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Distant Shores is a television series about the cruising life, with lots of tips for sailors planning to sail away plus destination information to help you make your cruising plans. We have been filming Distant Shores for nearly 15 years, and know the fun and challenges of the cruising life. We have made Distant Shores with you in mind. We include plenty of cruising tips in this travel series as well as lifestyle segments and hints for sailors heading to exotic destinations. Destinations include the ICW trip south on the US east coast, the Bahamas, Caribbean, Mediterranean, Scandinavia, transatlantic passagemaking and more.


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S01E01 Gibraltar, Ceuta and South Spain 00/00/0000 Paul and Sheryl Shard complete a transatlantic passage aboard their 11-metre sailboat, "Two-Step", and enter the Mediterranean Sea where they make landfall in Gibraltar. Next, they sail over to Ceuta on the North African coast. Then a voyage along the Costa del Sol of Spain where Sheryl visits the local markets and demonstrates how to prepare "Paella", a traditional Spanish meal. The highlight of this show is the dramatic Spanish festival of "Corpus Cristi" in a small mountain town where flowers are strewn in the streets.
S01E02 Spain to the Balearic Islands 00/00/0000 The Shards round Cabo de Gata and find isolated anchorages at the foot of the dramatic Costa Blanca mountain ranges including some where the beaches are "clothing optional". They visit ports along the way that were once important Roman mining colonies and in Calpe, Paul and Sheryl climb the monolith, Penon de Ifach. Later, they attempt to sail to the Balearic Islands but are forced to turn back due to poor conditions. They eventually arrive at the island paradise of Espalmador where, with lots of humour, Paul and Sheryl try out nude sunbathing and discover the healing properties of the local mud baths.
S01E03 Formentera 00/00/0000 The Shards sail to anchorages around Isla Formentera, part of Spain's Balearic Island group and join the modern "invasion" of Northerners on the beautiful beaches of the island. In a quiet cove they discover an entire village built of driftwood and collect winkles along the seashore. They take the winkles to the crew of a Norwegian sailboat and demonstrate how to cook them along with mussels. Bad weather is coming so they do some underwater tests on their anchors and decide to leave for a safer harbour on the island of Ibiza. In the storm, another boat is washed up onto the beach and Paul and Sheryl assist with the recovery.
S01E04 Why People Sail 00/00/0000 In this episode, Paul and Sheryl examine "how" and "why" the travelling life lures people away from a regular life ashore. They look back on the highlights of their 11 years on the high seas since they built their sailboat, visiting islands in the Bahamas and Caribbean, diving on tropical reefs, encountering whales at sea and participating in local rituals in the mid-Atlantic islands of the Azores. They also introduce sailors cruising for different reasons - a Norwegian couple who sold their home and are cruising in Spain so they can spend more time with their 2 small children and a retired British engineer who is restoring a large motor yacht for adventures in the Mediterranean.
S01E05 Mallorca 00/00/0000 The Shards sail to Mallorca where they meet a group of teenagers who have sailed a 14-foot boat to a deserted smugglers beach and are camping there for the summer. When they ride an antique wooden train up into the Tramontana mountains, they meet a couple with four children living in an isolated self-sufficient mansion and learn they are former sailors who fell in love with Mallorca. They visit the Palma cathedral, the tallest Gothic structure in the world. Sailing on to the nearby island of Menorca they are stormbound in the tiny harbour in Cuidadella but during a small break in the weather make a run for the safer harbour of Mahon.
S01E06 Menorca 00/00/0000 Paul and Sheryl sail into the historic harbour of Mahon, on the island of Menorca, said by the British Admiral Nelson to be the safest harbour in the Mediterranean. They moor at a unique floating platform anchored in the middle of the harbour where they are welcomed into a community of international cruising sailors. Menorca has the highest concentration of prehistoric ruins and monuments in the world and the Shards crawl through ancient natural tunnels in the cliffs to visit Neolithic cave-dwellings, Megalithic tombs and later explore sites where an unidentified culture has built huge standing stones and towers.
S01E07 Sardinia 00/00/0000 After spending the winter in Menorca in Paul and Sheryl prepare their sailboat, "Two-Step", for another season of exploring the Mediterranean. It's hard to say goodbye but, ready for new adventures, they cast off their docklines and head to sea for a 2-day passage to the Italian island of Sardinia. En route they encounter vast flotillas of neon blue jellyfish that travel the sea using tiny sails. Late the next day, the Shards make landfall at the dramatic headland of Capo Caccia where they explore an enormous cave before sailing to the medieval town of Alghero.
