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Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Division 4

S06E07 Sergeant Banner 25/07/1974 A gang of four dangerous criminals pull a major payroll robbery, and the entire Yarra Central crew is called in to assist. While arresting one of the thieves, Banner is shot in the shoulder and is forced to take a few days leave. He spends the time with his girlfriend Jenny, but her constant contact with friends she knew in England plus the pressures of Banner's job puts a strain on their relationship. So much so that Banner fears he may lose her. With this problem on his mind, plus the efforts to locate and capture the ringleader of the gang, he comes to the point where he almost has to choose between the police force and Jenny.
S06E08 Charity Affair 27/03/1974 Police protection is requested at a charity function where a routine job turns into a possible murder investigation. Const. Dwyer takes on an undercover role posing as a criminal.
S06E09 The Munich Job 03/04/1974 Yarra Central police become involved in an Interpol inquiry when it is thought that a suspect for a recent jewel robbery in Munich may be living in the area.
S06E10 Approach With Caution 10/04/1974 Police are on full alert when they are informed that a sadistic psychopath and a mad bomber, who have both escaped from a country hospital, are heading towards Melbourne in an attempt to destroy those who helped imprison them.
S06E11 The Emperor Craig 17/04/1974 Matthew Craig, the powerful head of a large publishing company, becomes the target for a series of bitter hoaxes. Investigations reveal that Craig has many enemies.
S06E12 Eye For An Eye 24/04/1974 Det. Sgt. Vickers finds his career is in jeopardy after a police car chase, when he faces a charge for the manslaughter of the son of a prominent barrister.
S06E13 For My Next Trick 01/05/1974 The presence of a brilliant pick-pocket is felt when racing carnival punters complain of missing wallets. Police spend many hours at race meetings to track down the offender.
S06E14 All For One 08/05/1974 An unmotivated bashing looks like it could be the beginning of a series of similar loutish crimes. Suspicion falls on the son of a wealthy self-made man, who uses money to buy affection and obedience from his children, and is forced to face the fact that the making of money is not the answer to all human problems. Const. Kevin Dwyer has applied for CIB work and has been accepted for detective training, which will require his transferring away from Yarra Central.
S06E15 The Battle of Waterloo Street 15/05/1974 A developer uses unscrupulous methods to force people to sell their homes in Waterloo Street to make way for a shopping complex. Miss Bobby Paigely has been living in her house for 30 years and refuses to move. Her boarders and friends come to her aid, and decide on a campaign against the development company which results in a street battle, complete with flour bombs and squirting water from hoses. The Yarra Central police arrive and become embroiled in the fight.
S06E16 Friends and Neighbours 22/05/1974 When a young boy is killed in a road accident, Yarra Central police suspect an ulterior motive for his death after they learn of threats against his family.
S06E17 Parable 29/05/1974 Yarra Central police question the activities of a young evangelist when it appears that he has assaulted a young prostitute.
S06E18 Mad About the Boy 05/06/1974 Jill Ferris, an old school friend of Margaret Stewart, finds herself in trouble through her love for a younger man, which leads into crime.
S06E19 Baxter's Son 19/06/1974 Yarra Central is rocked by a wave of house breakings, all having a common link. Vickers becomes personally involved when a high ranking detective and friend emerges as a prime suspect.
S06E20 The Tribunal 12/06/1974 Yarra Central police find themselves involved in a struggle between political factions when they investigate an attempted assassination by a foreign agent.
S06E21 The Man in the Saville Row Suit 03/07/1974 Yarra central police are up against formidable odds when they track down the mastermind of a daring daylight robbery.
S06E22 Nobody Cares 26/06/1974 A schoolgirl is bashed unconscious, and another disappears. The police suspect rape and kidnap, but new evidence shows the crimes in a different light, and reveals a new facet of the two girls characters.
S06E23 The Senator's Wife 10/07/1974 A senator's wife appears to have been robbed, however the lack of any physical evidence cause police to suspect that she may be delusional.
S06E24 Maria 17/07/1974 The new constable at Yarra Central, Roger Wilson, finds himself the victim of an old man's obstinacy, and eventually puts himself in danger to rescue Banner from possible injury. Notes: First appearance by Andrew McFarlane in a regular support role as Constable Roger Wilson. Chuck Faulkner, Patricia Smith and Frank Taylor do not appear in this episode.
S06E25 Jo 24/07/1974 While trying to escape, a housebreaker is struck by Det. Peters driving the C.I. car, and is seriously injured. During the subsequent investigation, police delve into the past of the housebreaker's girlfriend.
