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Watch as Canada's leading interior designer, Candice Olson, tackles challenging home design dilemmas. Olson and her clever cast of characters team up to redesign spaces that are sophisticated and stylish. A sparse loft living room becomes warm and inviting, a family room with dated furniture comes together, a cluttered basement becomes Mom's getaway space. Olson rolls up her sleeves and delivers exactly what homeowners need and more!


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S01E01 Pet-Friendly Family Room 00/00/0000
S01E02 Little Girl's Bedroom Redo 00/00/0000
S01E03 Bohemian Living/Dining Room 00/00/0000
S01E04 Eclectic Living/Dining Room 00/00/0000
S14E01 A Total Main Floor Makeover 17/01/2009 Candice surprises her design supervisor Steven with a total main floor makeover to thank him for his hard work and tireless dedication to Divine Design.
S14E02 An Asian-Inspired Family Room to Match a Couple's Incredible Garden 24/01/2009 Candice helps a couple of green thumbs transform their outdated family room into a Japanese inspired space that complements their awe-inspiring garden.
S14E03 A Man's Living Room Needs a Woman's Touch Before His Fiancee Moves In 31/01/2009 Patricia and Manny are going to the chapel and they're gonna get married. But Patricia's not moving into Manny's house until the living room becomes a little more female-friendly.
S14E04 Candice Finds Inspiration in a Home's View of the Woods 21/02/2009 Candice finds more inspiration in a lovely view of the woods than the mountains of plastic bins in John and Cindy's home. Now, she's set out to make their great room great.
S14E05 A Girl's Bedroom, Inspired by Her Own Tales 28/02/2009 Candice is inspired by tales of warrior princesses and happily-ever-after's to create a bedroom for Christine and Norbert's daughter, a budding young writer.
S14E06 A Dull Basement Becomes a Work of Art 14/03/2009 Candice applies her own form of design therapy to turn Amy and Rory's dull, uninspiring basement into a work of art.
S14E07 Dreamy Bedroom Come True 21/03/2009 After living through the chaos of extensive home renovations, Laura can't face finishing the master bedroom. Not wanting her to lose any more sleep, husband James asks designer Candice Olson to give Laura the bedroom of her dreams.
S14E08 Basement Family Room 25/04/2009 Neil is clearly out numbered by the women in his home: wife Lolet, daughter Kristina, his mom Brenda, even their dogs are female. So he's asked designer Candice Olson for help redesigning their basement family room in the hopes that she'll remember some masculine touches for the man in the family.
S14E09 A Bland Living Room is Given Stylish Comfort 23/05/2009 Oliver and Mirjana describe themselves as style-challenged, which explains why they're still living with beige walls in the living room eight years after moving into their home. Only designer Candice Olson could be trusted to bring the color and style they long for to a room that the whole family will enjoy.
S14E10 Loft Landing 06/06/2009 Six years ago, Rocco left his downtown condo for an Australian adventure. Now that he's back and ready to settle down, he needs designer Candice Olson's help in turning his dated two-story loft into a cool place that he can proudly call home.
S14E11 A Chic Kitchen Makeover in an Urban Loft 20/06/2009 Single in the city, Nalani bought a great urban loft, but the kitchen just doesn't say "downtown" as it should. Designer Candice Olson gives this first-time homeowner a kitchen that is as hip and chic as she is.
S14E12 Attic Master Bedroom Retreat 11/07/2009 Many parents have a tough time when the kids leave home, but not Sasha and Tony. They are ready to enjoy their freedom and have some fun. And when they come home, they want a divine, Candice Olson-designed new space at the top of their house that's just for them.
S14E13 An Oversized Closet is Converted into an Art Room 18/07/2009 Ashira asks design Candice Olson for help carving out a space of her own in her home. She's hoping to turn an oversized closet into a studio where she can create, relax and get some quiet time.
S15E01 Bright and Beautiful Living Room 22/08/2009 Sylvia is a single mom and a busy lawyer, but her drab living room is a crime. Designer Candice Olson hears her appeal and provides her with a bright and beautiful place to enjoy relaxing and entertaining.
S15E02 A Heroic Master Suite 29/08/2009 When Karin's naval commander husband Christian was injured in Afghanistan, she knew that their family would be facing some big challenges. After moving to a house that can accommodate an elevator, Karin has asked designer Candice Olson to create a beautiful new master bedroom fit for a hero.
S15E03 Candice and the Design Debate 12/09/2009 While opposites may attract when it comes to relationships, that can create challenges when designing a new living and dining room. Homeowners Sue and Ken are trusting designer Candice Olson to create a beautiful new living space where each agrees that it's perfect for them.
S15E04 A Stylist's Stylish New Kitchen 10/10/2009 Super stylist David Clemmer a fashion expert who knows how to make women look and feel beautiful. But when it comes to renovating his dysfunctional, outdated kitchen, he knows that designer Candice Olson is the expert and has asked her to create a new kitchen for him that is absolutely spectacular.
