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Series in which the midwives are called in to rescue young and clueless dads-to-be.


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S01E01 Shane & Martyn 18/09/2014 In Portsmouth, Martyn and Shane are struggling for very different reasons. While chef Martyn has his head buried in the sand when it comes to the pregnancy, electrician Shane, not the brightest spark when it comes to childbirth, thinks he can deliver his own baby. So in just four weeks, will the midwives be able to turn them both around to become superdads in the delivery room?
S01E02 Jay & James 25/09/2014 Stockport bouncer Jay has to face up to his blood phobia or he could be floored at the birth. In Peterborough, 21-year-old joker James, known as 'Digger', has to learn to control his motormouth so he doesn't put his foot in it on the big day.
S01E03 Gary & Martin 02/10/2014 Teenage Gary is hooked on gaming and not focused on the birth, while marine Martin is struggling to connect with his partner's baby bump. So, in just four weeks, will the midwives be able to turn these lads into superdads in the delivery room?
S01E04 Terry & Matt 09/10/2014 Stress-head Terry wants to give partner Emma all the drugs on offer, but she'd prefer a natural birth. Phone-obsessed Matt is dedicating all his time to his buddies rather than preparing for the birth of his first baby. So, in just four weeks, will the midwives be able to turn them from clueless lads to clued-up dads?
S01E05 Ryan & Reece 16/10/2014 In Hertfordshire, big kid Reece needs to grow up and learn how to help girlfriend Lucy through a difficult labour. Down in Devon, farmer Ryan has birthed hundreds of animals, but soon learns there's a little more to bringing a human baby into the world.
S01E06 Eddie & Dennis 23/10/2014 Old-fashioned Dennis thinks changing nappies is women's work, while 'A' grade student Eddie is taking more interest in his books than his future baby. So when push comes to shove, will they make it from clueless lads to clued-up dads?

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