
S22E35 Heiji Hattori et le manoir du vampire - 4e partie 26/10/2013 In a case of inheritance and revenge, Conan and Heiji start their deduction show and catch the culprit.
S22E36 Le fantôme dansant dans la demeure des masques de Nô - 1re partie 02/11/2013 Three man gather by a dim candle wearing Noh masks to discuss a murder and the profits/inheritance afterwards. Kogoro visits the Museum of Noh Mask Art and is shown an anonymous death threat.
S22E37 Le fantôme dansant dans la demeure des masques de Nô - 2e partie 09/11/2013 Two of the three have been murdered! Who wrote the threatening letter? Kogoro and Conan solve the case!
S22E38 Une trajectoire endiablée 16/11/2013 Kogoro, Ran and Conan are invited to a famous writer's house, who wants to speak with Kogoro. After they spend the night, they awake to the three residents of the house murdered! It appears each one was murdered by a different person!
S22E39 Ticket gagnant pour l'enfer 23/11/2013 Conan, Ran, Sonoko, the workers from Marin Coffee, and Haruka Kona look for the missing Masako at her apartment to ask her about the platinum ticket online auction only to find her dead on her apartment floor
S22E40 Un Mystery Tour près du feu et de l'eau - Aso 30/11/2013 In a dark room, a thief is frantically looking through an office for something. When he finds it, he smiles and cut opens a bear. The next day, the Detective Boys went to Kumamoto with Ran and Kogoro for a sightseeing trip. Kumamoto is known as the capital of water for its amazing water sources, but is also known as the country of fire for its volcanoes
S22E41 Un Mystery Tour près du feu et de l'eau - Kumamoto 07/12/2013 The criminal is being chased by the Detective Boys, Ran, and Kogoro. As they are closing in, they receive a call saying the boy will be killed if they get any closer. How did he know? Who is he working with?
S22E42 Un service de livraison doux et glacial - 1re partie 14/12/2013 The Detective Boys are playing soccer when they meet a cat who regularly comes to Café Poirot for food. Wanting to see where the cat goes, they follow the cat into a refrigerated delivery truck. But they also discover a body! As they hide in the truck, they learn the drivers killed the man and are doing their route to establish an alibi.
S22E43 Un service de livraison doux et glacial - 2e partie 21/12/2013 The Detective Boys continue hiding in the truck, but the it's too cold for them. After one collapses, Conan uses paper to write a message and attaches it to the cat and releases it hoping that Amuro will find it and come help them.
S23E00 00/00/0000
S23E01 Kaito Kid et la Blush Mermaid - 1re partie 04/01/2014 The Blush Mermaid goes on display at the Suzuki Museum, stuck on the shell of a turtle swimming inside a water tank. Kaitou Kid has announced that he will steal the jewel.
S23E02 Kaito Kid et la Blush Mermaid - 2e partie 11/01/2014 Can Conan locate the Blush Mermaid and beat Kaitou Kid?
S23E03 Un message de fortune annonciateur d'un malheur 18/01/2014 Conan, Ran, and Kogoro come across Nana lying on the ground in the park after nearly driving into a scooter blocking the road.
S23E04 Un coffre au trésor fruité - 1re partie 25/01/2014 Ran, Sonoko, and Conan are watching "Which Sweets Show", a television program where two chefs compete to see who makes better sweets. The defending champion wins again, making him the winner for six weeks in a row. Thanks to Sonoko's father, Ran, Sonoko, and Conan can watch the preview from the show's gallery next week. Sonoko, who needs to invite five people, but she is stuck on the last person to invite.
S23E05 Un coffre au trésor fruité - 2e partie 01/02/2014 Shoutoku was murdered! The police, Kogoro, Conan, Masumi watch the surveillance room, where they see Shoutoku enter the storeroom last night at 9:05. They identify three people who were the only ones that had a chance to commit the murder.
S23E06 Diamant, tableau et actrice célèbre 08/02/2014 Mouri Kogoro, Ran, and Conan watching the ending of an old movie staring retired actress Misuzu Shirakawa at the actress's home. As the trio tour the home with the actress, her three children, and the maid, they are surprised to witness consistent quarreling in the household with Misuzu Shirakawa being the unpleasant one. As the afternoon draws close, the actress retires to her bedroom for an afternoon nap, a car accident occurs outside, and then smoke emerges from the bedroom.