S15E05 Third Floor Bedroom Getaway 14/11/2009 Damon and Jodie are so busy running a catering business from their home that they can't find time for a romantic getaway. However, with a third floor bedroom just waiting for a makeover, designer Candice Olson sets them on a course where they can get away, every day.
S15E06 Creating a Festive and Functional Dining Room 21/11/2009 Ruhuni and Barry's dining room has become the dumping ground for all of their family's sports gear. They'd like to make it into a great space for entertaining, but as it is, they'd have to send invitations with a Bring Your Own Chair message. Now, they're counting on Candice to create a festive and functional dining room for their family and their guests.
S15E07 Family, Food and Holiday Fun 27/11/2009 Family, food and fun ? the perfect ingredients for a holiday celebration. Jyoti and Peter have lots of love and laughter to share, but with different backgrounds and large families, they're hoping that designer Candice Olson will create a family room that shines for the holidays and keeps the magic of the season alive all year long.
S15E08 The Basement Bunch 26/12/2009 For Ginny and Oleg, home is truly where the heart is. However, the room they could use most for family time is desperate for help, and they've turned to designer Candice Olson to take it from cold and dark to warm and inviting.
S15E09 A Living Room for Lovebirds 02/01/2010 For Sara and Philippe, love and marriage go together like? a sledge hammer and drywall. They need host Candice Olson's help to get them past the renovation stage and make their home stylish and comfortable as they embark on happily ever after.
S15E10 Oohs and Aahs Over a Spa 09/01/2010 With three young children and a brand new baby, where can a parent go to relax? For Tonia and Francis, it certainly isn't their 30-year-old master bathroom with its cracked tiles and small, dingy shower. Designer Candice Olson brings delivers oohs and aahs to this busy couple with a beautiful new bathroom.
S15E11 Updating a '60s Era Kitchen 16/01/2010 The '60s were good to Tracey and Terry -- at least, it was a good time for their kitchen. Everything in the space is the original builder's choice, but times have changed and host Candice Olson is ready to update this kitchen with a bright and beautiful makeover.
S15E12 A Writer's Retreat 23/01/2010 Where will romance novelist Teresa draw inspiration from? It surely won't come from her current workspace. That's why she's asked host Candice Olson to turn her lovelorn space into an inspiring place to pen the next great novel.
S15E13 Home Office Home Run 30/01/2010 Homeowners Jaime and Kyle use their home office as a den as well. With it looking much like a locker room, however, it's time to bring designer Candice Olson into the game.
S16E01 A Warm, Cozy Basement 06/02/2010 Yolande and Huy loved their life in New York until a perfect job opportunity brought them and their two young daughters closer to family. After 6 years of renovating the tiny apartment they were growing out of, they were thrilled to find a huge house that didn't need anything but furniture and them. But after living there for a year, they've found that the lower level room where they should be able to work, play and spend time together is freezing cold, and so large that they can't figure out how to make it functional. What's certain is they don't want it to be dominated by kid clutter when it could be a great tv/play/sew/work and entertainment space. They've asked Candice to warm things up and create a multi-purpose space with high style.
S16E02 Awkward Bedroom Transformation 13/02/2010 When Michelle and Bryan first met she was in University on a golf scholarship and he was coaching NCAA volleyball. Fast forward and Michelle is a golf pro, Bryan is teaching phys ed, they're married with two young sons and recently moved into a new home. The previous owner had some odd ideas about color and design, many of which they've been able to make-over. But they're stuck at their bedroom. A huge, red, dark, space with awkward windows, an odd layout, and a tiny closet. They really can't make sense of how to make the space work, so they've asked Candice to help by making a functional space that is beautiful and serene. And Candice is going for a hole-in-one!
S16E03 Festive Basement Cantina 20/02/2010 Not long after they married, Eugenia and Gerardo left their home in Mexico for new adventures. Within a few years, they became parents to Maricela and Daniel and had a home in a neighborhood where they've built lasting friendships. They've treasured the many trips back home to visit family, and the kids have really embraced their Mexican heritage. Maricela loves Mexican folk dance and cooking traditional dishes with Eugenia, which really helps keep the Mexican flavor alive! They have friends nearby, also from Mexico, who have become like family, and parties mean the same foods and drinks, music and dancing that they all love. After an extensive home renovation, there is more space to enjoy their get-togethers but the one room that could be party central still isn't finished. It's mostly used for storage, and even with a couch and television, it's not comfortable for watching TV, and it's definitely not the place for a party. Eugenia and Maricela are taking matters into their own hands. They want a place that has the color and energy of their favorite cantina in Mexico ? perfect for sharing good food, fun, and dancing ? lots of dancing! So they've asked Candice to help them plan for the perfect fiesta. Arriba!