S01E08 Strait of Bonifacio 00/00/0000 The narrow strait between the French island of Corsica and the Italian island of Sardinia, is notorious for shipwrecks. So keeping an eye on the weather, Paul and Sheryl navigate this treacherous channel visiting the French island of Lavezzi, site of the worst maritime disaster in the Mediterranean, and explore the idyllic La Maddelena Archipelago in Sardinia. Next they sail to the Corsican side to sample a taste of France in the historic city of Bonifacio before crossing the channel back to Sardinia. Here they participate in the festival of San Giovanni which involves jumping through the flames of a roaring bonfire.
S01E09 Barbagia 00/00/0000 Numerous civilizations have invaded the island of Sardinia over time, but the people of the island hid in the mountains and were never conquered. Called "barbarians" by the ancient Romans, the name remains in this mountainous region called "Barbagia". In this episode, Paul and Sheryl sail along this wild eastern coast of Sardinia beginning their voyage in the resort town of Porto Cervo, the playground of the rich, where the Shards' 11-metre sailboat is dwarfed by 60-metre yachts. Further south they find remote bays and coves and, leaving their boat, travel inland where they meet proud mountain people with strong traditions. The Shards participate in a pagan festival and visit ancient temples known as "nuraghi".
S01E10 Pantelleria 00/00/0000 Paul and Sheryl sail to Pantelleria, a tiny volcanic island in the Sicilian Channel close to the North African coast. They arrive in time for the annual grape harvest and learn to make wine in the traditional way, dive on a Byzantine shipwreck with a group of archeologists, and while hiking around the island discover that the volcanic activity makes it a natural health spa. They have a sauna in a cave, relax in hot thermal pools by the sea and restore their energy in a mineral-rich mud bath in the Lake of Venus.
S01E11 Tunisia 00/00/0000 Tunisia on the North African coast is renowned for its warm climate, beautiful beaches and affordable resorts, but when Paul and Sheryl sail in to the port of Monastir they discover that an exciting world lies beyond the marinas and hotels along the coast. Riding camels into the Sahara Desert they sleep under the stars at night, cook bread in hot sand, and learn what its like to live life as a beduin.
S01E12 Sicily 00/00/0000 It's November when Paul and Sheryl sail to the Italian island of Sicily and olive season is just beginning. They are invited by a local family to join in the harvest and spend a day in the groves picking olives, then deliver them to the regional co-op where the Shards learn how olive oil is produced. When the work is done they celebrate in the hills at the annual Festival of Olive Oil. Snow blows at the top of Mount Etna and the Shards make several attempts to climb to the top of this ancient volcano in the strong November winds.
S01E13 Malta 00/00/0000 It's a stormy late season sail from Sicily into Grand Harbour, the port of Valletta on the island of Malta, home of the famous Knights of St. John. The island is also renowned for its role in WWII as a military base and shipyard. The Shards investigate the rich history of Malta which has been inhabited for nearly 6,000 years. Riding the island's antique buses, they visit the underground chambers of an ancient hypogeum, the cave where St. Paul lived after being shipwrecked on the island, and participate in Malta's spectacular Christmas celebrations.
S02E01 Spring in Malta 00/00/0000 After waiting out winter storms in Malta, the Shards prepare for a new sailing season. While Two-Step is in the boat yard, they participate in Easter celebrations, learn to cook spring vegetables Maltese style, and travel with local sailors to other islands in the archipelago where they dive in an underwater cave.
S02E02 Vulcano 00/00/0000 From Malta, the Shards sail north through the notorious Strait of Messina navigating the strong currents featured in Homer's "Odyssey". They face headwinds on their way to the Aeolian Islands and eventually arrive at the island of Vulcano. There they swim in bubbling hot seawater from the volcano, dive on underwater bubbling gas vents, relax in healing mud pools and climb to the top of the island's steaming crater where their path is blocked by vents of toxic gas.
S02E03 Stromboli 00/00/0000 Shards sail north to the twin-peaked island of Salina, famous for it's Malmsey wine. Paul rents a unique vehicle called a Magoo and searches the island for the best wine. As he travels the island he meets fun-loving locals and samples a lot of wine. In the distance is the island of Stromboli, an active volcano which for centuries has erupted every 15 to 20 minutes and is known as the oldest lighthouse in the Mediterranean. The Shards ride one of the island ferries and do a night climb of Stromboli and get a spectacular view of the eruptions.
