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Documents about the surrounding world and Interesting conversation with experts about documentary subjects. Your hosts: Riku Rantala and Tunna Milonoff. Welcome to the journey!


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S01E01 About Religion with Teemu Laajasalo 28/08/2013 Convesation after Document Kumare, aspect of religion and guru culture
S01E02 About Economy with Heikki Palomäki 04/09/2013
S01E03 About Drugs and Hemp with Mikko Salasuo 11/09/2013
S01E04 About Nature with Markku Wilenius 18/09/2013
S01E05 About Food with Sasu Laukkonen 25/09/2013
S01E06 About Art with Terike Haapoja 02/10/2013
S01E07 About Music with Paleface 09/10/2013
S01E08 About Sex with Anna Kontula 16/10/2013
S01E09 About Money with Markku Kuisma 23/10/2013
S01E10 About Psyche with Paavo Pylkkänen 30/10/2013
S01E11 About Violence with Alo Jüriloo 06/11/2013
S01E12 About Humanity with Roope Mokka 13/11/2013
S01E13 About Independence with Roope Mokka and Susanna Kuparinen 06/12/2013
S02E01 About Activism: The Yes Men Fix the World 03/09/2014
S02E02 About Revolution: Return to Homs 10/09/2014
S02E03 About Corruption 17/09/2014
S02E04 About Truth 24/09/2014
S02E05 About Finnishness 01/10/2014
S02E06 About Hypocrisy 08/10/2014
S02E07 About Freedom 15/10/2014
S02E08 About Heroism 22/10/2014
S00E01 Promo 22/05/2013
S00E02 Presenting document Kumaré 28/08/2013
S00E03 Special Guest: Teemu Laajasalo 28/08/2013
S00E04 Kumaré 28/08/2013 Kumaré is an American 2011 documentary film directed by Vikram Gandhi. To record the documentary, American filmmaker Vikram Gandhi transformed himself into Sri Kumaré, an enlightened guru from a fictional village in India, by adopting a fake Indian accent and growing out his hair and beard. In the film, Kumaré travels to Arizona to spread his made-up philosophy and gain sincere followers.
S00E05 Presenting document Four Horsemen 04/09/2013
S00E06 Special Guest: Heikki Patomäki 04/09/2013
S00E07 Four Horsemen 04/09/2013
S00E08 Presenting document Grass 11/09/2013
S00E09 Special Guest: Mikko Salasuo 11/09/2013
S00E10 Grass 11/09/2013
S00E11 Presenting document Microcosmos 18/09/2013
S00E12 Special Guest: Markku Wilenius 18/09/2013
S00E13 Microcosmos 18/09/2013
S00E14 Presenting document Food Inc. 25/09/2013
S00E15 Special Guest: Sasu Laukkonen 25/09/2013
S00E16 Food Inc. 25/09/2013
S00E17 Presenting document Exit Through the Gift Shop 02/10/2013
S00E18 Special Guest: Terike Haapoja 02/10/2013
S00E19 Exit Through the Gift Shop 02/10/2013
S00E20 Presenting document Searching for Sugarman 09/10/2013
S00E21 Special Guest: Paleface 09/10/2013
S00E22 Searching for Sugarman 09/10/2013
S00E23 Presenting document Whores' Glory 16/10/2013
S00E24 Special Guest: Anna Kontula 16/10/2013
S00E25 Whores' Glory 16/10/2013
S00E26 Presenting document Queen of Versailles 23/10/2013
S00E27 Special Guest: Markku Kuisma 23/10/2013
S00E28 Queen of Versailles 23/10/2013
S00E29 Presenting document The Substance 30/10/2013
S00E30 Special Guest: Paavo Pylkkänen 30/10/2013
S00E31 The Substance 30/10/2013
S00E32 Presenting document The Act of Killing 06/11/2013
S00E33 Special Guest: Alo Jüriloo 06/11/2013
S00E34 The Act of Killing 06/11/2013
S00E35 Presenting document Koyaanisqatsi 13/11/2013
S00E36 Special Guest: Roope Mokka 13/11/2013
S00E37 Koyaanisqatsi 13/11/2013
S00E38 The World Before Her 20/11/2013
S00E39 About a Woman (1) with Meeri Koutaniemi 20/11/2013
S00E40 The Wankers 27/11/2013
S00E41 About a Woman (2) with Diva Miranda 27/11/2013
S00E42 First Comes Love 04/12/2013
S00E43 About a Woman (3) with Pihla Viitala 04/12/2013
S00E44 Independence 06/12/2013
S00E45 Mrs. President 06/12/2013 A documentary following the last year of Tarja Halonen's as the president of Finland.
S00E46 Grey Gardens 11/12/2013
S00E47 About a Woman (4) with Virpi Suutari 11/12/2013
S00E48 Girl Model 18/12/2013
S00E49 About a Woman (5) with Sanna Saastamoinen-Barrois 18/12/2013
S00E50 Iron Ladies of Liberia 26/12/2013 A look at the achievements and struggles of Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, the first woman elected as President of the African nation of Liberia.
