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Five teenagers, Rodger, Max, Caruso, Fiona and Buzz, gain the power to turn into dinosaurs by getting covered in ooze on a school field trip. With the help of their mysterious science teacher, Ms. Moynihan (who is an anthropomorphic velociraptor), they learn to use their unique abilities to protect the planet from Victor Veloci.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Dino Squad

S01E01 The Beginning 03/11/2007 Five teens gain the powers to transform into dinosaurs! And must use the powers to protect the earth from the evil Victor Veloci. With the help of their mysterious science teacher Ms. Moynihan, will Max, Fiona, Rodger, Caruso and Buzz be able to save Earth from Victor? Its going to be a wild school year!
S01E02 Growth Potential 10/11/2007
S01E03 Tangled Web 24/11/2007 Will Caruso's quest for fame lead him to reveal his secret Dino identity on TV?
S01E04 T-Rex Formation 24/11/2007 Caruso cheats by useing his Dino powers to make the team, but Victor Veloci ends up tracking Caruso down when Caruso use's his Dino powers.
S01E05 Who Let the Dog Out? 08/12/2007
S01E06 Bully-4-U 08/12/2007 At school Buzz is having trouble with some bullies, and thinks going dino might help him solve his problems.
S01E07 The Lost Wide Web 15/12/2007 Buzz makes friend online and reveals a secret to his friend who is really Victor Veloci!
S01E08 Headline Nuisance 22/12/2007 A tabloid reporter comes to town for a big story Caruso, quest for fame puts the team in danger.
S01E09 Who'll Stop the Rain? 29/12/2007
S01E10 Zoom in on Zoom 02/02/2008 Buzz sales a fake photo of a singer to a paparazzi of her going dino, but in the fake photo it show's the team's secret light house! Now they have to get the picture back once they find out Victor Veloci, wants the photo to do his own little investigation of the photo.
S01E11 A Mole Lotta Trouble 09/02/2008 Fiona and her family go on a nice family vacation, but its ruined once giant moles invade their vacation spot.
S01E12 The Not so Great Outdoors 16/02/2008 Victor Veloci turns moose's mutant dinosaurs in the forest and now team, has to spend the night in the forest to catch the mutant moose's!
S01E13 Pet Peeve 23/02/2008
S02E01 The World According to Liam 13/09/2008 The squad gets assistance from a classmate with Asperger's syndrome when mutant bees invade Kittery High School.
S02E02 Runa Way Ugly 20/09/2008 Rump gets loose while the squad is out of town.
S02E03 Attack of the Brain-A-Saurus 27/09/2008 The Dino Squad is headed for trouble when Rodger's ego gets them trapped on an island with a giant gorilla.
S02E04 Wannabe 04/10/2008 Fiona's little sister, Terry, jeopardizes the Squad when they battle mutant hedgehogs.
S02E05 Fire and Ice 11/10/2008 On a mission to the Arctic Circle, Max is infected by an ancient mutated virus and the Dino Squad learns first-hand how dangerous global warming can be.
S02E06 Never Judge a Dinosaur by its Cover 18/10/2008 On Halloween, Veloci's henchmen unleash a mutant spider-saurus into Fiona's neighborhood. Once there, it makes its home in the "creepy" neighbor's house.
S02E07 Easy Riders and Raging Dinos 25/10/2008 The competition between Max and Caruso heats up, causing the Dino Squad to have problems in their fight against the mutant chickens.
S02E08 Once Percent Inspiration 01/11/2008 Fiona and Rodger enter an Earth Day eco-race, but their faulty vehicle-design and inability to work together (not to mention a swarm of mutant-locust-saurs) may keep them from making it to the finish line.
S02E09 Howa Loa Can You Goa? 08/11/2008 There's trouble in paradise when Victor Veloci unleashes mutant-worm-a-saurs underneath the Hawaiian Islands in an attempt to turn Hawaii into the perfect dinosaur breeding ground.
S02E10 Scents and Scents Ability 15/11/2008 When Veloci's henchmen capture his dino-teammates, Caruso must use his off-beat talents and secret beauty treatments to find a way to rescue his friends from Veloci and his army of mutant-ants.
S02E11 I Think I Can't, I Think I Can't 22/11/2008 Buzz mistakenly brings a mutant garter snake onto a passenger train and the Dino Squad must race to catch the train before Buzz and the snake are captured by Victor Veloci
S02E12 Perseverance 29/11/2008 With Caruso as his coach/consultant, Buzz attempts an extreme etiquette makeover to help him win an important scholarship, but it's going to take more than good manners for Buzz to survive dinner with Victor Veloci!
S02E13 The Trojan Dinosaur 06/12/2008 Ms. Moynihan is captured when she tries to save the Dino Squad.