S02E04 Siracusa and South Italy 00/00/0000 From the Aeolian Islands, the Shards sail back south through the Strait of Messina where they have calm seas and are visited by dolphins. They stop at the ancient town of Siracusa in Sicily, once the most powerful city-state in ancient Greece. From here, they leave the Strait and sail to small ports along the south and southeast coast of Italy heading for the Adriatic Sea. They rent a car and explore the isolated hilltowns of Calabria where they attend a local wedding and are 'captured' by friendly brigands who wine and dine them.
S02E05 Dubrovnik 00/00/0000 In Brindisi, Italy, the Shards are held up with bad weather. Finally, they get the right wind to cross the Adriatic Sea to Croatia but have a rough passage. When they make landfall in Croatia the next morning they drop anchor to rest and are awakened by a couple of marine police officers who charge them for stopping without an anchoring permit. Their passports are confiscated and they have to appear in court to get them back. But the court translator befriends them and, determined to show them what a wonderful country Croatia can be, introduces the Shards to the local people, takes them on a tour of the old city of Dubrovnik, and sails with them to the beautiful surrounding islands where they dive and play with the colourful marine life.
S02E06 Dalmatian Islands 00/00/0000 Continuing their voyage along Croatia’s coastline, the Shards leave Dubrovnik and sail north to the fortified town of Ston where they visit the treasured salt pans. In Mali Ston, they meet a local oysterman who takes them out in his boat where they help harvest the oysters his son prepares for dinner. Next they sail to the barren islands of Kornati Islands National Park where they’re caught in Croatia’s most dreaded type of storm - a bora. Then they sail north to the island of Dugi Otok where they dive for giant mussels.
S02E07 Hvar Island 00/00/0000 The Shards sail to the island of Hvar in Croatia for a week-long rendezvous with 60 other sailors where they celebrate both Canada Day and American Independence Day, visit local wineries then explore this island, famous for its cultivation of lavender, in an old citroen rental car that continually breaks down.
S02E08 Rogoznica 00/00/0000 Two-Step's next stop along the Dalmation coast of Croatia is the town of Trogir, an ancient walled city. From here, the Shards sail to the town of Rogoznica, once a pirate strong-hold, where they meet up with a family that has renovated the old harbourmasters building into a waterfront summer home. The Stanton's take Paul and Sheryl to explore an abandoned hilltop bunker from the recent war, teach them how to purchase and cook the local fish. The highlight of their visit is the annual procession of Our Lady of the Shrine where Paul joins the locals in a gruelling one-hour swim around the bay, while Sheryl participates in the nautical procession joining the local boats in her dinghy.
S02E09 Venice 00/00/0000 After cruising north along the Dalmatian coast of Croatia, the Shards cross the Adriatic Sea to Venice, Italy. They moor Two-Step at the local sailing club and Sheryl rides the waterbus to the bountiful city fish market while Paul explores the canals in the dinghy looking for a repair shop to buy parts for Two-Step's engine. Mario, a local sailor, takes Paul and Sheryl for a ride to outlying islands around Venice in his shallow-draft sailboat and they make a stop at a boatyard where they see how gondolas and other traditional Venetian boats are built. Mario also teaches Paul how to row a gondola, while singing gondolier songs! The show concludes with the annual Historical Regatta where traditional boats are raced in the Grand Canal.
S02E10 Ionian Islnds 00/00/0000 Leaving the Adriatic Sea, the Shards head south to Corfu where they begin a voyage through the Ionian Islands of Greece. They arrive at the island of Corfu, which has been settled since prehistoric times, and moor Two-Step beneath the castle walls in the old port. The couple running the local restaurant teach the Shards how to prepare traditional Greek food. Paul eats an octopus sandwich! They sail on to the island of Paxi, famous for olive oil and to Ithaca, reputedly the home of the Greek hero, Odysseus.
S02E11 Corinth Canal 00/00/0000 Before first light, Paul and Sheryl sail from Ithaca towards the shallow Bay of Corinth. They stop at the remote island of Trizonia where a young English woman has established a little yacht club to support her mother who is battling cancer. Driving inland, the Shards visit the ancient site of Delphi, home of the Delphi Oracle. They continue sailing down the bay and enter the Corinth Canal, a historic canal that divides the Greek mainland from the peninsula of Pelopónissos. When they exit from the other end they are in the Aegean Sea.