S00E51 About a Woman (6) with Tarja Halonen 26/12/2013
S00E52 Presenting document The Yes Men Fix The World 03/09/2014
S00E53 Special Guests: Jasper Pääkkönen and Päivi Uljas 03/09/2014
S00E54 The Yes Men Fix The World 03/09/2014 Troublemaking duo Andy Bichlbaum and Mike Bonanno, posing as their industrious alter-egos, expose the people profiting from Hurricane Katrina, the faces behind the environmental disaster in Bhopal, and other shocking events.
S00E55 Presenting document Return to Homs 10/09/2014
S00E56 Special Guests: Niklas Meltio and Aleksi Neuvonen 10/09/2014
S00E57 Return to Homs 10/09/2014
S00E58 Presenting document The Ambassador 17/09/2014
S00E59 Special Guests: Pekka Lehto and Venla Mäntysalo 17/09/2014
S00E60 The Ambassador 17/09/2014
S00E61 Presenting document War Photographer 24/09/2014
S00E62 Special Guests: Meeri Koutaniemi and Airi Lampinen 24/09/2014
S00E63 War Photographer 24/09/2014
S00E64 Presenting document Images of Finland 01/10/2014
S00E65 Special Guests: Li Andersson and Susanna Koski 01/10/2014
S00E66 Fuck Off! Images of Finland 01/10/2014
S00E67 Presenting document American – The Bill Hicks Story 08/10/2014
S00E68 Special Guests: Kaarina Hazard and Ismo Leikola 08/10/2014
S00E69 American – The Bill Hicks Story 08/10/2014
S00E70 Presenting document A Remix Manifesto 15/10/2014
S00E71 Special Guests: Mikko Hyppönen and Mikael Storsjö 15/10/2014
S00E72 RiP: A Remix Manifesto 15/10/2014
S00E73 Presenting document Man On Wire 22/10/2014
S00E74 Special Guests: Marjaana Toiviainen and Frank Martela 22/10/2014
S00E75 Man On Wire 22/10/2014
S00E76 Presenting document Citizenfour 09/09/2015
S00E77 Special Guests: Mikko Hyppönen and Hanna Nikkanen 09/09/2015
S00E78 Citizenfour 09/09/2015
S00E79 Presenting document The Red Chapel 16/09/2015
S00E80 Special Guests: 16/09/2015
S00E81 The Red Chapel 16/09/2015
S00E82 Presenting document The Thread 23/09/2015
S00E83 Special Guests: Sari Östman and Sami Kuusela 23/09/2015
S00E84 The Thread 23/09/2015
S00E85 Presenting document The Forecaster 30/09/2015
S00E86 Special Guests: TBA 30/09/2015
S00E87 The Forecaster 30/09/2015
S00E88 Presenting document Going Clear: Scientology 07/10/2015
S00E89 Special Guests: Maryan Abdulkarim and Juha Pentikäinen 07/10/2015
S00E90 Going Clear: Scientology 07/10/2015
S00E91 Presenting document Tales of The Grim Sleeper 14/10/2015
S00E92 Special Guests: Sebastian Tynkkynen and Maria Ohisalo 14/10/2015
S00E93 Tales of The Grim Sleeper 14/10/2015
S00E94 Presenting document Red Army 21/10/2015
S00E95 Special Guests: Kaarina Hazard and Tuomas Kyrö 21/10/2015
S00E96 Red Army 21/10/2015
S00E97 Presenting document Hymyjen maa 28/10/2015
S00E98 Special Guests: Anna Rotkirch, Miia Paakkanen and Kimmo Oksanen 28/10/2015
S00E99 Hymyjen maa 28/10/2015
S00E100 Presenting document World Order 07/09/2016
S00E101 Special Guests: Sinikukka Saari and Erkki Tuomioja 07/09/2016
S00E102 World Order 07/09/2016
S00E103 Presenting document Naked 14/09/2016
S00E104 Special Guests: Satu Söderström and Susanna Paasonen 14/09/2016
S00E105 Naked 14/09/2016
S00E106 Presenting document Cartel Land 21/09/2016
S00E107 Special Guests: Susanne Uusitalo and Mikko Salasuo 21/09/2016
S00E108 Cartel Land 21/09/2016
S00E109 Presenting document An Honest Liar 28/09/2016
S00E110 Special Guests: Tiina Sarja, Pete Poskiparta and Juha Hurme 28/09/2016
S00E111 An Honest Liar 28/09/2016
S00E112 Presenting document Merchants of Doubt 05/10/2016
S00E113 Special Guests: Heikki Hiilamo and Timo Harakka 05/10/2016
S00E114 Merchants of Doubt 05/10/2016
S00E115 Presenting document New Run 12/10/2016
S00E116 Special Guests: Maria Ritola and Tommi Laitio 12/10/2016
S00E117 New Run 12/10/2016
S00E118 13/09/2017
S00E119 13/09/2017
S00E120 13/09/2017
S00E122 20/09/2017
S00E124 27/09/2017
S00E125 27/09/2017
S00E126 27/09/2017
S00E127 04/10/2017
S00E128 04/10/2017
S00E129 04/10/2017
S00E130 11/10/2017
S00E131 11/10/2017
S00E132 11/10/2017
S00E133 18/10/2017
S00E134 18/10/2017
S00E135 18/10/2017
S00E136 25/10/2017
S00E137 25/10/2017
S00E138 25/10/2017
S00E139 01/11/2017
S00E140 01/11/2017
S00E141 01/11/2017