S16E04 Rustic Chic Great Room 27/02/2010 Fran and Jeff never imagined that they'd be raising their family in a log cabin. But when they found the rustic house on the edge of the ravine, they knew they were home. The location suits their outdoor lifestyle because when they can't get away, they can head into the ravine to the hiking and biking trails that weave throughout the city. But the inside of the house isn't working out quite so well. With changes and additions over the years what's evolved is a real mish mash of styles. They have a Great Room with soaring ceilings, a spectacular stone fireplace, lots of wood paneling, and super tall windows. But, all that good news makes for huge challenges in making the large space functional. It's surprisingly dark, hard to organize, there's no storage, and furniture that's seen better days. This room can't really figure out what era it belongs to - and the only real light in the space is a huge wagon wheel fixture, that's screaming wild, wild west. And that has Fran and Jeff looking to Candice for a space that's a bright and beautiful place to start and end each day.
S16E05 Adventurous Bedroom Retreat 06/03/2010 When Nuala won the chance to compete in an adventure race with a world-class racer, she had no idea that David would be more than an expert guide. But, after 12 hours, 3 flat tires, hypothermia and lots of granola bars, they finished the race - and 9 months later they were engaged. After getting married, they decided to completely renovate their 1926 - built home. Updating and upgrading everything, they also added 14 feet to the back of the house for a huge new kitchen on the main floor and a brand new master bedroom upstairs. They've incorporated an existing room into the new space, complete with the old fireplace and stained glass windows that flank it, and also created a cathedral-like ceiling and wall of windows. They've been living with Nuala's parents and managing construction for ages and are starting to get discouraged. As they get closer to moving into their home, they can't imagine what to do with their blank slate of a bedroom. They want to combine their love of the outdoors with the new modern interior, but say they're athletes, not artists, so they really need some creative help. Candice is ready to take over and give them a beautiful, finished, retreat to enjoy.
S16E06 Fabulous Functional Kitchen 13/03/2010 A dated, worn kitchen with only two outlets becomes a functional kitchen for a large family.
S16E07 Basement Becomes a Family Room 20/03/2010 Hazel and Jude are one dynamic duo! As busy as life gets with careers, 10 year old twins, coaching the kids sports teams, and finding time for family activities, they don't shy away from a challenge. They bought their home six years ago, and, with an attitude of 'how hard can it be?' they spent 18 months renovating ? on their own! As it turns out, Jude has amazing skills and really loves the work. Hazel's learned a lot too, but Jude can build anything. He has the talent, he has the tools, but, he has a problem-- finishing. They have a large, basement that could be perfect for a family room, but with so many projects 'almost' finished, Hazel's reluctant to start anything new. Right now, the awkward unfinished basement is just 'dumping ground storage' and a place for Jude's tools. What Hazel would really like is a cozy place for the kids to be able to hang out with friends, do their homework, and watch TV. And, since she and Jude are both expert sewers, Hazel would love an organized space to enjoy sewing and be able to leave a project on the go without cluttering up the dining room. But Hazel is determined that what gets started gets completely finished! So she's counting on Candice to create a space that is functional, fabulous-- and finished! Whether that inspires Jude to finish projects in the rest of the house, remains to be seen!
S16E08 Bright New Living-Dining Room 27/03/2010 Jyoti is always flying from place to place, literally!. She's a commercial airline pilot and when she puts that uniform on she's all business ? and very happy. A schedule filled with short flights every day didn't give her much time to really settle in to her 100-year-old house, so 'home' became the place for sleeping and the rest of her limited time off was spent flying around town to connect with friends and family. But now, Jyoti is working long haul, overseas flights. It's demanding and extremely tiring, but she loves it and one perk is more time at home between flights. And that has Jyoti really looking forward to making this a warm and welcoming place for friends to come for dinner and to hang out, as well as a cozy place for her to relax when she's home. Right now the old house is dark and cold, the original hardwood floors are splintering, and there is a dirty, brick eyesore of a fireplace that takes up space and doesn't even work. She's ready to get her head out of the clouds and plant her feet on solid ground- or at least new floors! And Candice is happy to take over the controls on that!
S16E09 A Kitchen Face-Lift 03/04/2010 Martin and Emily are newlyweds and new homeowners starting their life together in an 80-year-old house. They were thrilled to be able to buy their first home, but since moving in, all they do is work! They leave together for work in the morning, Emily to teach at a nursery school and Martin to his job in promotions, and when they get home, 'house' work takes over evenings and weekends. The first thing they did was paint over all the bold orange and dark green walls, and they've added some touches of their own, but for all their hard work, the house feels drab and unfinished. Their tiny kitchen is open to the dining room, which could be perfect for entertaining over casual meals with friends, but it's far from the cozy and inviting space they're working toward. The peachy cabinetry, dingy looking countertops, poor lighting, and old backsplash are really putting a damper on their fun. So Martin and Emily have asked Candice to help give their kitchen a facelift and update the space to suit their personalities, lifestyle, and budget.