S02E12 Greek Islands of the South Aegean Sea 00/00/0000 Paul and Sheryl meet up with longtime friend Stavros, the first Greek emmigrant to sail single-handed from the USA back to his homeland of Greece. Stavros takes them on a cruise to his favourite best places in the Saronic Islands and Eastern Pelopónissos peninsula - Hydra, Spetsai and Toló - all easy destinations to reach from Athens on a one-week cruise or charter. At the anchorage in Toló, the weather turns foul and the Shards must set sail for a safer port. While exploring the Pelopónnisos peninsula they meet a shepherd who invites them all back to his farm where he teaches Paul how to milk a sheep! They say goodbye to Stavros and sail first to the island of Serifos, then Naxos where they head into the hills on a motorbike visiting the temple of Apollo, an ancient marble quarry and join villagers in the annual fall harvest.
S02E13 To Turkey 00/00/0000 The Shards sail for the Dodeconese Islands of Greece. En route they stop at the isolated island of Levitha where they dine on goat burgers with the shepherds tending their flocks there. Next stop is the Dodecanese island of Kos, home of Hippocrates, the founder of modern medicine. From Kos, Paul and Sheryl sail to Bodrum, their landfall in Turkey, where they explore the Castle of St.Peter built by Christian crusaders in the 1500’s and now an award-winning museum of Underwater Archeology. Next the Shards sail south to Knidos, the home of the Aphrodite cult, where they anchor beneath the ruins of a vast ancient city and realize they have only just begun to discover what there is to see in Turkey.
S03E01 West Coast of Turkey 00/00/0000 Paul and Sheryl Shard continue their voyage north along the west coast of Turkey stopping at Sigacek where they hike through olive groves to the ancient ruins of the Ionian city of Teos, run from thunder storms to a deserted cove where they have a Turkish bath in a natural hot spring “hamam” along the shore, and visit the town of Ayvalik on an inland lake. Here they experience a weekly Turkish bazaar and meet new Muslim friends who take them to visit the local mosque. And a trip to the barber becomes an enlightening experience when Paul discovers that Turkish barbers use flames as well as razors when he goes for a shave.
S03E02 Passage to Istanbul 00/00/0000 The Shards continue north along the Turkish coast heading for Istanbul, fighting strong currents as they sail up the Dardanelles, the straits dividing Europe from Asia. Along the way they visit the war memorials at the battlegrounds of the tragic Gallipoli campaign of WW1. They arrive in Istanbul and sail past famous monuments of the city such as the Blue Mosque and Topkapi Palace en route to Atakoy Marina, their base for exploring the old city. They celebrate their arrival at one of the local seafood restaurants and meet new friends who introduce them to the city and take them to a special cafe to show them how to use a “nargile”, a Turkish waterpipe.
S03E03 Istanbul 00/00/0000 Settled in to the Atakoy Marina in Istanbul, Paul and Sheryl begin their exploration of the old city. They stock up on exotic spices at the Spice Market, run from touts at the Grand Bazaar, one of the world’s oldest and largest covered markets, and are captured by a carpetseller near the Blue Mosque, Istanbul's most famous monument. With local friends they learn about Turkey's fashion industry, sample traditional Turkish foods and discover the night life in the Taksim district where Sheryl has her fortune told by a rabbit.
S03E04 Mytilini 00/00/0000 Paul and Sheryl make landfall in Greece at the port of Mytilini, on the island of Lesvos. Renting a scooter, they ride along the coast to explore the island's two gulfs, Kalloni where the most delicious sardines are caught and Yeras where there has been the greatest production of olive oil and olive soap. The Shards visit the Mylelia water mill, where these products are still produced in the traditional style. At Skopelos a local child takes them on a tour through the church’s catacombs. The visit ends with the Festival of Ay Marina where the Shards participate in the ceremony of the blessing of food.
S03E05 Plomari 00/00/0000 Plomari is the capital of ouzo and the Shards arrive at the Plomari marina on the first day of the Annual Ouzo Festival where for four nights in July there is feasting, regional music and free ouzo provided by the local distilleries. Following the festival, a local couple take the Shards for a boat ride along the coast to see a hidden church in a cave surrounded by healing natural hot pools. At the beach town of Melinda they sample “mezedes”, special snacks to eat while drinking ouzo. Renting a jeep to explore the inland forest towns, they drive to the top of Mt. Olymbos, the highest point on the island. Paul and Sheryl end their visit by attending the the Annual Horse Festival where local riders parade through town and display their riding skills in a unique dance competition at the waterfront.