S23E07 La silhouette était trop parfaite 22/02/2014 Upon hearing a woman scream, Conan and the Detective Boys rush into a room to find Kitajima lying dead on the floor from a stab wound.
S23E08 Le voisin de la scène de crime est mon ex-petit ami - 1re partie 01/03/2014 Conan and the Detective Boys run into Naeko Miike and Yumi Miyamoto, who were talking about Yumi's ex-boyfriend. Naeko Miike shortly receives a call from her acquaintance, Sakurako Yonehara, about a dead body
S23E09 Le voisin de la scène de crime est mon ex-petit ami - 2e partie 08/03/2014 Conan pieces all the clues together: the suicide note with somewhat strange contents, Shukichi Haneda mentioning a "well-prepared move", same phone models of all the family members, the trick behind the bedroom door closing upon Sakurako and the victim's husband entering the room, and the victim's phone on the floor.
S23E10 Un festin pour deux coups de feu 22/03/2014 Two chefs ran into the reception saying Masaru had been found lying dead on the ground due to a gunshot.
S23E11 Les souvenirs de l’agent Jodie et le piège du Sakura 29/03/2014 Professeur Agasa a appelé Conan au téléphone pour lui dire qu'il avait été témoin de quelqu'un qui a été frappé à plusieurs reprises.
S23E12 Une invitation codée 19/04/2014 Conan figures out Kaori's real home phone number and calls it. He's surprised when Sato begins talking to him on the phone and the group discovers that a gun (a Nambu Taisho 14) is missing from Kaori's home
S23E13 Le secret de la statue de Kogoro Mouri 26/04/2014 After hearing Kataoka scream, Conan, Ran, and Seiya head in the direction of the sound to find Sada holding the deceased Kataoka. It appears Kataoka died after receiving blunt force trauma from falling off a ladder.
S23E14 Une promenade suspecte 03/05/2014 Conan and his friends were playing Frisbee at the park, when a dog named Matsunosuke launched off of Conan's head and caught the Frisbee. Matsunosuke's owner, Kanae Asakawa, apologized and took Conan's jacket in order to get it cleaned after Matsunosuke left dirt all over it. The next day when Conan and the Detective Boys arrived at her house to get the jacket they met Kanae's friend Tomoko and see Matsunosuke in his dog house, asleep.
S23E15 Kogoro dans un bar - 1re partie 10/05/2014 Fukui is a beautiful woman bartender. Kogoro receives a request from her to investigate a strange sound because at the store and what's the reason behind it.
S23E16 Kogoro dans un bar - 2e partie 17/05/2014 Kogoro is undercover at the Blue Parrot, because Yuzuki Fukui asked him to investigate on a weird sound she hears frequently. Conan joins him, saying that Ran is angry because Kogoro is not home. But a simple investigation in a bar becomes more dramatic when Chikafumi Usuda, an office worker, is found dead.
S23E17 Ran évanouie dans une salle de bain - 1re partie 31/05/2014 As Conan and Ran are waiting for a meeting with Eri, they meet Sera, who is investigating Rumi Kitao's boyfriend, Kenya Settsu, about adultery
S23E18 Ran évanouie dans une salle de bain - 2e partie 07/06/2014 Ran has to open Waka's apartment with a key when no one answers. Later, Ran finds Waka on the bathroom floor, but she collapses herself due to chlorofoam in the air.
S23E19 La promesse de la J. League 14/06/2014 While practicing penalty kicks, Sanada's soccer ball accidentally hits Kou while he's riding his bike past the park, injuring Kou's ankle. Kou is upset and makes Sanada promise to play his next match and score a goal using his right leg.
S23E20 Une réussite à deux coïncidences 21/06/2014 Hearing a woman's scream, Kogoro, Ran, and Conan run towards the sound and come across a man sitting on the ground. After accusing the man of being the Hooded Man, Conan discovers Mizuki on the floor inside the room behind the man
S23E21 Le suspect est Makoto Kyogoku - 1re partie 28/06/2014 The missing teacher, Masahiro Tanba, is found in the toilet, apparently drowned. Makoto Kyogoku becomes the prime suspect as the culprit is likely to have carried the victim to the toilet after drowning him.
