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Avec son décor chic, son personnel qui a du style et sa clientèle célèbre, l'hôtel The Inn est l'un des 10 lieux les plus convoités de New York. En coulisses cependant, il est en tout autre !


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Do Not Disturb

S01E01 Work Sex 10/09/2008 An article about the sexual exploits of the staff of The Inn while on the job is run at a local New York magazine, causing Rhonda to take action and Neal to try to act on his best behavior. Meanwhile, Molly helps Nicole with her modeling career, and Gus helps Larry with his love life.
S01E02 Birdcage 17/09/2008 Rhonda does not approve of Neal's decision to put a life-sized birdcage in The Inn's bar in order to put his best-looking female staff members on display. Nicole is not happy when she realizes Neal has yet to ask her to work in the birdcage. Meanwhile, Gus sweet talks female guests into tipping him better using insider information about them that Larry has given him.
S01E03 Dosing 24/09/2008 The staff of The Inn is on their best behavior when they find out it's time for them to be evaluated to see if they deserve bonuses or not. Meanwhile, Rhonda is upset when Neal fires a bartender for no good reason. Their arguing delays the evaluations and causes one of the staff members to go to great lengths in an effort to resolve the conflict between Rhonda and Neal so everyone's bonuses can be handed out.
S01E04 Satisfaction 01/10/2008 A high-maintenance hotel client checks into The Inn and tries the patience of Nicole, Larry and Gus. The staff must do their best to bite their tongues despite the guest’s discourteous antics, and Nicole, already on probation for bad behavior, plots to strike back at the snarky guest. Meanwhile, Rhonda is fed up with her recently-divorced friend taking over her apartment, and when Neal takes an interest in her, Rhonda attempts to keep the flame going by telling Neal her friend was underwhelmed with Neal’s. performance in bed and he should work on improving
S01E05 Dirty Secret FKA Death at the Hotel 08/10/2008
S01E06 The Break Room 00/00/0000