S03E06 Passage to Chios - Sigri, Inousses, Chios 00/00/0000 Greek Island adventure continues as Paul and Sheryl sail along the south coast of Lesvos where they visit a former Ottoman Turkish castle and the Petrified Forest where ancient tree stumps stand scattered across the landscape. Sailing on they come to the tiny island of Inousses, home to many Greek shipping magnates, then on to the island of Chios where they learn to harvest mastic, an aphrodisiac once prized by the Turkish sultans and their harem. They travel inland to remote hilltop villages and monasteries. In the village of Pyrgi the homes decorated in unique black and white symbols and patterns, and the Shards participate in the town’s procession honouring the Assumption of the Virgin Mary.
S03E07 Samos (Greek Islands) 00/00/0000 Continuing their voyage south through the North Aegean islands of Greece, Paul and Sheryl arrive at the small island of Fourni. In a remote anchorage at the south end of the island, they wait for the “meltemi”, a strong north wind, to quiet down before sailing to Quarry Bay, where they explore an ancient Greek marble quarry and dive on the marble ruins beneath the sea. From here they sail on to the island of Samos where they meet up with geologists who are studying the marble used in the ancient temples here to determine it’s source. They visit the Temple of Hera and the Efpalinio Tunnel, a 1040-metre aqueduct built in the sixth-century BC, an astonishing engineering feat. Samos has a long history of boat building and the group drop in on a local builder still creating traditional “caiques”. His workshop in located in a forest on a mountaintop where he’s close to the best wood for building.
S03E08 Patmos (Greek Islands) 00/00/0000 The Shards continue south to the island group surrounding Patmos in the Dodecanese region of the Greek islands. Their first stop is the islet of Marathi where only a couple of goat herding families live who run several excellent beach tavernas for visiting boaters and daytrippers. At Patmos the Shards demonstrate how to tie up at the town quay using a technique called Mediterranean mooring. From the waterfront they hike up the island’s rocky pinnacle to the cave where St. John the Divine is said to have received the New Testament’s Book of Revelations. At the summit, where the imposing monastery, built in 1088, stands overlooking the island and surrounding sea, Paul and Sheryl are introduced to the former king of Greece who is on a return visit with his family.
S03E09 Leros 00/00/0000 After leaving Patmos, Paul and Sheryl haul out their sailboat in the boat yard on the small Greek island of Leros to install new navigation equipment. Leros is a dry deeply indented island whose bays offered protection to the Italian, German, and British Mediterranean fleets during WW2, and in the town of Lakki they wander the unusually wide streets and buildings built in Art Deco style during the Italian occupation in the war. A local sailor interested in the island’s history invites the Shards to join him on expeditions to rediscover old WW2 bunkers and tunnels . The island seems to enchant visitors and at a local taverna the Shards meet a French women who came for a vacation and never went home. When the boat jobs are complete and their sailboat, Two-Step, afloat once again they sail to their favourite anchorage for a special Greek dinner hosted by the island’s most famous bazouki player and are treated to any evening of traditional music and dancing.
S03E10 Turkey’s Lakelands 00/00/0000 The Shards rent a car and with Turkish friend, Ali, drive to Turkey's Lakeland district where they sample freshwater seafoods from Egirdir Lake at one of the many pensions there. They meet a retired army officer who has hiked the surrounding Taurus mountains for 35 years. He outfits the Shards and Ali for mountain trekking and while travelling through the mountains, they explore a huge cave 2 km long used by the ancient Romans as a temple and meet people of the Yoruk tribes who are nomadic goat herders living in goat hair tents.
S03E11 Marmaris, Turkey 00/00/0000 From Leros, it’s an easy hop to the Turkish town of Marmaris where the Shards clear back in to Turkey. Marmaris is one of the most popular beach destinations in Turkey as well as the country’s largest yachting centre. At the Marmaris marina the Shards meet a local family who teach them how to prepare regional summer foods, introduce them to the night life of the town, as well as the delights of the surrounding forested countryside where they go almond-picking, visit a beach where there is a legend of a girl escaping from pirates, swim in a waterfall and learn about Turkish herbal remedies.