S23E22 Le suspect est Makoto Kyogoku - 2e partie 05/07/2014 Sunami discovered the missing Tanba in the toilet in the parking lot of the bowling center. When Sera and Conan examine the body they're surprised to see the cause of death is drowning.
S23E23 Kaito Kid VS Makoto Kyogoku - 1re partie 19/07/2014 Sonoko has decided to introduce Makoto to her parents. But while her father wholly approves of Makoto, especially as he is a fan of martial arts competitions himself, her mother in turn is strictly against a union between her younger daughter, as the prospective heir of the Suzuki Corporation, and an (in her eyes) uneducated, fight-obsessed never-do-wel
S23E24 Kaito Kid VS Makoto Kyogoku - 2e partie 26/07/2014 Jirokichi learns of Makoto's victory record and swiftly changes his mind about the young man's offer and sends a demonstration video to Superintendent Chaki and Inspector Nakamori. However, amidst the slack-jawed policemen witnessing Makoto's fighting prowess lurks Kaitou Kid in disguise, who merely shows amusement at this new, if unusual challenge
S23E25 Romance au Quartier Général IX - Confession 02/08/2014 A man was found murdered inside on his apartment! What love story will continue to develop among the Metropolitan police this time?!
S23E26 Romance au Quartier Général IX - Vérité 09/08/2014 The mystery unveils revenge against a stalker! Who is the culprit?
S23E27 L'homme trahi par la mer 06/09/2014 When Koutarou jumped into the ocean he suddenly was unable to swim and began drowning, eventually passing away at the hospital.
S23E28 Le chat qui rétracte ses griffes - 1re Partie 20/09/2014 Three different people have come forward claiming Taii belongs to them. Now it's up to the group to determine who is telling the truth.
S23E29 Le chat qui rétracte ses griffes - 2e Partie 27/09/2014 After unlocking the door, Conan runs into the bedroom to find Teishi barely breathing after apparently falling off a chair and hitting his head while fixing a light, but something doesn't seem quite right
S23E30 L'angle mort de la maison commune 04/10/2014 Just as Ran was about to leave, Hidehisa cries out from the 1st floor as he finds the victim, Katsuko Kanou, murdered on her bed.
S23E31 La tragédie de la femme en rouge - Brouillard 11/10/2014 Conan, Ran, Sonoko and Sera are walking through the woods as Sera explains the reason for their excursion, that she has been asked by her brother to visit his former classmates in order to solve a case
S23E32 La tragédie de la femme en rouge - Mauvais esprit 18/10/2014 Yui Uehara of the Nagano police arrives and learns of the murder case and details, such as the fact that no blood traces where found in the bathroom. As the other guests are in distraught over Masaie's death, their whereabouts are told to the detective. Why were tomatoes floating in the bathtub?
S23E33 La tragédie de la femme en rouge - Vengeance 25/10/2014 A search is conducted they don't find any knife-like objects or wigs. A woman is seen lurking outside again. The group checks some pictures which point to the red hints of all the previous 'pranks'. In one the pictures, Yui points out that on the day she was found she was wearing a red coat. She notices the ones who found the knife 3 years ago were Kansuke Yamato and Taka'aki Morofushi, while they were still attending police academy. Morofushi was sure that the bones which were found belonged to the red woman, while Yamato refused to accept it.
S23E34 L'humoriste qui s'était rendu - 1re Partie 01/11/2014 After an unlucky while at the pachinko salon, Kogoro who walks about sees Conan at a small police office near a train-station. He walks in angrily only to find out that Conan was there only to return a found wallet. As they are about to leave the well-known comedian Rokusuke DoDonPa (real name: Rokusuke Tanigaki) walks in and announces to have murdered his chief.
S23E35 L'humoriste qui s'était rendu - 2e Partie 08/11/2014 Conan and Kogoro feel something is wrong with DoDonPa's all too convenient alibi. After taking on the guilt for a murder he didn't commit, DoDonPa becomes the man of the hour for trying to protect the reputation of his benefactor Tendo. Conan begins to strongly suspect him.
