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DogTown is a department of Best Friends Animal Sanctuary which is operated by Best Friends Animal Society. Best Friends Animal Society is a nonprofit, membership organization building no-kill programs and partnerships that will bring about a day when there are No More Homeless Pets and is guided by a simple philosophy: kindness to animals builds a better world for all of us.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de DogTown

S03E01 The Survivors 20/03/2009 A shy puppy arrives with a severe skin condition. Also, eight beagles are rescued before being euthanized.
S03E02 Against the Odds 27/03/2009 Several older dogs suffering from severe medical problems are removed from an overcrowded puppy mill. Also, risky lung surgery is performed on a adult Lab-mix.
S03E03 Starting Over 03/04/2009 Two abandoned dogs which were saved from inside an underground cave are worked on by Sherry Woodward to improve their social skills. Also, a golden retriever has his paw fixed up after having it caught inside a coyote trap.
S03E04 New Hope 10/04/2009 A Shepard mix breed arrives from the Middle East war zone having been rescued and suffering from post-traumatic stress. Plus, a Terrier mix which was rescued from Hurricane Katrina is now afraid of any new situations which arise.
S03E05 A Fighting Chance 17/04/2009 Singer-songwriter Emmylou Harris brings her Shepard mix in to take care of it's vicious tendencies. Also, Patti Iampietro performs surgery on a pit bull with a unknown mass in it's belly.
S03E06 Friends in Need 24/04/2009 Jeff heads out to help the dogs who were affected by Hurricane Gustav in New Orleans.
S03E07 Will to Survive 01/05/2009 Trainer Ann Allums helps a puppy named Tuxedo, suffering from salmonella poisoning, which caused blindness. Also, a border collie mix is brought into DogTown, having killed some chickens and a pet Yorkie.
S03E08 Life After Dogtown 08/05/2009
S03E09 A Fresh Start 15/05/2009 Jeff heads off to New Orleans to assist in the rescue of dogs from Hurricane Gustov.
S03E10 Rescue and Renewal 29/05/2009 A West Virginia puppy mill was found to contain a group of mistreated canines the rescuers have saved.
S04E01 Dogfight 01/01/2010
S04E02 Bright Futures 08/01/2010 John Garcia searches for a pit bull rescued from Michael Vick's property.
S04E03 Homeward Bound 15/01/2010
S04E04 Sanctuary 22/01/2010
S04E05 The Road Home 29/01/2010
S04E06 Close Calls 05/02/2010
S04E07 Search and Rescue 19/02/2010
S04E08 Chance for Change 26/02/2010
S04E09 Puppy Mill Rescue 05/03/2010
S04E10 Dogs in Need 12/03/2010
S00E01 Abandoned 30/05/2009
S00E02 Pitbull Rescue 06/06/2009
S00E03 Hurricane Hound 20/06/2009