S03E12 Turkey’s Turquiose Coast 00/00/0000 The Shards sail along Turkey's Turquoise Coast a green forested mountainous shore with numerous bays and coves and amazingly clear turquoise water. A riverman takes Paul and Sheryl in his boat to explore the ancient sites along the shallow Dalyan River, a natural fish hatchery fought over by many civilizations throughout history. At the ruins of the old port the Shards explore an ancient Greek temple to Hera, a Roman amphi-theatre and bath house, as well as a Christian basilica.They continue up the river to see Lycian cliff tombs and observe a variety of wild life in this protected area, especially turtles and birds. Sailing on to Wall Bay they dive on a shipwreck, and in the anchorage at Karacaoren the meet a local shepherd family now running a successful restaurant for visiting sailors and daytrippers from nearby resort towns.
S03E13 Rhodes 00/00/0000 Returning to the Greek islands, the Shards visit the strategically positioned island of Rhodes, home of the crusading Knights of St. John from 1309 to 1522. The Shards tie up along the town quay where the huge statue to the sun god Helios, known better as the Colossus of Rhodes, once stood. They explore the well-preserved medieval city of the Knights and the “new” town which formerly housed Greek Ottoman natives during the rule of the Ottoman Empire. They visit the Palace of the Grand Masters, enjoy the island’s beaches and experience the beauty of the annual migration of colourful tiger moths in the Valley of the Butterflies. From Rhodes, they sail to the nearby islet of Symi where they anchor near an old monastery and visit the abbot who has lived there for 57 years after washing ashore there as a child, surviving the shipwreck that killed his mother.
S04E01 Passage to Cyprus 00/00/0000 A small group of sailors form a Rally to visit countries of the Middle East. After an overnight sail from Turkey, "Levant Basin Rally" face difficulties clearing-in to Cyprus and learn about the conflicts that divided Cyprus into North and South. They begin their visit by sampling local wines, many produced by monasteries, and a local potter introduces them to a Neolithic village.
S04E02 South Cyprus 00/00/0000 Legend says that Cyprus is the home of Aphrodite, the goddess of love, and while exploring the rural villages, the locals, in good fun, demonstrate some unusual recipes for aphrodisiacs. The Shards also learn traditional recipes for herbal remedies then sail to North Cyprus to see St. Hilarion castle and visit a church dedicated to the patron saint of tax dodgers.
S04E03 North Cyprus 00/00/0000 The town of Kyrenia, now called Girne, was founded by the Myceans, and has a magnificent harbour and castle. Here at the Shipwreck Museum the Shards view the oldest recovered shipwreck in history. In a mountain village where the homes are built of mud and straw, the Shards learn how to prepare a traditional dish called "kleftiko", which is cooked in a mud oven.
S04E04 Lattakia Syria 00/00/0000 The Shards sail next to Syria arriving in Lattakia where now they face difficulties obtaining a visa. Once cleared-in they drive to Ugarit, Saladin Castle, St. Simeon Monastery and in Aleppo visit the citadel, covered bazaar and caravansaries learning more about Christian and Muslim culture.
S04E05 Damascus Syria 00/00/0000 The Shards continue their cruise of Syria learning about Crusader history and visit Krak des Chevaliers castle. In Damascus, the oldest continually inhabited city in the world, they visit the Omayyad Mosque and follow the path of St. Paul.
S04E06 Lebanon 00/00/0000 Before the 15-year civil war, Lebanon was considered the jewel of the Middle East, and sailing there the Shards discover Beirut is a modern city thriving in its recovery. They learn about traditional handcrafts and how they help Palestinian refugees, visit the ruins of Ba’albeck, a huge Roman temple complex, as well as the luxurious Beiteddine Castle.
S04E07 Haifa Israel 00/00/0000 Arriving in Israel the Shards are thoroughly drilled by security officials at the port of Haifa before being granted entrance to the country. With Haifa as their base, the Shards visit the Baha'i Gardens and the Golan Heights. Sailing to the ancient port of Acre, we accompany our Palestinian friend Salah on a tearful return to his hometown and the temple founded by his Grandfather.
S04E08 Jerusalem 00/00/0000 From Haifa, the Shards sail down the coast to Herzilya where they leave their boat to travel inland. They follow the path of history and religion participating in rituals and visiting the monuments of Jerusalem, considered a Holy City by three of the world’s major religions - Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. They walk through the city with 3 youths, one from each of the religious groups, and part of an organization called the Seeds of Peace.