S23E36 La fin inattendue d'un roman d'amour - 1re Partie 22/11/2014 Conan, Ran, and Sonoko visit the hotel room where Masumi Sera is living. In the hallway on the 30th floor of Sera's hotel, various editors wait for famous romance author Hiura Keigo to finish his manuscripts. Later, Hiura's assistant Minazuki Chiori is found murdered in the room directly below Hiura's.
S23E37 La fin inattendue d'un roman d'amour - 2e Partie 29/11/2014 Author Keigo Hiura's assistant Chiaki Minazuki is found strangled to death in a hotel room directly below his. Conan and Sera are certain he committed the crime, but cannot find a hole in his alibi. After learning of the condition of Minazuki's room they get closer to the truth. After seeing and hearing more, Conan and Sera realize how Hiura manipulated his alibi...
S23E38 Le Mystery Tour de Kaga Hyakumangoku - À Kanagawa 06/12/2014 Conan, Kogoro, and Ran take a trip to Ishikawa Prefecture's Kanazawa to meet with a tourism agency. They have asked for Kogoro's help with the Kaga Hyakumangoku Mystery Tour city revitalization event to be held in the Kanazawa.
S23E39 Le Mystery Tour de Kaga Hyakumangoku - Aux Sources thermales de Kaga 13/12/2014 After Akiyama is attacked, Ran accompanies to her to the hospital. Kogoro and the others continue investigating the checkpoints. After arriving at the museum, Conan checks the four cards that fell out of Akiyama's bag.
S23E40 Conan et Heiji : Le Code de l'Amour - 1re partie 10/01/2015
S00E01 Le gratte-ciel infernal 19/04/1997 Shinichi Kudo, alias Conan Edogawa, est confronté à un poseur de bombes inconnu. Que cherche donc ce détraqué ? Shinichi va devoir résoudre cette enquête à temps pour sauver son amie d'enfance.
S00E02 La quatorzième cible 18/04/1998 Shinichi Kudo, alias Conan Edogawa, va devoir faire face à un individu décidé à se venger de Kogoro Mouri !
S00E03 Le magicien de la fin du siècle 28/01/1999 Shinichi Kudo, alias Conan Edogawa, se retrouve une nouvelle fois face à L'Insaisissable Kid. Mais cette fois-ci quelqu'un d'autre sera de la partie !
S00E04 OVA 01: Conan vs. KID vs. Yaiba 00/00/0000 Conan borrows a large amount of manga from Mitsuhiko and crazy things begin to happen around Beika City. Things aren't always the way they appear to be. A family asks Kogoro to help them protect a special sword in their dojo since Kaitou KID has sent word he's going to steal it. However Kaitou KID will have to steal the sword while Conan and Yaiba are after him.
S00E05 Mémoire assassine 22/04/2000 Shinichi Kudo, alias Conan Edogawa, est à la poursuite d'un assassin qui s'en est pris à des policiers. Seule témoin : son amie Ran, seul pépin : celle-ci a perdu la mémoire.
S00E06 Décompte aux cieux 21/04/2001 Shinichi Kudo, alias Conan Edogawa, est invité pour l'inauguration des tours jumelles Tokiwa où d'étranges meurtres vont se produire...
S00E07 OVA 02: 16 Suspects 00/00/0000 The whole gang gets invited to Inspecter Shiratori's villa, where he keeps his wine collection, to celebrate the completion of it.
S00E08 Le fantôme de Baker Street 20/04/2002 Shinichi Kudo, alias Conan Edogawa, et ses amis sont invités à tester un nouveau jeu virtuel. Seulement tout ne se passe pas comme prévu à l'intérieur du programme et faire partie de cette expérience va se révéler très dangereux...
S00E09 OVA 03: Conan and Heiji and the Vanished Boy 00/00/0000 Conan and Ran are visiting Heiji and Kazuha in Osaka but while they are touring around they come across a group of three kids that look like Ayumi, Mitsuhiko, and Genta. The group are looking for their missing friend and Conan agrees to help.
S00E10 Croisement dans l'ancienne capitale 19/04/2003 Shinichi Kudo, alias Conan Edogawa, accompagne Kogoro Mouri dans un monastère de Kyoto pour une enquête. Là bas ils rencontreront Heiji, ami et rival de Shinichi. Tous deux mettront leurs capacités en commun pour résoudre les mystères qui entourent le monastère.
