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Machines of Malice deconstructs mankind's most unkind inventions - machines designed to cause untimely demise. Find out how they work, and why the most devious devices are often the pinnacle of design. Learn all about ancient Machines as this fascinating series deconstructs the ingenious technology behind some of antiquity's most dreaded devices: the Wickerman, the Brazen Bull, the Crucifix, and the matrix of deadly machines hidden under the Roman Coliseum. ‘Death Machines' also examines the deadly machines of the Middle Ages and reveals the inner-workings of such draconian devices as the Rack, the Skull Crusher and the Pendulum. Explore the sophisticated engineering of deadly machines from the French Revolution to the present day, including the Guillotine, the Electric Chair, and the Garrote.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Discovery Channel - Death Machines

S01E01 Ancient Machines 07/03/2010
S01E02 Going Medieval 14/03/2010
S01E03 Modern Devices 29/08/2009
S01E04 The Roman Killing Inventions 05/09/2009
S01E05 Hammer Of Witches (The European tools of death) 13/09/2013
S01E06 Tools Of Tortures Of Inquisition 00/00/0000

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