S04E09 Jordan 00/00/0000 From Jerusalem the Shards make a road trip to Jordan meeting many delightful characters along the way including a camel driver who guides them through the Wadi Rum desert on camelback and a Bedouin tribesman in Petra, an ancient city carved entirely out of beautiful red rock.
S04E10 Red Sea (Egypt) 00/00/0000 The resort town of El Gouna in Egypt is a haven for water sports and Paul and Sheryl make it their base for exploring the out-islands of the Red Sea including scuba diving on the spectacular reefs and investigating historic shipwrecks. An encounter with dolphins is a highlight.
S04E11 Suez Canal (Egypt) 00/00/0000 Paul and Sheryl help a friend take his motor yacht north from the resort town of El Gouna on the Red Sea, through the Gulf of Suez and through the historic Suez Canal. Along the way, they dive on a shipwreck, pass many oil rigs and tankers, learn about life in the coastal towns, and face war ships in the Suez Canal.
S04E12 Cairo 00/00/0000 The Shards celebrate Easter and the ancient spring festival of "Shams el-Nessim" in the Egyptian town of Ismailiya on the Suez Canal where a local couple prepares them a feast dinner. Next they head to Cairo to take in the bazaars and explore the sights of Islamic Cairo. Finally they visit the Pyramids where Paul descends alone 100 meters to the ancient burial chamber.
S04E13 Voyage Down the Nile 00/00/0000 Paul and Sheryl conclude their visit to Egypt with a voyage down the Nile River aboard a felucca, a small traditional river sailboat, travelling from Aswan to Luxor. Learning to sail the tiny craft and sleeping on deck under the stars they get close-up views of the diverse wildlife, temples and lifestyles on the river.
S05E01 Westward Out of the Med/London Boat Show 00/00/0000 The season begins in Malta where Paul and Sheryl prepare their 37-foot sailboat, Two-Step, for a westward passage out of the Mediterranean. They are there in time for the start of the prestigious Rolex Middle Sea Race where mega- and maxi-yachts from around the world compete on a circuit of destinations in the Central Mediterranean. Following the race they make the emotional decision that after 18 years of sailing aboard Two-Step it's time for a new boat. Their search for a new boat begins at the London Boat Show in England where they investigate the latest yachts and participate in activities there. While in London they stay with friends living on a sailboat on the Thames River.
S05E02 Virgin Islands of the Caribbean 00/00/0000 While the wet winter winds howl throughout the Mediterranean the Shards store Two-Step for the winter and fly to the Virgin Islands where Paul and Sheryl sail with friends on their 45-foot motor-sailer Diesel Duck based in the U.S. Virgin Islands the heart of the cruising scene in the Northern Caribbean as well as the home of tree-top camping. From here, they sail to the pristine island of Culebra in the Spanish Virgin Islands of Puerto Rico, then on to the British Virgin Islands to learn about Queen Conch.
S05E03 Bareboat Chartering in the British Virgin Islands 00/00/0000 The Shards' next adventure in the Caribbean is to sail aboard a 40-foot catamaran with friends who are experiencing bareboat chartering for the first time. Paul and Sheryl meet them in the British Virgin Islands for an intensive week of sailing, snorkelling, and exploring these verdant and historical islands while learning about chartering and sailing a multi-hull yacht.
S05E04 Malta to Pompeii, Italy 00/00/0000 In the spring, Paul and Sheryl return to their own boat, Two-Step, in Malta just in time for the Good Friday processions where there are island-wide events of street theatre and spectacle. Paul and Sheryl make plans for their final cruise aboard the boat they have sailed together for nearly 20 years - a voyage up the west coast of Italy to Naples at the foot of Mount Vesuvius which they climb, and later investigate the ancient city of Pompeii, once buried by lava and ash of the volcano.
S05E05 West Coast of Italy 00/00/0000 From Naples, the Shards sail south along the west coast of Italy. They cruise along this majestic coastline stopping at small harbours as well as visiting some of the new high class marinas and resorts being developed in the region such as Maratea and Tropea. In Sicily, they meet up with Two-Step's new owners for a week's hand-over cruise down the coast of Sicily and to Two-Step's new home in Malta.