S00E11 OVA 04: Conan and Kid and Crystal Mother 00/00/0000
S00E12 Le magicien du ciel argenté 17/04/2004 Shinichi Kudo, alias Conan Edogawa, devra une nouvelle fois déjouer les plans de l'Insaisissable Kid, celui-ci convoite la précieuse bague de l'actrire Juri Maki.
S00E13 OVA 05: The Target is Kogoro! The Detective Boys' Secret Investigation 00/00/0000
S00E14 Stratégie en profondeur 09/04/2005 Shinichi Kudo, alias Conan Edogawa, en croisière sur un bateau de luxe avec ses amis, est confronté à une série de meurtres. Sonoko est témoin de l'un d'eux...
S00E15 OVA 06: Follow the Vanished Diamond 00/00/0000
S00E16 Le requiem des détectives 15/04/2006 Shinichi Kudo, alias Conan Edogawa, va devoir résoudre une énigme afin de sauver un parc d'attraction de la destruction. Tout ceci est orchestré par un mystérieux client de Kogoro Mouri...
S00E17 OVA 07: A Challenge from Agasa 00/00/0000
S00E18 OVA Magic File 1: Detective Conan Magic File 00/00/0000 No new material in this Magic File, which only contained episodes 132-134, 196, 266-268, and 291-293.
S00E19 Jolly Roger et le cercueil bleu azur 21/04/2007 Shinichi Kudo, alias Conan Edogawa, en vacances sur île du Pacifique sera amené à démêler les fils d'une vieille légende sur un trésor vieux de 300 ans...
S00E20 OVA 08: High School Girl Detective Sonoko Suzuki's Case Files 00/00/0000
S00E21 OVA Magic File 2: Kudo Shinichi — The Case of the Mysterious Wall and the Black Lab 00/00/0000
S00E22 La mélodie de la peur 19/04/2008 Shinichi Kudo, alias Conan Edogawa, enquête sur les meurtres de musiciens renommés.
S00E23 Lupin Sansei vs Meitantei Conan 00/00/0000 Lupin III vs Detective Conan (?????VS??????) is a crossover work of Lupin III and Detective Conan (aka Case Closed): Something is rotten in the Kingdom of Vespania. Queen Sakura and her son Prince Gill have died in a suspicious hunting accident. Such shocking tragedy become widespread on the news around the world. Of course, it even couldn't escape from the ears of Arsène Lupin III and Conan Edogawa either. The death of Queen Sakura and Prince Gill means that her first daughter, Princess Mira, is next to take the throne, but she refuses to do so since she hears the tragic news. Meanwhile, during Princess Mira's visit in Sakura Saku Hotel in Japan, Conan Edogawa and Ran Mouri get involved in an intriguing incident. Conan Edogawa discovers that someone is after Princess Mira and tries to poison her. Also, when Princess Mira tries to escape from her bodyguard, she runs into Ran Mouri, who so coincidentally resembles her. Mira wants to be free for one day, and Ran wants to become a princess. Therefore, they exchange clothes in order to realize their respective desires. Also, Lupin plans to steal the Queen's Crown in Vespania, which gets the attention of Inspector Koichi Zenigata of Interpol. Duke Keith of Vespania decides to conceal the news of missing Mira, and taken Ran Mouri back to Vespania as Mira's double. When Conan Edogawa hears about the news, he sneaks aboard Vespania's royal jet plane, and follows Ran Mouri, in order to find out the truth. He soon discovers that the death of Queen Sakura and Prince Gill has been no accident at all.
S00E24 OVA Magic File 3: Shinichi and Ran — The Memories from Mahjong pieces and Tanabata 00/00/0000
S00E25 Le chasseur noir de jais 18/04/2009 Shinichi Kudo, alias Conan Edogawa, se retrouve mêlé à une série de meurtres qui pourrait être liée à l'Organisation des hommes en noir...
S00E26 OVA 09 : Strangers from the future 00/00/0000
S00E27 Le dirigeable perdu dans le ciel 00/00/0000
S00E28 L'arche du ciel 17/04/2010 Shinichi Kudo, alias Conan Edogawa, et ses amis sont invités sur le dirigeable de Jirokichi Suzuki, l'oncle de Sonoko. Mais entre l'Insaisissable Kid et une bande de bio-terroristes, la balade sera mouvementée...
