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Two dysfunctional, satrical twin friends, Red & Blue both go on exciting adventures which involves mostly sex appeal.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Dick Figures

S02E01 Zombies & Shotguns 21/04/2011 During a visit to the local MaulMart, Red struggles to crack open some finger food, while Zombies go after much larger body parts.
S02E02 Camp Anarchy 05/05/2011 Red has a blast while reigniting childhood memories with Blue at their childhood camp. He also has a blast igniting dynamite.
S02E03 Butt Genie 19/05/2011 Red and Blue's hamster Flufferz passes away, but not before passing a magical teapot out his poop hole.
S02E04 Lord Tourette's Syndrome 02/06/2011 Having lost his prized possession, Lord Tourettes enlists Red and Blue to help put the hat back on his head, and the potty back in his mouth.
S02E05 Fang Angels 16/06/2011 Blue is placed under house arrest by the Fang Angels, while Red plots a heroic escape.
S02E06 Captain Red Rum & The Pina Colada Armada 30/06/2011 Red and Blue make dat ass kraken in a high seas showdown with Pink's bountiful treasures.
S02E07 Y U So Meme? 14/07/2011 Aww Yea! Full of rage, Red tracks down TROLLz0r, a Flame War gamer who is forever kicking his ass.
S02E08 Sex Marks the Spot 28/07/2011 Red pulls a map from the magical Porcelain Throne, as he and Blue become the Raiders of the Lost Fart.
S02E09 We're Cops! 11/08/2011 After taking Blue on a joy ride, Red tells the Five-0 to lick his donuts and suck his penal code.
S02E10 Bath Rhymes (Official Music Video) 25/08/2011 Alright partyrockers, keep your pants on... the Official Music Video for "Bath Rhymes" is finally here! Like it, love it, marry it, grow old and die with it. Made by the fans, for the fans. Several hundred animation submissions were combined into an uber-video for the two greatest colors on the planet: Red and Blue. Sit back, relax, and turn up that bass!
S03E01 Adventures of Batman & The Bloser 22/09/2011 Red and Blue (as Batman and Bloser) must stop Earl Grey from teabagging the world and turning it into black and white (just like his native country), despite Blue saying that the world is already grey.
S03E02 Real Dudes Bros Night Man 06/10/2011 On poker night, Red, Blue and the gang all prove that manliness isn't measured in inches, but in epic tales of man-might and cocksmanship.
S03E03 Terminate-Her 20/10/2011 Watch this episode if you want to live! At a Halloween party, Red dresses up as a T-800, while Blue meets a girl who wants to 69.
S03E04 Modern Flame War 3 03/11/2011 After an internet outage, Red and Blue team up again with TROLLz0r to unload their weapons while searching for the perfect pair of bazookas.
S03E05 Planet Asshole 17/11/2011 After Red burns his black hole with a scorching burrito, he and Blue offer hungry aliens painful advice on pregnancy, relaxation and face washing.
S03E06 Zeusbag 01/12/2011 Red and Blue accept Zeus' challenge, hoping to become Greek gods like Uranus, Nympho and Phallus.
S03E07 Chug-A-Chug-A-Brew-Brew 15/12/2011 Holy smokes! It's a rip-roarin' Red Drunk Redemption! After a tipsy night of guzzling the devil's water, Red railroads Blue into a High Plains, bare-knuckle booze brawl.
S03E08 Brain Switch 29/12/2011 The only thing worse than Red's brain in Red's body is Red's brain in Blue's body. Well, for Blue at least. When the pair accidentally swaps brains shit gets crazy as they try to take over the other's life... poorly.
S03E09 Pleasure Cruise 12/01/2012 Cruisin' and boozin' on the open ocean, Red and Blue must act fast before someone drops a bomb on the poop deck.
S03E10 Kung Fu Winners 26/01/2012 When ninja a-holes steal Blue's girlfriend, Red's called in to defuse the situation -- WITH MOTHERF***ING JUMP KICKS.
S04E01 Losing Streakers 05/04/2012 A gambling roadtrip to win rent money turns into a wild, winner-takes-all night of drunken, pooping, streaking buffoonery.
S04E02 Pussy Magnet 19/04/2012 To help Blue lubricate his limp game, Red shares his three-step plan for getting fore-play started again.
S04E03 Taco Tuesday 03/05/2012 After being caught trying to dine and dash at an Italian restaurant, Red and Blue are-a forced-a to-a deliver-a pizza-a to some hungry drunk bitches. Molto Bene!
S04E04 Ocho Muerte 17/05/2012 Blue's about to get laid. Then Red appears and shows off his "Ocho Muerte." Let's just say it's big, slimy, and rhymes with "octopus."
S04E05 First Day of Cool 31/05/2012 Witness the birth of Red and Blue's friendship, and the death of everyone else.
S04E06 The Red Devil 14/06/2012 Red and Blue become accidental banditos in the mysterious land of tacos and burritos known as "Mexico."
S04E07 Freshman 15 28/06/2012 Red attempts the impossible "Freshman 15" challenge of boning 15 freshman chicks in one night. CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!
S04E08 Ballad of Lord Tourettes 05/07/2012 A day in the life of Lord Tourettes is a scary FUCKING thing! Swear-along as he sings all about it.