S05E06 Cottage Country, Canada 00/00/0000 While the new boat is being built in England, Paul and Sheryl return home to Canada for a summer of boating with family and friends on the cottage lakes and waterways just north of Toronto. They participate in local sailing regattas and regional summer festivals, join in the “pick-your-own” harvest, and also improve their barbecuing skills. But boating doesn't end in the summer time in Canada's Cottage Country. The Shards show the contrast of winter where fun on the water continues with ice boating and ice fishing on Lake Simcoe.
S05E07 England and the New Boat 00/00/0000 At the end of the summer, the Shards fly to England to oversee the final stages of construction of their new cruising boat, a Southerly 42RST. Between visits to the Northshore boat yard near Chichester, they explore destinations on the south coast including St. Michael's Mount and an organic farm in Cornwall, and later visit ports around Falmouth with sailing friends aboard their classic wooden schooner. At the end of November the Shards launch their new boat and prepare for a voyage south to the Canary Islands.
S05E08 Transatlantic Passage to Antigua 00/00/0000 The Shards begin an eventful season of cruising aboard their new sailboat with a shake-down cruise from England to Madeira where they arrive late in the season in time for Christmas celebrations on the waterfront. Next stop is Las Palmas in the Canary Islands were they prepare for the boat's first transatlantic passage and are joined by British sailing friends, Wayne and Angie. This episode is high seas adventure as Paul and Sheryl and their crew sail the new boat across the Atlantic Ocean. During the 3-week passage, they celebrate New Years at sea, face good weather and bad and deal with the isolation of being away from land before concluding their voyage in Antigua in the Caribbean.
S05E09 Family Islands of the Bahamas 00/00/0000 After crossing the Atlantic Ocean to the Caribbean, the Shards sail north to explore the Commonwealth of the Bahamas beginning with the remote Family Islands of the Bahamas starting with Mayaguana and Acklins Islands in the south. The Bahamas lie in a huge expanse of shallow water and the Shards are keen to investigate life in the settlements while testing out their new shallow-draft sailboat in the quiet anchorages here. They also dive the spectacular reefs here. Next they sail to Acklins where they try the technique of beaching their boat on the salt flats of the Bight of Acklins, renowned for bonefishing, and later celebrate Mother's Day with the residents of the Lovely Bay settlement.
S05E10 Bahamas Outer Banks to George Town 00/00/0000 The Crooked Acklins Atoll lies on the outer banks of the Bahamas and the Shards begin their exploration of Crooked Island at French Wells. Here they discover unique underwater creatures living on the salt flats and learn about the importance of mangroves to natural land preservation and reclamation in this region exposed to hurricanes. Next they visit the settlement on Long Cay where cascarilla bark, used to flavour the Italian aperitif, Campari, is harvested. Crossing the banks to Dollar Harbour they encounter whales and a traditional Haitian fishing sloop and after some tricky navigation through Hog Cay Cut arrive in George Town where local sailors have tamed several stingrays.
S05E11 Southern Exumas of the Bahamas 00/00/0000 George Town on Great Exuma is the main settlement in the Exuma Island group of the Bahamas and from here the Shards begin their voyage north through this tranquil cruising ground. They first stop in the remote Brigantine Cays where they dive in a cave which is home to huge tarpon. Seeking shelter from an approaching “norther” they discover an unusual characteristic of starfish. In Cave Cay they meet a retired oil baron whose retirement project is to develop an environmentally friendly haven for boaters. In Little Farmers Cay they explore a cave and learn the importance of the mail boats to survival in the out islands. Their final stop is Black Point where they meet the artisans of the straw market whose weaving is crucial to the economy of the settlement.
S05E12 Northern Exumas to Nassau 00/00/0000 In the Northern Exumas, Paul and Sheryl discover the wild natural Bahamas. In the Bahamas Land and Sea Park they meet the Park Warden, a “washed ashore” sailor who introduces them to wonderful reef life, and on hikes around the islands they learn about the plant and reptile life. In Hawksbill Cay they explore Loyalist plantation ruins and conclude their voyage in Nassau in time for the Labour Day Parades and celebrations.
S05E13 Trent-Severn Waterway and Lake Ontario 00/00/0000 Paul and Sheryl travel north to Canada for the summer where they explore the lakes, rivers and cuts of the Trent-Severn Waterway in the province of Ontario. They take down the mast in Lake Simcoe and learn how to safely go through over 40 locks in the Canal including 2 unusual lift locks as they pass through picturesque towns and historic villages on their way to Lake Ontario.

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