S00E29 Kaito Kid Special 1: Secret of the Birth of Phantom Thief Kid 00/00/0000
S00E30 OVA 10: Kid in Trap Island 00/00/0000 In this entirely new story produced specifically for the DVD, Conan leads a group of young detectives against the phantom thief Kaitou Kid, who has his eyes set on a jewel at a hotel on an isolated island.
S00E31 Live Action Special - Shin'ichi Kudou's Written Challenge - The Good-bye Prologue 00/00/0000
S00E32 Live Action Special 2 - Kudo Shinichi Returns! Showdown with the Black Organization 00/00/0000
S00E33 OVA Magic File 5: The Niigata-Tokyo Souvenir Capriccio 00/00/0000
S00E34 Detective Conan vs. Wooo 00/00/0000 6 minute special about the Wooo Television
S00E35 OVA 11: The Secret Order From London 00/00/0000
S00E36 Detective Conan vs. Wooo 2 00/00/0000
S00E37 Kaito Kid Special 2: Phantom Thief Kid's Summer Festival: Phantom Thief Kid's Busy Date 00/00/0000
S00E38 Kaito Kid Special 3: Phantom Thief Kid's Summer Festival: The Magic the Princess-sama Loves 00/00/0000
S00E39 Live Action Special 3 - Challenge to Kudo Shinichi: Riddle of the Mysterious Legendary Bird 00/00/0000 This story takes place 100 days before Kudo Shinichi became Edogawa Conan. Kudo Shinichi, a high school detective, arrives in Jugoya Town with Mori Ran and others. In this town a legend exists, claiming that a gigantic bull-headed shrike attacks the townspeople and kills them. The town was about to hold a festival in 3 days to put the giant bird's spirit to rest. While being led on a tour of the bull-headed shrike Shrine by Sonoko's parent's friend, Mr. Wakura, a crime related to the legend occurs. Starting with Kosaka, member of the Wakura family are slowly murdered in the same way...
S00E40 Les quinze minutes de silence 09/04/2011 Shinichi Kudo, alias Conan Edogawa, est une fois de plus confronté à un poseur de bombe. Cette fois celui-ci menace le Gouverneur de Tokyo de faire sauter un tunnel souterrain...
S00E41 Kaito Kid Special 4: The Witch That Sheds no Tears 00/00/0000
S00E42 Kaito Kid Special 5: The Fated Blue Birthday 00/00/0000
S00E43 Kaito Kid Special 6: Love on the Ski Slope on Christmas Eve 25/12/2011 An animated special based on the first chapter from the second Magic Kaito volume.
S00E44 Aoyama Short Stories 1 - Wait For Me 00/00/0000 Yutaka Takai is a brilliant 15 year old high school inventor who is tired of being referred to as young and small. His older girlfriend, Mamiko Abe, attempts to cheer him up but with no luck. Yutaka requests for Mamiko to meet him on top of the school one night and shows off a jet pack he had demonstrated earlier at school that day. Yutaka explains that it is not just a jet pack, but a time machine as well. Yutaka wants to travel in time to where he's better suited for Mamiko and not young or small. While Yutaka isn't paying attention, Mamiko takes the time machine and uses it on herself, jumping off the school building and telling Yutaka to "Wait for me". Yutaka is dismayed by Mamiko's disappearance and frightened when he discovers everyone in town is beginning to forget Mamiko ever existed.
S00E45 Aoyama Short Stories 2 - The Wandering Red Butterfly 00/00/0000
S00E46 Aoyama Short Stories 3 - Santa Claus in Summer 00/00/0000 Keisuke Hara has just been dumped by his girlfriend who tells him not to call or Pocket Bell her anymore. Depressed, Keisuke goes for a ride on his motorcycle only to crash into two gentlemen, one of which is carrying a gun. During the collision Keisuke's telecard and a man named Gray's card fall out onto the street. Gray accidentally grabs Keisuke's telecard by mistake, thinking it's his own card, while Keisuke ends up grabbing the other card. Gray tells Keisuke to forget what he's seen and gives him an alcoholic drink as compensation. It isn't until later that Gray discovers Keisuke grabbed his card, which is the activation key for a weaponized satellite system.
