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    En Cours
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Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Dicte

S02E01 Dreams and Diamonds (1) 24/09/2014
S02E02 Dreams and Diamonds (2) 01/10/2014 Dicte's long-estranged father arranges to meet her because he wants to tell her something. Meanwhile, when a young woman is found murdered in a nearby hotel, Dicte and Wagner investigate her death.
S02E03 Passion and Handcuffs (1) 08/10/2014 When a local 'wellness expert' is found murdered in unusual circumstances, several suspects are in the frame. Dicte accidentally comes between Torsten and Anne when Rose says she wants to leave home.
S02E04 Passion and Handcuffs (2) 15/10/2014
S02E05 Closeness and Distance (1) 22/10/2014 When Rose's friend brings her troubled 12-year-old sister along to a party, the girl soon vanishes from the scene. Unable to locate the missing child, Dicte must ask a reluctant Wagner for help.
S02E06 Closeness and Distance (2) 29/10/2014 Wagner suspects that a couple of burglars have kidnapped the missing 12-year-old, but Dicte chases down clues that point towards a paedophile perpetrator who has been chatting with girls online
S02E07 Means and Ends (1) 05/11/2014 A football match ends with a huge fight in the stands and a shocking discovery. Wagner suspects the leader of a gang of hooligans, and Dicte decides to infiltrate the group. Torsten and Anne break up.
S02E08 Means and Ends (2) 12/11/2014
S02E09 Right and Responsibility (1) 19/11/2014 When disaster strikes Wagner, his world descends into chaos and Dicte must break every rule in the book to help him find out what has happened. Dicte tries to make peace with Rose, and her own mother.
S02E10 Right and Responsibility (2) 26/11/2014

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