S16E10 A Family Room for All Seasons 17/04/2010 Bobbie and Anthony met when she was starring in a film and he was her hairstylist. They fell in love and when the film wrapped, he moved to LA to be with her. But, a few years after getting married they were disillusioned with the LA lifestyle, so they packed up and moved to the jungle! Bobbie and Anthony bought a secluded property in Costa Rica and built a small boutique hotel, working together and learning a lot along the way! They loved the experience, but after four years of working 7 days a week in the tropical heat, they decided to move closer to Anthony's family. While Anthony grew up seeing four seasons change, Bobbie was raised in South Carolina, lived in LA, and then in Costa Rica, and has only seen snow in the movies. They are completely renovating a house in the area where Anthony grew up, and Bobbie has no idea of how to decorate for a place where you need a furnace?and windows! They're looking forward to settling in, seeing snow, and making a cozy family room, but they need help with the details, and Candice wants them to have the perfect space before Bobbie's too cold to enjoy it!
S16E11 Granny Suite Gets a Rock Star Treatment 01/05/2010 Too often we hear about trouble with teenagers so Candice is thrilled to meet 13-year-old Nicholas. He's a great student and role model for his 8-year-old twin brothers and makes his parents proud in so many ways. Natalie and Guy have taught Nick that if you want something you should work for it so he's become quite the entrepreneur! He's the go-to guy in their neighborhood for yard work, pet walking, car washing, errands, babysitting, and has also volunteered where he's learned some contracting and mechanical skills that he puts to good use. He really loves gadgets and wouldn't think to ask Mom and Dad for an expensive remote control car or the DJ equipment that he loves. He's such a hard-working and responsible kid that they want to do something special for him. They know he'd love a more 'grown up' bedroom, and a little more distance from his brothers would be nice. Since his Grandma moved, he's had his eye on a space downstairs. But the florals and pink and granny furniture is NOT what he has in mind. If his parents are ready to let him move to the basement, Candice is SO ready to give Nicholas an incredibly cool space that will blow his mind!
S16E12 Goodbye Old Crumbling, Blue Bathroom! 08/05/2010 Sonia's family has been living in their 1923-built house over 15 years ago. She has meticulously and lovingly decorated their home and enjoys every room except the small, dated, and awkward, bathroom. Sonia has struggled with how to deal with the dysfunctional space but any plan she comes up with meets with resistance from her daughter, Taryn. To Sonia the room is an eyesore with it's old blue fixtures, crumbling tiles, and constant clutter, but to Taryn, it's retro and cool. Sonia would like an attractive bath tub, a shower that works, and toilet that doesn't keep running, but Taryn loves the look of the old blue fixtures. Sonia's embarrassed that guests are also exposed to the space so Taryn put up bold wallpaper in an attempt to convince her mom that the blue is cool. But, too much humidity and no vent, and even the wallpaper is supporting Sonia's plan to start fresh. She's counting on Candice to help her get over a case of the blues, and create a fresh and functional bathroom that the whole family will love.
S16E13 A Warm and Welcoming 'Home' for Residents of a Shelter 15/05/2010 It's hard to imagine what it would be like to have to run for your life?leaving everything you know and love behind?and escape to another country. Thankfully, many who know this horror have found Matthew House, a shelter for refugees. These innocent people, forced to flee their homes and communities, have faced physical, mental, and emotional trauma, and confronted terrifying obstacles during their escape from persecution and war. Matthew House is the vision of executive director Anne Woolger-Bell, and is "home" for those traumatized and seeking asylum. The Matthew House community becomes their new, caring family and, even when residents find employment and permanent accommodations, they return to the warmth, care, and friendship they found while there. As a physical place, Matthew House is an old, two story, semi-detached downtown house that has seen better days. They are always at capacity with 12 refugee 'residents' and often have more people at mealtimes with volunteers and former residents who come back to visit and to help. Anne has asked Candice to create a serene and welcoming environment, and that means making over the shabby and dysfunctional living and dining room. Right now the layout is awkward and there is a hodge-podge of worn out furniture in the dull and dreary space. But Candice has a beautiful plan to increase the capacity of the main living space and create a warm and inviting area that will welcome newcomers and become the heart of the home.