S00E47 Aoyama Short Stories 4 - Detective George's Special Case 00/00/0000
S00E48 Aoyama Short Stories 5 - The Ten Planets in the Night Sky 00/00/0000
S00E49 Aoyama Short Stories 6 - Play It Again 00/00/0000
S00E50 Aoyama Short Stories 7 - The Mysterious Murder Plan (The Making of Conan) 00/00/0000
S00E51 Le onzième attaquant 14/04/2012 Shinichi Kudo, alias Conan Edogawa, se voit à nouveau lancer un défi par un poseur de bombe. Celui-ci laisse à Shinichi un étrange message codé à déchiffrer pour stopper la bombe...
S00E52 Magic File 6: Fantasista Flower 00/00/0000 "Fantasista Flower" is a side-story OVA related to The Eleventh Striker.
S00E53 OVA 12: The Miracle of Excalibur 24/05/2012 The Miracle of Excalibur is the twelfth OVA of the anime and manga franchise Detective Conan. The plot is based on Gosho Aoyama's short story "Excalibur".
S00E54 Kaito Kid Special 7: The Brilliant Rivals 00/00/0000 Kaitou Kid is attacked by Spider, who uses mind-blowing illusions. Saguru Hakuba arrives not only to stop Kid, but help him fend off Spider. After Spider retreats, he swears to finish Kid himself. Hakuba transfers to Kaito's school speculating Kid attends school.
S00E55 Kaito Kid Special 8: The Secret of the Red Tear 00/00/0000 Kaitou Kid's next heist is the blue ruby known as Red Tear. It seems that the organization is also targeting this gemstone but uponrealizing that Kaito's father's teacher was the fire magician, James Hopper and the Red Tear is actually something more to its eye. He declines his heist notice saying that he will give up on it. And indeed Kaito has arrived with purposes of protecting Jody Hopper (present owner of Red Tear) and the Red Tear it self from the organization. Will Kaito succeed or will the organization really kill Kaitou Kid for good and take the Red Tear?
S00E56 Kaito Kid Special 9: The Witch, the Detective, and the Phantom Thief 00/00/0000
S00E57 Kaito Kid Special 10: Recollection of Golden Eye 00/00/0000
S00E58 Un détective privé en mer lointaine 30/04/2013 Shinichi Kudo, alias Conan Edogawa, devra résoudre une affaire de meurtre à bord d'un vaisseau militaire japonais ultra sophistiqué...
S00E59 Kaito Kid Special 11: The Tearful Crystal Mother 00/00/0000
S00E60 Kaito Kid Special 12: The Dark Knight of Sorrow and Sadness 00/00/0000
S00E61 Lupin III vs Detective Conan: The Movie 07/12/2013 It is a cross over between the series Lupin III and Detective Conan and takes place after the television special Lupin the 3rd vs Detective Conan. The plot follows Conan Edogawa who sets out to apprehend Arsène Lupin III, the suspect of stealing a jewel called Cherry Sapphire.
S00E62 Le sniper dimensionnel 19/04/2014 Shinichi Kudo, alias Conan Edogawa, en balade dans la Bell Tree Tower assiste au meurtre d'un guide étranger par un sniper, il part immédiatement à la poursuite de ce dernier...
S00E64 Happy New Year Mori Kogoro 03/01/2015
S00E65 Les tournesols des flammes infernales 18/04/2015 Le richissime Jirokichi Suzuki, oncle de Sonoko, s'approprie pour une somme colossale le "Vase aux cinqs tournesols", un célèbre tableau de Van Gogh que l'on pensait disparu lors de la Seconde Guerre Mondiale. Lors de la conférence de presse commentant cette acquisition l'Insaisissable Kid fait son apparition...
S00E66 Movie 20: The Darkest Nightmare 16/04/2016
S00E67 Detective Conan: Episode One - Chiisaku Natta Meitantei 09/12/2016 Two-hour remake of the original 1st episode, in celebration of the anime celebrating 20 years in broadcast. The special retells what happened on the day Shinichi was transformed into the body of a child. The special includes new scenes that weren't in the original manga or the first anime episode.
S00E68 Movie 21: Crimson Love Letter 15/04/2017