S04E09 The Fart Knight Rises 12/07/2012 Batman and the Bloser are hired to protect the Olympics... right at Tea Time. Cheery-uh-oh. Featuring a cameo by Thomas "TomSka" Ridgewell as the villainous sidekick "Mash"!
S04E10 Robot Frog 01/08/2012 Blue might be getting dumped. He's about to have a bad day. Red won't stop singing. Blue's problems are only beginning.
S05E01 GTA Pacific Grim 26/03/2014
S05E02 Hardcore Chore 26/03/2014
S05E03 Snowjob 26/03/2014
S05E04 DFTM Fan Music Video feat. Ninja Sex Party 26/03/2014
S05E05 Red Planet 26/03/2014
S05E06 A Hobbit of Thrones 26/03/2014
S05E07 Das Vidiamond 26/03/2014
S05E08 Trash God 26/03/2014
S05E09 Chick Figures 26/03/2014
S05E10 Happy Birthdump 26/03/2014
S05E11 Messin' With Sasquatch - New Kid 00/00/0000
S05E12 Messin' With Sasquatch - Camp Fight 00/00/0000
S05E13 Messin' With Sasquatch - Wild Kingdom 00/00/0000
S00E00 Coming Soon Teaser 16/11/2010 Don't look at the cat if you want to live. Dikc Figures, a new series, craps in your litter box on Thursday, November 18th!
S00E01 He Who Shall Not Be Maimed 03/03/2011 Abracadabra -- POOF! A brand new teaser, conjured up exclusively for you and anyone else with eyes.
S00E02 Dating Advice 04/02/2011 Red is sorta like Cupid - naked, stalking women and shooting weapons in all directions.
S00E03 Season 2 Teaser 07/04/2011 The dirty minds behind Dick Figures are cleaning up for season 2. So get your hair net on - a new season of Dick Figures rains down on April 21st!
S00E04 Tea Bag Teaser 09/12/2010 What good are friends if you can't occasionally give them a Tiger-Claw Finishing Move to the bathsuit area?
S00E05 Season 3 Teaser 15/09/2011
S00E06 Sweary Christmas from Lord Tourettes 17/12/2011 Christmas time is here and to celebrate, Lord Tourettes offers up a big elf you!
S00E07 Season 4 Trailer 02/04/2012 Get yo ass to the Dick Figures Official website, follow the instructions, and you might see the Season 4 Premiere early!! You know you want it!
S00E08 Lord Tourettes... REVEALED! 03/07/2012 Everyone has been asking who does the voice of Lord Tourettes and now... you finally get to see him in action! Introducing: BEN TULLER!
S00E09 Original Un-Aired Pilot 27/08/2012 This is the original development pilot that Ed Skudder pitched to Mondo Media before “Dick Figures” was picked up as a series way back in September 2010. You can still see that it is called “Stick Figures” and all the characters are fully colored in. Those backgrounds look nice too. Wow, we really got sloppy. This is also the first time we see the Turtle Dragon and the ending is some of the inspiration for the episode “Traffic Jams”.
S00E10 Comic Kamikaze 07/12/2012 Three comics were chosen by Two men for One purpose: laughter. Check out the winners from the Dick Figures Comic Competition in animated form. Congratulations and thank you to everyone who participated! Winners: Sergio Dominguez, Shane Danells, Alessandro Simone
S00E11 Dick Figures: The Movie 17/09/2013 DICK FIGURES THE MOVIE tells the story of best friends, Red and Blue, who journey around the world hunting down The Great Sword of Destiny. But when Blue discovers Red’s terrible secret, the two friends-turned-enemies dodge booby-trapped temples, island-hop in WWII bombers, survive a high-speed motorcycle chase, and evade Demon Ninjas while constantly at each other’s throats. Not only must Blue get home in time for his girlfriend’s birthday party, but Red and Blue have to work together to save the world…and their friendship.
S00E12 Figured Out 26/03/2014 An episode looking into the future lives of Red and Blue.
S00E13 Bath Rhymes 07/04/2011 The dirty minds behind Dick Figures are cleaning up for season 2. So get your hair net on - a new season of Dick Figures rains down on April 21st!
S00E14 Bath Rhymes (Official Music Video) 25/08/2011 A music video containing submissions from hundreds of animators.
S00E15 Gundarr 12/08/2012 Red and Blue argue over Gundarr. They both come to the same conclusion!
S00E16 Promo for Deep Space 69 22/08/2012 Promo for Deep Space 69
S00E17 Promo for Game Program Attack! 08/09/2012 Promo for Game Program Attack!
S00E18 Promo for Post Nuclear Family 20/09/2012 Promo for Post Nuclear Family
S00E19 Dick Figures Fruit of the Vine Vol. 1 07/12/2015 What we got here is a good old fashioned Dick Figures laugh-fest waiting to happen. Join Red and Blue in rapid fire bursts of insanity as they show off the fruit of their vines!
S00E20 Messin' With Sasquatch - New Kid 29/09/2015 Sasquatch schools Red & Blue on how to be a bully.
S00E21 Messin' With Sasquatch - Camp Fight 13/10/2015 Red and Blue try “roughing it” and wind up getting “roughed up” instead in a wild Trail mix up with the local wild life.
S00E22 Messin' With Sasquatch - Wild Kingdom 02/11/2015 Blue becomes a fashion victim and Red gives treehugger a whole new meaning.
S00E23 Episode 23 00/00/0000