Affiche Dirty Dancing
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A continuation of the movie, of the same name, where, Frances "baby" Houseman falls in love with the camp dance instructor, Johnny Castle.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Dirty Dancing

S01E01 Baby, It's You 29/10/1988 As with the movie, Baby is on her way for a summer at Kellerman's with a similar monologue. The difference, in the series, she is Baby Kellerman and this is the first time she has spent time with her father in years - since her father's divorce. While she is content to spend the summer doing a regular job at the resort, her father makes her an entertainment coordinator, a job that was held by Johnny Castle (still the dance instructor). While Johnny is not happy about the change, he allows it. Baby works to be accepted by the group, fights her attraction to Johnny, and learns to dance - all while getting to know her father as an adult.
S01E02 Heat Wave 05/11/1988 A searing heat wave grips the Catskills as Baby continues grappling with her feelngs for Johnny. The resort is also preparing for a visit from Red Buttons. Johnny agrees to pick up Red Buttons from the train station, picks up and unwilling Baby along the way and they end up getting stranded.
S01E03 Save the Last Dance for Me 12/11/1988 Johnny's former flame and dance teacher visits the resort wanting him to help her win a dance contest.
S01E04 Walk Like A Man 19/11/1988 Johnny's parents come visit, bringing up issues between Johnny and his father regarding his son's profession.
S01E05 Breaking Up Is Hard To Do 03/12/1988 A sexy folk singer cones to Kellerman's, garnering the attention of every young woman. Baby and her cousin vie for his attention.
S01E06 Poetry In Motion 10/12/1988 ""Miss Subways 1963"" visits Kellerman's, entrancing Max Kellerman, much to Baby's dismay.
S01E07 Book of Love (Part 1) 17/12/1988 The staff faces separation and unemployment when the books show Kellerman's in the red.
S01E08 Book of Love (Part 2) 17/12/1988 Baby develops a crush on a visiting author and learns some hard lessons about love.
S01E09 Turn Me Loose 31/12/1988 Baby's mother comes to Kellerman's to celebrate her 40th birthday and surprises her daughter (and ex-husband) with both a new look and new outlook on life.
S01E10 Our Day Will Come 07/01/1989 Sweets' old flame comes to Kellerman's wanting to settle down however their happiness is shortlived as guests' prejudices focus on the interracial relationship.
S01E11 Hit the Road 14/01/1989 Johnny's best friend comes to visit and wants to live out the boyhood plans the two had made.