S06E26 Goodbye Charlie 31/07/1974 New constable Bob Parry is giving the Yarra Central police moments of anxiety; car thieves are complicating enquiries; Policewoman Margaret Stewart has a secret; and Det. Peters involves himself in a doubtful romance. Notes: First appearance by Clive Davies in a regular support role as Constable Bob Parry.
S06E27 None so Blind 01/08/1974 Detectives deal with a baffling case of robbery with violence committed on a young woman who then disappears. Policewoman Margaret Stewart leaves the Police Force to get married. Notes: Final episode with Patricia Smith as Policewoman Margaret Stewart.
S06E28 Cleanliness Is Next To Godliness 07/08/1974 A special detective is assigned to Yarra Central to investigate cases of missing females. One particular case reveals that a masked assailant is at large - with a terrible and horrifying result. Ray Preston receives his promotion to Senior Constable.
S06E29 The Professionals 14/08/1974 A bungling criminal finds himself involved with big-time activities and causes the police of Yarra Central some anxious moments when he mistakenly steals some highly explosive chemicals.
S06E30 Open Season 08/08/1974 Yarra Central police have a difficult task ahead of them as they search for a prisoner taken from them at gunpoint. Then they learn that the person who freed the prisoner is out to get them - and in particular Det. Sgt. Banner.
S06E31 Now be a Good Boy 15/08/1974 Two elusive confidence tricksters, just two of an entire family of criminals, have Yarra Central police working around the clock trying to collate enough evidence to apprehend them.
S06E32 Rag Doll 21/08/1974 Two police recruits are accused of instigating a fight with a gang of youths. A controversy erupts concerning the training of police recruits when one of the youths suffers permanent brain damage as a result. Notes: Scenes filmed at the police academy feature aikido instructor John Gay playing himself.
S06E33 A Cry in the Dark 22/08/1974 Constable Wilson is accused of assault during the arrest of a wanted man. Det. Sgt. Banner, while interviewing eyewitnesses, discovers a case of child bashing.
S06E34 We've Made It We're Rich 28/08/1974 Yarra Central police search for a vicious criminal and his hostage after a bank robbery. Unknown to them, another criminal joins in the search for an entirely different reason.
S06E35 The Vigil 29/08/1974 A policewoman temporarily stationed at Yarra Central becomes the target of a seemingly maniacal killer. Police desperately try to establish the killer's identity and motive before the threat can be carried out. Notes: Terence Donovan does not appear in this episode.
S06E36 Eye Witness 04/09/1974 A girl is criminally assaulted, and is so shocked she can't remember who did it. Two youths are suspected until police learn of another witness.
S06E37 Hello Stranger 05/09/1974 When a young woman is released from Greenleigh Women's Prison she faces many problems. Policewoman Jane Bell, assigned from Russell Street to Yarra Central, tries to help her, but soon learns that personal involvement is not always the answer. Notes: Features Rowena Wallace as Policewoman Jane Bell, which became a regular support role from episode 279.
S06E38 A Touch of Art 11/09/1974 While investigating a series of art thefts, Yarra Central police receive unusual help from a housewife who is frustrated by her estranged husband's sense of revenge.
S06E39 The Driving's All Mine 12/09/1974 When an ambulance with a police escort and another vehicle are involved in a collision, there eventuates a major mystery for the Yarra Central police. Notes: Frank Taylor does not appear in this episode.
S06E40 A Cry of Wolf 18/09/1974 Yarra Central police are dubious when a derelict reports a murder. Their doubts appear justified when there is no evidence of a crime, but the derro is then found to be the next target.
S06E41 Last of The 78's 19/09/1974 Yarra Central is the victim of an idealistic practical joker, Jonathon Gramophone, who helps a quiet little man, Harold Sloane, get even with a used car dealer who cheated him.
S06E42 The Woman From Poland 25/09/1974 Police are concerned about a Polish immigrant who lives in Yarra Central, isolated from the outside by her memories. When a boarder moves in with her, it appears that the grim past she left behind in Poland has caught up with her.
S06E43 Why Can't He Leave Me Alone 02/10/1974 A young stripper, fearing for her own safety, refuses to help the police when her escapee ex-boyfriend goes on a revenge campaign against an old enemy.
S06E44 Lonely Hearts 09/10/1974 The assault on a spinster turns police attention to a marriage bureau and escort service which they suspect may be covering for a prostitution racket.
S06E45 Fair Cop 16/10/1974 Yarra Central police investigate a gangland execution and become concerned when a crim-hating colleague intimidates a suspect. Det. Peters finds himself totally opposed to the other policeman's attitude to criminals.
S06E46 Billy's Choice 23/10/1974 A safe blowing job gone wrong results in the abduction of a security guard.
S06E47 Middle Man 30/10/1974 A former fence finds going straight very difficult when some criminals pressure him for help.