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Par atlza Le 01/11/2017

Je crois que je vais finir par plaindre les gars qui bossent pour des studios comme Marvel. Ils doivent sortir des films de héros à tout bout de champs, pondre des suites à ne plus savoir qu'en faire, des spins offs, des prequels, et je sais pas trop quoi encore.
Donc après Spiderman 1, 2, 3, l'amazing, amazing le retour, la revanche etc... Il était de bon ton de sortir un énième Spiderman... Même si franchement la nécessité du truc ne sautait pas aux yeux...
Et là un gars du marketing (surement) à eu une idée de génie : mélanger le genre comics avec le teenmovie. Façon ca se passe au lycée (avec des ados qui ne mangent que des bonbons en soirée, bonjour l'Amérique bien pensante), un héros potache qui fait des blagues à la Deadpool version prépubère, une dose de romantisme et de bal de promo et un copain geek...
Vous secouez le tout, vous laissez reposer 2h30 (dieu que c'est long)... et vous obtenez un cocktail niai de stéréotypes, de clichés, de déjà vu, d'incohérences et d'effets spéciaux clinquants...
A la fin il ne vous en restera qu'une et une seule question : "mais pourquoi je m'inflige cela à moi même ?"
Mais que voulez-vous ma bonne dame, il faut bien aller soutirer l'argent poche des adolescents et conquérir un nouveau public. Bref si vous n'avez pas 13 ans... passez votre chemin.

Par MonsieurPedro Le 26/12/2017

Grosse catastrophe chez Marvel avec cette nouvelle génération Spider-Man. Voulant surfer sur le succès Deadpool tout en cherchant le public adolescent, on se retrouve avec une super-héros jeune, sans aucune profondeur, de l'humour qui fait plouf toutes les trois minutes et surtout un scénario tellement creux que cela en devient inquiétant.
Un véritable loupé qui n'annonce rien de bon pour la suite....

Par Glenn Le 27/12/2017

Bon obligé de réagir là. On ne peut pas dire « grosse catastrophe ». On peut dire qu’on a pas aimé. Perso j’ai beaucoup aimé, le personnage est cool, les connexions avec les avengers sont bien ficelées. Le side kick est rigolo et le duo fonctionne bien. L’animation est juste somptueuse. Le méchant est un peu borderline mais c’est du comics. Quoi de plus Normal. Pas d’histoire de bisou qui vient ralentir le scenario. L’acteur est franchement excellent non ? Bon. Moi j’ai aimé.

Par MonsieurPedro Le 27/12/2017

Le duo avec le side-kick est pour le coup très réussi je suis d'accord mais pour le reste... Pas de bisou oui c'est sur mais sinon 50% du film sont basés sur la vie d'ado et de lycée et pas d'une intrigue de super-héros.
A titre perso, et je souligne le fait que ce soit bien subjectif, quand je regarde un Spider-Man, je ne souhaite pas voir un Deadpool junior qui tente de l'humour toutes les trente secondes.
Autre point plutôt dérangeant (entre autres) pour moi : Quand Peter a 25 ans, Tante May a 70 ans, quand il en a 15 dans Homecoming, elle en a à peine 40...

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