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A new entry in the DYK series, Did You Know Anime? regularly presents tidbits of information alongside random trivia from popular anime series.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Did You Know Anime?

S01E01 Outlaw Star 04/03/2014 Featuring dimensioncr8r from OLSAbridged.
S01E02 Jojo's Bizarre Adventure 11/03/2014 Featuring Antfish from JJBATAS.
S01E03 Sailor Moon 20/03/2014 Featuring Megami33 from Sailor Moon Abridged.
S01E04 Fullmetal Alchemist 04/04/2014 Featuring Faulerro from Nullmetal Alchemist.
S01E05 One Piece 17/04/2014 Featuring PurpleEyesWTF from None Piece.
S01E06 Dragon Ball Z 08/05/2014 Featuring MasakoX from TeamFourStar.
S01E07 Pokémon 19/05/2014 Featuring LilyPichu.
S01E08 Space Battleship Yamato 23/06/2014 Featuring August Ragone from CosmoDNA.
S01E09 Bleach 04/07/2014 Featuring Khenpoe from Bleach Abridged.
S01E10 Kill La Kill 23/07/2014 Featuring Holden from HoldenReviews.
S01E11 Hetalia 08/08/2014 Featuring Aevynne from AevynneLulzTiem.
S01E12 Tenchi Muyo! 27/08/2014 Featuring Petrea Burchard, English voice of Ryoko Hakubi!
S01E13 Yu Yu Hakusho 24/09/2014 Featuring Lanipator from Yu Yu Hakusho Abridged.
S01E14 Berserk 08/10/2014 Featuring Demolition D from DouchebagChocolat.
S01E15 Fairy Tail 01/11/2014
S01E16 Wrestling Anime 28/11/2014
S01E17 Digimon 19/12/2014
S01E18 Unreleased Anime 28/01/2015
S01E19 Akira 25/02/2015
S01E20 Free! 12/03/2015
S01E21 Boku no Pico / Kodomo no Jikan 01/04/2015
S01E22 Puella Magi Madoka Magica 07/05/2015
S01E23 Planetes 17/04/2015
S01E24 Trigun 27/05/2015 Narrated by Jeff Nimoy, the legendary English voice of Nicholas D. Wolfwood, Did You Know Anime heads off on the trail of Trigun: The Planet Gunsmoke, Western influences to Trigun, and the reason Vash loves donuts so much!

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